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    This argument gets repeated over and over by those who don't want to change, but it's clearly a weak one. These songs play into our enemies hands - they give them a plausible reason to punish us that an average member of the public would support. Can you think of an example of "something else about us to get offended about" that would seem reasonable to the outside world? You could also argue that anyone with testicular fortitude would take personal responsibility for what they sing, rather than hide in a crowd and have the club and wider support share the punishment for their actions. If you feel strongly about your right to sing these songs, go stand outside Holyrood and give it laldy.
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    Strictly Sevco. These last few weeks, the entertainment for Rangers supporters is in watching BBC Scotland framing the strict liability debate. It was easy at the start, Killie's Steve Clarke had been subjected to sectarian chanting at Ibrox, and Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English demanded the Scottish Government step in and take appropriate action. Across both radio and TV, the big stick battering Sevco was presented as the only action. Truly, it is quite amazing how attracted a lot of Scottish football supporters and PQ journos are to such imagery. The Scottish Justice Minister, Humza Yousef liked the thought even more and began making noises. He was looking for answers as opposed to searching for lost evidence. Three days before Steve Clarke suffering vile sectarian abuse, Kris Boyd had been the recipient from Sellik supporters. Then, Steven Gerrard was the target of sectarian chanting by Aberdeen fans, in between a few songs about the Ibrox Disaster. The PQ Gang Hut retreated and decided to stay schtum, the imagery of fellow Dandies and Yahoos indulging in sectarian chanting is awkward for strict liability going forward. Bravely, DrStu' kept the charge going; he was prepared to compartmentalise any sectarian abuse of Boyd and Gerrard as, 'tribalism', Steve Clarke was the real victim of sectarianism. Cosgrove's concerns were both Boyd and Gerrard being abused was running interference on the real issue of Clarke. We arrive at last weekend's old firm game at Sellik Park, both Jimmy Bell and Gerrard are recipients of sectarian chanting from the jolly craicsters amid the Green Brigade. This can be conveniently ignored because there is too much fun to be had at PQ, getting after Morelos, Kent, and Halliday. In fact, Big Dick and Michael Stewart go out on a limb to clear Scott Brown of any wrongdoing. Of course, on Wednesday night der Broony stands on an opposition player and Michael Stewart tells the Sportscene audience, "where else could he put his foot"? There is dissension amid PQ ranks, both the commentator, Paul Mitchell and 'Thommo' decree Brown's actions as worthy of a red card. The strict liability issue arriving from the Yahoos visit to Paisley, is the detonation of a Thunderflash. Like any other pyrotechnic, it is initiated by a detonator and the minimum safety distance is thirty meters. On Sportsound, Big Dick read out a text from a Gang Hut staffer, assuring us that the pyrotechnic did not strike the St Mirren keeper, it had landed five yards away. Pat Bonner was allowed to talk about young teenagers and lack of responsibility. On Sportscene, Michael Stewart did not mention strict liability, and by the time we reached Thursday evening, PQ were talking about, "a firework". No one mentions minimum safety distance or that a thunderflash landing at such close proximity to the Buddies Keeper, could have blown his eardrums. Now, you would think Chief Sports Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin would step in and bring full gravity to this discussion point? No, we receive old buffer, Reevel Alderson. A safe pair of hands, an Old Aloysian can be relied to chair a debate between Jeanette Findlay and James Dornan MSP. Reevel was scrupulously fair in ensuring all sides of Irish Republican opinion were heard, reading out a statement from the Green Brigade at the conclusion. There you go, over a period of 4 weeks; Strict Liability equates to Strictly Sevco. Peter has announced this morning, "this stops now". It reminds me of fifteen years past when Peter also proclaimed, "no stone will remain unturned util the lighter thrower is found". Fernando Ricksen continues to await the identity of whoever struck him with a lighter at Sellik Park, obviously stones remain to be unturned. Perhaps, Humza Yousef could lend a hand, get out his comfy green leather seat in the north stand and search for lost evidence?
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    I suspect Sunday afternoon/evening last, might be viewed as a series of defining moments in PQ's attempt to provide definition on Strict Liability? The live broadcast of BBC Radio Scotland's coverage of the Scottish Cup semi-final between Aberdeen and ra Sellik put together with an early evening Sportscene highlights the shimmering mess they have got themselves into. PQ demand answers to questions they don't even dare to ask themselves, because those questions are too uncomfortable. A Dandy Dons/Yahoo fixture is what they live for, it's perfect harmony. You have Big Dick presenting, Liam McLeod commentating, Tom English, Pat Bonner, and Wullie Miller adding colour. The vox-pops are provided by Tyrone Smith; it's all safe, contained to only supporters of both clubs, no awkward or inconvenient comments guaranteed. Mutual masturbation is actively encouraged. It has been established, Rangers under Gerrard have not improved, the oligopoly of the last several seasons remains preserved. We have a monthly period where pyrotechnics have been lobbed on to playing areas at Paisley by Yahoos, the same supporters aim sectarian chanting at both Steven Gerrard and Jimmy Bell. Motherwell fans throw a lighter, a pie, and a few coins at Rangers skipper, James Tavernier, Jambos and Hibees add to the pyro party, and add a touch of creativity by shying a coconut. A Hibby is jailed for 100 days for attempting to attack James Tavernier. All this in the immediate wake of Aberdeen supporters subjecting Gerrard to sectarian chanting and offering a few ditties about the Ibrox Disaster. Just before that, Rangers supporters sectarianly abused Killie boss, Steve Clarke; days before this, Sellik supporters did the same to Killie striker, Kris Boyd and pelted him with coins. I hope you can pick the needle out of the above haystack? Beeb Scotland went BIG with 'Strict Liability' on one issue in that morass. We had demands from Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English for strict liability now. We had pleas from presenters on both radio and TV, after the obligatory phone-in/studio discussion had concluded that the Scottish Government must step in and deal with the issue. The national broadcaster is the biggest megaphone in the land and the volume was turned up to eleven. Steve Clarke had defined the issue, "it was something from the dark ages". As far as the rest of, the overwhelming mass of the haystack; PQ treated that as a whiter shade of pale. Calls for strict liability diminished, then disappeared. In fact the current standing from the politically motivated Michael Stewart stands thus, "we need to get a collective approach to try and tackle this and stamp it out". His lame and limp offering from Sunday night's Sportscene. Michael's political muse, Scottish Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf began the week threatening Scottish football clubs. He demanded the clubs tell him of their plans to deal with this vague and unquantified issue? Last weekend, BBC Scotland's Chief Sports Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin added to the debate by visiting Holland. The Dutch had implemented strict liability and Chris was anxious to present the benefits to both game and society. A several minute film, a few reinforcing chats with shows' hosts, and a piece on the Beeb website told us .............. nothing. A day after broadcast, Tuesday's Champions League quarter-final between Ajax and Juventus saw 146 arrests. An exercise in Double Dutch from Chris, who would have thought? PQ have told us pesky license fee paying Rangers supporters, "we are Editorially fair". I have watched this last month how they exercise editorial fairness. Each incident is reported, thus they can make the statement. It is reported on Ceefax or inserted into their website as seventh item, eg McInnes claiming his red card at Hampden was a direct result of gesturing after being subject to sectarian abuse from the self proclaimed GFITW. This appeared on both Ceefax and the website and disappeared after four hours. There are no discussions, phone-ins, studio guests, ........... etc. The megaphone is severely muted. So, where does this leave us? Will the usual suspects at PQ answer these awkward questions? 1. Can we agree, Steve Clarke's outrage at being sectarianly targeted by Rangers supporters would have carried far more substantial weight, if he had condemned those Celtic supporters doing the very same to his club's captain, Kris Boyd, just three days previously? 2. Similarly, Derek McInnes and his being sent to the stand. Again, would his claims carry more purchase if he had commented/condemned Aberdeen fans for singing the very same song at Steven Gerrard? Further, his gesture to the Celtic support is the very same gesture utilised by Scott Brown to the Rangers supporters at Celtic Park. Brown has not been punished, why was McInnes sanctioned? 3. Long term PQ employee, Derek Ferguson utilised the available megaphone to claim Rangers keeper, Alan McGregor had deliberately set out to do his son, Aberdeen midfielder, Lewis Ferguson. McGregor was cited by the Compliance Officer and suspended for two matches. Does Derek intend to pick up the megaphone again and claim his son set out to do Rogic? 4. Will Chris McLaughlin interview Humza Yousaf? It could be conducted in the comfy green leather seats in the north stand after a Sellik game, just saying. 5. Do Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English expect strict liability to be extended to clubs, other than Rangers? 6, What's the point of Jonathon Sutherland? It's as well we remind ourselves of PQ's claim of being editorial fair, because I suspect it is the hook they hang themselves upon. We should record the evidence because if Humza Yousaf gets involved, that evidence will be lost, or deliberately disappeared.
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    The outcry from Saturday has been as predictable, as it has been expected, from certain parts of the media. Suddenly ‘operation stop the ten’ has become a ‘thing’ and the paranoia has been ramped up to Defcon 1, remarkable considering it was already way out of control. https://fourladshadadream.blog/2019/02/05/faux-outrage-only-applies-when-rangers-benefit/
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    With my big Kilmarnock bunnet? Ne'erday'68 was hugely exciting, Rangers new Manager, Davie White had the team playing open, expansive football. It was just as well, Rangers dismissal of Scot Symon the previous month had been controversial. Thirteen successful years were not enough, Jock Stein had arrived and his brand of winning football was perceived as modern. It was a stark dichotomy, Symon was blazer and flannels, Stein was strictly track suit; Symon blended players, Stein annotated blackboards and fitted players into his system. Rangers needed a modern manager to compete with Big Jock. White had coached Clyde to a third place finish the previous season, he had been appointed Rangers Assistant Manager just four months previous. After the Bells, Davie White's ten game tenure was brought to focus. Eight league games won, including a ten-2 demolition of Raith Rovers, and Cologne knocked out the Inter City Fairs Cup by a 6-1 aggregate. The day before, Rangers had journeyed to Pittodrie and won convincingly, 4-1. Goals were flowing, Our summer signing, (Sir) Alex Ferguson had notched nine in the period, Persson and Johnston achieved the same total between them. The next afternoon, Partick Thistle were battered 5-2, and the three games in four days culminated in a 2-2 draw at Celtic Park. Looking back, I blame my Uncle Eddie. He had been doing missionary work in Newmilns, Ayrshire for a dozen years. The deepest, darkest Lanarkshire/Ayrshire cross pollination downside, was having to listen to dear Eddie's Ne'erday interpretation of, 'My big Kilmarnock Bonnet'. Killie, under Wullie Waddell's tutelege, had won the League Championship two and half years before. Uncle Eddie was a convert. We would receive our comeuppance at Rugby Park at the penultimate game of the season. We traveled down to Ayrshire in sunshine. It was the last week of April and a New Year run of 14 games had seen 13 wins and a draw. We were level on points with Celtic, their goal average was better. The draw had occurred the previous midweek, a 3-3 draw at Cappielow, and Celtic were playing at the tail o' the bank whilst we took on Killie. Comparatively, the Rugby Park surface was deemed the best in the UK. The previous year, the then world cup holders, Brazil had based themselves in Troon, utilising the Juniors pitch in morning fitness sessions, but doing afternoon ball work at Rugby Park. I was excited, the pitch was akin to a bowling green, in those days Ibrox was a sand pit after Christmas. Primary school was finishing, and I knew I would begin Secondary supporting the Champions. Kilmarnock had a team of household names, King, Queen, McInally, McLean, McGrory, .... etc and 25,000 Bears had a quick intake of breath when Killie took the lead on the eleventh minute. Dave Smith and Andy Penman took control, both Henderson and Persson on either flank were seeing a lot of the ball. Our Swedish world cup semi-finalist scored a typical Orjan goal, working along the bye-line before shuffling the ball on to his weaker foot and slotting into the far corner. Drawing level before half time had everyone smiling, but Persson was clearly injured as he hobble off. The substitute was Alec Willoughby, cousin of Jim Forrest and a fine player. He scored the winner with a dozen minutes left to play. We turned our attention to the numerous Bears cradling large radios, 'what's the score at Cappielow'? It was 1-1 and remained so when the referee blew at Rugby Park. We were a point ahead with Aberdeen to play at Ibrox. We invaded the pitch, whooped in the sunshine for a few minutes; then news arrived that Lennox had scored a winner in injury time. The wailing began and continued the following Saturday when Rangers lost their only league game that season, the Dons winning 2-3. Uncle Eddie's party prophecy was wrong, we had triumphed in Kilmarnock. Another attendee at my parents' Hogmanay party was a near neighbour who played a significant part that day. The referee at Cappielow was John Paterson of Bothwell, he allowed a couple of injury time minutes and Lennox reportedly scored with the last kick of the ball. I suspect it is the fate of all ten year old lads to both whoop and wail within a few minutes, I cannot help but think a more timeous Mr Paterson should have possessed greater awareness? Celebrating a title win that never was, continues to live with you. I offer tomorrow night's game has the same importance? Our last game saw a first victory over the dominant Brendan Rodgers, the first in thirteen games. There is a momentum to be garnered, it's difficult because the fixture fates have Rangers visiting both Killie and Livi on two plastic pitches in the space of four days. Rugby Park's surface these days is arguably the worst in the top flight? We have had two players(Waghorn and Murphy) sustain long term injuries at the venue. We have to get on with it, we won handsomely in the league cup earlier in the season, courtesy of an Alfredo hat-trick. Tomorrow, we must take the game to them, right from the first whistle. Killie's offensive threat is diminished by the loss of Greg Stewart and Steve Clarke must be indecisive on playing Jordan Jones? Boyd and Burke might be obvious replacements, these days neither are going to run away from any defence. Thus, we must maintain a high press and line, do not allow them wide and the opportunity to throw the ball into our box. Clarke's success at Killie is well reported and much deserved; in the calendar year of 2018, he has accrued the most league points. I believe the foundation of Killie's continuing dominance lies with their midfield central pairing. Alan Power and Gary Dicker are real deal professionals. The Dublin born duo are the wrong side of thirty, but get around the pitch with purpose. They play on the legitimate side of legal, tough tackling, winning it, and feeding the ball wide. Opposition teams attacking, quickly have to find their defensive feet when hitting the Power and Dicker wall. Our team will probably mirror the starting eleven against Helsinki? The evidence was Morelos pushed wider, mostly left and Kent abdicating width for the front point of the diamond. Attacks broke down and two quick passes wide and back in, found Helsinki on the edge of our box. I would hope we go with a more recognisable system and team : McGregor, Tavernier, Worral, McAuley, Halliday, Jack, Davis, Kent, Arfield, Candeias, and Morelos. I would leave Defoe to the final 20-30 minutes. I prefer whooping to wailing, 3-1 to the Bears; another Morelos hat-trick(four goals) would suffice. We MUST win it.
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    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our contributors and listeners and wish them - as well as our all site users - all the very best for 2019.
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    It was a pleasure walking into Ibrox today and not having to have my ears and eyes assaulted by the great unwashed. Great decision by the club to reduce their allocation.
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    The games keep coming thick and fast and the latest has Hibs visiting Ibrox on Boxing Day with a 3pm KO (UK time). Like the previous game and the one to follow, this sees another hugely important and significant 3 points at stake. After our crucial and notable late comeback at St. Johnstone, it would be typical of this December if we were to drop points in the next match because we don't seem able to do consistency. This game is where that needs to change if we want to harbour any hopes of providing a title challenge. The first half of the season has seen a gruelling but welcome non-stop timetable of games, with 3 International breaks providing some respite for some in the squad. It is now ending with a particularly heavy block of fixtures and it's therefore no surprise to see an extensive injury list going into the final two games of 2018. In short, over the next 2 games Steven Gerrard & Co need to get more out of a squad of bare bones than they previously have from a fuller squad. - Tav is looking tired but gives 100% and still provides creativity. - Central defence has become an issue and just when we seem to settle on a partnership, McAuley gets injured. - The Barisic injury is a huge blow IMO and you now have Boyle and Forrest licking their lips. The midfield and wide areas have taken a real hit. On top of the long term injuries and departures, we have at least question marks over Arfield, Jack, Kent, Rossiter, Grezda and Coulibaly for either injury, poor form or a lack of gametime. It's just as well that we have Morelos and Lafferty up front. Any debate over formation/playing them both may be decided due to lack of midfield options. For all the criticism Alfredo gets regards his discipline, you have to marvel at how over a heavy season and a half at Ibrox he doesn't seem to pick up injuries; the guy is a machine. Steven Gerrard mentioned an adaptable approach and one option is to play Lafferty and being able to switch between a deeper role and one closer to Morelos (only an option if the Ulster Gazelle is fully fit). If Jack is fit then he'll surely start and that may in turn push Halliday back to LB. McGregor Tavernier - Goldson - Worral - Wallace Candeias - McCrorie - Halliday - Middleton Lafferty Morelos Hibs haven't been playing that well of late and we should have taken all 3 points from Easter Road last week. However they often raise their game at Ibrox and I'd expect them to again. Recent history has seen this fixture providing goals (except for last week) and no team with a clear upper hand regards wins. In my opinion, it's one of those games that could go any way, but if we can up our conversion rate then I think we win. Prior to the 2 goals in 25 minutes on Sunday, we'd scored 2 in 550 minutes; hopefully, we have turned a corner. Certainly Lafferty is due a goal. Am I right thinking he's started to celebrate goals in the last three matches, only to be halted by a bad offside decision at Dundee, a great save by the Hibs keeper and a somewhat unfortunate deflection and save at St. Johnstone? I call upon the footballing gods to give big Laff a deserved break!
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    There was a considerable blip in the anti-Alfredo Morelos narrative currently being driven by sections of the media in Scotland. Sadly, the predictable one-way traffic was not brought to a sudden halt by an ex Rangers player speaking out, no, Barry Ferguson and Lee McCulloch were too busy acquiescing and adding to that negative narrative with criticism of their own. In a week which showed Kirk Broadfoot raking his studs down Alfredo’s Achilles heel, you might have thought the onslaught would abate for a few days – but alas, this is Scotland we are talking about. Instead it was left to Chris Jack of the Evening Times to write an article, https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17510914.how-alfredo-morelos-has-gone-from-medellin-to-rangers-multi-million-pound-man/ not only defending Alfredo, but in addition, humanising this young man so many have sought to dehumanise with comments such as “buffalo brains “and relating his upbringing to something from the Narcos Netflix series. Jack highlights a young man brought up in extreme poverty, who has never forgotten his roots, who remains respectful to his parents and the country of his birth, and for whom the lessons learned from such a harsh upbringing remain a driver towards success. Perhaps in any other country such a young man would be seen as a positive role model rather than the devil incarnate. But the comments of Ferguson and McCulloch really rankle – their adding to the anti-Morelos narrative serve to give it a sense of normality, when in fact it is anything but normal – it is in fact, abnormal. And no amount of ex Rangers players selling themselves to the highest bidder should allow us to lose sight of this fact. It has been a concerted campaign to demonise our prize asset and the likes of Ferguson and McCulloch, with their strong Rangers antecedents, adding their weight to the millstone being placed round Alfredo’s neck serve to give this concerted campaign a sense of credibility. Ferguson and McCulloch are by no means the worst, Kris Boyd demonstrating his ability to adapt to the anti-Rangers agenda with considerable aplomb following a series of articles and comments criticising his former club. His lack of consistency in his arguments demonstrate Boyd realises which side of the bread requires to be buttered to ensure a favourable return. You make your bed and you lie in it. I hope we as fans and in particular RSC’s will remember those who have served the dirty pieces of silver some sections of the media will pay in order to provide a sense of balance and credibility to that which is unbalanced and lacks credibility. Hopefully the club itself will add some solidarity when the same individuals go begging for tickets. “To be a Ranger is to sense the sacred trust of upholding all that such a name means in this shrine of football. They must be true in their conception of what the Ibrox tradition seeks from them. No true Ranger has ever failed in the tradition set him.
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    The reason for the club not moving them to BF3 has been well known and discussed for many years. I myself when on the Working Group committee back in 2010-11 spoke to David Martin (head of security at the club) at some length to get UB moved to BF3. The reason is the sight lines for those in the areas beside them. If you are in BF2 or BF4 and wish to watch the match from the comfort of your seat, you cannot see a large area of the pitch due to the UB standing in BF3. This is why they are in BF1, it is the only area where them standing doesnt affect the sight lines of other fans in neighbouring sections. The club turn a blind eye to them standing throughout the game in contravention of the ground rules. I havent been in the loop on this issue since the WG stood down in 2012, but I cant see that the argument has changed a bit as the fact remains the same. UB can move to BF3 if they sit down, which goes against everything they are about so they have to remain at the end of the stand where they dont disrupt everyone else. What is the big deal with this anyway? They can expand into BF2 if they have sufficient numbers, which they have never had. I understand their plea for a safe standing area, and that they would be upset that we are not going to go for that. Personally, I am against a safe standing area, so I am delighted the club have decided against this.
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    It's been a long, long working week for Rangers fans. Last weekend was a write-off before it even really got started with a dreadful draw after dominating at Easter Road - made worse by Celtic dropping points the following day at home to Aberdeen. It was to get worse, however, just a few days later as Rangers yet again didn't learn anything from that game - nor previous matches against the Dons in Glasgow - as we completely failed to breach their defensive block at Ibrox on Tuesday night. Understandably the reaction from our support has been extremely negative. Everyone from key players, to the manager, to the scouting team, right through to Mark Allen and Dave King have been the focus of the fans' frustration. Not enough quality, not enough character, not enough tactical awareness, poor signings, reliance on Bosmans and not enough investment from directors means one can take their pick for another two poor results as our inconsistency in 2019 perhaps cost us any chance of a trophy this season. In that sense, no-one can argue the listed points are wrong. We do lack quality in the squad and we only need a few players to not be on their game (or nullified by the opposition) to effectively be impotent. We do lack character as well throughout the team: yes, we've shown we can compete in most games (nay dominate them) but lose a goal or miss a few chances then heads go down and the lack of belief is obvious. Tactical awareness is also key: I doubt many fans would have started the last two games with a different team or system but if the manager's preferred 4-3-3 isn't working (or has been countered) then he has to be prepared to change it quicker than he does. The same goes if certain players are not playing well - why wait until the 70th minute before making a change? With that in mind, is this delay down to a lack of faith in the manager's squad and, if so, who is responsible for that. Is it Gerrard himself, lead scout Andy Scoulding or Mark Allen who supposedly oversees all recruitment? And if that Director of Football system is failing, what responsibility do the board of directors and chairman take therein? Ultimately though we do need to retain a sense of perspective. Yes, of course all the problems above are worthy of discussing and to ignore them would be daft. Yet, at the same time, we've all seen the good performances this season: those periods of games where our football has actually been outstanding and only that oft-seen lack of clinicality has cost us too many lost points. It seems a long while ago now but our performances in Europe had us all very positive and generally showed our 4-3-3 to be very useful in many situations. Ergo, in this commentator's opinion, progress has been made this season under Steven Gerrard. We must remember this is the manager's first job and the raft of changes to accommodate his ideas and that of Mark Allen were always going to necessitate a bedding-in period. This also means more patience from the supporters - hard to find when being beaten by Aberdeen in Glasgow, in all three competitions for the first time - but I see few other alternatives to speed up the process of bringing back success. Gerrard has only had two windows and, whilst the jury is out on how successful these windows have been, one year isn't enough for any manager to instil his vision on a club. Are we to change manager every year and give them just a few months to overtake Celtic? Progress made then? Yes, so far at least, we have improved. I've seen stats offered up by critics that we're no better off than under Warburton or Caixinha/Murty and I find that difficult to reconcile. There are definitely similarities in our weaknesses but we need only look at the league table to see we're better off. I'd also consider the Premiership to be as competitive as it's been in 30 years so whilst the Old Firm's budgets should mean a cushion between us and the rest, we dismiss well-drilled teams like Aberdeen, Kilmarnock and Hearts with wily, experienced managers at our peril. Indeed, defeats like we witnessed the other night should allow us all to refocus. Derek McInnes may well have turned down the Rangers job last year and his teams are hardly Man City-like in style but he's not daft either and deserves respect. The same goes for Stevie Clarke, Craig Levein and, dare I say it, Neil Lennon. All played the game to a decent level and can clearly coach well too. Gerrard may have blown them all away as a player but he's a mere infant by way of comparison in the dugout. Fortunately, our manager is someone that doesn't usually shirk a challenge nor hide from criticism. He'll be as aware as you or I as to his and his team's faults. And it will be interesting to see how he reacts to waters as stormy as he'll have faced in several years. Of course he'll be wanting new signings to help but, to maximise any summer budget, he'll need to demonstrate further worth over the next 6-8 weeks. Realistically the eight point gap to Celtic is unlikely to be breached, but we have the same lead over Aberdeen and Killie so securing second place via a strong finish in the league is the least fans will expect. With that in mind, and with us facing both Killie and Celtic over the next fortnight, the manager will require to provide points from these matches. Kilmarnock will likely look to mimic Aberdeen's well-organised resistance tomorrow so Gerrard has had a few days to come up with a different tactical plan to get around their low block and physical midfield. Meanwhile, at Celtic Park on the last day of March, the usual 4-3-3 might be best as we look to match what we did to Lennon's men three months ago at Ibrox. Being able to move between different systems and formations isn't something we've done all that well this season - at least from losing positions - so doing so over the rest of this campaign will allay some of the fears over the manager. Tactical flexibility and pragmatism was something that Walter Smith excelled at, as well as getting the best out of many ordinary players, so if Gerrard wants sage advice, then he need only pick up the phone. All things considered I think this will mean a formation change tomorrow with two players up front. Quite simply the responsibility forced on Alfredo Morelos each week is unrealistic and why sign Jermain Defoe for 18 months if you're not going to use him properly? As such, whether it's the diamond or even the glimpse and you'll miss it 3-5-2 we've seen a couple of times this season, one will be deployed this weekend. It will also be interesting to see if there are any personnel changes within that with several players in obvious need of being rotated out and rested. I'd expect to see Ross McCrorie and Steven Davis back in the starting XI along with someone like Eros Grezda from the bench. No matter the selection, three points need to be ground out and the players also need to show some mental strength and adaptability in front of what will always be an unreasonably expectant home crowd. In that regard, it's hard to blame the fans for often being so demanding. As a dominant Celtic: be it football wise, in finance terms or politically off the field, retain a stranglehold on their way to breaking all records, our fans become ever more concerned about the future. I wholly share in that concern but stamping our feet every time we lose a game won't bring success back any quicker. Of course we're absolutely right to criticise and our, quite frankly, incredible loyalty since the frauds of 2012 means we're entitled to expect more but any criticism must be realistic, fair and in proportion. It's often lazy and cliched to refer to Bill Struth when writing about Rangers but his words have never been more relevant for modern day Rangers fans: "Never fear, inevitably we shall have our years of failure, and when they arrive, we must reveal tolerance and sanity." Approaching a decade on on from the disgraces of David Murray and the cheats of Craig Whyte, Charles Green and the Easdales, the virtues mentioned become harder to come by but prevail we must. No matter how long it takes...
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    I don't think there has been any violence as such but there is a sinister tone adopted IMO. Why walk behind such a violent banner (image of fan kicking a Celtic fan). Why cover your face? The fact that they actually did this outside the marvellous facade of Ibrox on Edmiston Dr still makes me sick tbh. I wouldn't be seen dead in this sort of protest. To me it's the same "look at us" headline seeking nonsense that happens across the city with GB. Just support your team ffs.
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    In an ideal world the referees would be robots; cold, consistent, repeatable. But variations are tolerated because we're dealing with humans. That's just how it is, so it has to be accepted. On top of that it also adds a bit of interest, another dimension, in having referees with individual styles or personalities. However, what is important is that the referee is consistent within any given match. That way the players know where they stand, and the viewing public know too. That ultimately sets the context of the match and it cannot be dissociated from the decisions made within it. By that I mean that were an event to unfold and be dealt with in that instance and the referee will naturally, subconsciously or not, factors in other incidents and his handling of the game. Decisions could be "levelled up" or scores allowed to be settled within that game. One such scenario would be the McGregor on Ferguson tackle in the recent Aberdeen v Rangers match. McGregor, arguably, pushed his luck and caught Ferguson under the pretence of protecting himself. The referee saw this and made the call to let it go with a warning. Minutes later in a similar play Ferguson drew some revenge and kicked at McGregor. The referee booked Ferguson. Both were arguably red cards, possibly even more so for Ferguson. But it was dealt with within the game. For the Compliance Officer to then take it out of that context is wrong. The referee clearly seen both incidents and dealt with them. The incident is no longer in isolation. You simply cannot start going in and picking individual incidents unless they are particularly violent or unsporting or clearly unseen. Certain members of the press trumpeted the two game ban handed out to McGregor and reassured everyone that it was a victory for justice, that the besieged Compliance Officer had at least got something correct and therefore the system works (a stopped clock). Justice, the noun, means just behaviour or treatment, and it sits in a family with fairness, parity and even-handedness. As an example, if nine people commit an offence and they don’t get highlighted, cited or banned (when evidence exists), but McGregor does, then that isn’t justice. In fact, it’s patently unjust. My understanding of the CO role is that it exists as arbiter for the laws of the game, who will deal with red tape, appeals and such like, whilst also picking up punishment on incidents that the referee missed or didn’t see (blatant diving, cheating or violent acts) or comments (of disrepute) outside the 90 mins of the match. This should give a level of consistency across the board that referees alone cannot achieve, keep the wider world of football in check and to anchor it to some solid common foundation. Of course, the latter role only works if said person or team sits down and watches the six Premiership games for that weekend and applies the same framework and filters to each. As a minimum you must surely review the entire game to understand the context of any highlighted incident. Was Morelos out of control in the Rangers vs Celtic match? Or was it a well contested match where he was involved in physical tussles with opposition players who gave as good as they got, and who could also easily be cited if there were desire to do so? But a full review does not happen. As it stands a black box exists between the point that incidents occur, and the moment the public get informed that a player has been cited (notice of complaint issued) and a ban is proposed/offered. Which is where it leaves itself wide open to conspiracy chatter. And the lack of transparency is a concern. What is there to hide? The intention is only to enforce the rules of football in a fair manner, that should be it. It’s hardly high-level government secrets. There needn’t be a shroud of mystery. All of which leaves us to draw our own conclusions and form opinion on whatever evidence exists i.e. through our own eyes from watching the football matches, as football fans, and the statistics related to those matches and processes. And the statistics are baffling. Nine Rangers players have been cited in the past year or so with zero Celtic players reported. I believe the last Celtic player cited on the pitch for foul play was Glenn Loovens back in 2009. What makes this incredible is that we all saw Leigh Griffiths smack an opposition players head against the turf and Scott Brown kick at an opposition players face who was lying on the ground. I think it's important to say I have no problem with Rangers players being punished when they push the limits but to not even issue those incidents with a notice of complaint is questionable. To further drive this home Scott Brown (again, i know) jumped in and caught Candeias on the lower leg with his studs. Textbook late, dangerous and reckless play. He repeated this act against Hibs, against a backdrop of maximum compliance officiating: (Scott Brown's tackle on Mark Milligan 'could have been a red' - Scott McDonald, BBC Sport). Then in this weekend’s match at Rugby Park he felt suitably comfortable and emboldened in his surroundings to do it again. This gives us three tackles endangering the safety of his fellow professionals in six weeks. The referees opted to hide behind a safe yellow whilst the CO opted to look the other way, at this stage for the first two at least. As did our consistently predictable media - a yellow card for earlier challenge was as far as the BBC's match report was prepared to discuss it. Kilmarnock 0-1 Celtic: (Scott Brown scores then is sent off - BBC Sport). Now this might have some commentators dismissing these points as whataboutery, and they’d be correct, because that is exactly what justice and parity are. The same people said McGregor and Morelos pushed the CO too far with similar examples of foul play - when does Scott Brown receive the same attention and 'justice'? The other problem we now have is that "trial by Sportscene" appears to be a reality. whereby the CO responds to the influence of the media and not to the merit of the incidents. The problem here is that bias does exist. Anyone that listens to Chris Sutton or Tom English knows they are biased. They apply different rules to Rangers, and others clubs, and Celtic. Be it for entertainment, attention, or sensationalism, under orders or just inherent visceral prejudice - they are biased and perform their media duties in that fashion. There is a trail of evidence proving such which I wrote about recently on this site. The referees have a tough job, no-one will deny them that. But at least the referee is out there, under the eye of the crowd, and the cameras, knowing the game (and his career) depends on some level of competence and professionalism with no super-slo mo replays from various angles. A lot their job is quick instinctive decisions based on that experienced practising of the rules and you’d hope there is no time or desire to discriminate. However, it is up for debate if they can be swayed or influenced to make that the call that makes their life a bit easier – the safe yellow that keeps the tabloids or public broadcasting company from their doorstep. As with the CO process the recent statistics for the referees throw up some anomalies that should cause Rangers fans to raise an eyebrow. Is the shorter fuse on Rangers bookings or red cards a direct result of media pressure? Therefore, if it can be a factor one way or another should the media not be held to tighter standards in this regard? Shouldn’t the SFA/SPFL as the governors of the game put integrity, where it can be compromised, above slanted sensationalism from their licensed broadcasters? When one of your main clubs calls out one of said broadcasters then there surely should be a debate? Personally, I believe that the last three compliance officers have questions to ask over their impartiality. Who chose them? Who vetted them? Does previous employment throw up a conflict of interest? As again the veil of secrecy and lack of scrutiny naturally draws suspicion. But even if they shoot 100% true and professionally, it appears that the process they operate is being fed input from a known biased source; therefore, the larger process is compromised and not fit for purpose. And if these professionals are aware that the system is flawed and yet accept it then that must also be a problem. If the rules or process are inadequate, flawed or open to abuse, then stop and change them, surely? After all they are the legal arbiters. They work within the rules and have a responsibility to iron out any glitches where they see them. Or at the very least open the process up to the public, e.g. tell us who has been placing most of the complaints? After all it is only football, I’m sure there is nothing to hide.
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    Thought I'd give a brief pen pic on all the squad. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2019/02/16/the-alkass-international-cup-squad/
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    In the increasingly polluted world of political pygmies, Dornan truly is the fool's fool... It never fails to amaze frighten me that he's in any way associated with the decision-making in this country.
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    I agree with the OP's "what if" but I keep asking myself "What if" we had fair-minded, competent, referees. Any number of huge game-changing incidents on Friday. What if McGregor had been correctly sent off after only 8 minutes. What if Morelos was awarded the stonewall penalty? What if Gray had been rightly sent off for his viscous assault on Morelos in the second half? What if the referee gives us a free kick for the clear foul on Tav that leads to their goal? There were 5 major decisions for the referee to make on Friday night, the 4 above and also the over-ruling the linesman's flag for an offside because Hibs were in a great position to score. I bet McLean was absolutely livid that not only did Hibs fail to take advantage of his cheating and fail to score, but we went up the park and scored on the breakaway. I also get to asking myself "what if" the referee gives a clear penalty for the handball last time round at Easter Road in the last minute of a goalless game? What if Morelos is not wrongly sent off at Dolly in a game we dominate and drop 2 points in the last minute? What if Scott Brown was correctly red-carded at rugby Park for an awful assault in a game where he goes on to score a last minute winner? These are just the first ones off the top of my head, this season, that if the what ifs had gone the correct way, would see us level on points at the top. There are more, plenty of them. What if indeed!
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    Helter Skelter. Spirits in the PQ Gang Hut were running high on Thursday evening, the usual two Irish guys and an Aussie were proclaiming Sellik for carrying the Scottish standard in Europe. Sectarianism was hosed down for a time, it's all Rangers and Rangers supporters' fault. After a one nil victory for Valencia(3-zip on aggregate), the Scottish standard was lowered and Steve Clarke was lionised. The Killie manager is clearly at the end of his emotional tether, Big Dick thinks Stevie's thanking Chelsea for taking him away from the west of Scotland, was quite the saddest thing he has heard. We were reminded that Scotland is a great country and the blight that is sectarianism must be eradicated. The two Irish guys, the Aussie, Big Dick, Liam McLeod, .... et al did not mention, let alone discuss the sectarianism and coins aimed at Kris Boyd. Further, the antics of several thousand Yahoos running amok in south east Spain were not up for discussion either. A Rangers theme pub in Benidorm being set ablaze, the other two being locked and guarded by the Guardia Civil, numerous running battles, six arrests, .... etc was filed under, 'Effigies'. This approach, known as doing a Humza Yousaf, allows the Gang Hut to ignore awkward and inconvenient events that run contrary to the pervading narrative. It's the way ahead for new, modern Scotland. Saturday morning had Shereen Nanjiani's show with Angela Haggerty as one of three guests. Sectarianism was on the menu again, Angela revealed her Irish catholic roots, her parents stories were a lament of discrimination, and she co-founded 'Call it Out' with Jeanette Findlay after a priest was attacked at St Alophonsus church. Angela ignored Kris Boyd's experience and Spanish affairs do not progress the narrative. Off the Ball followed Angela's objective views, DrStu' is backing Michael Stewart's call for strict liability. Oh, and whataboutery should be banned because it's unhelpful. He told us the concept of no whataboutery derives from the Slugger O'Toole website. Sections of society must take ownership and responsibility for their failings, whataboutery runs interference on progress. He gave an example of Jim White wearing an orange marching band uniform. I would have thought something that occurred thirty-odd years past could have been trumped by the petrol bombing of a Rangers bar in Benidorm a few days previously? However, that is whataboutery and well, who takes ownership for that, if we are not allowed to run interference on the narrative? This new modern Scotland will be a mine field. I mean, can we mention a current BBC Scotland show Host being exposed as shouting, 'can you spot a handsome h-u-n' at Queen Street station? How about the same Host labeling Rangers supporters, 'H-u-ns and typical orange wankers'? Or, the same Host as a columnist in the Daily Record claiming Rangers supporters ransacked Barcelona's cathedral in 1972? All these examples are more relevant than Jim White's choice of evening wear, but conveniently absolve DrStu' of being a perpetrator in the issue because whataboutery bans the raising of such questions, even though from a Rangers supporters' point of view, they are most germane to the case. The stick has been created, now DrStu' wants a creative input in fashioning the weapon. It will be honed to batter Rangers and Rangers supporters. DrStu' likes control, he ridicules Jim Traynor's return to national TV. We find out the nine seconds of TV exposure was condensed from a 25 minute interview. DrStu' celebrates Traynor's heavily edited appearance because the presentation complies with BBC Scotland's narrative. The other 24 minutes and 51 seconds of the interview lie on a PQ floor, and that is the cause of triumph and ridicule with someone constantly demanding both clarity and transparency. Control is heady, and it leads DrStu' into increasingly regular auditions to be Master of the Universe. In the wake of Peter Tork's death, he posed a quiz question as to which notorious character had been penciled in to be the fifth Monkee? Two hours of no one providing the 'correct' answer, DrStu' reveals the name, Charles Manson. Everyone knows the the obsessive murdering control freak(Charles, not DrStu') brought nasal harmony to the Beach Boys. The second half of Off the Ball began with an apology, Manson was not up for Monkee selection, because he was in the jail. Hey, hey, we're the flunkees, BBC Scotland's continued approach to sectarianism!
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    Genuinely shocked by this. Suggest folk look up the definition of unpalatable. It’s disgusting stuff from the national broadcaster. Let’s get this straight McKenna lost the plot after being bullied by a guy half his size who lashed out like a coward at Morelos and tried to stud him in the face. Lets also get it straight that McKenna started the argy bargy in the first game. Morelos has not committed one bad foul in this league. He is constantly battered by thugs on the park. If he was a white Scotsman playing against foreigners the media and BBC would love him. Sickening stuff - unpalatable describes the BBC better than it does Morelos.
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    Signing news is coming soon, nothing overly exciting but keep eyes on tomorrow’s press That’s all I can say at this moment folks 👍
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    Reference the thread : How can Rangers justify the Defoe deal? The clip lasts twenty minutes, it's taken from a podcast by Irish Independent radio entitled, 'Off the Ball'. The show is hosted by Joe Molloy and Kevin Kilbane is riding shotgun. They have a topic, 'the Rangers Revival' and invite BBC Scotland's Chief Sports Writer, Tom English to provide insight into Gerrard's management style at Rangers. Actually, what it does is provide insight into BBC Scotland's indolent treatment of both Rangers and Rangers supporters. Joe Molloy hosting exudes Irish charm and enjoys bonding through the medium of conspiracy. Tom is slaughtering Rangers finances and hints it's only going to get worse. Rangers are driven by the armageddon of ra Sellik achieving ten-in-a-row. It's a forecast that has Joe sneering and he is unable to indulge, "is somebody not going, is this not feeling a bit familiar everybody"? Tom travels from sheepish grin to open face guffaw. He recovers because he admires Gerrard, "I am a big fan of Steven Gerrard". Tom expands, Gerrard has been exceptional, has a big presence, and offers, "you have to have your wits about you when you are in the same room". Further, Tom concludes Gerrard's dealings with the media in Scotland has been exceptional. Certainly, Tom is giving an impression that he has crossed swords with the Rangers manager? Joe inquires as to Gerrard's style of management, "have you had the chance to sit down with him"? Tom's embarrassed smile appears, you know that one he reserves for discussing effigies hanging by the neck from the north stand at the Stade de Gadd? A hesitant Chief Sports Writer at PQ comes clean, "No, we have a particular local difficulty here Joe, BBC Scotland and Rangers don't see eye to eye". Joe continues, "is that right, is that a long term situation"? A hesitant Tom admits, "yeah, it goes back a number of years now. The less I say about it, the better". I suspect Joe is nonplussed that expert Tom is in the same darkness as himself but Tom opens a door to recovery, "it's impossible for me to speak to Rangers players so I speak to players who play against Rangers". He offers Hearts close season signing, Steven McLean as his star witness, "he tells me that Rangers are tougher, mentally and physically. They are stronger, better coached and organised". It's a Fred Quimby production, after 20 minutes of padded speculation, we are entitled to hear, "that's all folks". An insight into Rangers by talking to opposition players. At least, it's consistent all PQ discussion on Rangers is by opposition supporters for opposition supporters. All that is expected of Rangers supporters is that we continue to pay our license fees to enable Tom's considerable remuneration.
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    The Spring & Summer 2019 Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread SIGNED: Jordan Jones (24) Kilmarnock, left midfield, pre-contract signed on January 5th "Rangers wishes to place on record our thanks ... Kilmarnock for their cooperation in securing both agreements." GONE: RETURNING: Ryan Hardie (born 17.03.1997) – contract till 2018 (On loan with Livingston FC) - contract extented till summer 2019 - see above Greg Docherty - (contract till 2022) - season-long loan to Shrewsbury Town confirmed on August 8th Lee Hodson (born 02.10.1991) – contract till 2019 (in Spain) - loaned to St. Mirren FC till end of the season Myles Beerman (born 13.03.1999) – contract till 2018 -> extension till 2019 signed May 7th 2018 - loaned to Birkirkara (Malta) till the end of season Liam Burt ((born 01.02.1999) - contract till 20xx - loaned to Alloa Athletic till summer 2019 Jak Alnwick (17.06.1993) - contract till 2020 - loaned to Scunthorpe United till January 2019 Zak Rudden () - contract till 20xx - loaned to Falkirk till summer 2019 Joe Dodoo (born 29.06.1995) – contract till 2020 - ON LOAN for a season to Blackpool FC (till summer 2019) Jason Holt - contract till 2020; Fleetwood Town (managed by Barton & Hill) - season-long loan signed June 18th Eduardo Herrera - loaned to Necaxa (Mexico) till summer 2019 Andrew Dallas - loaned to Morton till end of season - Link Robbie McCrorie - loaned to Morton till end of season - Link Jamie Barjonas (born 24.01.1999) – contract till 2020 - from Bury - loaned to Raith Rovers till summer 2019 Jak Alnwick () - contract till 2020 - loaned to Scunthorpe United till January 2019 - Loan extended till summer 2019 Jordan Rossiter () - CMF, contract till 2020 - loaned to Bury FC till end of season - LINK RUMOURS: IN - Curtis Tilt (26) - Blackpool FC, centre-half, contract till 2019 LINK new LINK IN (winter rumour) - Gary Mackay-Steven - (28) Aberdeen, left midfield, contract till next summer, pre-contract deal supposedly done - rumour only IN (winter rumour) - Lawrence Shankland - (23) Ayr United, striker, contracted till next summer - (Swansea apparently making 400k move, 05/12/18) IN - Graeme Shinnie (27) - Aberdeen, left-back, freebie - LINK IN - Tomas Kalas (25) - Czech international defender, Chelsea, on loan at Bristol City, LINK IN - Lewis Holtby (28) - Hamburg SV, German, MF, contract till summer 2019 - LINK IN - Jake Hastie (19) - Motherwell, winger, contract till summer 2019 - LINK IN - Nick Powell (25) - Wigan, AMF, contract till summer 2019 - LINK IN - Greg Stewart (29) - Brimingham City / o loan at Aberdeen, striker, contract till 2019 (each) - FLHAD IN - Timm Klose (31) - Norwich City, centre-half, contract till summer 2019, TM stats - FLHAD IN - Axel Tuanzebe (21) - Aston Villa loaned from ManU - contract there till summer 2020, centre-half, TM stats - FLHAD IN - Danny Wellbeck (28) - Arsenal, striker / winger, contract till summer 2019, TM stats - FLHAD (though unsubstantiated) IN - Martin Skrtel (34) - Fenerbahce, centre-half, contract till summer 2019, TM stats - various unsubstantiated OUT - NON-STARTERS: IN - Stewart Downing (34) - Middlesbrough, LMF, contract till 2019 - LINK - rubbished by MD 27th March 2019 IN - Karlan Ahearne-Grant (21) - Huddersfield, striker, contract till 2022 - LINK - apparently signed contract extension with Huddersfield Town IN - OUT - SQUAD as of March 2019 (Squad listed in order of remaining length of contract) For running updates, see here: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/glasgow-rangers/startseite/verein/124 Goal: Wesley Foderingham (born 14.01.1991) – contract till 2020 Allan McGregor (born 31.01.1982) - Hull City, GK – contract till 2020 Andy Firth (22), Barrow FC, goalkeeper, contract till 2020 (?) - Link Defence Aiden Wilson (born 02.01.1999) – contract till 2019 Lee Wallace (born 21.08.1987) – contract till 2019 Joe Worrall (21) - Nottingham Forest, centre-half contract till 2019 Gareth McAuley (38) - centre-half, contract till summer 2019 Jon Flannigan (25) - right-back - contract till 2020 James Tavernier (born 31.10.1991) – contract till 2021 Matt Polster (25), Chicago Fire / free, right fullback/midfield, contract till summer 2021 - Link Ross McCrorie (born 18.03.1998) – contract till 2022 Nikola Katic - centre-half, 21 - contract till 2022 Connor Goldson (25) - centre half, contract till 2022 Borna Barisic (25) - left-back - contract till 2022 Midfield Steven Davis () - loaned from Soton till 2019 Lassana Coulibaly (22) - defensive midfield - season-long loan from Angers Ryan Kent (21) - Liverpool FC, forward, - season-long loan from Liverpool Daniel Candeias (born 23.02.1988) – contract till 2020 Ryan Jack (born 27.02.1992) – CMF, contract till 2020 Graham Dorrans (born 05.05.1987) – CMF, contract till 2020 Andrew Halliday (born 11.10.1991) – LMF, left fullback, contract till 2020 Jamie Murphy (born 28.08.1989) - left-winger, contract till 2021 Scott Arfield (born 01.11.1988) - Burnley FC, LMF - contract till 2022 Eros Grezda (23) - left winger, contract till 2022 Glenn Middlton (19) - left winger, contract till 2023 Glen Kamara (23) - CMF, contract till 2023 Strikers Jermain Defoe (36) - striker, loaned from Bournemouth till summer 2020 Alfredo Morelos (born 21.06.1996) – striker, contract till 2023 Kyle Lafferty (30) - Heart of Midlothian, striker, contract till 2020 Coaching Staff Squad in 2019/2020 as of (26th March 2019) https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/glasgow-rangers/kadernaechstesaison/verein/124
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    Hastie deal back on it seems, looks like a u turn their end or that’s certainly latest rumour! Wonder why I don’t say much anymore Stewart deal still looking extremely likely, if not done it’s heading towards that Souttar interest is real but asking price & Hearts make it unlikely
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    I remember when people smoked in cinemas and airplanes, when people routinely spat on public transport, when drinking and driving was socially acceptable. There are lots of things that were once widely accepted but would cause gross offence today and not all of the changes are down to political correctness. We used to send kids up chimneys and to school with no shoes. We used to condone slavery and racial prejudice. We can hanker after the good old days until we're blue in the face but time only runs in one direction and you have to make reasonable decisions about what is, on the whole, a positive change and what should be resisted. Much as I despise the Catholic Church and Irish republicanism, I find it difficult to find any basis for defending indiscriminate public expressions about f*cking popes or illegitimate f*ni*ns, any more than I could defend child pornography or littering. Give it a rest, Rangers will still be Rangers without crawling in the gutter.
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    Hmmmm. How about, as a compromise, we both simply respect a straight-forward request by our club chairman? If it gets to the point where sanctions are placed on the club it will eventually set fan against fan. Is that what you want? But even without sanctions, the bad publicity this stuff already brings in our direction is going to start effecting the decisions of players and coaching staff contemplating signing contracts with us - and similar is true for sponsors and investors. The result is that it's going to hamper our ability to win our title back. That's the point here. That's all I care about. Any tim spy reading your posts must be rubbing their hands together with glee. Divide the support, cause agro for the club. Don't be a mug.
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    On Wednesday evening Rangers get a visit from Dundee to the hallowed turf of Ibrox. After a toothless 0-0 draw with St Johnstone on the 16th of February, Rangers have bounced back against Kilmarnock and Hamilton marking up both games with 5-0 wins. I know our detractors will say that Kilmarnock only had 10 men for a large part of the game and Hamilton are a pretty rubbish team but the big talking point for me was the difference in the hunger, intensity and play style from all three games. Against St Johnstone we were lethargic from the beginning passing slowly backwards or to the side with nobody willing to take the game by the scruff of the neck and try and break the game open. Steven Gerrard said himself that sometimes Rangers players think they can just turn up to win the points. Against St Johnstone it was just like we were out for a Sunday stroll in the park and only the ball bouncing onto the crossbar and not into the net saved us from losing three points instead of two. Against Kilmarnock at Ibrox it was a different Rangers that turned up. We were fresh and crisp. The sending off of their keeper Bachmann didn't help Killie's cause but lets not detract from the Rangers win Rangers pressed high and were all over Killie like a rash even when they played with eleven men. Then there was the El Buffalo. Although he was serving a three game suspension he was available for this Scottish cup game. And what a game he had. He scored four goals and could even of had a few more. When we took to the field against Hamilton it was written almost everywhere that Rangers were a one man team and without Morelos we would struggle to score. The Gers again came out with the high press and Hamilton just couldn't handle the movement and technical ability of Rangers. All of a sudden we have another five goal win and all goals coming from five different players including Kyle Lafferty who hadn't scored since September. In my opinion one of the reasons for this turn around is the introduction of Glen Kamara in the defensive midfield role. Kamara is great at winning the ball back and keeping the ball retention going with rangers having sixty-six precent of the play. He also always passes the ball forward at speed which does not allow the opposing team to fall back into their normal bank of four defenders and five midfielders guarding the box. Ryan Jack also seems to relish playing in a slightly more advanced midfield role and is even starting to add goals to his arsenal. Against Dundee we need the sharp Rangers team to turn up again . With Celtic being eight points clear there is no room for the lacklustre Rangers to show up. If we want to give Celtic a run for their money then we need to go on a winning run right up to the end of the season. We may have been given a boost with the resignation of Brendon Rogers if it has a negative influence on the Celtic team, but if Rangers don't win our own games then frankly it does not matter what they do over at Tin City. We know Dundee will set up to frustrate Rangers in a nine man defensive line-up probably with our old friend Kenny Miller leading the Dundee line as a lone striker. Give Miller a half a chance and McGregor will be picking the ball out of the net. Gerrard made it clear at the press-conference that Andy Halliday has a tight groin and he will probably rest him for this match.Halliday has been showing fine form of late and is giving Steven Gerrard a problem whether to play him or Barisic in the left-back position. Halliday may be less technical but he is certainly ahead in the goal and assists table at the moment. Personally I doubt there will be many other changes except of course Morelos will replace Jermain Defoe. That will make the team: McGregor Tavernier Goldson Worrall Barisic Kamara Candeias Arfield Jack Kent Morelos Rangers have a score to settle against Dundee as we drew 1-1 with them at Dens Park in December despite Dundee playing 70 minutes with ten men. That day the Lacklustre Rangers team turned up and games like that are the reason we are eight points behind Celtic. The form and hunger of the last few games has to be a rich vein of form and not a flash in the pan. One of the most said phrases this season is we are looking for a reaction from the players after dropping points. We should not need to be looking for a reaction we should be turning out consistently good performances. This team are at times unplayable, as they were even for Celtic, but passing the ball slowly around the team letting Dundee get their defensive block set up will look great on the possession statistics, but will slam the door of the trophy room firmly shut. Every game is now last chance saloon. C'mon the Gers!!!!
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    It shows how splintered as a support we are. We like to think of ourselves as being better than THEM... yet when it comes to being political or getting a message across, they know how to ignore their differences and portray a united front... we, on the other hand, are the complete opposite - so splintered you would need a doctor to remove the wood from our arses. VB work very hard at getting the message across about the lack of balance, they do a fine job. It isn't for some, and that's fair enough - but on this particular topic, so long as it is done in a respectful manner, it can do no harm - why we wouldn't ALL be behind the concept is beyond me - especially as we ALL have the exact same complaints.
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    Nonsense. Those who continue to sing the songs are the ones doing Lawwell's bidding. You only need look at how Celtic kept their head below the parapet last week as soon as Clarke piped up. If Rangers fans don't sing at Clarke, the spotlight could rightly be focused on Celtic. And before you say "But nobody has hauled them up over it" - that's the point. If we don't sing our choice words then the focus COULD be shone on them - the fact we shoot ourselves in the foot means we will always highlight ourselves - it is completely self-defeating.
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    Rangers chairman has released a statement as has Club1872, what we should do now is back them, stop singing sectarian songs! Sunday will be interesting as the with hunt on Rangers has increased and the fans need to wise up.
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    Remember that feeling of joy as a kid when it was your birthday party and the house was full of balloons. Throwing a balloon in the air and hitting it with your hand keeping it up in the air and then trying to head it. As it came down again it was time to try and nose it back into the air. Then as you were projecting your nose forward that nasty cousin that always seemed to pest you, burst the balloon in your face. That is the feeling I had on Wednesday night after Rangers 2-1 defeat against Kilmarnock at Rugby park. After the win against Celtic on the 29th of December we have been floating on air. We probably could have reproduced a copy of Nina's big hit 99 red balloons calling it 55 red white and blue balloons. That is how high our hopes had risen, That floating on air feeling grew further when on the 12th minute Jermain Defoe gave us a deserved lead as we were all over Killie. Minutes later Alfredo Morelos crashed a header off the post that should have put us 2-0 up. Higher and higher we were flying. Then on 22 minutes, “ BAAAAMMMM” Joe Worrall got the ball in the last man position with acres of space and looked and waited, And waited. And waited, Then panic. He realised Eamon Brophy was only a few yards away and tried to turn back to the keeper. Too late, Brophy had picked his pocket and proceeded to plant the ball past McGregor into the net. Brophy had pricked the Rangers Balloon which created a huge vacuum amongst the players and the support. It must have been a helium balloon as it had the Kilmarnock fans killing themselves laughing to the end of the game. This changed the game completely and let Kilmarnock play their park the bus and hit on the break game.It just had to be Jordan Jones who clinched it for Killie. Due to signing a pre-contract for Rangers people said his heart would not be in the game. Unfortunately he showed more heart than the Rangers players. It looks like all those balloons were indeed red balloons. One with an extremely red face. Now is time for that old Cliche, 'We have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down and move on'. On Sunday we travel to Livingston and go from red balloons to black rubber balls. Yes again we are playing on that infamous plastic pitch which throws up more rubber in one kick than a Chinese condom factory does in a year. I will get my rant over for this preview. These pitches should not be in football at this level. There that feels better. Stevie Gerrard has been criticised that he got his tactics wrong for the Killie game. After beating Celtic many thought he should have went with the same team but he decided to go with the four man diamond and play his two new signings Jermain Defoe and Steven Davis. Personally I think he did get it wrong as I am a big Ross McCrorie fan and I think he is the best ball winner we have. Ryan Jack also seems to lift his game with the knowledge that McCrorie is next to him. Davis and Defoe are obviously not match fit. I question whether we have the speed at the back to play that diamond shape. For that you need your backs creating the width and with McAuley, where a taxiing Boeing 777 turns quicker, we leave ourselves open to the counter attack behind the backs as Jorden Jones showed on Wednesday. Livingston will have the exact same tactics as they always do and it is virtually the same as Kilmarnock's in letting the back four pass the ball to each other and press the midfield and attacking players and wait for a mistake. This is the tactics that seem to get us time and time again. Personally I believe the best way to beat this is by using the wings so I certainly wouldn't be contemplating going with the midfield diamond shape. It would seem if you drop Candeias then you are also cutting out most of the danger Tavernier creates. I find it very difficult to find a place for Defoe and Morelos simply because we do not have the speed at the back to go to a 3-5-2 so for me it is a 4-2-3-1. McGregor Tavernier Goldson Katic Barisic McCrorie Jack Candeias Arfield Kent Morelos I really hate dropping Andy Halliday but I think Barisic will bring more to the team. I will also need to see Davis earning his starting place and not just being gifted it There is no more room for error we really have to start winning games as falling further behind Celtic will probably be the end of our title hopes. C'mon the Gers!!!
  31. 9 points
    There needs to be a better way of deciding what gets referred to the Compliance Officer. The current method of allowing the Celtic-minded press to decide is clearly flawed,
  32. 8 points
    Was mis-used after his first season at Ibrox, where he essentially had Arfield`s job in supporting the attack. Made many decent runs into the box and had a healthy goal and assist return. As our defence became ever more vulnerable, he did the donkey work in midfield for ages then, hampering his forward movement. That`s how I see it. Come this summer, he will have Docherty and Arfield all vying for that slot, possibly other chaps too. As we have seen, seasons can be long and with Europe coming early again, one wonders what will happen to him till the end of the transfer window. In any case, no bad word about him will come from this Bear. He`s one of the few lights that shone during our return to the top, came when we needed him and gave his all.
  33. 8 points
    But that ain’t the problem. We fail against Aberdeen & Kilmarnock etc. because they sit in and defend hoping to get us on the break or from dead ball. Celtc play more attacking style which suits us more. We really need someone to unlock a packed defence, not easy to get or cheap.
  34. 8 points
    Please add Greg Stewart to the ‘in’ rumours 👀
  35. 8 points
    Dear BBC Scotland, As a BBC License fee payer and Rangers season ticket holder, I approved of your actions in the immediate wake of Kilmarnock's manager, Steve Clarke being the subject of sectarian chanting at Ibrox during the Scottish Cup replay. The incident was highlighted on your Sports programmes on both radio and TV. Much needed discussion developed and the incident moved on to the News. The next afternoon's and evening's news was particularly helpful, you showed the section of the Ibrox crowd singing and provided the lyrics at the bottom of the screen highlighted by a bouncing ball. The BBC Scotland conclusion of strict liability to solve this matter has stimulated further debate. Last evening, I sat at Ibrox for the Scottish Cup quarter-final replay against Aberdeen. During the 63rd and 89th minute of the game, the entire Aberdeen section of supporters chorused the very same song aimed at the aforementioned Steve Clarke. This time the subject of the ditty was Rangers manager, Steven Gerrard. The lyric had been changed to inform Mr Gerrard that, "he was a sad orange bastard". Further, there were also choruses of, 'No H-u-ns at Hampden' and, 'Go home you H-u-ns'. I know BBC Scotland is Editorially Fair because you told me so in correspondence. Thus, I was surprised when these incidents were NOT mentioned last evening. Hopefully, this afternoon's and evening's news will once again deploy the bouncing ball? This is most important because during the Steve Clarke sectarian speech discussion, long term contributor to your sports shows, Wullie Miller penned a piece emphasising with the Killie boss. He was grateful that Aberdeen removed him from the East end of Glasgow, like Clarke's move from Paisley to Chelsea. Further, Mr Miller gratitude was based on, "there is no bile in Aberdeen". I know you treat people(s) without favour or discrimination and can rely on both accurate and objective reporting of this matter. Yours Aye, 26th of foot.
  36. 8 points
    Apologies for no podcast this week but good news is that we'll be having our first LIVE pod on Youtube this Sunday at 9.30pm. @rfb1872, @Govan Rear Bear, @JohnMc and myself will all be featuring and, as well as discussing Saturday's game and previewing the Killie cup replay, we're hoping to also take your questions via the chat facility. This will be our first live pod so please be gentle! If it's a success, then we may make this a regular feature before and after games so please support us if you can by watching on Sunday evening.
  37. 8 points
    Interesting to note that they did it today and not on Monday following the Celtic game. As least we know we'll get a fair shout from SNP minister Humza " I drink in republican slophouses" Yousaf, SNP Minister Joseph Martin Fitzpatrick and Assistant Chief Constable Bernard "suspended for more than 3 months" Higgins.
  38. 8 points
    I can't be the only fan who is struggling to even watch games anymore. Corruption ? Inconsistency ? Honest mistakes ? When the majority of them go against you, or in favour of your biggest rivals for trophies, it effectively removes the word "competition" from the equation. It obliterates your energy for it, knowing that it isn't a level playing field, unless of course we actually believe that "they even themselves out over a season". We are currently 8 points behind Celtic, fair enough We have dropped points of our own making too many times, fair enough. But if you ask yourself how many points Celtic have dropped that were because of poor officiating - and how many points they have gained because of poor officiating.... and that is before you even begin looking at the same thing for us, it is galling. We had a 3 point swing in the 1st OF game (Jack foul, game would otherwise have ended 0-0, despite us being pumped), you also then have a 2 point swing this past weekend where a player scored a winner who should not have been on the pitch to score it - and, indeed, their opponents were down to 10 men AFTER he should have been sent off). That is 5 points in just two games (one game I watched, obviously - the other I just saw the images. I don't watch them but you can be sure there are more examples of points gained due to poor officiating. That is 5 out of 8 of a difference. Now, not for one minute am I excusing us dropping points we shouldn't, or indeed even poor performances against teams we should be beating - but when your rivals seem to be getting an unproportionate amount of "good luck" from officiating, and when the national media cover up any misdeeds (or show inconsistency - BBC said Brown's was a yellow card, yet absolutely hounded the authorities to give McGregor a two game ban) and attempt to derail us at every opportunity.... then your energy and passion for it just vanishes. We aren't playing on a level playing field - and that is the most galling aspect. If we were, and ended up second best, then fair enough. But I would just like to know how close we are if there actually was a competition in place. Lawwell has exactly what he always wanted - Rangers back at the top table but being crippled to prevent us from challenging, not just financially but from his vice-like grip on the media narrative, a very compliant media and a CO who, it seems, is more than willing to further assist in ensuring that Rangers will not challenge their run at the title. It is his dream scenario. It's sickening - and is edging me towards just shutting off from Scottish football - I probably would in fact, if it weren't for the love of Rangers that I have.
  39. 8 points
    AFAIK the SFA compliance officer can only cite incidents of simulation or violence from games the referee may have missed and rescind red cards or reduce to yellows. Nothing more. From the yahoos v hibs game last week the compliance officer has offered a hubs player a 2 game ban for a tackle he received a yellow card for by the referee. The compliance officer cannot do this as it is out with her remit. Questions need to be asked about this. What we need now is clubs(including Rangers) to step up & get the compliance officer role within the SFA abolished. It is very clear which club initiated this position within the SFA and its reasons for doing so. The games which the compliance officer selects for analysis inevitably don’t have incidents involving Celtic players up for scrutiny We now have the third person in this compliance officer role & three have been lawyers & Celtic ST holders. I do think that should itself raise questions. The SFA, under the guidance/influence of Peter Lawwell over the past few years I’d suggest , spent years convincing both UEFA & FIFA about the merits of a compliance officer before getting the go-ahead. Why this position is needed is beyond me because surely the referees supervisor (a guy calledJohnFlrming last I heard) could deal with this. What we’re seeing now is blatant corruption & bias within Scottish football. My only hope is those currently within Rangers will join with other clubs to fight this & get the compliance officer abolished
  40. 8 points
    After what seemed an incredibly long January and winter break from Scottish football, the games are coming thick and fast again for Rangers as we enter February. And, despite the end of the season still being a few months away, this week will be a defining one for the club. Not only do we travel (again) to the hallowed, erm, artificial turf of Rugby Park on Saturday in the next round of the Scottish Cup, we're on league duty tonight in Aberdeen. Lose both games and pride may be the only thing we can salvage from the rest of our campaign. Win both and finally, just finally we might gather enough momentum to challenge for silverware. As the old cliche goes, it's one game at a time though and tonight's match will be a fascinating one given Rangers have failed to beat Aberdeen in three attempts already this season. Yes, events may have gone against us once or twice, but these games have actually been good examples of our season: i.e. dominate possession but don't create nor take enough chances and then concede cheap goals. Steven Gerrard will be keen to change that tonight. But what Rangers team will turn up? First of all, inconsistency has blighted our season. No-one can deny we've progressed to a degree and have a better team from last season but we've still dropped far too many points and there have been few games where we can say we played well throughout the 90mins. Ironically that was the case in the league opener at Pittodrie last August where, despite going down to ten men after just 12 minutes, we contained Aberdeen very well, took the lead and only just failed to hold on - eventually sharing the points to an injury time equaliser. If we're to win this evening, that same work ethic along with improved discipline will be required. With that in mind the starting XI will be interesting - not just in terms of personnel but the system. Recent weeks has seen the manager test variations of 4-4-2 to mediocre effect as he tries to find places in his team for our January signings. Fans remain unconvinced regarding this but it's also fair to say our preferred 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 hasn't always been successful either - specifically when teams sit deep against it; as Aberdeen have done fairly well in the two games they've win against us this season. As such, will the diamond be deployed again tonight? Personally, I can't see it - not to start with anyway. In games against Aberdeen, winning the midfield battle is imperative and matching their physical outlook a must so it would be a big risk not to match that early in the game. Yes, if the match stays tight and if Aberdeen want to sit deep, then moving to a more expansive outlook may be the best alternative strategy but when Bobby Madden blows his whistle to start tonight's contest, I'd expect the same system that served as well in our win over Celtic. Of course the players may well be different. Andy Halliday hasn't let us down this season but we have to hope Borna Barisic is now fully fit and ready to demonstrate why he should be our first choice left back. Meanwhile, at centre back it appears Connor Goldson is also fit again so it will be interesting to see if he comes straight back into the team tonight instead of Katic or Worrall. Other than those two changes, I'd expect the rest of the starting XI to match that of the Old Firm win and with lots of options from the bench, we really need to prove our mettle by beating Aberdeen convincingly for the first time in a while. And, if we're honest with ourselves, if we can't do that - and win on Saturday evening - then we're not worthy of winning trophies anyway. The pressure is most definitely on... Possible team (4-2-3-1)
  41. 8 points
    Morelos generally works as hard as anyone in the team.
  42. 8 points
    I know it’s a bit of fun, but “cheatin’ Beaton” is no feckin friend of ours. By my reckoning the OF game was Beatons first game at Ibrox where he wasn’t booed off at both HT and FT, and he has officiated many times at our home.
  43. 8 points
    Absolutely appalling behavior !!! Private conversations should remain that - they should NEVER be posted unless express permission given. Sorry to hear that someone felt the need to do that Stevie - thankfully that type of stuff would never happen on Gersnet - and if it did it would be removed post-haste
  44. 8 points
    Prince Bluster or Baron Blowhard? Ten days after Rangers 1-0 victory over ra Sellik. Immediately after the game's completion, BBC Radio Scotland had an emotional Pat Bonner lamenting ra Sellik's summer transfer activity. We should remember that the green'n'grey hooped horrors spent £9 million on Edouard. Pat lapsed into utilising the word, 'we' when ranting about the lack of support given to Rodgers by Peter Lawwell. He criticised the CEO further by quoting his reported £1.1 million annual salary with added £2.3 million bonus. The rant finished with, "and why we've spent £2.6 million on disco lights"? At this point, Tom English joined in with similar emotional gusto. Apparently, ra Sellik received their just desserts. In total, there were four hours of broadcasting time after the final whistle, and everyone was in agreement. Rangers deserved their victory, the only question was the margin of victory the performance merited? Next day, a couple of hours was spent by Jeff Webster, Billy Dodds, Tom English, and Hugh MacDonald discussing the previous day's games. Again, nothing was mentioned reference refereeing. Current Sellik season ticket holder, Graham Spiers took to social media to tell his fellow Yahoos that their John Beaton conspiracy theories would not wash. The average rating for Beaton in various newspapers was between 7 and 8. On the Sunday evening, Sportscene carried the first highlights, emphasising three incidents involving Alfredo Morelos. Dandy Don, Liam McLeod mentioned all three during commentary, quite a departune from his previous day's radio commentary, the emphasis then being on Rangers good fortune at a clearly deflected goal. Another Dandy and host of Sportscene, Jonathon Sutherland primed both Michael Stewart and Steven Thomson in their post match analysis with, "here's a thing". The thing being those three incidents, again. Alfredo was lucky was the concensus. Michael Stewart felt it would be hard to defend the Columbian if he had been red carded for booting Broonaldo in the baws. I will let retired English Referee, Dermot Gallagher do the defending, he pointed out that Morelos had his eyes on the ball, whilst raising his foot in an attempt to kick the ball over his head. Brown's leap takes himself to the right and out of Alfredo's eye line. Gallagher says no caution. In fact, Dermot Gallagher would have cautioned Morelos once, for his treading on Ralston. A wee aside for the plethora of Dandies, they failed to amplify Shinnies blatant dive for their second penalty against ra Sellik earlier in the week. Further, Sutherland opening the week before show with Rangers supporters invading the Perth pitch, what about his fellow Dandies doing likewise after Aberdeen's second goal and game clincher at Livingston? Proxy sauce for the ram, and not the ewe? The eruption was Christmas Eve, constant reshowing of the incidents, greater amplification, and a few more statements got things moving by PQ. The result and performance had been conscrued, the emphasis was the referee's performance. Eventually, ra Sellik make a statement; Peter has got to earn his combined £3.4 million remuneration this year. They all fall into revisionist line, Tom, Graham, Michael, DrStu' , ............... et al. DrStu' aware of his bread buttering, shouts again and again about Beaton socialising in the Crown Bar, Bellshill. Your right DrStu'; it's NOT Al Challtanin, your favourite fish restaurant in Calton Close. You know the one you have broadcast endorsements for on numerous occasions? I am sure the fact it's ten yards away from the front door of the Squirrel Bar(current gang hut HQ for the Green Brigade) allows YOU to dine in peace? Tom does a Worzel Gummage, he takes off his Prince Bluster head, he has whipped the baying crowd into the required frenzy. Today, he is Baron Blowhard. Referees being threatened and given police escorts to games is beyond the pale. "It damages the Scottish game". Those threatening referees, "are not fully formed human beings". Tom is the Chief Sports Writer for BBC Scotland. It's like Tom's take on those hanging effigies at Sellik Park. Two life size effigies hanging from their necks, one replete in Rangers scarf, the other in orange collarette, twisted in the breeze for eighty minutes underneath the north stand. Tom screamed, "we're talking about effigies today in the twenty-first century"; then, proceeded to condemn the wrecking of the toilets in the away end by Rangers supporters. He quoted the £30,000 of damage, knowing a long standing agreement is in place for the cost of damage to be met by the away club. What's the damage to the Scottish game of strange fruit twisting in the breeze, we won't know because the blowhard is too uncomfortable to talk about it. Tom realises it, yabbering on about cracked ceramics is his safety valve. Actively creating a situation where a ref' has been threatened and is the recipient of police protection is also too uncomfortable, Tom becomes the sole arbiter of the image of the Scottish game. Tom doesn't think Beaton should explain himself openly to Sellik, he is now good cop to Peter's bad cop. Tom won't talk about the refs' strike of ten years ago, Peter has told him not to. Tom has been blowing the bugle on Peter's behalf, for those of us listening, he sounds more like a trumpet.
  45. 8 points
    It's scary that just one win by us has created this level of paranoia. We've been getting shitty refereeing over the past couple of seasons, which is conveniently forgotten. There are some serious mental health issues out there.
  46. 8 points
  47. 7 points
    Massive own goal by the UBs tonight. Put themselves before the team by refusing to sing in the first half and then disrupting the start of the second half when the team came out,pumped up and ready to start the game, they ended up having to clear away that mess created. Poor show and one that will do them no favours.
  48. 7 points
    Well this has been unexpected fun. A slip tonight or at the weekend would certainly add a bit of pressure to a club who don't always seem like they know how to handle it. I'm pleased Rodgers has left them. He's clearly an accomplished manager working with a big budget (relatively) and experienced players. I've always felt he might crumble if he was put under real pressure, but I thought it might require more pressure than one derby loss and only an 8 point lead! Lennon's an interesting appointment. From their perspective he knows the club and knows the league, he's inexpensive and available. From our perspective we won the league in his first full season, then came second when Administration hit us. His league wins were either when we were broken our no longer in the same league. I think he demonstrated at Hibs that he has the ability to motivate and organise a side who can compete, at the same time I don't think he's as good a coach as Steve Clarke. If we can keep building momentum we've got a real chance this season because Celtic will have stumbles. Rodgers being in England might come back and bite us in the summer. I could see him being interested in Alfredo for example, and Kent too. At the same time I expect he'll consider bids for some of Celtic's first team too. There's never a dull moment and the reaction of some of the celtic support has been a joy to behold.
  49. 7 points
    Constant open illegal displays of terrorist support (who have killed the innocents of our country)... nothing.Constant chants of “orange bastard”.... nothing.Massive pitch invasion and attacks on Rangers players and fans by thousands of Hibs fans... nothing.Years of systematic paedophilia covered up by a club with ongoing trials uncovering the horrors, even to this day... nothing.Hanging of effigies of Orangemen in front of 50k people in a televised event around the world, the most despicable sectarian display in decades... nothing.Player pelted by coins and subjected to sectarian abuse of being an “orange bastard” just last week... nothing.Steve Clarke is called a “****** bastard”.“This is despicable and we have met with the comically useless Justice Minister, the police and our head men and we must stamp this unprecedented barrage of sectarianism by those big bad Rangers fans out of this country. Freeeedom!!!!”.Un-fucking-believable.
  50. 7 points
    Let's cut to the chase here. The last time the refs went on strike came directly after a loaded statement from the Celtic Chairman of the time, Dr Death himself, John Reid. Celtic were under pressure and on the brink of losing the league title. Rangers disappear from the top flight and title races for 7 years and surprise, surprise we don't hear a pip from high horse riders Celtic. Not a mention of refs missing Broonie's elbows and tackles. Not a mention of why Craig Gordon escaped with only yellow cards for 2 last man violent assaults. Not a mention of the dodgy offside goals. All honest decisions and mistakes of course... Oh but wait, cut to the present day and Celtic have lost their first OF game in years. They were played off the park. They are neck and neck with big bad Rangers. Their board isn't spending the millions they have shouted about for the last 5/6 years. How can this be happening? What can ra Sellik do? Resort to type of course. They dust down the same file "Never defeated, always cheated" and use it as smokescreen to dupe their fans and the lapdogs in the media.
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