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  1. I'd have thought someone in Sweden would sign Helander and a club in Europe somewhere would take Itten? Simpson might be a nomimal fee/mutual agreement sort of thing. McLaughlin's show yesterday just confirmed for me he's more than capable of being our number one. He's not a sweeper-keeper, but he's not afraid to come well out of his box to help recycle the ball or clear it. And how great was it when he came for a couple of corners yesterday? Opposition corners when its all even or we're only one up have given me the fear, but he just came, grabbed the ball, no panic. Do we think we might see Diallo again next season? Someone seems to have had a word with him and he seems to get what's expected of a Rangers player in the last few times I've seen him. I know effort isn't everything, but he's clearly talented. I thought Souttar played well yesterday too, so is hopefully a good addition.
  2. He seems like such a nice, down to earth guy with lots of humility and is clearly loving life here. Given his age and all of that, I'd hope he's in no rush to go anywhere and is looking forward to the CL qualifiers as one of the first names on the team sheet.
  3. I just don't see the benefit to keeping him around unless he was moving into coaching or something? At the moment, McLaughlin will be number one unless Gio plans to sign someone who will come straight in to that position. I suspect we'll sign someone younger with a view to giving them some experience next year and acting as #2. If McCrorie stays, that's the position sorted for the next while although with McCrorie, if he's good enough, he needs to become our #2 and if not, should probably leave for his own career.
  4. Yes, Itten was floored by something this year, possibly after-effects of covid, not sure if it was confirmed anywhere. Those players who seem to struggle fitness-wise, its a shame, but when you play as many games as we do with Europe on top of the league, we can't afford to carry them anymore, so is that Helander, Roofe and Jack we need to move on?
  5. We're almost in the same position as we were this time last year. We need to sign a few players who will improve the first XI (I know its an outdated term) - so quality over quantity. I guess the difference this year is that there's others like McGregor & Davis who may retire and some who're at the point where we should cash-in on them given their contract situation.
  6. Apologies... I'd only be suggesting that if we had a loan with an option to buy. I couldn't see it happening otherwise - he's also entering the last year of his contract so maybe that would be a more realistic option at the moment, I don't know.
  7. He's hardly untested though. He's looked like one of the best players on the park in the internationals I've seen him play for example? We are stacked in central midfield but I'm hoping for a bit of a clearout and a fresh approach. I don't know how you can compare him to Ramsey which was one of those gambles which would either turn out brilliantly or be a massive waste of time and money. I'm skeptical about the Gilmour thing happening, but if it does, he's someone you could build your midfield around for years to come.
  8. Gilmour would be a no-brainer if we could make it happen and on the face of it would seem to suit all parties. I'm really interested to see what Gio does in the summer.
  9. Oh, and next year, if there's players like Lowry who appear to be good enough for the first team, can we just use them please? Thanks.
  10. The problem is we didn't have one who was fit apart from Itten who wasn't named in the squad. So you end up playing someone in a "false 9" role but even then, that player should be a forward/striker. I guess Morelos or Roofe could do that to create space for the other one, draw defenders out of position etc.
  11. Based on what we saw, I agree. Even if Roofe had been fit to start, I think we'd have scored at least one more goal last night.
  12. Goldson has been a brilliant servant to the club but its time to move on. No way McGregor should be anything other than backup next season if he stays, but I think he should retire graciously, its just a shame it isn't with a Europa League winners medal. Aribo suffered by being played out of position last night, but he's also not been as consistent across the season for someone so gifted. But you could say the same of Ryan Kent too. Kamara hasn't had a great season by his standards either, but he's also been played out of position. If we get decent offers, I'd take the money for Aribo and Kamara and a couple of others if it means we can fund a rebuild. I'm hoping the run to the final has all freed up some more funds. Like @der Berliner says, I think think we need to shake things up a bit and try to address some of the issues we've seen over the last 3-4 years under SG and to a lesser extent Gio. We definitely need to sign a first choice striker to play alongside Morelos (or instead of him); sort out the midfield in the SPL - we don't need to be as defensive as we have been... and sort out CB/GK - a more solid spine to the defence should help give the midfield more confidence to get forward maybe. We still seem reticent to shoot from outside the area in the SPL and while I don't think its as bad as when SG first came, we often get in to what seems like a really good position to have a shot or play someone in, before turning back to retain possession and recycle the ball, start again.
  13. He's very one-footed and sometimes gets the ball caught under his feet due to that or just seemingly not knowing what to do (he can be a bit indecisive with high balls too). But maybe its my old-school football training which always taught me that if in doubt, just clear your lines.
  14. Its hard not to think that given how many trophies we've not won over the last what, 3/4 years? And I've had that same thought, even going so far as to suggest that us persisting with the same group of core players season to season has been a mistake - regardless of how some of them have improved, we seem to be making some of the same mistakes and weaknesses time and time again, season to season, even under different managers. I think like Rousseau says, we all think that the squad is better on paper than than the trophy count would suggest, so what's the issue? Maybe this summer, with the expected turnaround in players will let us move on and start a new phase under Gio. If we can get good money-in for a few players, I don't think there's anybody I'd be gutted to see us lose tbh. Feels like we need a bit of a fresh start.
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