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  1. When did they actually start singing YNWA anyway?
  2. So, has there been any news at all today or is it still anybody's guess as to whether the Gerrard thing is happening or not? I saw a few posts yesterday saying it was a done deal, but its starting to remind me of the Mcinnes shambles.
  3. Playing devil's advocate to the Murty v Gerrard thing because I see the questions are valid... Murty v Gerrard on paper, looking at their playing careers before becoming youth coaches are like night and day. Gerrard had 500 or so as captain of Liverpool over a 15+ year period and 100+ for England. On paper that would seem to suggest he'll be used to dealing with a wide variety of player styles, egos and foibles. He is used to the pressure of playing in a goldfish bowl city like Liverpool and the intense media attention you get when playing for England. But when it comes
  4. We need to do something about the back line because I'm sick to death of going to games and seeing us concede the same goal over and over again. I'm a big fan of Wes and the blame doesn't lie with him alone, but honestly, its been 3 years of Groundhog day as far as our defence goes. Like with the Gerrard thing, we need to do something different, so I don't think this is too bad a move in the scheme of things if its not going to cost us money. McGregor behind a solid, experienced, leader of a centre back would give me cause for optimism.
  5. Fvck it, i'm all in on Gerrard.... I think part of the problem is that where we find ourselves both as a Club and Scottish Football in general, means there's no obvious choice of manager for us at the moment. And you know what, he's more exciting than the prospect of someone like McInnes and I'd like to be excited again about something, anything going on. I keep going back to the fact there's no obvious other choice so honestly, what have we got to lose? Unless Walter came out of retirement, or we suddenly got some Saudi money, I can't name anyone out there who could just walk in t
  6. That has to be a nonsense story right? If Morelos wanted to go and there was any chance of a fee like that I can't see any club turning that sort of money down, let alone us when we're trying to rebuild. Players are only worth what someone will pay for them at any one time and as we've found, English clubs see Scotland as some sort of bargain basement store - our club even moreso given what's happened to us.
  7. I can see why people would have an issue with that bit in bold, but the rest all sounds fair enough from someone who is wondering what's going on and where the next pay cheque is coming from. How old was he at the time, 26? I'm not sure I'd hold that against him, it was maybe naive at best, but do you genuinely think he meant that?
  8. There's a few players in there who have the potential to go on to become great players for us I think. For all their critics, and I do think we're far too harsh on our own at times... I really rate Tav, Foderingham and McCorie for example. Morelos is showing great potential. Jack could go far too. Even Candeias does a lot right and is creating chances - if we had a more experienced goalscorer up there alongside Morelos things could be very different. I still think that we have the basis of a good team here - the squad's consistency (at being inconsistent) under a few managers now i
  9. I'll be honest, i've totally forgotten what Naismith said exactly about the Club being dead, but I understand some haven't - can you remind me what he said and when? We've a threadbare squad and even if he's not as good as he was when he left, I would put money on him being an upgrade on who we do have and could maybe be just the sort of link-up player Morelos would thrive on - especially as with Murphy we should now have better service from the left to compliment Candeias' efforts from the right. He's not going to play for free but it would appear Norwich are happy to
  10. Absolutely agree with this and if we're not going to have to pay any of his wages, or even just a small percentage, its relatively risk free surely?
  11. I think its a good appointment under the circumstances - whether you look at Nicholl's experience, reputation and/or character, it makes perfect sense given where we are and how Murty appears to be getting on. I think you're under-estimating the role an assistance manager has to play Magic Hat, whether its in the day to day handling of practical stuff like training, bouncing ideas off the manager or even man management where its often very beneficial to have different sorts of characters to interact with players. You can argue that we should be aiming higher, we deserve better etc, but we
  12. Couple of things.... Mark Allen - any time he’s mentioned on a forum, someone brings up that they’ve heard bad things about him and how his time is limited, but never seems to give details. Is that just another one of those rumours which only exists because one person has heard something, posts it up and it then becomes the truth because it gets repeated by other people on other forums, social media, in the pub etc before going full circle and being posted again some time later? That story is clearly all about him getting his version of events out there and you could also read bits as
  13. I'm guessing there's an acceptable level of communication between clubs and targets which takes place everywhere- i.e. there's initial chat to see if they'd be open to a formal approach. That stuff presumably goes on all the time and makes sense to save a lot of wasted time. If they're interested, it gets formalised, if not, they move. I'm guessing "tapping up" these days refers to some sort of line being overstepped without someone's club being involved?
  14. You've followed our results over the last few years right? I don't think its being pessimistic at all. When was the last time we won't three on the trot? I'm as optimistic as I've been in a long time that we'll do it and go on a run, but I'm just saying if we don't, we shouldn't forget these aren't Murty's players.
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