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  1. Agree, Goldson was all over the place and I wondered if the result midweek and the performance of McGregor would maybe instil a bit of confidence in the defence as a whole as well as Goldson. The Livi goal was disappointing because of the initial cross and then the fact their man got free in the box. I'm really not sure Katic is the answer - the reputation of players like him seem to get better and better the longer they're out injured or away on loan. On the flip side, maybe a more limited centre half alongside someone who is more of a ball playing one might be a good combination? Still not convinced that's Katic though. I'm with @Rousseau, if someone like Mayo is considered good enough, we should be trying to find a way to bring him in to the first team, but maybe we missed our chance to do that last season when the league was sewn up so early.
  2. What a leap from a standing start and the defender also had a hold of him.
  3. I think the ref took a guess there, but the irony is that’s exactly how Livingston play much of their football. Long punt up the park, get a foul then try something from the set piece. Ref has been pish today.
  4. Is there a worse pitch in Scotland? The ball doesn’t run at any pace on the ground and who knows where it will go after a bounce.
  5. I thought we’d be 3 or 4 up by the break given how we played for much of that half. How slack are we at the back though? Goldson is having a shocker and sounds like the fans are getting on his back now too. Couple of really awful goals to lose. Borna should have stopped that cross coming in. And that pitch…..
  6. Its hard not to over-analyse last night and say that the players looked happier and were much more positive and playing at a higher-tempo etc. I guess we need to give it a few more games to see if that continues. Very promising start though.
  7. I thought Bassey was brilliant last night, really stepped-up and didn't look out of place at all.
  8. McLaughlin will at least come for crosses and his distribution is much better than McGregor's, not to mention quicker at getting the ball back out to the outfield players. What he doesn't seem to have is that rare ability that elites have to make those absolutely top-drawer, "HTF did he get to that?" saves, but very few do. Very few clubs rotate keepers, even when they're the best team in their respective country. There's a reason for that. Given the mistakes we've been making, I've no idea why we've been rotating them this season.
  9. Aribo or Arfield for me.
  10. I saw that and immediately thought... "nah, surely not??" We are waiting for a non-British appointment to his team though aren't we?
  11. Whilst McLaughlin isn't at that elite level where he regularly pulls-off world class saves, he's a very good top-level keeper who hasn't let us down. He's also much better and faster at distributing the ball than McGregor. I think its a bit of a catch 22 at the moment where not having a settled back line is affecting the keeper and the defenders. On top of that, there's something off with McGregor - it could be age, it could just be confidence, but its clearly not working for him, so I'd put McLaughlin back in there asap. I wouldn't be surprised if GVB's team finds a young-ish Dutch keeper by next season who will be our new number 1 along with a CB or two.
  12. We've been riding our luck for so long, yesterday was inevitable, especially as it was a one-off game where Hibs were right up for it.
  13. I think it was at 2-0 and another looping cross came in to the box, but it landed inside the 6 yard line and there was a bit of a stramash which we got away with. McGregor could have taken a step off his line and done something, anything to clear it. It might even have hit off him if he'd just come off his line but he didn't bother and we were lucky to get away with it. I don't know if its a confidence thing or not, but he needs dropped. And I know I'm old fashioned, but the amount of rotating we did this season with him and McLaughlin seemed nuts given the sort of goals we were conceding. We got away with it last season but I've no idea why Gerrard did it this season.
  14. I take it we're just going to gloss over Goldson's interview after the game? Probably for the best.
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