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  1. Mmm, would I rather be kicked in the balls or punched in the face?
  2. I've only seen the fee for McGrandles reported as "up to £1 million" which suggests it'll be a much smaller fee with additions for first team matches, promotions, international call ups or sell on fee etc. Had things been different we could have had Allan McGregor, Rhys McCabe, Jamie Ness, Greg Wylde and John Fleck in our first team just now. As it is McCabe, Ness and Fleck get to grace the English lower leagues and count their money in their spare time. I'd be astonished if Lewis MacLoed isn't worth well over £1 million, anyone with eyes can see he's got the ability and attitude to pla
  3. Berliner, whoever drew that diagram thing you posted needs to get professional help. Seriously.
  4. You might be right, it's hard to be exact about these things. Anecdotally most of the RCs I'm friendly with are 'No' voters, but I do know a couple of 'Yes' voters, they're both quite young though. Statistically Inverclyde has the highest percentage of Roman Catholics of any area in Scotland (37%) then North Lanarkshire (35%) West Dunbartonshire (33%) with Glasgow City (27%) and East Renfrewshire, East Dunbartonshire and Renfrewshire on about 22% each. At the last elections Inverclyde returned a Labour MP and a Labour MSP as well as three Labour list MSPs and two Tory ones. North L
  5. I was speaking with a journalist at the weekend who has asked HMRC under Freedom of Information to provide details of the costs incurred of pursuing this case. They refused stating confidentiality issues (I know, ironic). He's asked again pointing out he's not asking for any individual's information, simply the costs HMRC have incurred. He'll keep asking until he gets something.
  6. Great point, but it kind of ties in with the point the person who wrote the article was making. The 'club' stands for very little now, the support stands for a multitude of things depending who you speak to and where.
  7. Zappa makes a good point later in this thread about the definition of the 'club'. It's pertinent because it highlights the disconnect between the club and its support. I don't have a problem with the club not making overt political points and accept that taken at face value a lot of the symbolism and songs the support sing have an old-style unionist slant. I'm not sure how much of that is done out of political belief and how much done because that's what you do at a Rangers match. There's a book just out about Celtic's connection to the British army and in particular WW1. It's written by a lif
  8. So, are Celtic a 'Unionist club'? They are closely aligned with the leading and largest 'unionist' party in Scotland after all and count senior members of that party as directors. It's this use of language that causes a lot of these arguments and confusions. What is 'unionism' in the 21st century? Is it defending the NHS or picketing a town hall because it won't fly the union flag everyday? The club haven't been in any way political for decades now. Whilst the flying of a Union flag over Ibrox and the portrait of the Queen in the dressing room suggest old-fashioned 'Unionism' there h
  9. Terrible news, just terrible. Fine words Frankie, not easy to write I imagine.
  10. You know, reading some of the posts on here, we've actually got the club we deserve. It's no wonder we're in the state we're in. I look forward to the day we appoint a manager who is a cross between Warren Buffet and Carlo Ancelotti whilst also a qualified financial advisor. Aye, enjoy the close season, time for a break me thinks.
  11. Are Germany and Scotland the only countries in Europe without a side from their capital city in their top flight football league? Whilst enjoying Hibs implosion enormously they are probably favourites for the title next season. Butcher will have his own players then and has previous experience of getting a relegated side promoted, a new CEO he's worked successfully with before and they are relatively solvent too. Who knows what state Hearts and us will be in come August. Still, very funny just now though.
  12. McCoist, like everyone else, isn't above criticism, no Rangers manager ever should be. In my opinion he's done so much for us over so long that he at the very least always deserves our respect though. I guess what I'm saying is posters should play the ball not the man.
  13. There's a thread on here where a bluenose is trying to bring fans together so they can agree about how they speak about and to each other, it's a sad but admirable post. I wonder if that same thought might be extended to one of our greatest ever players, certainly our best known, most popular and most successful of the modern era. A man who almost singlehandedly held our club together as we entered our lowest ebb, who was the only person speaking to players, coaches and administrative staff alike, who spent more time dealing with accountants, lawyers and media than footballers during that pe
  14. That's a bizarre reply. It's nothing to do with being shunned for a sunday fourball and everything to do with not been seen as a bigoted, one-eyed, ranting dinosaur with no grasp of modern Scotland. Still, as the club becomes ever more isolated and friendless you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that you're still getting your 90 minutes of rough once a week. There's an interesting parallel with Espanyol at play here, or Queens Park. Football is littered with sides who used to be important but didn't move with the times.
  15. That's a generalisation, it's perfectly possible to be interested in both, plus golf. I made the point once that pretty much every boy in St Aloyious (prominent RC private school in Glasgow) is perfectly comfortable declaring openly an affiliation with Celtic, however if you take say Glasgow High, a comparative non-denominational school, the same cannot be said about Rangers. Those kids come from the same social 'class', the same geographic area, their parents have the same jobs and the preferred sport at both schools is rugby. In my experience this isn't just a private school thing,
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