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  1. follow follows in meltdown right now so figures something is going on! HATE THIS !
  2. www.fancydress.com some good ideas for you in there, Uk based company as well. Barbarian = guaranteed burds.
  3. Has the game not been/ going to be moved to sunday the 23rd? thought i heard that somewhere
  4. hate to be a pessimist but here we go again with the glorious failure scenario... Scotland valiantly take the lead against italy, backs against the wall for the rest of the game then concede two late goals. Both scored by pipo inzaghi. And become the first and probably only team to go out with >24 points. Typical scotland.
  5. I have a spare for this game but am unable to go . Wanted to offer it up for the guys / girls on the board in case anyone wants it? �£22, face value of course, seats in the west stand row S.
  6. 6,000 bears travelling to sunny spain, Rangers top of our CL group, £50 flight to barca and a ticket guaranteed for when i'm over there.... Carsberg don't do away days... but if they did.
  7. had lost the link for maybe the hundredth time . gav just returned it to me - good to see i'm still on the first page after an enforced absence!
  8. Just found out my indy application was successful! see you over there lads!
  9. so what date is it then?
  10. absolutely classic! best part is the way they all casually walk onto dancefloor at start. ...but still wouldnt do that shit at mine
  11. cant remember my pot no. but i got DU Killie Gretna Sellick - jan 2nd M'well reckon i'll get a post split game?
  12. exactly my thoughts as well pete - And their all still at an age where they can change over arent they? As another aside - De Ridder, by far the best dutch player in that side, is wanted by the Israeli national side, think his mums israeli! Holland are turning into the new french national side - having hardly any genuine dutch people in their side.
  13. white lightenings never seen an apple in its entire production.
  14. Cannot beat a 3ltr bottle of strongbow - followed by a few vodka + blackcurrent & lemonades. Bottled beer - suggest you try cusquena (peruvian). such a crisp beer.
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