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  1. I think the general role of the Lionbrand is a good idea and i've no doubt he's put some cash into the club. However he needs to be more careful of his "competitions" because last season the same person (who looked like his pal) won not only the season ticket but also the ticket for the old firm semi final. Hmmmm As said I've no doubt he does a good job but just let the competitions be fair if it's for publicity reasons.
  2. Great news. The best signing of the summer without a doubt. Regarding Tav/Wag, let's see how they do in the top league before offering them an early pay rise.
  3. The rest is old and tired, I'm hoping the rest is brought up with the new.
  4. Fell asleep those lightning strikes beat me. Will watch on RTV later. For those who managed to stay awake .......... how did the big trialist play? (no chance of spelling that surname).
  5. I can't see us paying that for one player myself however if it were true I'd expect better than Grigg for £3M. Having said that I haven't seen much of him but still seems a bit pricey to me.
  6. Agreed, I also find Ian's posts of this nature extremely helpful.
  7. I saw on twitter a screenshot from a Wigan forum, the guy is saying the same source who told him about Waggy and Tav before it happened is saying Grigg to us for £3M.
  8. I was trying between 3-4 mate when it was live, no luck.
  9. Tried it numerous times (on different platforms), didn't work for me.
  10. If people keep alluding to individuals benefiting then they really should stop slinging mud and just start naming names.
  11. £2M over 2 years for Barton is what I heard. So £20k a week.
  12. Missing the point completely. A better question would be, would you be happy to miss out on a Bradshaw (example) as the final piece of the jigsaw because we could not afford the £900k asking price? I have reservations whether we have that in reserve should it be required. It's not a dig at the board as I'm fully on board with what they have done and are currently doing, as said in the OP it's a debating issue. I'd like to think the manager has a wedge if he really wants it.
  13. I think this is worth a debate given King's previous mentions of "front loading" etc if required. It also may be the case where MW has made the decision that front loading isn't required we don't know so only throwing this out there to see what the general opinion is. In: Kranjcar Barton Gilks Rossiter (£250k) Hill Hodson (£100k?) Windass & Crooks (£120k) Out: Templeton Bell Clark Shiels Gasparotto Mills King (Loan) Ball (Loan) Zelalaem (Loan) Give or take our transfer spend has been around half a million. With Barton/Kranjcar we can safely say the wages will be more than what has left the club however does anyone feel we should be spending more to get players in given we are about to break the ST sales record aswell? IMO I feel we should be in a position to spend upwards of £1M on that one player to complete the jigsaw, a potent striker.
  14. That ITK Agent on twitter (no idea if a decent source) has said he is about to do a U-turn and re-sign for Palace.
  15. I'll bank this source as decent then ..............
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