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  1. Slightly surprised at the Alistair Johnston news. From what I read during the recent ongoing CW court case there seemed to be a fairly damning picture painted in terms of the way the Club was being run during AJ time as Chairman.
  2. He's due to play for Stirling Albion next season if he gets the all clear from his recent injury as far as I'm aware. Part time only.
  3. . Interestingly, Ray Wilkins said something similar last night at The Louden event. Or certainly, that he would never get close to playing a first team game for Chelsea and I'd imagine he has a decent knowledge of what goes on there given his long time association with the Club. In his view, absolutely the wrong decision for Gilmour but unfortunately a sign of the times.
  4. He deserves a bit of good fortune again after all that trouble of being duped.
  5. Prosinecki of Red Star Belgrade in terms of the best opposition performance I've seen.
  6. Given that his relationship with MW was apparently not great for most of this season it would seem a bit unlikely that Forest would be his destination.
  7. lenzEK

    Best Gers XI

    In terms of players I've personally seen in a Rangers jersey only. Goram, Jardine, Numan, Gough, Souness, Brown, Cooper, Gascoigne, McCoist, Mols, Laudrup.
  8. Good interview, comes across very well. Interesting to see how many can make the step up over the next couple of years.
  9. Really effective player. Kept it simple but was a vital part of that team and also another leader out on the pitch. The biggest compliment you could pay him was that we never really did miss Wilkins to any great degree. A fantastic signing and it always helps when you quickly score the winning goal in the New Year match at Porkheid!
  10. So far, we have had Windass, Crooks, O'Hallloran, Hill and Gilks all possibly moving on in the window in some shape or form. Next week it will be someone different.
  11. Not heard that one and I'd have to say that he absolutely doesn't come across as the 'big I am' in any shape of form when you meet him. In fact, I'd say the complete opposite. But who knows what goes on behind close doors. I think he needs to be far more aware of what's going on around him on the pitch, doesn't get his head up enough for me. Still think he deserves more game time than he's getting.
  12. Also an opportunity for Michael O'Halloran, he seems to be becoming the forgotten man. I'm not sure why he has fallen behind Dodoo in terms of getting match time.
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