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  1. Been horrendous here, as we were vs Spartak. Spartak are packed with Russian internationalists. Aberdeen though? If they were in the English league system they world be near the bottom of the third tier.
  2. Really poor start. Hopefully this comes back to haunt me, but we do not look good here and I'm not sure where a goal will come from. Get Middleton on. Our support here though is amazing. Unreal. We are the people.
  3. Barca are absolutely destroying Real here 😂😂😂
  4. Definitely need to play Middleton. He’s probably the most talented guy we’ve got in the final third.
  5. For those of us not going to the game there's a fine day of football to watch.
  6. Just coming back to this topic after being out for a bevy. LOL the kid was near greeting because a Celtic reserve gave him the time of day? And his dad posted an illiterate rant on FB with hashtag Celtic FC 😂😂😂. Have we established yet that this isn't a tim on the windup? And based on the OP's previous tendency to seek out and get offended by random nonsense online I'll stick to my guns that he didn't post this because he was inspired by Hayes. Hayes did what any normal adult would have done. Thank you Hayes. The retarded Facebook post has no relevance her
  7. Have no interest in female football at all personally. I’m all for employing females at the club though, providing they’re the best person for the job.
  8. Hashtag Celtic fc at the end? His son near tears because Hayes sent him something? It sounds like trolling to me, particularly with the horrendous grammar. Honestly, the amount of illiterate drivel I see on our FB pages is unreal. This topic doesn’t belong here.
  9. The stories a bit strange though as it becomes really pro Celtic and one of their players. I suspect that is why the OP posted it, but I could be completely wrong. Hayes of course did the right thing, but as a child no Celtic player would have had me almost in tears of enjoy, regardless of how much they helped me.
  10. I’m going to suspect the OP has taken offence at the content. The only offence I take is at the quality of the grammar. Gersnet should be above copying and pasting nonsense from Facebook.
  11. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong either. Last night was tiresome to watch. We struggled to keep the ball and just looked lost in the final third. Hopefully in the remaining games we see a return of the high powered energy and exciting creativity that we have shown in spells this season. Been a funny start to the season, though things certainly look massively improved.
  12. I think like DB you completely lack any objectivity. This isn’t an attack, just an observation. In fairness to DB, I actually think he talks more sense now. Possibly because we aren’t completely rotten for the first time in a while.
  13. I want to get the orange kit but where should I get it? Bearing in mind I live in England and it probably won’t be in any shops. I’m out off the official channels given the god awful customer care.
  14. I am entitled to my opinion. I thought we were rubbish last night.
  15. So they actually had negative net expenditure? Regardless, as I said already, they do have a load of internationalists from decent nations.
  16. Mate, watch the last 10 mins again against RV. We were playing a better team tonight, but we were absolutely on fire. There was none of this tonight. we were not good.
  17. I might be 8 pints deep, but I think if 49 year old Brian Laudrup was thrown on the park for us tonight he would have shown more heart and quality than what we saw tonight. tonight was complete garbage. Let’s be truthful.
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