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  1. Kenny McDowall, he'll do anything for a years salary, upstairs suit on, welcome, greet, serve drinks and lunch (as they've got rid of all those members of staff as well), clean the executive bogs, change into tracksuit, go downstairs, this time create shit through team choice, this is part of the reason he looks consistently miserable. The Newcastle loan squad must think this is how all Scottish people look, because the management team and players all look like that, at the moment, the fans are much the same, because of what is served up on the pitch.
  2. that's not true we had 40k for a couple of seasons at div 2 and 1 and it was shit on the park and I am sure if we get the correct Board then fans will recognise things are not going to change overnight, but sure they will come back, knowing we're in safe hands, after such a long, painful time being run by various, selfish mobsters.
  3. wonder what is left for Ashley to take as security for the further loan we'd need from him to pay off the fines from the Scottish footballing authorities for the signing of banned songs?
  4. what happened to the Cock Tavern at Smithfields? used to be a great place to watch Rangers games with hundreds of other Bears, in a great atmosphere, with excellent bar staff, no hanging about for a pint, Scotch pie and beans. could get a little hot though, with a lack of ventilation with it being directly under the market.
  5. it did display the limitation of Ally's footballing, management aptitude that he changed nothing when he took over from Walter. You could say that he followed what he thought was a successful footprint, but it also emphasised what was spoken about in this thread earlier, that it is important for an ex-footballer to go through a management apprenticeship at a number of clubs as they work their way up the ladder. love him or hate him, that is exactly what SAF did, no doubt meeting a number of influencers on his way who had a variety of formational and strategy viewpoints. that all goes into the mix and out of that comes your own philosophy. if we look at Greig and McCoist, possibly two of our worst ever managers, but arguably greatest home grown players, they never stepped outside Ibrox for any management experience.
  6. long ball is not a football philosophy that creates a long term footballing legacy, it isn't something you can engender at a youth level, through all age groups, because you cannot forecast what size and shape those kids will eventually grow up to be. Teams like Wimbledon needed to buy players in for a long ball strategy, as did septic. However you can create a pass and move philosophy on any shape of kid at a very young age. that is the Barca way, that is now the Munich way (unsurprisingly), it is the retention of possession (if they don't have the ball they can't score), it is the probing all over the pitch, until you find the hole and exploit it. it is the high pressing (first line of defence being attack as soon as you lose that possession). it is the same as anything in life; if you start that instruction from a young age then it becomes the default, it is your philosophy, it is the only way you know how to play football, it becomes pervasive throughout the club, suddenly a player from the u13's can fit into any other team, the guy in the u17's can play in the first team, the injured first team player makes his comeback in the u18's and he slots in and on it goes. McCoist had that chance, he could have been a historic manager, but he and his cohorts did not recognise the opportunity, part of the reason we're in the footballing state we now find ourselves in. it will now take a lot longer to make that change, if any manager is brave enough to endorse and effect it.
  7. sorry I should have said 'have suffered a similar fate'
  8. there is no difference, we as a club still have employees who will suffer a similar fate and I'm not talking about any of the senior players.
  9. all national newspapers are run as profit and loss vehicles so no surprise they would take money from a bunch of retards. why wouldn't you? it is an inadvertent advert supporting the future trajectory of our Club, emphasising the shoulder chip, constantly carried by a large minority of septic fans, that we will always be the greatest club in Glasgow/Scotland, whatever financial/footballing divisional state is imposed on us. we will come back, if not this year, next year, possibly the year after, but they still fear us, whenever that date transpires.
  10. there have been a number of black days over the last few years but this is up there amongst the worst of them. I'm no legal or corporate ownership expert but when something isn't in the best interest of a public company surely it is illegal? This absolutely stinks of self-interest. I've not done much to protest against all the previous crepe, so I get the point made by SBS but this hurts a lot.
  11. I agree we need to be much more sensible with the cash and maybe someone like Magath with the youth academy could give us a viable source of player promotion to the 1st team squad, where we've not really had that for as long as MP has been in existence, therefore huge saving on wage and transfer bills, but what we're being offered by the 3 Bears and King will not sustain us from where we are now to where we want to go. It is the start and incredibly thankful for their rescue bid.
  12. I totally understand that if you're a millionaire then you shouldn't invest in a football club, even if you love them, because you will probably end up only comfortable in your life, not extremely wealthy. It is only as a genuine billionaire that you can afford to heavily invest in a Club and then you're only going to do that, either, as an investment or because you genuinely love a Club. We wish the latter, understandably, but we don't have any takers (King is not a UK billionaire, but we're thankful for his willingness to invest) of the latter variety. We unfortunately have one of the former, who sees us a potential cash cow. Therefore we need to look at other avenues, including Sarver, let's not write him off until we have explored other options and given him a little more scrutiny. If not him we need to find someone else or somehow coerce McColl to step forward, who is our nearest thing to a fan with major money.
  13. as things progress that is what we will all expect, it is human nature, we get to SPL, we end up mid-table season one, lower possibly, we expect more the next season, then we end up in Europa, we want to become competitive in that, we win league, we get to qualifiers of CL,.... our demands increase, you know what we're like as fans we constantly expect more, the 3 Bears and KIng, as thankful as we are for their club investment and willingness it is not enough cash.
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