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  1. Very inspiring should be played to every new signing .
  2. BalooBear

    Clyde SSB

    I stopped tuning in to SSB a long time ago I cringe whenever I hear it.
  3. As a short arse myself it's something that I felt Rangers in recent years lacked were a few man mountains to impose the physical aspect on other teams but obviously backed up with some talent. Now If only we could uncover a young Daniel Cousin.
  4. Good addition to the squad , but like the rest of us I want that piece of real quality thats going to take to the next level but I suppose it's early days.
  5. Unfortunately Twitter gives a voice to the nuggets of this world.
  6. Great idea every professional I have listened to say that playing against bigger stronger opponents in a competitive setup is the best way to improve youngsters. Hopefully we can still arrange the odd game against higher calibre opposition to see where the boys are in terms of development and if this approach will bare fruit.
  7. God how long has it been since we had a player with that little bit of arrogance .........I hope he gets off to a flyer.
  8. BalooBear

    Dave King

    Why did King/advisors allow this situation to arise surely they could have kept under the threshold and still acquired the control of the club.
  9. Who is good to watch in Scotland? , the board will be looking at it this way he won't be spending 3.5 million on a Pena who struggles in Scotland and will keeps us close to you know who.
  10. For me, 1. Neil 2. McInnes 3. McLeish
  11. I agree the Sunderland job is a basket case but I doubt it was the only offer he had.
  12. Like most bears I like Pedro and really want him to succeed , but I think McInnes decided to hang around up here on the off chance it doesn't and I think he will be the next Rangers manager if things go tits up.
  13. Decent keeper but too many English guys ahead of him playing at higher level.
  14. I hope this big guy hits the ground running and show's some class, and it starts to trickle through the team bringing confidence and a galvanising spirit.
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