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  1. A needed £4 million loan £16 million of debt and Pedro’s pay off answers your first question,perhaps reality will one day dawn on you.
  2. we need to borrow 4 million to get to seasons end, that doesn’t include pedro pay-off or possible comp for another manager, like the guy said we can’t afford mcinnes,skint is the word.
  3. union


    And miss the sheep double header ! never ?
  4. union


    so did I, seems we were both wrong,good accs though, even with the going concern warning.
  5. union


    as title https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/rangers-international-football-club-annual-results-3/
  6. You really should stop reading **** blogs then,shouldn’t you.
  7. Why you changing the subject from king a convicted felon to things that don’t concern us. He broke City/business rules, maybe you think that is ok and the City should be unregulated,only this isn’t SA as king is going to find that out very shortly. Beats me how anyone can mount any defence of the G&S one that we as a club are tainted by.
  8. A felon is a felon and shouldn’t be anywhere near Ibrox to drag us through courts and the mud, that goos enough ?
  9. Miller, Sarver, Kennedy and Ashley,whatever anyone thinks of them had readies. Some fans think The Rangers are a charity case who billionaires will just pour money into and indulge fans with no thought of return or control. In the real world The Rangers are a business same as any other,time people caught on to reality and realised there is no such thing as a free lunch,although potless dave and his cohorts are lunching well.
  10. Fan groups/factions chased the better options, I mean how many billionaires (real ones) can one diss. We are where we are without overdraft or main banks willing to take our business,don’g worry though family inheritance and all that jazz.
  11. What anout his post? king was chased by D&P he isn’t and never was a creditor,murray stitched him up, but he still never sued him, what hoes atound etc !
  12. union

    Next months AGM

    nah just means it doesn’t fall between the aberdeen games.
  13. union

    Next months AGM

    GM shunted into December, till at earliest 6th.
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