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Rangers fans fighting fund launched

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You know Danny, I'm not really bothered what you think.


Yes you are. If you really didn't care you wouldn't have spent all this time replying to me. All organisations respond when criticised.


You have a closed mind


Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


and if you think that lies about fellow Rangers fans are acceptable then that's fine.


I never got involved with this part of the debate - I simply pointed out your raison d'etre is to defend Dingwall and the RST.


Call me all the names you want, it says more about you than me. I will not lower myself to your level.


I've not called you a single name. I described you as a sycophant, and Dingwall's mouthpiece, but these were hardly namecalling. If you're that sensitive, the Internet is not for you.

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Look folks, it's this simple: If the pointless squabbling, bickering and mudslinging doesn't stop, this thread will be locked because it's embarrassing.


The thread is for discussing the important subject of the RFFF and raising funds for the club, so please stay on topic.

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I get this picture of 2 grown men with steam coming out of their ears, banging keys with a finger.


Your vision is warped.;)























Danny is acting like a child.:sneaky:

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Good man. Any idea of the current total?


A little over a hundred grand last I heard. I dont think many people realize what it's for and why it's relevant. everyone's waiting for the 'time to chip in for Ronaldo' call...

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Does anyone know if any of this money has been spent?


One other question.


I may be wrong, but I have never heard the Administrators acknowledge the existence of this fund, which I find very strange.


At the moment it is nothing to do with the Admins. They have no access or control of the funds. They will meet with the RFFF heads and discuss what costs they need covered and the RFFF will decide if it's reasonable and send them over.

The Admins have no control of this at all.

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