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Unfortunately not. I had tenants who were going to get all of the insulation done as they were entitled to that as they were pensioners.... I said go right ahead but it turned out I needed external repair work done first - so I approved that to be done and then the weather set in - this was last festive season when the weather was awful. By the time the weather was better for the repairs to be done the tenants handed int heir notice. Nuts !


If I hear of anyone doing this I will let you know FS.

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Eeeek. One of my flats will need a boiler soon was thinking of this.


Straight replacement of a f*&ked or very dated should be straight forward my problem is my block of flats has no gas supply and they're not keen in paying up for new electric heaters, they want biomass boilers and heat pumps which are simply not feasible.


If your tenants are pensioners or on benefits then there are other options which could be more beneficial to you.

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