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Wonder what the GB stands for , Great Britain ? . I`m surprised there`s not one with a big "H" on the front . Unbelievable .


He's a fanny.


See he has scrapped matador group as his webdesigner. ( the same dodgy lot that had our hit the crossbar.. remember that competition? ).

GBNF on there stands for god bless nasty fucker

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I clicked on it over on the German board (as it was not clear from the joke-ish link-description what it was). It took me about 3.5 seconds to find the "x" icon on Firefox to send the page into the oblivion space where it belongs. I really do not need to see that face all too often ...


... unless:




I like the "Aberdeen 15m in the Red but Dons are fine" headline. Hartley for ICT is a downer though.

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