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can't imagine this will be successful, but if the EU is providing bailouts to countries who are financially impoverished and then the governments, both national and local within those countries, are using that money to finance their football teams, then the imbalance between two of Europe's most successful football teams is being financed by the tax payers within more stable economies such as the UK and that surely cannot be right?

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I remember the Athletico Madrid vs Atletico Bilbao final a few years back, with especially Madrid being up to 130m in the red, mainly unpaid taxes and player insurances. At the time, the Spanish government gave the top tier teams till 2020 to pay back (I don't hold my breath) their overall Euro 1.3bn debt in tax and unpaid player insurances. A month or so later Spain asked for help from the European Union. UEFA stood idly by and had no problems with Madrid back then and now. "Financial fair play" ... that sounds good on paper and on the airwaves. The top leagues and team in Europe laugh about such ideas and will probably jump ship should UEFA try to get them into line. For at the end of the day, UEFA does not pay these players their income or finances these clubs.

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What does Fifa and Alex Thomo have to say about this then? You would think this was right up Thomos street!


You would THINK. But then Thomo's investigative eye is a bit blind when it comes to Celtic.


Nevertheless those figures are a scandal. And the stupid Timmy commentor at the end can't even read. The tables say prices of "Land for Development". That's just the prize for greenfield or brownfield land, not land that's been developed. Of course the value would increase when something gets built on it but that's not what the calculation is about.

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