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"and so he faces the final curtain" E Times article " fans will miss the big picture

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No need to sit on the fence, Dragonfly. You can speak your mind freely ;)


Devil's Advocate kind of stuff but I suppose none of it is true.


I see it was Jig who was wheeled out today to reassure the natives that tomorrow is the new beginning, silky football etc. I am all excited now, looking forward to my 12 hour shift tomorrow. I am also sure it will be worth it ;)2

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He's made millions in our downfall and he knows the huge negative influence he brings. I don't see the difference.


Dragonfly's post is indeed absolutely scathing but i would hold fire until we see what he says after he goes.


if he takes money and keeps quiet then he will indeed have ruined ANY legacy playing or otherwise but i suspect there may be more to come.


As a manager he's absolutely atrocious and have been saying so since the malmo game at Ibrox to anyone who would listen.

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if you sit back and think about it for a minute. what could he possibly have to tell that would shock us or make a blind bit of difference to the plight we are in now. if he has info that would make a difference then that would reflect worse on him than anyone he could be trying to finger on the basis he should have blown his wee whistle a long time ago if there is one to blow..... he's a busted flush just hanging on for his own good. any talk of protecting the fans or rangers etc is just a deflection from his own shortcomings.

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