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"and so he faces the final curtain" E Times article " fans will miss the big picture

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agree ,but doesnt fit with their actions. they seem to do everything possible to turn fans away.Why?


even a fool would do a couple of things that courted agreement


They did the same at Newcastle. They just don't seem to care re fans. And it has worked for them so far.

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No, but they took them down in England. My point is not league placings though but that they don't give a rat's arse what fans think. Kinnear - Wise - the Cockney mafia - crow-barring the sign off the stadium. All showing more than contempt, actually goading the support.


We can't hurt them, they don't care if we stop going, they'll just wind us up and sell off the remains. It makes little difference to them

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So what happens now to the stance he was supposedly taking regarding his PA being made redundant and players being sold under his nose in January? Has he just lost a poker hand 'cos I cant work it out??????


It seems that they are going to allow him to carry on as manager and in 12 months he walks away.

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well well well. we know that the club cant afford to pay him off so whats his line now? At his enhanced rate I would expect that Lambias will have to find that money from somewhere and it doesn't take a genius to work out that will be some poor buggers jobs on the line. nice one there ally. perhaps he should grow a set of his legendary "golden balls" and face up to the media with some truth. as for the board what the hell are they going to do with this situation now..

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Seriously? Demoted back to division 3 with no guarantee that the ownership of the club would change. Why would that not be bad?


You're an educated man, so how do you see this panning out? Will you simply keep putting in your money in the hope that all those who have continually taken out will suddenly have an epiphany and become forces for good? I am genuinely interested in what you have to say.

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