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He is the one doing the fooling. Deja vu!


There has been a lot said about Xmas TV being mainly repeats..................


Ever get the feeling that you've seen this AGM and aftermath before ?


Perhaps someone saw the first, altered a few lines, couple of wee changes and decided to go with it, thinking the 'mug punters' would lap it up.

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Newcastle fans or more of Irvine's ghost accounts.....? I have relatives in Newcastle and none of them has a good word to say about Ashely or LLambas (well they have lots of good words , but none of them repeatable on a public forum)


that's exactly what they are. Fake accounts

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An insight into our new CEO and his attitude towards supporters:


Newcastle United's managing director, Derek Llambias, tells a story to illustrate the ordure he and the club's owner, Mike Ashley, endured before the club's sudden blossoming this season. While they were out and about with a friend from London, a van suddenly veered towards them, the driver rolled his window down, and hurled a volley of abuse at Llambias. His friend stopped, horrified. Llambias, though, had just kept walking, having barely registered it.


"We had so much of that, I don't hear it any more," Llambias smiles.

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he was chased out of a pub by the support as they were going to kick his head in.


don't tell me there are arseholes who are saying "just give them a chance"




nothing to do with give him a chance or not we do not have that option at this point unless you want the club to die.


Its this fatalism that is working in black and white with no room for grey i am countering. The all is lost nonsense.

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Onerous contracts all round, sell everything off to SD for a pittance, get rid of entire departments, have Ian Durrant in charge of our u20's, McDowall as manager and jokers like McCulloch and Durie assisting him. This is some vision for our future.


We have no scouts, nobody in marketing and about to have nobody running our youth development. Just how are we to have any vision that benefits the club and not just those who control it?

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