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Sorry to see you might consider my post as a bit of a piss take because generally I consider your posts to be some of the most informed on the forum. furthermore, as one of the other posters has observed I have been a member for quite a while.


It seemed to me that there was considerable negativity regarding the five loanees from Newcastle which I thought in certain respects was misplaced. I see them as potentially helping Rangers obtain promotion to the Premiership next year. The longer we stay in the championship the greater the losses we will run up, the more funding we need and the less that will therefore be available to rebuild the team. Given that even Dave King doesn't have bottomless pockets I see remaining in the present league as detrimental to the club.

In a normal world would we want to see five loanees foisted on a manager without his agreement. No, we would not. However, these are not normal times; as was seen in the game against Celtic, and lots of other teams, the team is poor, K. McD. is merely keeping a seat warm for some new incumbent and therefore pragmatically I saw this as an opportunity to enhance the chance of Rangers being promoted, though this will ultimately depend on the quality of the five players. In response to critics who suggested that Ashley is now running the complete show, in reality he already did and I don't think these player loans materially affect that position. As an aside here, I don't think Ashley from a business point of view wants us to remain in the Championship and that gave him an incentive to sanction the loans. He may have other reasons for the player loans but on that matter I think we have to wait and see.

Now, do I want Ashley to remain in charge. No, because I believe he sees the club purely as a vehicle to further his business interests and I think as fans and I hope Dave King and the 3 bears see it as more than that.


Andy, this guy rips the piss in an inventive way and uses language like a skilled swordsmith - I mean, really; "foisted"? Who, apart from you would ever use the word "foisted" and then follow it up with "incumbant" "pragmatic" and "enhanced".


No way this guy is from the tribe of Timothy. Only a real Bear could write with such verbose pathos.


T1K, welcome - there are those of us who enjoy a good writer in these parts; reckon you'll fit right in.

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I've balanced this up and my opinion is Mcdowel has just made a complete arse of himself over this.


It's essentially the same as with Novo. He probably is a decent enough coach and can handle the tactics board. He sure is not up to the job of Rangers manager or handling press confrences for this club. The ridicule he gets over this from fans and media alike will not increase his confidence, not to mention his reputation one iota. Rather on the contrary, which makes it even worse.


The end is nigh, brothers and sisters, so perhaps we take these last few weeks and all that comes with it on the chin and look forward to the days of change that lie ahead.

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No one can make an arse of themselves if they are telling the truth.

That relies on the premise that he is actually telling the truth. I trust no one at the club as they have all proved themselves to be in it for themselves.

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I've balanced this up and my opinion is Mcdowel has just made a complete arse of himself over this.


Don't see how. It's far better for the fans to know what has happened and for us to be told the truth by someone at the club than to be lied to as the directors continue to do.

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