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Crowd for Saturday v Kilmarnock

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In my lone game this season (you know... its kind of tough to get to games from 3,500 miles away....) we played Queen of the South..... was amazing how many people left with 5-10 minutes left - we were drawing 1-1 and hadn't dropped a point in the league till that point.... result ?? We won a penalty, Waghorn missed it, ball went wide, was crossed back in and Waghorn scored our 1st headed goal of the season.....


I don't get that you pay all that money for a game and don't see all of it.


I remember being in the enclosure for an OF game and the guy in front of me spent 90 minutes staring at the back of the stand because he was wasted. What a waste of money (though, to be fair, he got the best of it as Celtic beat us 2-0 with one of the goals coming from Charlie Nicholas...).




What's worse than that is in Europe, couldn't tell you how many guys pay hundreds of pounds to get to games and are completely wasted. I was going to wake one up at the game in Tel Aviv but his mate told me to leave him alaine he's no weel

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Nope, lad from Stranraer mate, so I suppose he has an excuse to get out the car park early but it wouldn't be me driving all that way then missing goals at the end.


I left the Falkirk game 15 minutes early because I was cooking a family meal that evening and I wanted to get the car out of the car park and get on the road before the gridlock. Got to the carpark exit and a jobsworth plod wouldn't let me out.


A Billy King winner and 45 minutes later she finally let me out into the gridlock. :seal:


Never again.

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I believe I was at that match as well. I recall the snake line at the "Boy's Gate", then sitting on the track beside the corner flag and having to move back as a police horse strode through and when Alex Scott needed room to take a corner. My recollection is that the crowd was around 45,000?


Health & Safety?


The 5-1 game at Cathkin is listed as a league match on 12 April 1958. The League Cup game was 3-0 on 30 August 1958. Not sure if the game we remember was either of those but I do recall it being a sunny day.


The game I think was a League Cup tie in August 1961, Rangers won 2-0. Here is a photo. I think that is Geordie Young, the Third's manager at the time, centre foreground. Not sure if you are in it BH :D



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