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Rangers First board candidates

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Let the internal RF games begin:




We the undersigned Rangers First candidates pledge


Rangers First is an independent community interest company, happy to assist the Club but able to be the eyes and ears of the ordinary fan, adopt an independent stance where necessary, to protect the club.


The current board will not be here forever and Rangers First can protect Rangers for the future by continuing to grow its shareholding.


No director of Rangers First should receive any renumeration from Rangers Football Club be it directly or indirectly through their employer.


95% of all monies received from Rangers First members should be spent on share purchases with 5% for administration costs.


Rangers First should be run by its directors on behalf of its members with the three founding principles of Accountabiliy, Consultation and Transparency. We feel in all these areas Rangers First could improve.



Marc Alexander

Graham Campbell

Brian Donohoe

Ronnie Johnston

Andrew McLintock

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From Evening Times


Ibrox legend Richard Gough is bidding to become a director of fan group Rangers First


Evening Times:

Christopher Jack, Group Senior Sports Writer / 45 minutes ago / Rangers


NINE-IN-A-ROW legend Richard Gough is running to become a director of fan ownership group Rangers First.


The 53-year-old was named as a club global ambassador in September last year and he has now put his name forward to join the RF board.



Gough leads a list of 23 applicants as the Community Interest Company get set to select their directors for the next twelve months.



In his statement to members, Gough said: "Rangers First is dedicated to our Club and its interests. It connects our Club with its support and gives members a voice in how it is run.


"I am a member of Rangers First, the Rangers Supporters Trust and an ambassador for our Club. I am honoured to be able to play a part in all three.


Teamwork was vital to the success I enjoyed at Rangers. I am a team player and will always seek what is best for our Club.


"I believe in the Rangers Support proposal but it is not me who will decide. My role as a director of Rangers First would be to give our members that chance.


"If elected, I shall work to help establish a new organisation which can bring all groups together on the same democratic principles: One member one vote, annual elections to the Board, members vote on all key issues.


"By putting members at the heart of the new group and that group at the heart of our Club, we can ensure the events of the last few years are never repeated.


"Our crowd supported me on the playing field. They protected our Club in its darkest days. I have faith they will always stand up for the values and desire for success that make Rangers Football Club special."


Rangers First have grown to become the largest fan ownership group in the UK as they have increased their Ibrox influence and set their sights on securing a 5% shareholding in RIFC plc.



Gough is joined on the list by current RF directors Ricki Neill and Richard Scott and former MP Brian Donohoe, while Rangers Company Secretary James Blair is also standing for election.

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I note that I am the only candidate who has declared a presence on any web forums.


I am suprised to find that there are some candidates who would appear to have a conflct of interest insofar as they or their companies derive some part at least of their income from work for or on behalf of Rangers FC.


I understand that the RF Election is being conducted under SD Rules and all candidates were issued the Supporters Direct Code of Conduct for Directors with the acknowledgement email and requested to confirmation adherence to the Code. I believe that the SD Election Rules and Elected Member Code of Conduct are also relevant.


The Code of Conduct for Directors states inter alia:


6.3 Directors must "act at all times in the best interests of the Society - .......ensuring that the Society's interests come first".


6.4 Directors must "avoid conflicts of interest"


24.0 Directors should not be in receipt of hospitality ..... that may compromise their position or lead others to perceive that the integrity or policy of the organisation has been compromised.


The SD Election Rules Policy states inter alia:


4(a) Candidates must not be an employee of Supporters Direct.




2. Qualifications for office. To qualify for elected office with Supporters Direct individuals must not be a) Be an employee of Supporters Direct


and expands on Conflict of Interest


5. Conflict of interests (a) Personal Interests A member must regard themselves as having a personal interest in any matter if the decision on a matter might reasonably be regarded as affecting the well being or financial position of the member, a relative or friend or any connected organisation, to a greater extent than that of other persons or organisations. A personal interest must be declared and recorded. The declaration does not automatically prevent a member from participating fully in debate and voting. A member is not expected to know the personal interests of all their friends and relations, and is only expected to declare such an interest if they happen to be aware of it. The member must declare any personal interest at the beginning of the discussion of that particular item. (b) Prejudicial Interest It is for the member to decide whether they have a 'prejudicial interest'. They must consider whether 'an ordinary member of the public, knowing all the relevant facts, would think that their personal interest was so significant that it would prejudice their decision on this matter'. If a member decides they have a prejudicial interest in a particular matter under discussion they must declare this and withdraw from the room. As well as absenting themselves from the discussion, they must not seek to influence a decision on that item; whether by attempting to sway the decision of any other members, or by exerting influence on an officer. This Code encompasses behaviour at all Society meetings, including any sub‐ committees.


and reiterates:


5 (e) Declaring Gifts and Hospitality. Elected members should not be in receipt of hospitality, goods, services, gifts or any other benefit, that may compromise either their position or that of the organization, or may lead others to perceive that the integrity or policy of the organization or of the member has been compromised.



Since the entire business of RF is to purchase shares and fund other areas in Rangers FC I would contend that it would be more or less impossible for any person elected to the Board who has a conflict of interest through financial involvement with the Club or is an employee of the Club to take part in any board discussion so it would be impossible for such a person to function as a Director of RF.

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Again, if there are to be allegations - be sincere and be clear.


I'm not making any allegations, just think that it would be strange to have people on a fans board that are employed in some way by the club e.g. Richard Gough.

As I said not a member so none of my business I suppose.

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Again, if there are to be allegations - be sincere and be clear.




Richard Gough is an employee of the Club and accepts hospitality from the Club in the form of a seat in the Directors Box.


I don't know if the Rev MacQuarrie earns any money from his various services for the Club but he accepts hospitality in the form of a seat in the Directors Box every week.


James Blair is the Rangers Company Secretary, so he is directly or indirectly remunerated for services to Rangers IFC.


Is that clear enough?

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