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Rangers 4 Dundee 0 (Miller, Morelos, Murphy, Candeias)

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33 minutes ago, compo said:

Time to give the youngsters a chance play Alnwick in goal McClelland in defence and  Murray Miller in middle never know what they can do if we don't play them  go on be bold give youth a chance .

I think you've been seeing too much of Nora Batty this week, Compo... :D

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Thanks Cooponthewing, what a brilliant start to the weekend. Great preview ...loved the the intro.... I think like a lot of us I could really do with a week off from Josh Windass. He has a condition ....fluid attention span and ability. And he’s a coward. 

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I can't believe we're so keen to drop a player -- or even get rid of altogether -- that has contributed to 32% of our goals? 


We're not so blessed with goals that we can just drop a player over the least wee thing.


He's injured this weekend, and I think we'll miss him.

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I'm intrigued to see how we line up.


For me, a front two doesn't work with regards to the opposition we face and the type of game-plan they employ, unless it's a 3-5-2, or 4-diamond-2; I think I prefer the latter, which would allow McCrorie to come in the midfield. I've said before I don't like Cummings in the #10 role.


The 3-4-1-2 (or 3-4-2-1, depending on how the front three are oriented) is quite prominent just now, and I think that would suit us, but I cant see Murty trying anything like that; he doesn't have the experience to tinker much.

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Don't know how you can miss somebody who appears to be anonymous on the pitch okay scores some goals but in a couple of the games we lost, he lost the ball too easily and when doing so failed to track back,and we then lost goals.

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