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[FT] Livingston 0 - 1 Rangers (Kamara 4)

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When you think how poorly we controlled the ball in midfield, you have to wonder why Jack spent so much of his time at right back covering for Tav. Sometimes we pay a large penalty for the few good crosses that Tav delivers on his forays forward. We'd have been better with Tav relinquishing his attacking role to someone like Greg Stewart.

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Tav playing high up the pitch is an important part of us beating any press but he needs to understand that sometimes he needs to reduce that advance somewhat when we're under a bit of pressure.  Too often later in the game last night he was too far up the pitch when being more conservative would have been better for the team.


We have to understand though that all this comes from the manager and one of our strengths is breaking and/or winning the ball quickly.  As such, Tav being so advanced is key to us creating chances so it's not necessarily the player's fault but a gamble the coaching team enjoy.

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Watched back a few stretches of play this morning.


If Helander isn't sure about how to defend against players like Dykes then he will need to learn quickly.  If he doesn't then he will never be able to nail down a first team place.  It could be that the manager thinks it is ok to have one defender who suits playing against football teams and another who suits playing against Aberdeen and Livingston.  I suspect that the manager is looking for more.  


Some criticism of Ojo earlier in the thread.  I think it was from @der Berliner.  I've noticed that he seems to become hopeless in the second half or when we are in the lead.  Based on very little evidence I think that he will neither improve his decision making nor start playing like Candeias.  I think that we will just need to accept that this guy can look incredible one minute and abject in the next minute.  Although it will be frustrating I think that he will still provide a fair share of goals and assists before he moves on.

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33 minutes ago, ranger_syntax said:

It doesn't need to be deliberate to be dangerous.

Agreed, which is what Gerrard said in one of his interviews.  McCoist too.  Both said it wasn't deliberate but it endangered a fellow player (can't be disputed).


Gary Mac, however, said the ref got it right, meaning he agreed it wasn't serious foul play.

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