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[FT] Aberdeen 2 - 2 Rangers (Arfield 18; Jack 30)

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1 hour ago, Tannochsidebear said:

Flanagan should be freed in January (or sooner). He costs us goals every single time he plays. If he plays on Sunday, we lose. It’s that simple. If Barasic plays tonight we win 4-0 

You are right about Barisic but I think you are being a bit harsh on Flanagan.


He is just back from injury and will see out his contract as a decent backup player.

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6 hours ago, ian1964 said:

Anyone who thinks a ref cannot influence a result needs to have a good think to themselves, bizarre to think they can't!

We can't rely on Scottish referees to help us out.  Poor defending gave the points away.  


Goldson had a bad game.  

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Our inability to keep a clean sheet is proving to be something of an achilees heel for this team. Plenty of warnings throughout the season with some calamitous defending leading to the loss of unnecessary goals - game against Hamilton was the prime example. You have to wonder about the manager's wisdom/lack of experience chopping & changing our CH pairing mid season (Again)

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1 hour ago, Gonzo79 said:

We can't rely on Scottish referees to help us out.  Poor defending gave the points away.  


Goldson had a bad game.  

Of course we can't totally rely on refs but Beaton not giving a stone wall penalty and not giving their players more bookings, potentially for sending offs does impact the game and final result.


We made bad mistakes no getting away from that and played very poor second half but refs can have a say on the result from what they do, and he did last night!

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Last night´s game brings several issues into sharp focus as we head towards the Final on Sunday.


- Form

Since coming back from the last International break we´ve been poor during long spells of the games at Hamilton, Rotterdam and Aberdeen. We didn´t need to be firing in the only home game, against a rudderless Hearts.


- Defence

Too many mistakes which include midfielders giving the ball away too easily, eg. whilst 2 up, Jack got away with two in quick succession but it was a sign of what was to come.


- Too many players regularly not contributing enough but reluctance to use squad (including substitutions).


- Plan B

Where was it last night ? (Katic in the 93rd minute doesn´t count when your corners are subsequently floated high and easy for keeper).

Tactically, SG&Co showed instant gumption when Morelos was sent off 11 minutes into their first league game with Rangers but last night seemed at a loss with what they were watching.



Tactics Sunday

It´s down to SG&Co to come up with something a little different or Celtic will simply press high, suffocate our midfield and force mistakes in front of our penalty box. We won´t be able to ease our way into it, it´ll need to be into their faces from the get-go. They will see it the same way and I reckon the first few minutes will be a real battle.

The next issue would be keeping it going for 90 minutes, at least the defensive concentration.

Flanagan shouldn´t start (re. offensive balance)..it was painful to watch in first OF game this season.


Big test for the management to firstly come up with something that works, then be able to adapt to events during the game.




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