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[FT] Hearts 2 - 1 Rangers (Kent 47)

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2 hours ago, ian1964 said:

Our problems today had nothing to do with a striker!

Correct our problems started and finished in midfield. Kamara was poor but the way he just gave up was unforgivable. Davis was a disgrace. Jack was missed badly. The one bright light was Polster, who looked quite superb at times and we need to see more of him. 

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1 hour ago, PoohBear said:

The one where we drew and he scored or the one where we thrashed them and he scored?


Just saying Morelos is capable of making something from nothing, we've seen it time and again.  In this sort of game he has the ability to make something for himself.

Well you can nit pick all you want, the fact is we were poor as a team, just the same as we are good as a team. 

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27 minutes ago, CammyF said:

Terrible performance, what do you want / expect SG to say after it? 


He is hurting, you can see that. Says he needs to speak to players tomorrow as he is raging at the moment. 


Title campaigns are littered with dropped points, nature of the beast, nothing new in it. Seen better Rangers teams loose points at Tynecastle. What is it, our 2nd league defeat of the season? 





Correct Cammy, some fans need to let off steam though which will never change 

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11 minutes ago, ian1964 said:

Well you can nit pick all you want, the fact is we were poor as a team, just the same as we are good as a team. 

Not not picking, I think Morelos would have been better at holding up the ball and bringing others into play, as well as being able to produce something from nothing.  We'll just have to disagree.  I'm by no means letting off the rest of the team.

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2 hours ago, cooponthewing said:

We should be playing scotty airfield supporting JD and not sure why we are not tbh? It was successful last season and today would have been ideal to play that way. High balls to JD is madness?

I said as much when I saw the team selection.  It doesn't excuse our other deficiencies today.  Some of the performances were awful.   I know Kamara has his fans and I was one of them last season but this season he's been pretty poor.  He loses the ball too easily, gets caught in possession, wants too much time on the ball, turns into trouble and his passing is woeful at times.  He needs dropped.  He wasn't the only one but it is happening too often.

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