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[FT] Rangers 3 (Roofe 73, 90+4; Itten 82) - 1 Motherwell

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1 hour ago, BlackSocksRedTops said:

Agree but that level was unsustainable. There was always going to be a patch were our form dipped. It's just how we cope this time that will make or break or season.

Agreed, I said a week or so ago that this period, up to and including Hibs (A) in January would be where we win or possibly, lose the title.


Seven points (+GD) is a healthy gap but it could flip in a fortnight. On the other hand, foot on the throat and we can close the deal before Feburary.

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15 hours ago, DMAA said:

8 goals in 11 league games for Roofe, and look at his goals per minute ratio. His signing has been a game changer for me in that for the first time since Naismith we have a proven goalscorer supporting our main striker. 


That ain't nuthin on Big Cedric's numbers against Motherwell 😃


41 mnutes played

3 goals scored


A goal every 13 and a half minutes minutes 

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32 minutes ago, buster. said:

IMO, Motherwell's mistake yesterday was not to look a little harder for a second goal when they had the lead. Any counter-attacks had almost full postcodes of space to exploit.


In other words, not being able to find the keys to be able to start the bus (5-5-0) in thje end, did for them.

But they had practiced all week on 5 - 5 - 0, and on the tactical fluidity which allowed them to change effortlessly from that to 6 - 4 - 0, or 10 -0. 

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28 minutes ago, ian1964 said:


Highlighted many times before; however, Jum Spence is the weathervane for such activity.


After last Sunday's match at Tannadice, United fan(stop laughing at the back) and Rectum of Dundee Uni', Jum Spence Tweeted on a dozen or more occasions demanding retrograde action on Morelos from the Compliance Officer. The usual suspects in the PQ Gang Hut compliently agreed and re-Tweeted. Jum concluded with an appeal for foreign Referees when United played Rangers in future.


Wednesday night at Paisley had Jum in a party hat, each St Mirren goal warranted it's own Tweet. The post match draw for the cup semis was in Jum's opinion delayed because they had to wait for the pre-heated ball to cool down as it was no longer needed. Again, Jum culminated the next afternoon with a picture of Jim Goodwin, with the accompanying sentence : "the most objective and fair minded manager in Scottish football".


Yesterday, Jum Tweeted 'Well's goal, then on the hour mark Tweeted : "an hour played, Rangers 0 Motherwell 1".


Nothing since.


Remember, Jum is Rectum to all Undergraduates, not just the Rangers hating ones.

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3 minutes ago, JohnMc said:

You can point to improved fitness, the quality of substitutes on our bench now and even grittier, stronger team spirit than last season if you want but my cousin didn't finish his work until around 4.15, he logged onto Rangers TV at 0-1 and then witnessed 20 minutes of the match where we scored 3 goals. We've both agreed he'll now follow this routine for every match from now on. League's in the bag for sure...

At around 65 mins in, I couldn't watch the patient side to side passing any longer and went for a walk, thinking there would be more chance of a goal if I left them to it.


Got back, saw 3-1 win,....that'll dae !!.............. and needless to say, same circumstances in the next few games and I'll be out patrolling the beach, in case the UK Navy invade Europe 😉

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