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[FT] Malmö 2 - 1 Rangers (Davis 90+5)

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Hopefully it was at least a very valuable workout for a few players. We had some players out there who were simply not match fit. It should also serve to underline the need not to be complacent or take qualification for granted. I fully trust Gerrard to make sure the job gets done. 


It could even be a means of motivation that Olympiacos drew at home in their fixture. There is a chance we could get to the groups via Malmö and Ludogorets. 

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11 hours ago, gisabeer said:

Yeah that thats what ill do mr big man behind a keyboard.  Pull your head out your arse mate.  Dont bother replying im done with you .

FFS gisabeer, you are seriously going to come on after who knows how long of an absence and start bother ?


Give it a rest please.

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I thought we started slowly and came into the game in the first half. I was thinking at half time that Malmo did not threaten us and we would go on to win. Then the moments of madness and we looked that we might lose even more. But we came back into it - whether us being better or Malmo defending what they had, I don't know. 


Our goal sets up the 2nd leg nicely. If we said beforehand that if we win at home we go through, we'd have been content. I think we will win at home. I hope we win by more than 1 goal. I don't think I could bear penalties.

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11 hours ago, MacK1950 said:

Very poor from a few tonight but it is topped by TAV.

Missing at first goal,poor pass in middle of field leads to another,high crosses into box highly ineffective,only wants t cross ball as in second half had chance to pass to player on his right(at least three times but sent his useless crosses nowhere).

I know many will say he is the captain and shouldn't be dropped,but maybe that's what he needs.

We all know that his weakness is his defending but he had improved in that regard. He is just searching for his best form at the moment but to call for him to be dropped is a bit harsh; what if Patterson replaced him and he made a mistake due to his inexperience?

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Even during the game I thought that - for having played football for 13 matchdays and being Sweden`s best, they looked quite average. Lots of passes, crosses and balls up the field went astray. Cynical fouls and then falling down under slight touches, Slavia-like. In fact, we had them under control for the best part of the game. Coming to think of it, you wonder what impact a Jack or a Kamara might have had - not least during their goals.


I still stick to my opinion that Itten alone up front against 3 defenders ain`t working, nor would it have been the case with Alfredo. Itten went to either side, mainly the left, to draw defeners out of the middle, yet there was too little coming from Arfield and Kent. It`s not looking for scapegoats et al, but we should have hooked either and bring on Sakala. We instantly saw what Sakala brings, but we need him and Alfredo/Itten up top. In saying that, it shows how bad a state Hagi was in when he was not considered fit enough to even come on as sub. None of the rest was required or probably able either, no disrespect to our youngsters here.


Davis once again showed his worth to the team and should be a role model for younger players (so any bar McGregor or the like) in terms of ability, determination and fitness. 

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14 hours ago, RANGERRAB said:

Our goal at the end changes the tie but I’m concerned about the lack of clear cut chances we created tonight.

They were a big strong physical team who played three CB’s but we tried putting in high balls too often particularly in the second half


Delivery from the wings was of a low quality, but we also had too few players in amongst their defenders, and bar Itten, none were very tall or known for their heading abilities. Obviously also somewhat strange that we stuck to that, when we usually try to cut teams open with quick passes et al.


Let`s hope we get everyone fit in the coming days, namely Hagi and Aribo, so we have more people to chose from. Dunno whether we will throw Alfredo in the mix. We still need 2 clear goals to get past them.

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The second half restart was calamitous.


Sixteen seconds after Malmo kicked off, they had a corner. There are three separate sequences of play before Helander puts the ball out for the set play. We missed the clearances and two opportunities to put the ball out for a throw-in. The opening goal comes from the ensuing continuing crossing from the corner.


The second goal is within a minute of the opener. Our Skipper cuts back and plays a reverse cross field ball into the midfield. Malmo are already on the front foot pressing. An interception, two passes and, a concise finish sees us 2-zip down three minutes into the second period.


The last twenty minutes, pinning Malmo back and putting the ball into their box; is how we MUST start next Tuesday. In the last round, Helsinki got joy from pressing Malmo high. We must match such application, do not allow Malmo to deploy the long diagonal switch. They know we are narrow and it's a safe out ball. If we keep it high, I don't see any real pace to frighten our defence?


I found last evening most frustrating.

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I thought we looked the better team overall, more dangerous going forward, had the better players and as such I am fairly confident we can overturn the slight deficit next week and get through.


Malmo had 3 shots at goal, the first a comfortable save low to McGregors left hand post and the other 2 from defensive disasters went in our net. Goldson back to his 2019/20 form of always being good for a mistake in big games, which he completely got rid of last season and hopefully that was just a blip although I have been worried at his pre-season form and had mentioned before last night that he was looking more like the Goldson of old rather than the new improved version. Time will tell and he will get plenty of it as SG's main man.


With us having at least half our team playing below par, it should be surprising that we still managed to look the better side in my opinion, but Malmo were not much better than other sides we have played in Europe apart from being clinical with the 2 chances we gift-wrapped for them. Tav & Borna wont have many worse games with their crosses, Lundstrom never got going, Arfield & Kent were both industrious but without much luck. Itten, I thought was excellent in the first half in that lone striker role, I thought he fought really hard, showed lovely control but was left all too often with no out ball as a combination of Wright, Kent & Arfield couldn't get into supporting areas quickly enough. Wright was dangerous and had the beating of the full back right up until said full back kicked lumps out of him. 


A goal for us was always coming in my mind as we pushed them back in the last 20 minutes and they made several changes to try to close it out, and it was a shame we didnt have more firepower on the bench to call upon or we may even have salvaged a better result than we got.


One thing I did notice in watching the game in a Rangers friendly venue near me yesterday was how the bears around me were so quick to turn on the team in the second half. I wasn't exactly smiling myself but it was clear we were not out of it, while for others every slightly misplaced pass or tackle resulted in abuse. It was like being back in the Copland Road stand in a league game against supposed cannon-fodder opponents where we are not 3 goals up after an hour!

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