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[FT] Rangers 2 (Roofe 60; Morelos 78) - 1 Hibernian

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In day the game was played by men not a girlie haircut or tattoo on sight that tackle at the weekend wouldn't have got a glance from the referees if he does you you do him back no fannying about ,wanted a bit of steel in the game


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17 hours ago, the gunslinger said:

Hibs have shamed themselves here. 

Au contraire, GS, an outfit which has no shame, in my view. 


From what I  see, and hear, the Hibs' support wanted the challenge to be a red card tackle, but did not want their player (term used loosely) to be dismissed for it. 

When they got the former, but not the latter, they threw their wraps out of the pram. 


The club, now, is acting disgracefully. 


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