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[FT] Livingston 1 - 3 Rangers (Arfield 8; Aribo 16; Sakala 78)

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Definitely some improvements and a very welcome 3 points but that only highlighted the continuing deficiencies. The main issue is an inability to maintain a decent momentum throughout the game, which will always encourage opponents to find a way back into the game. 


There were some players today who were clearly making an effort and responding to the new regime. I thought Hagi, Aribo, Arfield, Bassey, Tavernier and Kent all looked hungrier. It's so frustrating to see a really good players like Kamara and Barisic playing at walking pace and taking 30 minute sabbaticals in these games - they're so much better than that. Goldson needs help, he's all over the place.


Two games, two wins, clear signs of improvements. Let's hope it continues but I think we can all be grateful for a change of manager - Steve Gerrard did good things for Rangers it's now fairly clear he had run his course with these players.


The abiding memory of this game will be the poor bloke with the snow shovel, send on by himself to show the watching world how the SPFL marshals it's resources to respond to adversity. 

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20 minutes ago, Devil's advocaat said:

I watched the last 20 mins of the Hibs game on Saturday, they looked utter shite, St Johnstone let them have the ball and they didn't have a clue what to do with it. 

Is that apart from the two goals they scored???????

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I wasn't that impressed and i am a bit less convinced of improvement. we were excellent in our previous 2 league games or certainly a lot better than this. 


that in fairness doesn't factor in the pitch and Livi. 1-3 away to livi is a result the rest would be delighted with. One Celtc couldn't get. 


We will need to be better v Hibs. 


The quality of the goals though was incredible. 

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Overall Im happy with the performance. If Goldson had done his job it would have been 3-0 away from home on a plastic pitch. I dont think we can expect full tempo for 90 mins, the players inevitably took their foot off the gas at 2-0 up, I dont have a problem with that but defenders should do their jobs and Goldson just isnt doing his job any more. 


The Goldson sittuation needs addressing either by bringing back Katic or by signing another centre half in January.

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