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Rangers pull out of Sydney Super Cup

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If the Rangers Board wanted to take the nuclear option they would say that in the light of the recent court decision and the wishes of the Celtic CSA victims/survivors, they were withdrawing from this friendly. Imagine the reaction!

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Sydney Tournament - Club 1872 Comment

Dear Contributor,

Following queries from a number of Contributors, Club 1872 can confirm that we have today written to Rangers Managing Director, Stewart Robertson seeking an explanation for the decision to take part in a ‘friendly’ match with Celtic in Australia in November 2022.

Regardless of the fee involved, alienating a significant portion of your supporter base cannot be seen as a sound commercial decision. Furthermore, the way in which this entire episode has been communicated to supporters once again highlights a lack of genuine supporter engagement, which has been replaced in the last two years by saturated marketing activity. Supporters remain, by far, the largest contributors to Rangers’ financial health and the Rangers Executives and PLC board would do well to remember that.

We will update Contributors on any response we receive from Rangers. 

Club 1872

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Playing domestic fixtures overseas is annoying enough when it's English or Spanish clubs but when it's your own team taking the most important fixture in Scotland over to the other side of the world it's beyond galling.  


I understand the financial benefits but the reaction of the support, which may well include financial repercussions, should surely be taken into account when making these decisions (which is why I blame Robertson and the PR team more than Bisgrove).  

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Cannot believe the board , full of Rangers supporters , can get something so basic , sooooooo wrong .


Shows how out of touch they actually are , a fucking friendly against a club that can’t even use our name , I’m beyond angry .

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