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  • 10 March v Celtic

    3 17.65%
  • 17 March v Kilmarnock

    8 47.06%
  • 7 April v Dundee

    6 35.29%
  • other

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    We could get Jim Craig to give his Lisbon lion dinner speech

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    We could get Jim Craig to give his Lisbon lion dinner speech
    He's a very nice man, used to have his dental practice next door to my offices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craig View Post
    Good grief. Grow up man. You are acting like a bloody child.

    Not that anyone actually cares that much but, as a point of clarity, I am completely ambivalent as to the date that is selected via a poll. Indeed, I actually suggested in one of my posts that selecting the OF game was risky given some of the antics that are sometimes observed after these games.

    So if your "Let Craig name the day" is some kind of accusation that I am trying to manipulate the voting then you couldn't be further from the truth, other than in your own mind.

    In fact, the major reason for me attending ANY Gersnet function would be to put faces to forum names and socialise with those same people and getting to know them a little better. I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Frankie, Bluedell, Ian, johnnyk for a few beverages and had a more than pleasant chat with forlanssister at Ibrox during a game. I don't need a Gersnet function for that - I can do it whenever I am home and get to a game.

    There are a number of other forum members that I hope to have the pleasure of meeting - whether it be outside Ibrox for a quick chat, at the Louden for a couple of pints (Frankie, Ian & others..... 1st home game against the Hibbees ?? - Gribz, are you back home for this ?) or at a Gersnet "Official" dinner - it matters not to me when or indeed where you have the Gersnet function - I will find a way to meet those forum members who have an inkling to meet me and get to know me.

    But to suggest that I am trying to manipulate the poll is absolutely ludicrous. Worse, you made that over-reaching accusation as a result of me simply saying, in a jovial manner, "I am not offended that the date I chose is the least popular ". Quite the reach, even for you BH.
    I'll know by Friday mate. Currently is a yes Im over that dates but possibility of moving to Sept. Im due over Sept for work whereas August was a holiday trip but I dont fancy going twice so may move to one trip only.

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    OK date decided and we'll put up more details as we get them. In the meantime this thread is closed.

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