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  2. This might be an unpopular opinion but I was quiet impressed with Kilmarnock last night. I get the pitch being a leveller but they go about their business in a direct, aggressive and organised manner. They clearly have a good level of belief when facing the OF teams and their results back that up. Some other teams in Scotland should take note.
  3. They call that keepin up with the Joneses. You never realize how silly that shit is until you stop. Oh and the women's team and their 13 fans in comfortable shoes should be abolished as well. No budget for empty calories my friend.
  4. A capital winger, Gordon Smith of the Hibs. If my old mother (rabid hibbee) had been looking for a toyboy it would have been Gordon Smith.
  5. There’s a much broader athletic demographic in England and a less ferocious drinking culture. I’ve often thought that but it’s like a nuclear weapon. If you don’t have one and the other chap does, you lose.
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  7. The youth system should be done away with and the money reinvested.
  8. EPL teams youth academies are bound to churn out players, the sheer size of them is incredible, they hoover up everything that is around. IIRC it was Palace that chucked theirs, as Chelsea and Arsenal were taking everything locally. We shouldn't compare ourselves to the EPL, aspire by all means, but don't compare.
  9. Only real contenders are Tav, Lawrence and Butland. Chosen Lawrence he was fouled for the 1st goal and scored 2nd.
  10. Something that really annoys me is the little things that refs let teams away with and Killie done it and got away with it often last night. Its the little niggly digs just after a player plays the ball. A little push or a shove or a foot in. Not enough for the ref to blow for a foul in SPFL world but when it happens every time its a real annoyance. Kille done this last night, to Barisic and Diomande especially.
  11. Not an excuse - it's a fact. English teams can afford to drop points - even the best ones - we cannot. The pressure at Rangers is very real and unusual. I'm not saying we ignore it, rather we account for it in the way we train them.
  12. I suppose its better to look at it from an England v Scotland thing. Youth academies in England are churning out top class players year on year. There are little to none in Scotland as a whole.
  13. So why cannot WE do the same? I accept we cannot compete in the transfer market but surely our academy should be doing much much better.
  14. In the second half their goalkeeper was allowed to take a free kick about 5 yards outside his box when the foul was committed along the 6 yard line.
  15. C'mon Frankie - Manure fans go into meltdown when they drop a point (so do the media). So let's not use exceptionalism as an excuse.
  16. Liverpools youth academy has churned out world class players for years.
  17. I have to make a different post because you can't see when I edit my posts.
  18. I'd like to see more youngsters given more of an opportunity but the demands of Rangers really are unlike most other clubs where anything other than a win (either in one-off games or actual trophies) is seen as failure. With that in mind often the mental capability of a young player is as important as the physical talent so I understand why so few make it here. Does that mean we should forego a youth academy per se? Not in my opinion so perhaps we just need to accept we'll do well to see one or two come through in any 3-5 year period.
  19. Perhaps the core structures of the Liverpool and City teams are stronger platforms for youthful talent to prosper in them when introduced. Liverpool’s kids looked about primary school age.
  20. Butland's save could be one of the most important moments of the season but once again our captain stepped up and brought us back into the game. Before Xmas, despite his stats, I don't think Tav was having a great season but he's been really good so far this year; both creatively and in a defensive sense.
  21. Something else that was really puzzling me last night was the referee constantly allowed Killie players to steal up to 20 yards for free kicks and throw-ins. Dickinson was very poor and lacked any sort of presence on the pitch.
  22. Maybe if he fell immediately he would have got the foul 9 times out of 10, but not after taking the couple of steps.
  23. Agree to disagree - I still think 9 times out of 10 the defender gets a foul there. 100% agree he should have dealt with it better.
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