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  2. Probably right, Villa looked a little more dangerous going forward but Everton certainly had chances to equalise.
  3. i thought the toffees were worthy of a draw today but it wasn't to be
  4. Today
  5. It requires something stronger than alcohol to make that decision.
  6. Must have had a few himself - how else can you explain him selecting Kenny over Patterson 🤷‍♂️😁
  7. I don't think we will - Celtic on the other hand..... sporting integrity card is hovering as we speak....
  8. There are players who we are interested in that simply wont be available at this moment ,either due to the club they are at having not secured a replacement or because they simply have too many players and need to move some on , the entire transfer market is quiet , everyone needs to calm down .
  9. Duncan Ferguson has bought everyone a round in the pubs surrounding Goodison.
  10. I can't believe any Bears want a game against that lot called off. Let's get into them.
  11. Not just one game but 3 others I believe must be the case,otherwise it is preferential treatment for two teams.
  12. Patterson not named in Everton squad today. Maybe offer a couple million to bring him home?
  13. Let's not go overboard here. If we leave Pittodrie with a scrappy 1-0 victory on Tuesday, nobody would be talking about GVB's style. He's had a handful of games to settle into the job with someone else's players. Let's give him time to make his mark.
  14. GvB has clearly stated he won't ask for a postponement. I agree with him. Let's play them and beat them as soon as possible. Cowardice is not for real men.
  15. But Doncaster has already stated there are no free dates... However, sure they'll find one if Celtic as for game to be rescheduled.
  16. I agree that only an idiot would base his political opinion on what football team he supports. But you'd have to be fully retarded and beyond stupid to vote SNP. I really mean that.
  17. Various reports saying a deal has been made and Souttar will be a Rangers player in next couple of days.
  18. Hearts 'leave [John Souttar] out of squad', Rangers development imminent https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/john-souttar-hearts-leave-defender-out-of-squad-rangers-development-imminent-3537776
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