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  2. BBC Radio Scotland have just announced that Chris McLaughlin will be on later tonight to EXPLAIN the SPL decision. You have got to admire Chris, continues to broadcast with a full mouth.
  3. I don’t understand Aberdeen’s statement. Hand out cash but SPFL can decide later?
  4. Next aren’t even operating online anymore. I had my order cancelled and they basically said they were totally shut down until further notice and had to cancel all orders which hadn’t been delivered yet. The effect of this will surely be pretty catastrophic on the high street.
  5. Yes I think that has definitely made things worse. I think there is a sense of desperation in the attempts to constantly smear and attack people’s character. I have been off social media for years and the little peeks I have had of it recently are a reminder why. If you type Boris into Twitter the hashtag #boristhebutcher instantly appears in the search bar. It is disgusting, but Twitter, Reddit etc. are infested with these people. Doesn’t do your mood any good to be aware of what they are saying.
  6. There was an Independent article this week suggesting that white ladies are a bit racist if they have taken a shine to the current chancellor. 😱
  7. Dont hold your breath they have no shame that lot .
  8. An England XI in the way we used to line up Goalkeeper, Banks Right Back, Cohen Left Back Cooper Right Half, Brian Robson Centre Half ,Butcher Left Half Moore Outside Right, Mathews Inside Right , Hoddle Centre Forward Shearer Inside Left , Greaves Outside Left , Finney
  9. SPFL proposal......null and void 😂🤣😂 you couldn't make this up !!! who will take responsibility at the SPFL for this almighty shambles & resign ? Doncaster for starters followed by McLennan will do for me
  10. Don't worry, if the resolution falls, they'll be back with an even worse one tomorrow.
  11. It's an omnishambles from start to finish. Classic fukkwittery in the best traditions of Scottish football. Even when they fukk up, they fukk that up too. Impressive really.
  12. I meant to Ibrox but I guess that would be letting the powers at be win
  13. An England XI Seaman Neville.Terry. Adams, winterburn Becks. Gascoigne. Ince. McMananam Shearer...Wright
  14. Has Craig commented on this team hahahaha
  15. Haha what gave you that idea mate. Get on the point please...haha Tequilla....
  16. Today
  17. Hearts voted no and Rangers voted No.
  18. It's been confirmed Hearts voted against
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