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  2. Exactly. For want of real racists to go after, the left are lashing out in their desperation and calling anyone who voted for the Conservatives racist, when in fact it is these narrow minded, Antifa types that are the real fascists.
  3. Decent Tories..lol Heseltine has always been a twat even before Westland and Major sold the country down the Maastrict river that led directly to Brexit, oh and plus the little matter of the aborted ERM fiasco that cost the country £bns. These two Wets were a disaster. I suspect that you are buying into false news ASIL. I would just accept your parties annihilation and get on with life.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I hope we never get VAR , horrible the day you can't celebrate a goal when the ball hits the back of the net , and there appears already be an element of that in England. Morelos took some shit of their supporters today , and he gave it back to them big time , i say good luck to him.
  6. This young woman is the face of a massive scam.
  7. Which one Mendoza's or McGrath's?
  8. In terms of getting through, I'd take Espanyol - currently sitting in the relegation places in La Liga. Good club too. 😉 In terms of a glamour tie, I'd like Internazionale - sitting second in Serie A, with one of the best strikers in world football (Martinez). But we should just enjoy being here. If someone had told me we'd take 4 points against Feyenoord and Porto back in 2015/16, I'd have thought you were on day release from a mental hospital.
  9. Lefties on Whitehall had posters emblazoned with the command “Defy the Tory Government”. That’s why I asked you if it would be ok for me to defy a government I didn’t want. I don’t think it would but you might be able to find a way.
  10. Can't be drawn against anyone who was in your group.
  11. The 'play the racism card' tweets sums up how devoid of awareness some of the LP and their supporters are.
  12. Imagine the Scum would have to go to Wolverhampton ... town. I take it the Wolves would hate having this lot down there with all their IRA regalia ... Then again, can they be drawn against Cluj again? :-)
  13. Regarding VAR ... and methinks I put it inbetween the lines ... if implemented, the noteworthy incidents would not just be shown on TV as replays (and having pundits saying whether it were clear decisions or not), but be reviewed by referees too. THAT would be part of repeating the scenes live while the game is in progress. IF as clear as decisions as today's fouls on Morelos or last week's three man-offside would then still be deemed "legal", it would unmask all respective refs and their superiors as incompetent. I doubt that the SFA would want that or would let that to happen. That, IMHO is more a reason for not having VAR in Scotland than any monetary matters.
  14. I would take Arsenal. To be honest there aren't many teams I fear in there. I genuinely mean that too
  15. The following is worth a read to learn about how the working class shift from Labour to Conservative is a long term trend. Britain’s Labour Party Got Woke - And Now It’s Broke
  16. Yes, and @alexscottislegend would turn up right away to admit that the Conservative party was beyond reproach.
  17. Of course I read The Canary, good quality satire is hard to find nowadays. I imagine if he has managed to obtain Conservative Party membership it'll be swiftly revoked.
  18. Hahahahaha! It was the membership that forced him to adopt that laughable policy. The same membership that put him in post twice.
  19. I’ve said it before and I will keep repeating myself , until our board grow a set of balls these double standards will continue . What more needs to happen , from players getting assaulted ( Wallace cup final ) etc etc etc ................ Grow a set of Balls .
  20. I see her making a pitch for replacing Corbyn.
  21. That was in the 70's under Harold Wilsons Labour Government, was he the wrong kind of Socialist too? I remember my uncle who was a shuttering joiner deciding to stop working overtime as he was being taxed at 83%.
  22. Flippin' eck! Not even Labour under Corbyn were proposing that.
  23. I didn't read it in The Canary. Was in a facebook group where one person claimed it was true. That's why I said 'rumour'. Mustn't take everything at face value must we? Edit: I have just read your link and Tommeh himself claims it! Maybe you are the one who reads the Canary in the same way that marxists read the FT. This will not do the image of the Tory Party any good at all.
  24. Rumour you say, rumour. You told us you didnt read The Canary anymore https://www.thecanary.co/trending/2019/12/13/johnson-wins-not-just-the-election-but-the-full-backing-of-the-far-right-around-the-world/
  25. If they're not conservative what are they? If they accept Robinson as a member then they will assuredly become far right.
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