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  2. City are a class above the rest
  3. Discuss away until your heads content, nobody stopping you - floors yours.
  4. Glad Burnley went down - might be regretting ditching Sean Dyche now.
  5. I think that the real shame is that we are not getting to discuss the article in any substantial way. Not everyone thinks it best to just ignore the thoughts of other Rangers fans. Quite why anyone would hesitate to share his thoughts on this article is beyond me.
  6. Running onto the pitch, though? Tin pot.
  7. I can't stand Citeh, so I wanted them to lose it. It's not my team, though, so meh. Stevie has slipped up again - I take a wee bit a pleasure in that, but I don't know why... I'm pleased to see Leeds stay up. And Burnley going down pleases me. I'm quite sad, eh?
  8. Or the consultant he paid handsomely to "clinch the deal".
  9. Simms? Hasn’t he got 2 years left on his Everton contract?
  10. It's a real shame when you can't post an article on the forum without being forensically double-teamed by pedantic smarty pants (Do they really have nothing better to do?) I'd like to draw your attention to the forum's ignore function.
  11. What a turnaround at City, not finished yet tho
  12. I'm sure they'll inform you if the feel the need or urge.
  13. Today
  14. Not what you claimed previously - anyway, I'm out as this must incredibly boring for every one else.
  15. I'm genuinely intrigued as to why others find such an uninteresting article interesting.
  16. The subjectivity is precisely why people want to discuss it.
  17. My thoughts on the article are limited although not limited to what I have posted here. Recall that was what you specifically said about your own thoughts. I'm just taking you at your word.
  18. They won't sue because they can't sue. I'm sure we'll see a resolution soon enough once the SPFL have decided who the fall guy is going to be.
  19. Again, in your opinion. You appear to have a lot to say about something you find uninteresting and someone you find irrelevant
  20. Well that's an interesting statement - how I pray that one day my thoughts are as unlimited as yours
  21. English penned a similarly positive article about Rangers after the Leipzig match. He has done it historically as well. Stating the bleedin' obvious isn't interesting.
  22. You did share it on a discussion forum. If your thoughts are as limited as you suggest then fair enough. The use of the term interesting does suggest that there is more to say. Although, admittedly, it is a widely misused term.
  23. Or just two or three 'inept" referees or a vote to move Winter Breaks.......
  24. Susan Aitken's Policy Advisor took to Twitter yesterday and, both Tweets related to a Rangers game. Gerry Braiden was fixated on the Scottish Cup final, he was advising his followers to wager upon a fellow Alumni notching the cup winning goal against Rangers : "Good luck to former Cliftonville and West Belfast legend Liam Boyce today. The first person from my old school to score a winner in the Scottish Cup final. Do not bet against it". Imagine, an Advisor to Glasgow City Council urging and encouraging the centre forward of an Edinburgh club to score against a Glasgow club. What type of PRO proffers such advice? However, Gerry's dalliance with the Cousins of William did not survive Saturday evening. He Tweeted : "That's it I'm done. I have followed Hearts through thick and thin for over 48 hours but no more, it's over". Gerry has been through it all before; the Officials, the Provisionals, the Continuity, the Real, ................ etc. Where do Gerry's allegiances lie? This morning, Susan's Advisor concluded that winning the oldest trophy in world football can only be compared to finishing last in a competition. The majestic piece of silverware that is the Scottish Cup is a Booby Prize : "Booby Prize Sunday is ok, eh"? I think we can all see with these Tweets why RAB Cosgrove considers Gerry to be a very good friend of the show?
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