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  2. twitter.com/i/web/status/1279768925228503040 #Anderlecht heeft een bod van circa 6miljoen euro ontvangen op aanvaller Kemar #Roofe van de Schotse ploeg #Rangers
  3. It would be unfair to liken Biden to a root vegetable. It is probably fair to remind everybody that Biden often forgets where he is.
  4. Now that our Restoration team is back working can you help the project? Over the last few years we've been searching the cemeteries of Glasgow and beyond for the final resting places of those men who played such a vital role in not only forming our Club but the subsequent years thereafter. Work has already been carried out on 39 plots,this has included the final resting place of every player from the 1877 Scottish Cup Final team. We’ve also extended the project into assisting those bereaved by the 1961 and 1971 Ibrox Disasters. Those men from our early years gave us so much that we still enjoy today and it’s important that we give them back a bit of dignity and respect,no-one will be left to rest in an unmarked grave. If you’d like to donate to the Restoration Project please use the link here on our website. Every penny helps. Thank you. https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/the-restoration-of-rangers-graves
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  6. https://www.mygers.co.uk/
  7. I think what @JFK-1 might be saying is he would rather see a root vegetable become President than set aside his obsessive hatred of another candidate. That's nice, turnip or beetroot?
  8. Glad you asked. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/03/12/its-fair-speculate-whether-biden-is-mentally-fit-be-president/
  9. It's the only way Separate Entity FC can be gifted another title! it just had to end!!
  10. One of my family recently returned from Sweden after three months. The deal is you have to fill out a Govt form with your UK residence details and internal travel plans to get there, with the obligation to present it to the authorities on entering the UK. In actual fact no one took that information from him when it was offered and he was waved through immigration without the slightest hindrance. So exactly what information is Jeane Freeman talking about?
  11. FFA would force Holyrood to borrow heavily at punitive interest rates, leading to rampant inflation, hyper-austerity, wealth taxes, industrial collapse and social catastrophe. You know that, I know that, Sturgeon knows that and BoJo knows that. It's the price we will pay for giving the SNP the reins of power. It's also a price none of us who live here can accept, however attractive the lesson would be to watch. It would destroy the SNP but it would also destroy the lives of almost all people in Scotland.
  12. What exactly is the problem with statues of people who were engaged in some way in the slave trade? I mean, they're dead and they're not coming back. The UK hasn't been involved in slave trading in over 200 years and I can't see that changing. Why would anyone feel so threatened a statue or of something that took place centuries ago that they have to remove a statue, a lump of stone or bronze? A statue doesn't endorse or revive slavery any more than removing it guarantees there will be no slavery in the world. Why attack a statue of a long dead Brit when there is still real slavery in many parts of the world, particularly the Islamic world? No one protesting against slavery has ever been a slave, ever owned a slave or ever seen a slave. Most black Brits couldn't find Africa on a map if someone turned it the right way up for them and they certainly wouldn't there, or if they did they'd book themselves on the first flight back to the relative opulence of Southwark, Lewisham, Lawrence Hill or Handsworth. The whole affair is such a crock of shite it beggars the question of how western society can possibly survive its own conceit and hypocrisy.
  13. Gonzo79

    Hong Kong

    Chinese people are quite a long, long way off taking over the UK in demographics.
  14. Par for the course the way high heid yins have been acting in this dept.
  15. MacK1950

    Hong Kong

    The numbers that they breed should mean no further immigration necessary as they will quite quickly have the numbers to take over here.
  16. Looks like Napoli are looking at Barasic too ... 30m for him and Alfredo and we can talk ... 😎
  17. Don't be obscure. Names must be named.
  18. Bill

    Hong Kong

    Like many others, this treaty may not be enforceable but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist or it doesn't have validity. Nor does it mean breaching it, as China is doing, is without consequences. China is now the main threat to world peace, more so than the Soviet Union ever was because China has more spending power, greater control over foreign debt, greater trading reach and is driven by a greater need to control external resources. China's handling of Hong Kong has served to make it clear to the democracies that they have a serious challenge brewing and that relationships with China cannot be defined in terms of international law. That changes everything.
  19. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 they’re despised in England. No chance
  20. compo

    Hong Kong

    When push comes to shove treaties go for sweet fanny addams A treaty is about as much use as the slip of paper Chamberlain waved about back before the second world war
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    Calendar not up to date? Check https://fixtur.es/up-to-date
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