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  2. Aye that widely available Premier Sports😝
  3. Today
  4. Plastic pitch, small allocation, rubbish draw to be honest. At least it'll be on TV.....
  5. Liverpool 30 points ahead of 5th placed Man U 😮.
  6. The Hearts fans celebrated dodging us like they had won it.
  7. Plastic pitch sh*t never mind it could have been Hearts away the way things progressed. Should be okay for next round.
  8. If you listen to the usual suspects we're a cert for BSC Glasgow at Ibrox. Of course if recent history is anything to judge from that likely wont happen. At this stage last season we pulled Kilmarnock away then in the next round sheep away. A personal preference would be DU/hubz at Ibrox.
  9. Don't know but her last job was with Celtic's lawyers. 🙄
  10. You could read your programme or check your emails while muttering objections about constant herding.
  11. Manchester United were so poor today , so , so poor
  12. I looked at the odds last night before Liverpool beat Man U 2-0 and you could get 50/1 City for the title if anyone thinks it's still a possibility. 1/41 Liverpool
  13. You did jinx it, but surely even England can't muck this up?
  14. ChelseaBoy


    Yes i think Tribute bands count as with the ageing of the bands of the 70s its the only opportunity to hear the songs live, though only the good tribute bands should count !! I've seen Motorheadache and Absolute Bowie, the Ramonas (though not strictly a tribute band) and Iron Maidens all of which were high quality.
  15. A wee thank you message from Arthur Numan 👌
  16. Obviously all 30m in Southern England don't care, but equally they don't give a shite about what the SNP want or don't want. I think most will be happy to let Sturgeon and her ilk wait out for at least two parliamentary terms without giving any ground on another referendum and i think my friend that is exactly what is going to happen.
  17. It's not any consolation but the NHS south of the border is generally a pile of shite. There are some exceptions, but it's not all about waiting lists it's also the quality of the staff, both medical and medical support. Some can barely speak English and their level of care is non existent. I speak from recent family experience over Christmas.
  18. Have managed to find out is on Sportscene at 7-15.
  19. Was just about to post that and ask for a link!!!!!
  20. Is there any basis for this? Last time that there were problems with the compliance officer people were circulating tweets about her being a season ticket holder at Parkhead. No evidence ever provided.
  21. Before the draw, PQ are intent on raising the spectres of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. Sounds of the Clyde and Tay Deltas are brought to our ears by Jum Spence(Harmonica) and Graham Spiers(organ). The popular Beat Combo', known better as, 'Jum and Grum' adopt a stride stance whilst playing cross-hand boogey. Jum fingers Grum's organ as Grum sucks and blows Jum's plums. Truly, syncopation for the nation.
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