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  2. A few thoughts on catching up on this thread: - Richard Murphy... I've read a few things he has done over the years but really have no idea about his background... but the fact that HMRC have it in for him isn't a reason to distrust him necessarily. Nor is the fact he is prepared to call out vested interests in terms of those avoiding tax, legal or otherwise. Some of his language and communication style leave a bit to be desired it has to be said, but the main thrust of his criticism of GERS isn't wrong in my view. The fact he has given evidence to to parliament and to the EU suggests his opinions have some validity, or at least should not be dismissed out of hand. - GERS... budgets are a numerical way of demonstrating the structure and direction of an organisation. GERS does this for Scotland based on its current structure. As many have said already, it doesn't necessarily equate to the political imperatives and the economic reality of an independent nation. - SNP - Bill's main thrust of his OP is that a credible alternative to GERS being needed to support any drive for independence is spot on. Sturgeon's tactics seem to be add odds with the wider Yes movement's desire to push ahead and make a positive case for indyref2. Unless a credible evidence based vision for the future is produced, which acknowledges risks and uncertainties, indyref2 will have the same outcome regardless of the impact of Brexit
  3. 2 or 3 million. not to be sniffed at in our position
  4. Katic came back last year v Hamilton and was all over the place. He did start the season well and indeed is doing really well this year. both were great last night.
  5. Seems the most reasonable explanation. I've asked the question before; how much would we actually lose if treated the shirt with respect and didn't have the sponsor's name on the shirt? My guess is it would not be that much in the great scheme of things. I detest it and was disappointed that Barca folded but they get £40 million a year for prostituting their shirt.
  6. Zak Rudden has joined Plymouth Argyle on loan until January. I suspect we'll be bringing in a third striker now before the window closes.
  7. I assume gambling regulations in Poland meant we couldn't display 32Red.
  8. I just checked and you're right, be broke through in the 10/11 season and gradually shifted to centre mid. He filled in at right back through his whole time at Aberdeen. Interesting because they did the exact same thing with Shinnie. However I don't think we'll see him play there in a Rangers shirt.
  9. I noticed last night that we didn't have a sponsor's name splashed across the front of the shirt. Don't know why that was but it looked so much better. If only we could get rid of that permanently, and dispense with all the 'flair', we'd have a great shirt.
  10. I haven’t bought a match on Rangers TV since we beat Elgin 6-2 back in division 3. It didn’t crash under the weight of demand that day either, despite Kevin Kyle starting..
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    On This Day 2015

    What date was it Forfar knocked us out of the League Cup? That might put a 0-0 draw in Poland into perspective for some folk..
  13. They’d have to raise an awful lot more than prescription charges. There’s a dark side of me that almost wishes the SNP could get its way - just I could enjoy the howls of outrage from the Nats being confronted with the reality they do readily deny today.
  14. You won’t get it online unless you’re a subscriber. I got ten issues for £6. You can skip your way through the year on their short term offers. It’s subscriptions they want rather than your cash. Lefties and Remainers write in it too as well as normal folk so its a good bargain. You get a paper copy in the post and access to back numbers. The Article is “By Royal Disappointment” written by Jan Moir. The main thrust is the contrast between the conduct of HM and that of the young generation of princes etc particularly Mr & Mrs Harry but the grand old Duke of York gets a barrel as well. Sorry about the delayed reply but I’ve been greasing the axles on the tumbril.
  15. How did Frankie phrase it again? ”Now, for the last time I'm going to ask people to consider the way they post on this forum when it comes to the ongoing political crap. It really is tiresome to log in to continuous trolling (on both sides) and if the standard of debate doesn't improve then some users will have their posting rights removed. I'd much prefer not to use such censorship on important subjects but if you act like children, then you'll be sent to the naughty step.” 🤔
  16. And debate about how shit the SNP are.
  17. I think we should be happy with our centre backs ... and those waiting in the wings for their chance. A couple of seasons ago we couldn’t defend a corner, now we look relatively solid and getting better all the time. I think be far the best thing we can do is to get off their backs and stop the needless criticism.
  18. Yes, but to drop your vice-captain is one big decision - if injured then he has a sort of excuse.
  19. If I remember correctly, Jack played most of his games for Aberdeen at right back and was even put there in a Scotland friendly v Canada. If Tav is unavailable for any reason Jack may be a better replacement than Polster. In midfield the only thing lacking is maybe a few more goals.
  20. I certainly hope it is not through an injury, I just hope Helander is better and we are stepping up a level.
  21. That’s really good. It should make choosing a POTY less prone to assessing only performances immediately before voting. The only thing missing is maybe to split the season into four quarters or two halves to see if certain players improve, get worse or maintain consistency. Although a bit of subjective fun, I’m sure some interesting trends will emerge in time. Thanks for making the effort - perhaps you should invite bids for the privilege of doing this after every game. 😉
  22. I cannot believe we paid £5m for Helander with no intention of playing him as a first pick. Add in the fact that SG emphasised the fact he is a left-footer and you would have to think that Katic and Helander will be our first choice pairing before too long. Maybe SG is just waiting for an opportunity - like injury to Goldson - to try it out.
  23. There's no question about it, it should work and you can't expect everyone to know to check Twitter or fans forums when it doesn't. After playing in Europe last season and having got a good gauge of what demand would be like there's no excuse for not being prepared. As Bill says, even a text or email to tell you in advance there will be two links due to the unusual demand would be an acceptable compromise.
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