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  2. To pay to see the Rangers play is “being fleeced”?
  3. I was £55.60 for 8 pints of lager at the Hydro last Friday for the Madness gig, £6.95 each in a horrible paper cup.
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  5. He's Andy Roxburgh, surely?
  6. You are taking the piss with this aren't you? Do you not see this as Clement wanting a good opponent to work with the team during the winter break? Having a bounce match during the winter break isn't revolutionary like, even less so when you've got a new manager who's still assessing the squad. If I've bitten then fair play, if not and you're sincere than that's just baffling.
  7. Aye, co-wrote with McCarney. Mike Pinder only original member still living.
  8. I thought @SykseyBear WAS Michael Beale. 😉
  9. The cover up to end all cover ups. Scotland's shame being protected by the shame of Scotland.
  10. My report on the U18's defeat at Hearts today https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2023/12/05/18s-lose-to-hearts/
  11. I can see the sense from a club and squad sense but I'll give this one a miss too
  12. Stranger still, the Romans grew grapes in England almost two millennia ago, long before any industrial use of fossil fuels and long before silly people learned to parrot shit about boiling oceans or the spontaneous combustion of forests.
  13. I will give this one a miss. A friendly in the depths of January holds no attraction whatsoever.
  14. Is the Twitter/X page called 'IndyPram' because it's inhabited by big babies?
  15. Is it not a good idea to improve the club's finances then?
  16. We did. The climate changes naturally - it always has and humans are trying to figure out what impact our own activities have on those naturally occurring changes. The green lobby would have you believe we're destroying the world and unless drastic action is taken our planet is doomed. Unfortunately, most Western governments and big business have bought into this, which why punishment, in the form of taxes and lifestyle limitations, are heading our way.
  17. So this is what became of the giant of the Supporters Trust? From one cesspit to another isn't much of a leap.
  18. You'll get it on Rangers television sit back and enjoy it .
  19. Remember when all the cities in the UK had factories and people had coal fires and coos still farted so why didn't we have climate change then . Answer, because no one had thought it up so you'll all feel good about paying extra taxes
  20. Quite right too, there's no room for the truth in the climate wars
  21. It's just the same as pre-season friendlies: it keeps the squad and the coffers both ticking over. No one is forced to go.
  22. Didn't he write Mull of Kintyre
  23. 🤣😂 Big Dick models "Florence & Fred"
  24. So. Let me get this right. After a possible season defining 12 games in 37 days which ends at home to Kilmarnock on 2/1/24, we are playing a meaningless friendly 2 weeks later? Why? Had a quick brainstorm with the cat and we came up with these possibilities:- To fleece more money out of the fans after CL & EL games? To ensure players are "match fit" for the 2nd half of the season? (or all injured for the rest of it!) To put "available for sale" players in the shop window? Copenhagen plays a similar style of football to Dumbarton to be tip top shape for Scottish cup match? Kemar Roofe comeback appearance guaranteed? (or your entrance fee refunded) Big Phil's opportunity to showcase our winter transfer newbies from Saudi Pro League (eg Ronaldo, Jota, & Henderson (as new captain resplendent with LGBT armband) Can somebody seriously outline the benefits of this other than another "competitive" (really?) game?
  25. He advocated, "Go Now". Helluva career from the Moody Blues to Paul McCartney's long term sideman.
  26. I think he bought his entire outfit at Asda. Certainly looks like it.
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