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    Following Bill Leckie's outrageous and xenophobic attack on Alfredo Morelos article in today's Sun newspaper, we have decided enough is enough. It is proposed that all references to the Sun and any of its articles are now banned on Gersnet. We will not give oxygen to this Rangers hating, racist rag, and I'd call on all Gersnet members to support this. We would add our support to the voices calling for the club to ban the paper and its journalists from Ibrox and for the few remaining Rangers supporters who buy it or read it to boycott it with immediate effect. Some more detail on this issue for posterity here: https://gersnet.co.uk/index.php/news-category/current-affairs/1123-dinosaur-journalist-left-in-the-past-as-gersnet-bans-tabloid-content
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    Yep, just to echo what BD said: please do not post content, links or social media posts from The Sun or Daily Record on the forum. As much as our club will and should suffer from suitable criticism from time to time, both these newspapers have gone too far in recent times and the deplorable attention placed on our striker in particular means we cannot feature their content in good conscience. Sure certain stories they break may mean we have to discuss them now and again but such circumstances will be few and far between. For example, it's not often @Stevie - 4lads Blog doesn't have the news first or other alternative sources such as Chris Jack at the Evening Times.
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    Well, it's been a while, a few things have happened to our great club since I disappeared, but I'm back. Hello to all who remember me and hello to all those who don't 🙂 Bad news, I'll try and be active on here again (I can hear the groans). Cammy F
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    Last night, a heavily sweating Brian McLauchlin stood in the foreground, as various Sellik players ran around behind. There was a wide shot with Ryan Christie sitting on his own, might explain McLauchlin's gentle glow? Brian articulated Peter's perception of grievance, then he interviewed ra Sellik skipper, Scott Brown. Despite constant Lego mastication, Broonaldo expressed all his own thoughts, honest. Ryan Christie's suspension is laughable and all ra Sellik are asking is for consistency. Maybe Brian will find more objectivity when he interviews some Dandy Dons tonight? Reference consistency with the Compliance Officer, in the last two years; ra Sellik have been cited once, and Ryan Christie once. Rangers have been cited on five occasions, and eleven Rangers players have been cited. Odds of times eight in ra Sellik's favour, how much more consistency do they need?
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    "Once in a generation.". Scotland voted No. I hope they keep doing their funny wee marches. It's amusing, in the same way as a child having a temper tantrum is amusing. 10,000 temper tantrums in the rain. Scotland Is British. 🇬🇧
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    Buying the Sun Buying the Record Listening to BBC Sportsound Listening to Off the Ball Voting for SNP All things that decent Rangers supporters should abstain from.
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    That rag should have been consigned to the past by all football fans in April 1989.
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    I would prefer it if we didn't do any business with Dundee United. In Morelos, Defoe and Stewart, we have three strikers and that's enough for our current playing formation.
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    A lovely nights work by Rangers This team has shown the balls to actually keep progress After the disappointment of Hampden Merry Christmas everyone, ‘Mon the Rangers 💙
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    Then create sensationalist headlines from off the cuff remarks.
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    During the Founders Trail we have a half-time food and refreshment break, we had our pie and a pint last Sunday at Crawford Street Orange Hall in Partick. At the end of our break the lodge donated £70 to the Restoration of Rangers Graves Project from the days takings. We’d like to sincerely thank District No.15 Partick for their overwhelming generosity. You are the people. 💙
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    Best and most appropriate description of that twat I have heard, spot on
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    Hear hear. How anyone can buy/read this vile pamphlet of pish is beyond me
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    Welcome back Cammy, been a long time
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    People who care about Rangers shouldn't be buying the Sun or the Record or viewing their online content.
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    Overview of Rangers UEFA Youth Squad as requested. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2019/12/14/rangers-uefa-youth-league-squad/
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    Obviously pleading guilty isn't that important in Scottish justice. 🙄
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    Reference Spiers. This is important, when his press credentials were removed, he shrugged because he has no intention of ever returning to Ibrox. He has decided to give both his sons the same experiences he had growing up. He attended Ibrox with his Baptist Minister Dad. Spiers and both his sons are all season ticket holders at Sellik Park, apparently his eldest son is a massive Yahoo. Now, given the reams of stories and Diary entries published by Spiers reference his years attending Ibrox, and they were all derogatory(with the occasional BIG LIE), he never references his fortnightly visits to ra Stade de Gadd. Further, his journo mates do not out his season ticket status. Back in the nineties, ra Sellik View used to run an end of season of season poll under the auspices of columnist, Matt M'Glone. The several seasons it ran, the winner of the category, 'Journalist most objective when discussing matters Celtic' was Graham Spiers. He has been on a journey, and he arrived at his destination three seasons past.
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    More evidence of old compo’s elite status. Well played, sir.
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    I only buy the racing post and the Telegraph
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    Nice to see you, to see you nice mate!
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    He’s confessed - if that’s an ok word here - to being a gooner.
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    More than happy to apply the sentiment of the OP to that rag to
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    The daily record ran a racist column as well.
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    Davie Edgar's thoughts on Leckie for those who haven't heard them. NSFW. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ej544i0e63c55fr/ambl.mp3?dl=0
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    Good to see you back, mate.
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    I know a lady who attended the march. She told me that 2 million people were there.
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    I think that Barisic is one of our top 3 key players, along with, for me anyway, Morelos and Jack. He offers balance on that left hand side that Flanagan can't. And Halliday, whilst he will never let you down, just doesn't offer as much in an attacking sense. Barisic scares opponents and makes them have to think defensively rather than offensively. It also, as Frankie says, gives an unpredictability to our attack - when Barisic wasn't playing, or was off-form, opponents let us play down the left side and just shut up shop on the right, because the left offered little threat..... but with Barisic there we have threats down both flanks - and given we play a narrow 4-3-3 it is very important for the full backs to be offering attacking threat. I don't know who we would get in to replace Barisic if he left that would offer as much as him - I have to admit that, despite being older than Tierney, I would be disappointed if we let Barisic leave for less than they got for Tierney because, as far as I'm concerned, Barisic is a better player, both defensively AND offensively. I wouldn't let him leave, for any price, in January because I think he is THAT important to our title aspirations. We would still get excellent money for him in the summer - at least two more EL games and likely to be first choice LB for a Croatian team that are always easy on the eye could very well see his value increase further during the summer.
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    That was simply outstanding last night. Fabulous football and Defoe showing again he is probably our most underrated player. I did venture on the Hibs forum to see how they saw the game and one guy said he’s never seen Hibs dominated like that at Easter Road. Meanwhile, the BBC match report has us on 50% possession. Hmmm 🙄
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    Barisic really seems to get it now, after a shaky start.
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    The old 'sticks and stones...' saying does seem to have been completely discarded by modern society. I suspect those who support this have never had a punch in the face. As an aside, it was very heartwarming to see the Leith tramps leave their team, in their droves, last night.
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    I think the ref had a decent game last night. Plenty of bookings and a red card, all of which were deserved.
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    Scottish justice is becoming a laughing stock. If McGarry didn’t embezzle this money then who did? She even pleaded guilty originally
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    Great performance & result last night. Only one wee complaint is we should have scored more, especially when they went down to 10 men.
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    The Irishman...after all the hype surrounding it, i was expecting a lot more from this , it was decent ,but the whole ageing thing was making me have to work a bit harder, and in places ,spoilt the flow of the film . Tipped to do well at the oscars, but bear in mind that out of two other Scorcese films featuring Pesci and De Niro ,'Goodfellas' and 'Casino' ,both of which are superior to the Irishman ,only Goodfellas got an Oscar for Pesci in supporting role. Casino was up against Braveheart in 96' though, a film which imo should also have been included in the nominations for best documentary .
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    That's was a great performance and result last night. It's a pity that Aberdeen will do their usual and cave in to the other mob this weekend. The ONLY team willing and capable of taking points of them is us. Bring on the 29th. This narrower approach (to accommodate Aribo) looks really dangerous. Aribo just needs to sharpen up and remember that he doesn't have as much time on the ball as he wants sometimes. When he does, he will be unstoppable because he's got all the skill. Kent and Defoe were excellent last night though. Although Defoe didn't appear to do much, his movement was causing chaos in their defence. He's such an intelligent player and his runs are timed to perfection. Jack and Barisic ran the show last night though. They both looked absolute class. I can't believe we've gone from thinking we had a problem at left back to finding that we've got a world class player in that position. There aren't many better players to watch than Barisic. He's a better version of Hutton, who was also excellent at driving forward and creating chances. Loving the football we are playing, and loving the character we've shown. All the pressure is on us for the old firm game but if we keep playing like this, even another wonder performance by their keeper won't stop us from hammering that lot.
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    Excellent performance and excellent win, totally dominated that match, superb, lots of MOTM performances tonight, Aribo, Tav, Kent, Defoe. I will go with Jack for MOTM.
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    It's not going to be easy choosing a MOTM tonight. So many players are doing their job well. Defence is solid, both fullbacks getting forward and delivering well into the box. The midfield is sublime at times, both going forward and in retreat - Jack, Kamara, Arfield, Aribo, Kent all interchanging position without blinking. The lasting impression from the first half is that everyone knows their job and is doing that job - a well organised and motivated team. Our coaching staff are beginning to shine through this team.
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    Frankie retweeted this fantastic breakdown of our narrow 4-3-3 which deserves to be watched. It highlights our defensive shape, pressing traps, and attacking principles. Click on the tweet and follow the thread of eight 1 minute video breakdowns.
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    Not having watched it thus far, you would still hope that SG and Co. switch systems according to opposition at hand. We've been lucky that our players are of better quality than those of years gone by, and that we suffered next to no injuries. But 3 attackers against an 8-man defense can quickly become rather difficult, and we toiled quite a bit this season already.
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    Gerrard doesn't come across as naive or stupid, so I assume there's a reason for him taking this stance that's not obvious to us. Like you I'm really surprised he's not using this particular issue, and many previous ones, to put pressure on refs and the media with regards Morelos. I don't know what the strategy is but I'm hoping there is one and it's working in ways we can't see.
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    I'm hearing that the "guilty" plea was made with her fingers crossed, so obviously anything said under oath with your fingers crossed can be ignored, according to the rules of the playground and the SNP.
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    The club and manager should do more to stand up for the players and supporters. Morelos gets it in the neck, time and time again, with the club constantly on the back foot. Similar to the situation with the press/UEFA/FARE views on the support.
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    Yet again Gerrard puts the blame solely on Morelos and refuses to acknowledge that he's refereed in a different manner to other people in Scotland. Gerrard makes it easy for refs to continue to single out Alfie, either by booking him when others wouldn't be, or by being fouled in the box with no penalty given. Gerrard should be giving Morelos more protection.
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    That’s heavy stuff, Bill. Could the guy not make his point better by dancing on the street or something?
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    Jumanji 2 - possibly the biggest pile of shit I've ever endured in the cinema (sole redeeming feature being Karen Gillan's torso) paid £4.99 for 2 of us and I've a good mind to sue for it's return. Le Mans '66 - decent enough film surrounding the story and politics of Ford's first Le Mans victory.
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    Out of interest do our players/management/club give interviews to the Sun & Record, or do they both just copy interviews/quotes from elsewhere?.
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