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    With my big Kilmarnock bunnet? Ne'erday'68 was hugely exciting, Rangers new Manager, Davie White had the team playing open, expansive football. It was just as well, Rangers dismissal of Scot Symon the previous month had been controversial. Thirteen successful years were not enough, Jock Stein had arrived and his brand of winning football was perceived as modern. It was a stark dichotomy, Symon was blazer and flannels, Stein was strictly track suit; Symon blended players, Stein annotated blackboards and fitted players into his system. Rangers needed a modern manager to compete with Big Jock. White had coached Clyde to a third place finish the previous season, he had been appointed Rangers Assistant Manager just four months previous. After the Bells, Davie White's ten game tenure was brought to focus. Eight league games won, including a ten-2 demolition of Raith Rovers, and Cologne knocked out the Inter City Fairs Cup by a 6-1 aggregate. The day before, Rangers had journeyed to Pittodrie and won convincingly, 4-1. Goals were flowing, Our summer signing, (Sir) Alex Ferguson had notched nine in the period, Persson and Johnston achieved the same total between them. The next afternoon, Partick Thistle were battered 5-2, and the three games in four days culminated in a 2-2 draw at Celtic Park. Looking back, I blame my Uncle Eddie. He had been doing missionary work in Newmilns, Ayrshire for a dozen years. The deepest, darkest Lanarkshire/Ayrshire cross pollination downside, was having to listen to dear Eddie's Ne'erday interpretation of, 'My big Kilmarnock Bonnet'. Killie, under Wullie Waddell's tutelege, had won the League Championship two and half years before. Uncle Eddie was a convert. We would receive our comeuppance at Rugby Park at the penultimate game of the season. We traveled down to Ayrshire in sunshine. It was the last week of April and a New Year run of 14 games had seen 13 wins and a draw. We were level on points with Celtic, their goal average was better. The draw had occurred the previous midweek, a 3-3 draw at Cappielow, and Celtic were playing at the tail o' the bank whilst we took on Killie. Comparatively, the Rugby Park surface was deemed the best in the UK. The previous year, the then world cup holders, Brazil had based themselves in Troon, utilising the Juniors pitch in morning fitness sessions, but doing afternoon ball work at Rugby Park. I was excited, the pitch was akin to a bowling green, in those days Ibrox was a sand pit after Christmas. Primary school was finishing, and I knew I would begin Secondary supporting the Champions. Kilmarnock had a team of household names, King, Queen, McInally, McLean, McGrory, .... etc and 25,000 Bears had a quick intake of breath when Killie took the lead on the eleventh minute. Dave Smith and Andy Penman took control, both Henderson and Persson on either flank were seeing a lot of the ball. Our Swedish world cup semi-finalist scored a typical Orjan goal, working along the bye-line before shuffling the ball on to his weaker foot and slotting into the far corner. Drawing level before half time had everyone smiling, but Persson was clearly injured as he hobble off. The substitute was Alec Willoughby, cousin of Jim Forrest and a fine player. He scored the winner with a dozen minutes left to play. We turned our attention to the numerous Bears cradling large radios, 'what's the score at Cappielow'? It was 1-1 and remained so when the referee blew at Rugby Park. We were a point ahead with Aberdeen to play at Ibrox. We invaded the pitch, whooped in the sunshine for a few minutes; then news arrived that Lennox had scored a winner in injury time. The wailing began and continued the following Saturday when Rangers lost their only league game that season, the Dons winning 2-3. Uncle Eddie's party prophecy was wrong, we had triumphed in Kilmarnock. Another attendee at my parents' Hogmanay party was a near neighbour who played a significant part that day. The referee at Cappielow was John Paterson of Bothwell, he allowed a couple of injury time minutes and Lennox reportedly scored with the last kick of the ball. I suspect it is the fate of all ten year old lads to both whoop and wail within a few minutes, I cannot help but think a more timeous Mr Paterson should have possessed greater awareness? Celebrating a title win that never was, continues to live with you. I offer tomorrow night's game has the same importance? Our last game saw a first victory over the dominant Brendan Rodgers, the first in thirteen games. There is a momentum to be garnered, it's difficult because the fixture fates have Rangers visiting both Killie and Livi on two plastic pitches in the space of four days. Rugby Park's surface these days is arguably the worst in the top flight? We have had two players(Waghorn and Murphy) sustain long term injuries at the venue. We have to get on with it, we won handsomely in the league cup earlier in the season, courtesy of an Alfredo hat-trick. Tomorrow, we must take the game to them, right from the first whistle. Killie's offensive threat is diminished by the loss of Greg Stewart and Steve Clarke must be indecisive on playing Jordan Jones? Boyd and Burke might be obvious replacements, these days neither are going to run away from any defence. Thus, we must maintain a high press and line, do not allow them wide and the opportunity to throw the ball into our box. Clarke's success at Killie is well reported and much deserved; in the calendar year of 2018, he has accrued the most league points. I believe the foundation of Killie's continuing dominance lies with their midfield central pairing. Alan Power and Gary Dicker are real deal professionals. The Dublin born duo are the wrong side of thirty, but get around the pitch with purpose. They play on the legitimate side of legal, tough tackling, winning it, and feeding the ball wide. Opposition teams attacking, quickly have to find their defensive feet when hitting the Power and Dicker wall. Our team will probably mirror the starting eleven against Helsinki? The evidence was Morelos pushed wider, mostly left and Kent abdicating width for the front point of the diamond. Attacks broke down and two quick passes wide and back in, found Helsinki on the edge of our box. I would hope we go with a more recognisable system and team : McGregor, Tavernier, Worral, McAuley, Halliday, Jack, Davis, Kent, Arfield, Candeias, and Morelos. I would leave Defoe to the final 20-30 minutes. I prefer whooping to wailing, 3-1 to the Bears; another Morelos hat-trick(four goals) would suffice. We MUST win it.
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    Remember that feeling of joy as a kid when it was your birthday party and the house was full of balloons. Throwing a balloon in the air and hitting it with your hand keeping it up in the air and then trying to head it. As it came down again it was time to try and nose it back into the air. Then as you were projecting your nose forward that nasty cousin that always seemed to pest you, burst the balloon in your face. That is the feeling I had on Wednesday night after Rangers 2-1 defeat against Kilmarnock at Rugby park. After the win against Celtic on the 29th of December we have been floating on air. We probably could have reproduced a copy of Nina's big hit 99 red balloons calling it 55 red white and blue balloons. That is how high our hopes had risen, That floating on air feeling grew further when on the 12th minute Jermain Defoe gave us a deserved lead as we were all over Killie. Minutes later Alfredo Morelos crashed a header off the post that should have put us 2-0 up. Higher and higher we were flying. Then on 22 minutes, “ BAAAAMMMM” Joe Worrall got the ball in the last man position with acres of space and looked and waited, And waited. And waited, Then panic. He realised Eamon Brophy was only a few yards away and tried to turn back to the keeper. Too late, Brophy had picked his pocket and proceeded to plant the ball past McGregor into the net. Brophy had pricked the Rangers Balloon which created a huge vacuum amongst the players and the support. It must have been a helium balloon as it had the Kilmarnock fans killing themselves laughing to the end of the game. This changed the game completely and let Kilmarnock play their park the bus and hit on the break game.It just had to be Jordan Jones who clinched it for Killie. Due to signing a pre-contract for Rangers people said his heart would not be in the game. Unfortunately he showed more heart than the Rangers players. It looks like all those balloons were indeed red balloons. One with an extremely red face. Now is time for that old Cliche, 'We have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down and move on'. On Sunday we travel to Livingston and go from red balloons to black rubber balls. Yes again we are playing on that infamous plastic pitch which throws up more rubber in one kick than a Chinese condom factory does in a year. I will get my rant over for this preview. These pitches should not be in football at this level. There that feels better. Stevie Gerrard has been criticised that he got his tactics wrong for the Killie game. After beating Celtic many thought he should have went with the same team but he decided to go with the four man diamond and play his two new signings Jermain Defoe and Steven Davis. Personally I think he did get it wrong as I am a big Ross McCrorie fan and I think he is the best ball winner we have. Ryan Jack also seems to lift his game with the knowledge that McCrorie is next to him. Davis and Defoe are obviously not match fit. I question whether we have the speed at the back to play that diamond shape. For that you need your backs creating the width and with McAuley, where a taxiing Boeing 777 turns quicker, we leave ourselves open to the counter attack behind the backs as Jorden Jones showed on Wednesday. Livingston will have the exact same tactics as they always do and it is virtually the same as Kilmarnock's in letting the back four pass the ball to each other and press the midfield and attacking players and wait for a mistake. This is the tactics that seem to get us time and time again. Personally I believe the best way to beat this is by using the wings so I certainly wouldn't be contemplating going with the midfield diamond shape. It would seem if you drop Candeias then you are also cutting out most of the danger Tavernier creates. I find it very difficult to find a place for Defoe and Morelos simply because we do not have the speed at the back to go to a 3-5-2 so for me it is a 4-2-3-1. McGregor Tavernier Goldson Katic Barisic McCrorie Jack Candeias Arfield Kent Morelos I really hate dropping Andy Halliday but I think Barisic will bring more to the team. I will also need to see Davis earning his starting place and not just being gifted it There is no more room for error we really have to start winning games as falling further behind Celtic will probably be the end of our title hopes. C'mon the Gers!!!
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    I know it’s a bit of fun, but “cheatin’ Beaton” is no feckin friend of ours. By my reckoning the OF game was Beatons first game at Ibrox where he wasn’t booed off at both HT and FT, and he has officiated many times at our home.
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    Angela Haggerty - a young, hip, gunslinger? Angela appeared on the Shereen Nanjiani show again yesterday morning. She was accompanied by Murray McDonald and Brian Beacom. Angela was introduced as, "a journalist". As we know, Angela is a pistol packing straight shooter, always prepared to throw the weight of her HND from Cardonald College at any issue. It's the foresight and penetrative thought process that she brings to bear. Those few seconds available are precious as Angela looks injustice square in the face, her hands unholstering both six-shooters. She has completed an objective appreciation and is ready to unload on an unexpecting legitimate target. The steadying mantra of, 'Truth, Justice, and the Isle of Bute way' never fails, in the first hour both Churchill and Theresa May are gunned down. Ruthless Rothesay revenge is righteous. The final thirty minutes throws up another target, Michael Jackson. The King of Pop is straying into Angela's sight lines. The subject matter is, 'Leaving Neverland'; a four hour documentary that is unequivocating in accusing Jacko of heinous child rape and molestation. Dan Reid's film premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. All the reviews proclaim a most convincing case. A brooding Angela has just stepped down from the Cal-Mac ferry in Wemyss Bay, adjusted her white hat against the glinting winter sun, and is intent on righting the badest of wrongs. Ennio Morricone music completes the ambiance, the bass notes offer a backdrop to the sharpness of Angela's jingling spurs(HND earned). Murray McDonald is hesitant, he likes Jacko's music, whereas Brian Beacom acknowledges growing up amid a whacko soundtrack. Angela is unhesitating, she draws and sustains a withering fire. Society must take a stand, Jackson is visual, you must see him to hear him. An instantaneous reload effected, suppressed flame cuts through the gathering smoke; "it's right to remove Jimmy Saville from old episodes of Top of the Pops", and, "there's a price to pay". Angela dismisses the Jackson Estate's claims of no conviction, "his music should be removed". The strength of Angela's convictions are quite heartening. Here is a hip, young gunslinger determined to adhere to principle. Thus, three former Sellik Boys' Club Chairmen were convicted of child rape and molestation in three separate trials in six weeks before Christmas. Angela knows her Bhoys' football, it was late summer on the very same show, she cited St Cadoc's BC winning a trophy in Holland as her 'moment of the week'. Further, pulling the pin on the white phosphorous grenade that is Jimmy Saville, proves Angela can remove all the oxygen from the air. The Happy Eater entrance vestibule at Sellik Park awaits, Angela will stride purposefully through and ensure society takes a stand?
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    Morelos is the Devil. I did not listen to BBC Radio Scotland on Wednesday night, I was emotionally involved in front of the TV. Like most Bears, I was looking to sooth my considerable frustration. I engaged with a few other Bears on formation, personnel, and management decisions. Well done to both Killie and Stevie Clarke, I suspect you saw us coming? It will come as no surprise on this forum that the talk at the PQ parish pump did not mirror Bears' concerns. No, we found out yesterday, the big spat was between Big Dick and Billy Dodds over Alfredo Morelos putting the ball into the Killie net, using both hands Big Dick wants him cautioned. I remember the incident, it was correctly ruled no goal and the game continued. I have checked Rangers supporters' forums, general Scottish football forums, and match reports; to no avail, there is hardly a written line. Big Dick has a BIG hard on for Alfredo, there is no hiding place. It grieves him that Morelos has managed 75 minutes of the 270 minutes played this season between Big Dick's beloved Dandies, and Rangers. Big Dick was unambiguous during the first game of the season, "Morelos kicked out, he deserves red". Similarly, at the end of last season, our visit to the Granite City saw the Ref' unjustly award Aberdeen a penalty. Clearly, Morelos kicked the ball and not the player, all other media outlets agreed; not PQ, Big Dick, Rob, Liam, Jonathon, Wullie, ........... etc were too busy cheering to concern themselves with the justice of the situation. Rangers appealed Alfredo's red and Big Dick was exasperated, the appeal was successful, and Big Dick has settled into bitter resentment. Wednesday night's unique umbrage is because we play Aberdeen at Pittodrie in ten days time. Clearly, Big Dick is intent in utilising the full amplification of the national broadcaster to ensure Morelos plays as little time as possible against the Dons. Last season, it was Ryan Jack who bore the burden of Big Dick's hate, he was reduced to reading out lists of incidents involving Jack, for the benefit of the Compliance Officer. I would caution Shinnie, if you decide to pitch up at Ibrox this coming summer, Big Dick will have the pitch fork out for you. Big Dick's mindset is not settled upon the horns of a dilemma, he was raised to hate Rangers, absolutely! Doctor, Doctor, give me the news? We must remember, DrStu' is not a Bute House Toadie but likes Donalda MacKinnon a lot. He is the epitome of pernicious nationalism. He is the arbiter of whom constitutes a national hero; where you live, your accent, your views on an emancipated Scotland, ..... etc Given his tertiary education, including PhD was conducted in England and most of his working life was in England, you would think the view from Dennistoun Drives would be kinder in eulogy of Hugh McIlvanney? No, DrStu' laments Hugh's inability to drive north to cover Dundee United's Euro run in the eighties, or covered Ferguson's Aberdeen. Always alert to criticism and ensuring he is NEVER isolated, as his four and half hour broadcasting day progressed, he readdressed his view, and sought the comfort of populism. He included the paucity of McIlvanney's reporting on Rangers nine-in-a-row, comparing it to the easier access to Old Trafford and Annfield. He finished off, taking it out on Spiers. McIlvanney had succeeded in working for both the Observer and Times, whereas an expectant Spiers had been ignored. I wonder if the graveled Hugh had ever condescended to pat DrStu' on the head? The drains at PQ are running with bitter resentment. Licensed to Shill. Remember that new BBC Scotland channel? It is being launched on the 24th of next month. James Cook is the Editor, and Scrote, James Scrote is the Sports Correspondent. Troubleshooting is the name of the game these days for the Shill. We have not seen/heard hide nor hair since early November, but yesterday he was first up on PQ, taking control of the Lennon story. Fifteen minutes later, the listeners were none the wiser. It was deliberate, "no one will ever know the details of Friday's events at Hibs' training ground". Amasingly, both Guidi and Keevins took the same line on Radio Snyde. Alison McConnell, former Sellik View cub reporter parrots that very same line in today's Sunday Herald. Whatever you say Chris will be echoed. We know Sellik supporters, particularly those in the media have a strong interest in the myth that is Neil Lennon. Taking immediate control of a story that they're telling us, we will never know the pertinent details of, is most strange. Still, the Shill has spoken. DrStu' who was Lennon's greatest advocate for managing Scotland, will no doubt raise Neil's standard again? He does not have a big hoose in Fulham like McLeish, but he is in a land deal in Ireland with Slab Murphy.
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    Perhaps with the SNP currently attempting to erase Alex Salmond from their history they'll abandon the disastrous policy of discriminating against Scottish students on the basis of a f*&king soundbite.
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    Bang! The transfer window has closed. Rangers had done most of their business early so Steven Gerrard had predicted that no more players would be coming in. As a true poker player Gerrard held a stony face as his aim was obviously putting pressure on Dundee to sell Glen Kamara for a price that suited Rangers. Rangers already had Kamara signed on a pre-contract to join in the summer but had in the beginning postured to Dundee that if he were to be released early Rangers would be willing to pay a small fee to bring him to Ibrox early. If we are to believe the rumours being passed around then Rangers had 50.000 pounds on the table but Dundee tried to hold out for more. Eventually just before the window shut Rangers increased the offer to 100.000 which Dundee were happy to accept and Kamara could head to Ibrox to sign the needed forms. Many supporters felt that Rangers were in the driving seat for the deal and should have left him at Dundee and get him for nothing in the summer. The problem I have with that is that Kamara had not played for the last three weeks and if Rangers had left him at Dens Park then the chance was that we then got a player who had not played or trained for five months and it would have taken a lot longer to get him up to speed. I know 100.000 sounds a lot of money to us on the lower end of the financial ladder but what is it really in football terms. After all it was almost forty-two years ago Rangers paid 100.000 pound for one David “Davie” Cooper. If Kamara can do a quarter of what Davie Cooper did then it will be money well spent. Another measurement on what it is to pay 100.000 pounds was when West Ham showed interest in Michy Batshuayi who ended up at Crystal Palace. When they heard he earned 160.000 pound in a week they quickly lost any interest. Anyway it is what it is and Kamara will probably be added to the eighteen man pool for our game at Ibrox against st Mirren later today. I personally doubt if he will get any game time but I do believe he will be put on the bench to give him the feeling of the fantastic Ibrox atmosphere. For me Steven Gerrard should have the easiest job in picking a team than he has ever had. The simple fact is you should not repair what is not broken. With the exception of Katic in for the injured Goldson then the team that has performed against so fantastically against Celtic and Livingston should be the first pick. This team showed far more aggression and the mobility to perform the high press that has become pretty standard in modern football. As far as I know Matt Polster was in pre-season in the MSL so he will be a few weeks away from the fitness needed. For me the team should be: M.Gregor Tavernier Worrel Katic Barisic McCrorie Jack candeias Arfield Kent Morelos While I did say the same players that played against Celtic, and I really love Andy Halliday but I do think Barisic is a better player than Halliday and therefore Barisic will be my choice for that left back spot. I would be lying if I said I know a lot about the St Mirren team. They have added two players in Vaclav Hladky a goalkeeper from Slovan Liberec and Brad Lyons from Blackburn. Their tactics won't have changed with the signing of these players it will still be to keep it tight at the back and try and hit us with the proverbial sucker punch on the break. Lets hope the 'Gers are up for this one and I am going for a 4-0 Rangers win. C'mon the 'Gers!
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    What we are seeing under this SNP Government is the normalisation of paedophilia. It isn't just this case recently Celtic paedophile Gerry King was given community service for years of abuse and we have the cowardly behaviour of the hypocrite Justice Minister Humza Yousaf in refusing to meet or even engage with the family of Celtic paedophilia victim Andrew Gray.
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    I think I need to add a spelling filter. It's Borna Barisic. As for the debate, Halliday has done very well this season (not just against Celtic) and any time he's played in the last few months he hasn't let us down. He really does deserve a lot of credit for the strength of character he's shown after being a fun figure for other clubs' fans last season. However, a fit Barisic is the better option and if his mindset is correct then he should go on to become the first choice left back for a while yet. If not, I have few issues in playing Halliday there.
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    Who can forget the events of Helicopter Sunday? One of the sweetest days ever to be a Rangers fan. Seeing Willie McKay's name mentioned in connection with the Sala plane tragedy reminded me of an article that I wrote for the FF fanzine in 2005, which was written before the second last game of the season and therefore before Helicopter Sunday, but it highlights why I believe Willie McKay, disliked by many Rangers fans, was integral to us winning the league that season and causing Celtic fans so much pain: I am writing this before the Motherwell game, when we still in with a shout of winning the league. One person who deserves a lot of credit for us being in this position in my opinion is Boumsong’s agent, the much-maligned Willie McKay. I have read many fans slagging him off following Boumsong’s departure in January but the version of events that I understand happened sheds a different light on things. I believe that it was Willie McKay who approached Rangers to offer Boumsong as a Bosman signing. It was not the other way around, however much the management team at Rangers would like to claim that it was. He gave Rangers a player on a plate who Rangers then sold for £8.5m, the proceeds of which were used to buy: Soti Kyrgiakos, a player who many believe is as much of an asset to the team as Boumsong was Barry Ferguson, who will the mainstay of our midfield for the next few years Thomas Buffel, who is starting to show his true form, and will hopefully improve even more next season. Boumsong in the first half of the season, and the 3 new players during the second half of the season have heavily contributed to the fact that we are 2 games away from the end of the season and still in with a shout of landing the championship. It was therefore entirely due to Willie McKay that we got Boumsong in the first place, and again due to him that we sold him to give us the cash to allow us to strengthen the squad further. Of course, the above may not be true, but I have no reason not to believe it, so Willie, I would like to offer my thanks to you, and the next time you have a bargain Bosman, please ignore all the bears who slag you off and give Mr Murray another call.
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    The Rangers captain, knows English game, huge number of goals and assists for a full back, European experience, all for £8M? Not a chance without a Dick Turpin mask. Do you see what bang average players that are nowhere near the level of Tav are going for in England these days? A helluva lot more than £8M. They are paying more than that for players with a handful of first team games. We must be more aware of the market we are selling our players into. We should no longer be grateful for a bid of a few million.
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    Hopefully today sees Katic back in contention as a starter. Him and Goldson are our best pairing. They're not perfect but they are ours and we should stick with them.
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    Seen wee Willie cutting in from the wing and scoring a grand goal for us against that lot in the cup quarter final back in 1964 a first class winger the wee man was then big Tam scoring a four inch rocket shot to win the cup against the same horrid lot
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    It's all well and good to make passes from the back but there's absolutely no excuse for getting caught in possession. If nothing is on, nothing is on so send it long into the channel.
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    Okay here is my tuppence. I have said from day 1 Steven Davis is not going to be the difference to us winning the league. Our midfield should be McCrorie with Jack and Arfield more advanced. Thankfully Davis only has a 6 month contract because we really need better than him to win the league. Their seems to be the misconception that he was brilliant first time round but I can remember plenty of games he was the invisible man. Unreal why people thought Worrel was a world bearer after one good game against Celtic. We should be investing our time in Katic. The only time I saw McAuly was when he got yellow and letting Jones run 30 yards at the goal. It is not fair to judge Defoe after one game but tonight I would rather have had Broughy to be honest. I do think Defoe should have had a penalty though when the defender was pulling his arm.
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    Jones made McGregor look like Wes. Gerrard should give Katic a chance ahead of Worrall for a while. You can't let a mistake like that go unpunished.
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    Clickbait. Hard to take anyone seriously if they work for the Record.
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    We already have this system in place, its called sportscene.
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    Jack Monroe has a vagina, real name Melissa Jayne Hadjicostas. She is a Politically Correct box tickers wet dream.
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    There's an enormous fallacy running through much of current society ... that only perfection is acceptable. Few seem willing to find balance in any assessment and obsessively condemn the slightest flaw as proof of overall failure. Like the rest of us, Churchill made mistakes in his life and some of those mistakes had huge consequences. However, Churchill led a life that involved more than where to shop, what fashion decisions to make or what house to buy and it's in the nature of the beast that big players win or lose big stakes. None of Churchill's flaws detract in the slightest from the mighty service he performed for this nation when, frankly, no one else could. Was Churchill imperfect? Of course he was. Was Churchill a hero of this country, a great man who deserves our respect and gratitude? Without any doubt whatsoever.
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    I'm not impressed by a player who is refusing to play for his club. It doesn't bode well for us if that's his attitude. Very unprofessional.
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    Yeah, we've had too many hard luck stories now this season. We need to get the job done against these teams without stupid mistakes and take our chances with the minimum of fuss. No more excuses.
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    Interesting topic. Certainly most people nowadays who live in ‘poverty’ in the U.K. are probably ‘wealthier’ than their parents were, in that they can still afford Sky TV, computers, mobile phones, takeaways, and get access to healthcare, etc. That goes for people in work too. Yet it obviously doesn’t feel like that, as across the west we are seeing votes against the establishment, a desire to turn the clock back, Brexit, make America great again etc. When my parents were young, they didn’t stress about job security or paying the mortgage. You could chuck any job and just walk into another one the next day, so they tell me. Most working class people never owned their house, yet lived in them for generations. My parents owned their flat, but in those days you paid half the price up front, and then paid the rest off directly to the seller over a short number of years (in their case 5). Who was really better off? Is watching Sky TV with 200 channels showing crap really better than 3 channels showing man landing on the moon? Is Call of Duty better than playing football in the street with your pals?? I would say that the modern generation are better off, due to medical advances. However we probably take these things for granted, whereas ‘baby boomers’ who’s parents had served in the war, were just happy & grateful to be living in peace & relative prosperity. A lot of people will rightfully feel that they don’t have as much freedom as their parents did though, despite having relatively more disposable income.
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