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    Strictly Sevco. These last few weeks, the entertainment for Rangers supporters is in watching BBC Scotland framing the strict liability debate. It was easy at the start, Killie's Steve Clarke had been subjected to sectarian chanting at Ibrox, and Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English demanded the Scottish Government step in and take appropriate action. Across both radio and TV, the big stick battering Sevco was presented as the only action. Truly, it is quite amazing how attracted a lot of Scottish football supporters and PQ journos are to such imagery. The Scottish Justice Minister, Humza Yousef liked the thought even more and began making noises. He was looking for answers as opposed to searching for lost evidence. Three days before Steve Clarke suffering vile sectarian abuse, Kris Boyd had been the recipient from Sellik supporters. Then, Steven Gerrard was the target of sectarian chanting by Aberdeen fans, in between a few songs about the Ibrox Disaster. The PQ Gang Hut retreated and decided to stay schtum, the imagery of fellow Dandies and Yahoos indulging in sectarian chanting is awkward for strict liability going forward. Bravely, DrStu' kept the charge going; he was prepared to compartmentalise any sectarian abuse of Boyd and Gerrard as, 'tribalism', Steve Clarke was the real victim of sectarianism. Cosgrove's concerns were both Boyd and Gerrard being abused was running interference on the real issue of Clarke. We arrive at last weekend's old firm game at Sellik Park, both Jimmy Bell and Gerrard are recipients of sectarian chanting from the jolly craicsters amid the Green Brigade. This can be conveniently ignored because there is too much fun to be had at PQ, getting after Morelos, Kent, and Halliday. In fact, Big Dick and Michael Stewart go out on a limb to clear Scott Brown of any wrongdoing. Of course, on Wednesday night der Broony stands on an opposition player and Michael Stewart tells the Sportscene audience, "where else could he put his foot"? There is dissension amid PQ ranks, both the commentator, Paul Mitchell and 'Thommo' decree Brown's actions as worthy of a red card. The strict liability issue arriving from the Yahoos visit to Paisley, is the detonation of a Thunderflash. Like any other pyrotechnic, it is initiated by a detonator and the minimum safety distance is thirty meters. On Sportsound, Big Dick read out a text from a Gang Hut staffer, assuring us that the pyrotechnic did not strike the St Mirren keeper, it had landed five yards away. Pat Bonner was allowed to talk about young teenagers and lack of responsibility. On Sportscene, Michael Stewart did not mention strict liability, and by the time we reached Thursday evening, PQ were talking about, "a firework". No one mentions minimum safety distance or that a thunderflash landing at such close proximity to the Buddies Keeper, could have blown his eardrums. Now, you would think Chief Sports Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin would step in and bring full gravity to this discussion point? No, we receive old buffer, Reevel Alderson. A safe pair of hands, an Old Aloysian can be relied to chair a debate between Jeanette Findlay and James Dornan MSP. Reevel was scrupulously fair in ensuring all sides of Irish Republican opinion were heard, reading out a statement from the Green Brigade at the conclusion. There you go, over a period of 4 weeks; Strict Liability equates to Strictly Sevco. Peter has announced this morning, "this stops now". It reminds me of fifteen years past when Peter also proclaimed, "no stone will remain unturned util the lighter thrower is found". Fernando Ricksen continues to await the identity of whoever struck him with a lighter at Sellik Park, obviously stones remain to be unturned. Perhaps, Humza Yousef could lend a hand, get out his comfy green leather seat in the north stand and search for lost evidence?
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    I suspect Sunday afternoon/evening last, might be viewed as a series of defining moments in PQ's attempt to provide definition on Strict Liability? The live broadcast of BBC Radio Scotland's coverage of the Scottish Cup semi-final between Aberdeen and ra Sellik put together with an early evening Sportscene highlights the shimmering mess they have got themselves into. PQ demand answers to questions they don't even dare to ask themselves, because those questions are too uncomfortable. A Dandy Dons/Yahoo fixture is what they live for, it's perfect harmony. You have Big Dick presenting, Liam McLeod commentating, Tom English, Pat Bonner, and Wullie Miller adding colour. The vox-pops are provided by Tyrone Smith; it's all safe, contained to only supporters of both clubs, no awkward or inconvenient comments guaranteed. Mutual masturbation is actively encouraged. It has been established, Rangers under Gerrard have not improved, the oligopoly of the last several seasons remains preserved. We have a monthly period where pyrotechnics have been lobbed on to playing areas at Paisley by Yahoos, the same supporters aim sectarian chanting at both Steven Gerrard and Jimmy Bell. Motherwell fans throw a lighter, a pie, and a few coins at Rangers skipper, James Tavernier, Jambos and Hibees add to the pyro party, and add a touch of creativity by shying a coconut. A Hibby is jailed for 100 days for attempting to attack James Tavernier. All this in the immediate wake of Aberdeen supporters subjecting Gerrard to sectarian chanting and offering a few ditties about the Ibrox Disaster. Just before that, Rangers supporters sectarianly abused Killie boss, Steve Clarke; days before this, Sellik supporters did the same to Killie striker, Kris Boyd and pelted him with coins. I hope you can pick the needle out of the above haystack? Beeb Scotland went BIG with 'Strict Liability' on one issue in that morass. We had demands from Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English for strict liability now. We had pleas from presenters on both radio and TV, after the obligatory phone-in/studio discussion had concluded that the Scottish Government must step in and deal with the issue. The national broadcaster is the biggest megaphone in the land and the volume was turned up to eleven. Steve Clarke had defined the issue, "it was something from the dark ages". As far as the rest of, the overwhelming mass of the haystack; PQ treated that as a whiter shade of pale. Calls for strict liability diminished, then disappeared. In fact the current standing from the politically motivated Michael Stewart stands thus, "we need to get a collective approach to try and tackle this and stamp it out". His lame and limp offering from Sunday night's Sportscene. Michael's political muse, Scottish Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf began the week threatening Scottish football clubs. He demanded the clubs tell him of their plans to deal with this vague and unquantified issue? Last weekend, BBC Scotland's Chief Sports Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin added to the debate by visiting Holland. The Dutch had implemented strict liability and Chris was anxious to present the benefits to both game and society. A several minute film, a few reinforcing chats with shows' hosts, and a piece on the Beeb website told us .............. nothing. A day after broadcast, Tuesday's Champions League quarter-final between Ajax and Juventus saw 146 arrests. An exercise in Double Dutch from Chris, who would have thought? PQ have told us pesky license fee paying Rangers supporters, "we are Editorially fair". I have watched this last month how they exercise editorial fairness. Each incident is reported, thus they can make the statement. It is reported on Ceefax or inserted into their website as seventh item, eg McInnes claiming his red card at Hampden was a direct result of gesturing after being subject to sectarian abuse from the self proclaimed GFITW. This appeared on both Ceefax and the website and disappeared after four hours. There are no discussions, phone-ins, studio guests, ........... etc. The megaphone is severely muted. So, where does this leave us? Will the usual suspects at PQ answer these awkward questions? 1. Can we agree, Steve Clarke's outrage at being sectarianly targeted by Rangers supporters would have carried far more substantial weight, if he had condemned those Celtic supporters doing the very same to his club's captain, Kris Boyd, just three days previously? 2. Similarly, Derek McInnes and his being sent to the stand. Again, would his claims carry more purchase if he had commented/condemned Aberdeen fans for singing the very same song at Steven Gerrard? Further, his gesture to the Celtic support is the very same gesture utilised by Scott Brown to the Rangers supporters at Celtic Park. Brown has not been punished, why was McInnes sanctioned? 3. Long term PQ employee, Derek Ferguson utilised the available megaphone to claim Rangers keeper, Alan McGregor had deliberately set out to do his son, Aberdeen midfielder, Lewis Ferguson. McGregor was cited by the Compliance Officer and suspended for two matches. Does Derek intend to pick up the megaphone again and claim his son set out to do Rogic? 4. Will Chris McLaughlin interview Humza Yousaf? It could be conducted in the comfy green leather seats in the north stand after a Sellik game, just saying. 5. Do Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English expect strict liability to be extended to clubs, other than Rangers? 6, What's the point of Jonathon Sutherland? It's as well we remind ourselves of PQ's claim of being editorial fair, because I suspect it is the hook they hang themselves upon. We should record the evidence because if Humza Yousaf gets involved, that evidence will be lost, or deliberately disappeared.
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    There was a considerable blip in the anti-Alfredo Morelos narrative currently being driven by sections of the media in Scotland. Sadly, the predictable one-way traffic was not brought to a sudden halt by an ex Rangers player speaking out, no, Barry Ferguson and Lee McCulloch were too busy acquiescing and adding to that negative narrative with criticism of their own. In a week which showed Kirk Broadfoot raking his studs down Alfredo’s Achilles heel, you might have thought the onslaught would abate for a few days – but alas, this is Scotland we are talking about. Instead it was left to Chris Jack of the Evening Times to write an article, https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17510914.how-alfredo-morelos-has-gone-from-medellin-to-rangers-multi-million-pound-man/ not only defending Alfredo, but in addition, humanising this young man so many have sought to dehumanise with comments such as “buffalo brains “and relating his upbringing to something from the Narcos Netflix series. Jack highlights a young man brought up in extreme poverty, who has never forgotten his roots, who remains respectful to his parents and the country of his birth, and for whom the lessons learned from such a harsh upbringing remain a driver towards success. Perhaps in any other country such a young man would be seen as a positive role model rather than the devil incarnate. But the comments of Ferguson and McCulloch really rankle – their adding to the anti-Morelos narrative serve to give it a sense of normality, when in fact it is anything but normal – it is in fact, abnormal. And no amount of ex Rangers players selling themselves to the highest bidder should allow us to lose sight of this fact. It has been a concerted campaign to demonise our prize asset and the likes of Ferguson and McCulloch, with their strong Rangers antecedents, adding their weight to the millstone being placed round Alfredo’s neck serve to give this concerted campaign a sense of credibility. Ferguson and McCulloch are by no means the worst, Kris Boyd demonstrating his ability to adapt to the anti-Rangers agenda with considerable aplomb following a series of articles and comments criticising his former club. His lack of consistency in his arguments demonstrate Boyd realises which side of the bread requires to be buttered to ensure a favourable return. You make your bed and you lie in it. I hope we as fans and in particular RSC’s will remember those who have served the dirty pieces of silver some sections of the media will pay in order to provide a sense of balance and credibility to that which is unbalanced and lacks credibility. Hopefully the club itself will add some solidarity when the same individuals go begging for tickets. “To be a Ranger is to sense the sacred trust of upholding all that such a name means in this shrine of football. They must be true in their conception of what the Ibrox tradition seeks from them. No true Ranger has ever failed in the tradition set him.
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    The Spring & Summer 2019 Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread SIGNED: Jordan Jones (24) Kilmarnock, left midfield, pre-contract signed on January 5th "Rangers wishes to place on record our thanks ... Kilmarnock for their cooperation in securing both agreements." GONE: RETURNING: Ryan Hardie (born 17.03.1997) – contract till 2018 (On loan with Livingston FC) - contract extented till summer 2019 - see above Greg Docherty - (contract till 2022) - season-long loan to Shrewsbury Town confirmed on August 8th Lee Hodson (born 02.10.1991) – contract till 2019 (in Spain) - loaned to St. Mirren FC till end of the season Myles Beerman (born 13.03.1999) – contract till 2018 -> extension till 2019 signed May 7th 2018 - loaned to Birkirkara (Malta) till the end of season Liam Burt ((born 01.02.1999) - contract till 20xx - loaned to Alloa Athletic till summer 2019 Jak Alnwick (17.06.1993) - contract till 2020 - loaned to Scunthorpe United till January 2019 Zak Rudden () - contract till 20xx - loaned to Falkirk till summer 2019 Joe Dodoo (born 29.06.1995) – contract till 2020 - ON LOAN for a season to Blackpool FC (till summer 2019) Jason Holt - contract till 2020; Fleetwood Town (managed by Barton & Hill) - season-long loan signed June 18th Eduardo Herrera - loaned to Necaxa (Mexico) till summer 2019 Andrew Dallas - loaned to Morton till end of season - Link Robbie McCrorie - loaned to Morton till end of season - Link Jamie Barjonas (born 24.01.1999) – contract till 2020 - from Bury - loaned to Raith Rovers till summer 2019 Jak Alnwick () - contract till 2020 - loaned to Scunthorpe United till January 2019 - Loan extended till summer 2019 Jordan Rossiter () - CMF, contract till 2020 - loaned to Bury FC till end of season - LINK RUMOURS: IN - Curtis Tilt (26) - Blackpool FC, centre-half, contract till 2019 LINK new LINK IN (winter rumour) - Gary Mackay-Steven - (28) Aberdeen, left midfield, contract till next summer, pre-contract deal supposedly done - rumour only IN (winter rumour) - Lawrence Shankland - (23) Ayr United, striker, contracted till next summer - (Swansea apparently making 400k move, 05/12/18) IN - Graeme Shinnie (27) - Aberdeen, left-back, freebie - LINK IN - Tomas Kalas (25) - Czech international defender, Chelsea, on loan at Bristol City, LINK IN - Lewis Holtby (28) - Hamburg SV, German, MF, contract till summer 2019 - LINK IN - Jake Hastie (19) - Motherwell, winger, contract till summer 2019 - LINK IN - Nick Powell (25) - Wigan, AMF, contract till summer 2019 - LINK IN - Greg Stewart (29) - Brimingham City / o loan at Aberdeen, striker, contract till 2019 (each) - FLHAD IN - Timm Klose (31) - Norwich City, centre-half, contract till summer 2019, TM stats - FLHAD IN - Axel Tuanzebe (21) - Aston Villa loaned from ManU - contract there till summer 2020, centre-half, TM stats - FLHAD IN - Danny Wellbeck (28) - Arsenal, striker / winger, contract till summer 2019, TM stats - FLHAD (though unsubstantiated) IN - Martin Skrtel (34) - Fenerbahce, centre-half, contract till summer 2019, TM stats - various unsubstantiated OUT - NON-STARTERS: IN - Stewart Downing (34) - Middlesbrough, LMF, contract till 2019 - LINK - rubbished by MD 27th March 2019 IN - Karlan Ahearne-Grant (21) - Huddersfield, striker, contract till 2022 - LINK - apparently signed contract extension with Huddersfield Town IN - OUT - SQUAD as of March 2019 (Squad listed in order of remaining length of contract) For running updates, see here: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/glasgow-rangers/startseite/verein/124 Goal: Wesley Foderingham (born 14.01.1991) – contract till 2020 Allan McGregor (born 31.01.1982) - Hull City, GK – contract till 2020 Andy Firth (22), Barrow FC, goalkeeper, contract till 2020 (?) - Link Defence Aiden Wilson (born 02.01.1999) – contract till 2019 Lee Wallace (born 21.08.1987) – contract till 2019 Joe Worrall (21) - Nottingham Forest, centre-half contract till 2019 Gareth McAuley (38) - centre-half, contract till summer 2019 Jon Flannigan (25) - right-back - contract till 2020 James Tavernier (born 31.10.1991) – contract till 2021 Matt Polster (25), Chicago Fire / free, right fullback/midfield, contract till summer 2021 - Link Ross McCrorie (born 18.03.1998) – contract till 2022 Nikola Katic - centre-half, 21 - contract till 2022 Connor Goldson (25) - centre half, contract till 2022 Borna Barisic (25) - left-back - contract till 2022 Midfield Steven Davis () - loaned from Soton till 2019 Lassana Coulibaly (22) - defensive midfield - season-long loan from Angers Ryan Kent (21) - Liverpool FC, forward, - season-long loan from Liverpool Daniel Candeias (born 23.02.1988) – contract till 2020 Ryan Jack (born 27.02.1992) – CMF, contract till 2020 Graham Dorrans (born 05.05.1987) – CMF, contract till 2020 Andrew Halliday (born 11.10.1991) – LMF, left fullback, contract till 2020 Jamie Murphy (born 28.08.1989) - left-winger, contract till 2021 Scott Arfield (born 01.11.1988) - Burnley FC, LMF - contract till 2022 Eros Grezda (23) - left winger, contract till 2022 Glenn Middlton (19) - left winger, contract till 2023 Glen Kamara (23) - CMF, contract till 2023 Strikers Jermain Defoe (36) - striker, loaned from Bournemouth till summer 2020 Alfredo Morelos (born 21.06.1996) – striker, contract till 2023 Kyle Lafferty (30) - Heart of Midlothian, striker, contract till 2020 Coaching Staff Squad in 2019/2020 as of (26th March 2019) https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/glasgow-rangers/kadernaechstesaison/verein/124
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    Hastie deal back on it seems, looks like a u turn their end or that’s certainly latest rumour! Wonder why I don’t say much anymore Stewart deal still looking extremely likely, if not done it’s heading towards that Souttar interest is real but asking price & Hearts make it unlikely
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    Was mis-used after his first season at Ibrox, where he essentially had Arfield`s job in supporting the attack. Made many decent runs into the box and had a healthy goal and assist return. As our defence became ever more vulnerable, he did the donkey work in midfield for ages then, hampering his forward movement. That`s how I see it. Come this summer, he will have Docherty and Arfield all vying for that slot, possibly other chaps too. As we have seen, seasons can be long and with Europe coming early again, one wonders what will happen to him till the end of the transfer window. In any case, no bad word about him will come from this Bear. He`s one of the few lights that shone during our return to the top, came when we needed him and gave his all.
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    But that ain’t the problem. We fail against Aberdeen & Kilmarnock etc. because they sit in and defend hoping to get us on the break or from dead ball. Celtc play more attacking style which suits us more. We really need someone to unlock a packed defence, not easy to get or cheap.
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    Please add Greg Stewart to the ‘in’ rumours 👀
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    I should not post this, it being the 1st of April. However, I am flying back from Mallorca late afternoon and prefer to hand out the plaudits before my ageing mind forgets. I watched BBC Sportscene this morning. Mikey Stewart played a blinder. He absolved Scott Brown of any wrongdoing, despite being integral to three of the game's flash points. Jonathon Sutherland mentioned Gerrard being the subject of sectarian chanting, then showed Ryan Kent palming off Broonaldo. Mikey was unequivocating, "the Compliance Officer will take action on that". The sectarian chanting aimed at both Gerrard and Jimmy Bell was NOT worthy of a Mikey monologue on strict liability, in fact he ignored it. I am positive our Justice Minister, Humza Yousef will do likewise, despite sitting in those comfy green leather seats of the north stand. Jonathon was most agitated about pitch invasions after Rangers goals at Livi' and St Johnstone; he ignored a Sellik Steward being injured in yesterday's game, due to Green Brigaders spilling over. Humza will ignore this too, he was too busy celebrating himself. Strict Liability is going to require considerable elasticity, to ensure those in green'n'grey hoops and Dandy Dons singing about Gerrard/Bell/Ibrox Disaster are not strictly liable; you cannot always rely on awkward and inconvenient evidence being lost by Humza? Finally, a BIG shout out to Big Dick. After driving back to my pied a terre, I switched on BBC Radio Scotland through my satelite connection; to hear Big Dick purring over the actions of Scott Brown. He chuckled, recalling, "he is a player enjoying himself, Scott Brown doing the Broony". Getting your kicks by proxy! Only seven months to go, but I foresee the PQ Christmas Party being regaled by all our favourite broadcasters paying necessary homage, 'a mass Broony'. Well, it's either that, or another Mikey Stewart monologue on strict liability. PS : Did anyone at PQ think Tav' should have been awarded a penalty?
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    Just ripped off our blog & twitter last month tbf 😂 Hastie is done shinnie not ‘even on radar’ is our official position apparently
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    I had a discussion with an associate who, whilst being a reasonably intelligent guy, follows them ardently and is brainwashed to their cult group think. I seen his head almost explode though when bringing this one up on him: He was banging on about Israel and I questioned him as to why he hated them so much. Him: “Israel is a foreign invader and have no right to be there, it’s not their home land”. Me: “So if a group of people aren’t indigenous, they shouldn’t have the right to set up home somewhere else?” Him: “no, it’s shocking, they way they persecute the Palestinians who are the true people of the land is shocking too”. Me: “you do realise that Celtic and their fans are the Israel of Scotland?” Him: “what absolute rubbish”. Me: “Well the Celtic fans with their hatred for the country they now reside in and alleigance to Ireland makes them the non-indigenous people, say, invaders. They have no wish to assimilate with the local people or their customs, they openly discuss the ultimate goal of wiping out the indigenous population and support violence against them. In what was does that make them different to what your perceived hatred of Israel is based on?”. Him: “The Irish had to come over because of the potatoe famine. They had no choice”. Me: “So the extermination of millions of Jews in the world’s worst case of ethnic cleansing isn’t justification for finding somewhere new to live?” Him: TIMPLOSION Celtic - The Israel of Scotland.
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    The Moral Compass. The nation's Jiminey Cricket, Michael Stewart waded into Alex McLeish's sacking last night on BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound. He was speaking on behalf of his constituency, the Tartan Army. Of course, Michael's hoped for constituency was Edinburgh West, he lost the prospective parliamentary candidate race for the SNP, to Michelle Thomson. Since we are getting all moral compass, let's hope Michael did not purchase a property from Michelle? Anyways, on behalf of the Tartan Army, Michael stated a main objection to McLeish was, "he is a recipient of an EBT". The only other two I have heard utilising this reasoning on the same means, are DrStu' and Jum Spence. We have to admire the moral fortitude of the PQ Triumvirate, having to share both studios and broadcast air time with both Billy Dodds and Stephen Thompson. Both are recipients of EBTs. Particularly, Michael sharing that Sportscene studio twice a week with Thommo; we should pray for Michael. Let's hope Thommo's immorality never runs interference with all that exposure Michael is receiving? Talking of DrStu', he failed to trap for yesterday's BBC Radio Scotland's Media Review. His appearance was not necessary, the other regular contributor, Dr Eamonn O'Neill quoted DrStu' twice during the elongated discussion on the Kezia Dugdale/Rev' Stuart Campbell defamation case. DrStu's oft' repeated objection to McLeish's appointment, was his refusal to, "give up his big house in Fulham". DrStu' was consistent, in that he objected to Gordon Strachan refusing to give up his big house in Hampshire. He demanded the national coach lives in Scotland. Both good Doctors were anxious to broadcast their view that the Rev' Stuart Campbell did NOT loose the defamation case, or that Wings Over Scotland was not the loser. Dr Eamonn quoted DrStu', "you must remember, there is Wings Over Scotland and there is the Reverend Stuart Campbell, Stuart can be a bit spikey". We can only assume DrStu' has failed to factor in the Grid Magnetic Angle whilst setting his moral compass, the Rev' Stuart has a big house in Bath. Obviously, residents of Somerset are exempt, you need to live here to manage Scotland, but you can pontificate constantly on every aspect of the nation's administration from the Georgian town these last thirty years. Staying on the moral course and paraphrasing Dr Eamonn, 'there's Trainspotting and there's Irvine Welsh'. DrStu' loves dearest Irvine, continually lionises his literary works. I agree, Trainspotting is a literary triumph. We must state right from the off, Irvine has at least two big houses, one in Chicago and the other in Dublin. Like the Rev', he has been away from Scottish shores for over a quarter of a century. Irvine touched base this week, a fellow Hibee was shot dead outside his home in Chester Street, Edinburgh. Bradley Welsh appears to be a much rehabilitated character, from football casual to boxing gym proprietor to actor? Although, today's press are claiming inability to look after £130,000 of drugs was the reasoning for the shooting. Irvine Welsh issued a heartfelt tribute, indeed he claimed his heart was broken at the news. This is not an attempt to intrude upon private grief, it is an on going query on Irvine Welsh's punk rock band of 1976, 'Stairway 13'? Will DrStu' reveal Irvine's inspiration/stimulation for the name? I would ask Irvine again, but he is unreliable in his claims eg he claims to be sixty years of age, but police records have evidence of another birth certificate stating a 1951 date of birth. I hope Stairway 13 did not play Markinch, that really would be heartbreaking. Finally, Angela Haggerty claimed on BBC Radio Scotland's Shereen Nanjiani show recently, "the IRA are a defunct organisation". I wonder if Angela would care to tell that to the family of fellow Journalist, Lyra McKee? She was shot dead last night in the Creggan area of Londonderry by the IRA. Go on Angela, set your moral compass and, 'Call it Out'.
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    On the plus side this result may see Lennon get their job full time. I think he’s a shite manager so hopefully they keep him. when down to 10 we were the better team, comfortably IMO, and looked the more likely to score again. Thos result will do nothing but paper over the cracks for them. They’re garbage but we make them look better than they are at times. Gerrard’s a smart guy and having now had a full season will know exactly what we need.
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    I suspect there might be an old firm coming up soonest? Humza out campaigning today, tomorrow he will take his usual seat in Sellik Park's north stand. He will not hear the singing, will not see the effigies hanging by their necks, and knows if anything awkward occurs, he can rely on the evidence being conveniently lost.
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    In association with Gersnet’s very own weekly pod we have started a 4lads version with myself as host Available on all Gersnet usual channels & a huge thanks to @Frankie & @Big Jaws for their invaluable help Joining me this month is Chris Jack & Andy Little. We discuss Andy's career at Rangers, all the season stuff and all the summer speculation! It’s worth it alone to hear Chris and Andy’s input, I was extremely nervous! 😂 I hope you all enjoy and I hope it brings more people to this fantastic website and regular weekly podcasts - you guys have welcomed me in and been fantastic- Thank you all 👏 Hope you enjoy our podcast ! 🔴⚪️🔵
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    Have spoke to enough to seem convinced on Hastie, Stewart is a 3 year deal he apparently signed yesterday! Huge transfer stories on the first ever 4lads pod tonight
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    McGregor Tavernier - Goldson - Worrall - Barasic Jack - Kamara Candeias - Arfield - Kent Morelos
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    McCoist's judgement of players, and hence of their values, is, at best questionable, as the experience of his signings bitterly tells us. Actually, McCoist lost me when he declared that "The Club must be punished", and followed that claptrap with continuing pronouncements in simlar vein, that (he surely knew) those who wished the Club naught but the worst wanted to hear.
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    wot about Kenny Miller? still banging them in at the highest level (in scotland) used to play for Rangers so knows the club inside out and knows what it's all about
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    Back in 2015 our research, gleamed from the records at the Mitchell Library, confirmed that a James Wilson who was trainer at Rangers from 1897 until 1914 and a respected individual who also worked tirelessly with the building process of our great Club, had died suddenly after a bout of double pneumonia in 1914 at 21 Princes Street in Govan aged 52 , and was buried at Craigton Cemetery. Bill Struth who was trainer at Clyde at this time was actually offered Mr Wilson’s job at Rangers but he refused to take another man’s place at our Club, that was to change upon the sudden passing of Mr Wilson. The Club had actually organised a benefit match for Mr Wilson against Everton at Ibrox only a week before he passed. While James Wilson was trainer at Rangers our Club won: 7 League Titles 2 Scottish Cups 8 Glasgow Cups 6 Glasgow Charity Cups. We were to discover Mr Wilson’s stone at Craigton Cemetery and were incredibly fortunate that although sadly it was off it’s plinth it was lying on the grass inscription side up. A real chill went through us as we cleared the earth and moss from James Wilson’s stone and the words ‘’Trainer of Rangers’’ emerged. Since then our Restoration team placed new foundations, put the memorial back in place, cleaned and re-lettered the stone. James Wilson played a very important role in the success of Rangers and we thought it would be appropriate to place a plaque at the base of his stone highlighting his achievements at our Club. That work was carried out yesterday. The plaque was funded by our Restoration of Rangers Graves Project. James Wilson. Gone but not forgotten.
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    It is galling to me to watch so called "Rangers men" such as Ferguson, McCulloch and Boyd absolutely lay the boot into everything Rangers for their 30 pieces of silver... whilst at the same time a life-long Hibs fan, Kevin Thomson, is showing them what it actually means to respect the club that gave the best years of your career to them. KT has been a Hibbee since a kid, has season tickets for him and his 2 sons, played for Hibs for free (twice), was their development coach for free and will proudly tell you he is a Hibs fan. However..... don't ask him to put the boot into Rangers for the sake of it, or for those same 30 pieces of silver, because it wont happen. He will, however, criticize - which is fair enough when warranted. He's not even a Rangers fan, but he defends us far, far more than these so-called "Rangers men" ever have.
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    Hauptmann Hilarity! Captain Haggerty was aboard the good vessel 'PQ' on Saturday morning last, once again as a guest of Skipper, Shereen Nanjiani. The first hour saw Shereen's firm hand on the tiller, 'PQ' was navigating calm waters. Last week's victims of sectarianism in Scottish football were Steve Gerrard as a result of Aberdeen supporters and Derek McInnes claiming Sellik fans had aimed similar vile abuse at him. A convenient smoke screen was blown, no need for Angela and her pressure group, 'Call it Out' to comment. The final half hour had the vessel reacting to white water and strong bitter currents, the decision to prosecute 'soldier F' was to be discussed, particularly the Government's decision to pay for said Para's legal defence. If you have ever wondered how far you can stretch an HND in Journalism from Cardonald College? Hauptmann Hilarity grabbed the wheel when Shereen posed this question, "Shreiber wrote in the Times this week, if we forgive the IRA, we must forgive the soldiers"? Angela called for full steam ahead in her retort, "the British Army represents the British state, it's about going forward. The British Army will continue to represent the British state. The IRA no longer exists, as of the Good Friday agreement, it is defunct". Now, Angela co-founded her anti-catholic pressure group, Call it Out' with Jeanette Findlay. Jinty is a long term Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Administrator at the University of Glasgow. The Police confirmed last week that the letter bombs sent from the Dublin area to a number of British targets, including Glasgow Uni', were viable and emanated from a code word verified organisation called the IRA. A defunct organisation is attempting to blow up Jinty's place of work? Jinty is on record as calling members of the IRA, "the bravest of the brave". So far, Jinty has not commented upon her colleagues in the Uni' mail room, that would constitute solidarity. BBC Scotland allowed Angela to spout such crass nonsense without comment.
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    Craig is right, Jake's dad and his family are Tims but he only used to go to certain games, like big name CL games and cup finals and sometimes took his son. I rarely seen Jake with a hoops top on when he was young and was always playing or training from a very young age, they pushed him hard but it paid off. His mum's side are Rangers fans but she wasn't really interested in football apart from Jake playing and her family never visited much, don't think they were close. His dad told me both Rangers and Celtic tried to sign him but like Craig said Celtic didn't go through the official route but thought they would get him cheap. Rangers done things the right official way but they turned both down as he wanted to stay more local and have more of a chance breaking into the first team. His dad always said he would have no problem with his son playing for Rangers if the money was right. A really nice family,. I've not bumped into them for a while but if Jake signs I will be going to see him and wind him up a bit 😀 He looks a good prospect but still has a long way to go, I just hope he gets game time if he signs!
  27. 4 points
    Out of order IMO It's Kilmarnocks prerogative and they want to celebrate their 150th anniversary. Respect it and let them get on with it. And if it angers our support that they might miss out why would we then consider not taking up a full allocation in the future ?
  28. 4 points
    Many disagreed, but I thought Davis has been good the last few games.
  29. 4 points
    The biggest difference between strict liability and the recently repealed offensive behaviour act is that the one they didn’t like was the law and the courts & PF generally didn’t discriminate. Strict liability will be run by the scum for the scum within football, so can be as biased as the compliance officer is and only see/hear/scrutinise what Radio Scotland/Sportscene/Daily Rhebel push for punishment, and ignore anything done by green brigade and the like.
  30. 4 points
    It's a shame that he got punished for showing passion and for being unwilling to accept a pathetic performance against Celtic, unlike others at the club.
  31. 4 points
    Mon the animals
  32. 4 points
    Seen this on television news,made me smile:- "Rwanda" suspected rhino poacher trampled to death by elephants and eaten by lions nature getting its own back.😃
  33. 4 points
    Got my Ks mixed up I meant Kamara shame on you for making a fool of an old man in his doddering years
  34. 4 points
    Have to admit, due to family commitments, I didn't start watching Sunday's Old Firm match until the second half. All things considered, it seems I got the better deal as, despite Morelos' sending off, Rangers outplayed Celtic for much of the second period and only another schoolboy error on our part cost us at least a deserved point. Unfortunately the outcome was all too familiar. OK, we've not lost a huge amount of games this season but we have dropped too many points. And, far too often, this has been the result of indiscipline and unforced errors. In fact, we've not won now in five games and in every match we've given away crucial goals which weren't just avoidable but bordering on the completely ridiculous. From the two errors in possession which cost us goals on Saturday (albeit finished well by Celtic) to poor goalkeeping, daft square passes, being caught on the ball and giving away daft penalties, the sheer number of crazy mistakes of late must have the manager tearing his hair out. Add in suspensions now for Morelos, Halliday and Kent, we're now without three important players just as the fixtures become even harder. What makes all this all the more difficult to swallow is the fine margins. Sure, we've not been playing that well recently and we still struggle up against compact defences but we're clearly not far off being more than a decent side ourselves. The football at times (see our equaliser at the weekend) is fantastic and we do show some excellent character when least expected. Take away some of the sillier mistakes and the indiscipline then we may have taken better advantage of what has been a fairly average Celtic outfit this campaign. No matter, what if's don't stand up to much scrutiny so we are where we are and we need to end this win-less run now if we're to consolidate second position this season and take any sort of solace from another barren year. Tonight at Ibrox we host Hearts so it's another tough game against a side that always enjoy the physical aspect and, as they showed on Saturday in their win over Aberdeen, won't have any worries in facing us. Even if they're missing a few key players themselves - particularly the impressive Uche Ikpeazu who suffered concussion late in their Dons win - Hearts always put up stiff opposition so we can expect a tricky game. In terms of our team, losing Morelos and Halliday restricts the manager's options quite severely. Up front, the Colombian has obviously supplied the majority of our goals and with neither Jermain Defoe or the rarely seen Kyle Lafferty showing up too often due to Morelos' PotY form their lack of sharpness is all too obvious. Opting for one or both these players tonight will be key to the system we deploy: will it be our default 4-3-3 with Lafferty in a more withdrawn role or two in attack which may suit these players better? Meanwhile Borna Barisic is again injured so it seems Jon Flanagan may be brought in from the cold for the left back position. Lee Wallace is even further out of the picture so it's unlikely the former club captain will make a return tonight against his old club. Apparently Ryan Kent has appealed his two game ban so should be available this evening which is one small comfort for Steven Gerrard. After those key decisions, the manager may also be tempted into further changes. Joe Worrall again looked uncertain on Sunday so Niko Katic may be preferred whilst the dynamic of the midfield, given the opposition, the venue and our chosen formation, may see a McCrorie, Candeias or Jack drop out in favour of Kamara or Davis. Whatever the team, the pressure is on Rangers tonight. Although most fans appreciated the way we reacted to adversity at the weekend, more dropped points would cause real concern in the rank and file. Killie look strong behind us and we can't afford any gap to shorten further as the post-split fixtures are about to be decided. This Rangers team need to knuckle down now and supply results as well as performances. Cutting out the mistakes - both in terms of reacting to moronic opposition players and with respect to our decision-making on and off the ball, will go a long, long way. Possible team (4-3-3):
  35. 4 points
    Pretty sure they both criticised Morelos for being stupid in the way he tangled with Scott McKenna at Pittodrie. The circumstances were almost similar, in that Morelos' momemtum took him into Mckenna. The difference was Alfy tried to avoid stamping his foot down, whereas Brown doesn't. Brown "knows what he is doing" and it should have been a booking, yet none were given. But Morelos is stupid and deserved his red,.. the mental gymnastics and double standards are obvious to anyone who cares to pay attention. And thats before you consider that Morelos took a kick to the face in retaliation.
  36. 4 points
    There is a monotonous regularity in talking heads appearing on BBC mediums, having a gratuitous pop at Rangers/Rangers supporters, then rushing to claim victim status. Well done Nicola, just over a week, and to claim victim hood on the morning of an old firm game too. Nice bit of symmetry.
  37. 4 points
    Now we know where Bill and Gonzo got to !
  38. 4 points
  39. 4 points
    The idea that we could have signed Ryan Kent for 2M or so was always fantasy. Three things 1. We'll only get those type of players from the English market on loan 2. We have to explore other markets where you get more for your money 3. We have to start pushing are own promising youngsters where possible and giving them the chance to improve quickly
  40. 4 points
    Going into the game on the 29th of December all the signs pointed to our squad running on empty but SG decided to gamble on the fitness of several players, partly down to the winter break allowing a window for recovery.... He galvanised the spirit and determination of the team and we beat them for the first time for a while. Unless Halliday has his leg hanging off, I think he'll play and I'm sure will have the right attitude for the game. As many have mentioned, the midfield is where the decisions are for SG&Co. My only two words on it are.........Play McCrorie
  41. 4 points
    Eh ? Rangers never had any players playing in that game last night.... Or is that his point ? Either way, it is every other club in the SPL who voted us out the league who should be ashamed of what they've done to Scotland. Jim White is merely a parody these days.
  42. 4 points
    Another traveller on the irony bypass.
  43. 4 points
    Barisic goal https://streamja.com/6wQV
  44. 4 points
    Back in the day the number on the player's shirt designated his position. Ergo ... 1 goalkeeper Ritchie 2 right back Shearer 3 left back Caldow 4 right half Greig 5 centre half McKinnon 6 left half Baxter 7 right winger Scott 8 inside right MacMillan 9 centre forward Millar 10 inside left Brand 11 left winger Wilson The centre half played between the right back and the left back, with one or both of the inside forwards joining the half backs in midfield. Eventually this evolved to one of the half backs( usually the RH) playing behind the centre half as a sweeper, with the other half back joining both inside forwards in midfield. This was Sir Alf Ramsey's, he managed England to their world cup in '66, preferred formation - 4_3_3.
  45. 4 points
    Dear Gonzo Thanks for getting in touch regarding our reporting on 12 March. We note your comments unhappy that a song directed at Steven Gerrard by Aberdeen fans, during Rangers v Aberdeen, wasn’t reported that evening. In choosing which issues, incidents and talking points to cover across our output each time, our teams base their decisions on the editorial merits of each, taking into account various factors. These are judgement calls rather than an exact science, and we therefore appreciate the feedback that audiences give us when they feel a newsworthy issue or incident has been overlooked. The coverage of recent issues around sectarian abuse and anti-social behaviour at Scottish football games has been fair, and by no means limited to one club. The subject of sectarian singing had been a major talking point again after abuse received by Kris Boyd and Steve Clark – and their respective public comments about that abuse. Our coverage has also recently discussed this issue in broader terms, across Scottish football, asking what, if anything, the authorities, clubs and fans can do about this issue. With regards to coverage of this particular game, unfortunately we are not broadcasting from Ibrox at present due to an ongoing dispute with Rangers, so rely on pictures and sound from our partner broadcasters. In the case of Rangers v Kilmarnock, the issue of sectarian singing was highlighted by Kilmarnock manager Steve Clarke’s post-match comments. However, for the reasons outlined above, in the case of Rangers v Aberdeen on 12 March we were unaware of this issue at the time of broadcast. That said, we have subsequently reported, across our output, the Police involvement; for example: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47576091 And on the early and late evening editions of Reporting Scotland on 14 March: “Police Scotland are to investigate reports of sectarian chanting aimed at Rangers manager Steven Gerrard by Aberdeen fans. The alleged incident came during the Pittodrie side’s Scottish Cup quarter-final replay win at Ibrox on Tuesday. Police Scotland say they "are aware of this matter and enquiries are ongoing".” We hope this is helpful, and thanks again for contacting us. Your comments have been registered on our daily audience log, an internal document made available to all our production teams and senior BBC management. Kind regards BBC Complaints Team
  46. 3 points
    Well this was a major disappointment wasn't it! 24 points out of 36, and our title challenge is over, partly because the tims done what we couldnt and push on after the break and window. (Well done to @BEARGERwho got the 24 points spot on!!) 7 victories were all impressive, scoring 26 goals and conceding 2, but we couldnt win any of the games that were close, the 3 draws with St Johnstone, Hibs and Kilmarnock all being very frustrating and you simply have to be picking up those points, as well as the simply awful defeat at Rugby park first game back, and the hurtful way we lost in the OF game. Could have/ would have/ should have. A hugely missed opportunity. Not that it matters, but to finish the season off lets see what we think for the final 5. Given the inconsistent season, I will go for 3 wins a draw and a defeat for 10 points. What say you, bears?
  47. 3 points
    The frustrating 11 is different from the 'I just didn't like them 11'. Frustration suggests players you thought should have done more, didn't give us what we thought they could or would. So here goes... Oleg Kuznetsov - bloody hammer throwers... Basil Boli - Boli genuinely looked like one of the best defenders in the world at Marseille, he looked like he'd won a competition to appear on the pitch when at Rangers. Bruno Alves - What a CV, what a disappointment. Joey Barton - could also make it into the disliked 11, but he had ability, he just didn't seem to have it anymore. Niko Kranjcar - we were building a midfield around him, we built a medical centre around him instead Vladimir Weiss - possibly the most frustrating player we've had in recent years. Fast, great at taking a man on, total inability to know when to pass, shoot or cross. 99% of his runs led to nothing. Charlie Miller - literally one of the best players in the world when he was 16, ended up a Dundee Utd player, what an utter waste of talent. Duncan Ferguson - Should have been a Rangers legend, had a side built around him, led the line for club and country, terrified defences across Europe. Went to prison instead. Derek Ferguson - all the talent, all the ability but a dodgy shoulder and some poor lifestyle choices. Kyle Lafferty - still the most frustrating player. It's there, he shows it in glimpses, then it vanishes for months on end. Seb Rozenthal - Our first South American forward when South Americans were still exotic and exciting. Was probably hugely popular with the nurses in Ross Hall...
  48. 3 points
    Strict Liability = Selective Liability.
  49. 3 points
    Paranoia includes being irrational Ian. Nothing you have said above is irrational therefore you are not paranoid. This shit is really happening!
  50. 3 points
    The Hearts player who grabbed hold of Worral and threw him to the ground! imagine if that had been Morelos or any Rangers player? would our player have been sent off or booked?
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