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    I, for one, will certainly defer to your experiences that I don't have but, for what it's worth, I do believe that Rangers have tried to build bridges in recent years (hence the appointment of Stewart Robertson rather than a more aggressive personality) and haven't got far in terms of said aim. In fact, when it comes to the media and, indeed, in the Scottish political arena, stakeholders have doubled down on their approach to us and we've all seen the content aimed at Morelos in particular which goes beyond the constructive criticism that player has merited on occasion. Meanwhile, politician after politician from councillor level to the upper levels of Scottish Government have not treated Rangers in the same way they would other football clubs. Indeed, we only need look at the reaction to this appointment, where DG's religious and political beliefs are talked about more than his skillset which seems fairly good to this layman. You say we don't know the identity of other club's spokespeople which is a fair comment but that's because other clubs don't suffer from the same scrutiny that we do - which is often unfairly negative and certainly without balance. At the very basic level, there wouldn't even be discussion of another club's change of PR, never mind drilling down to their personal preferences which, should be unrelated to the job. As such, why not go on the offensive for a change? Why not stand our ground? Why not put ourselves first? Ultimately the guy could be good or could be bad - we just don't know. I'd simply suggest we give him time for us to find out. But, one thing I'll guarantee in any case, there will be no building of bridges towards us, no matter who is our PR.
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    If the new head of PR was a RC and a member of the SNP then the press wouldn't mention it. Apparently being a Protestant and a unionist is some sort of crime in modern Scotland that the press have to emphasise someone's political and religious views and suggest that they are unsuitable for a job because of it. Imagine the uproar if someone was branded unsuitable for a non-religious job because they were a RC and a nationalist. Neil Cameron is a bigot.
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    As usual the story has been sensationalised for clicks The truth is he is investing, part of the share issue as we were told He isn’t investing £20m and he isn’t buying out King etc He is a new investor, it is new money and it is good news but the rest is sensational bullshit The share issue will be announced very soon, best to wait until then because stories of new ‘sugar daddy’s’ and spin is completely unfair on everyone in the support
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    I'm sure I'm not alone in despairing at the rise of disrespect and self-interest that's flourished in this country over the last 50 years, deeply fragmenting so of much of our social fabric. We live in an increasingly divided and adversarial society, where identity politics has poisoned almost every corner of our lives, where it's cool to be a victim and our status comes from blaming and condemning others. Well here's a chance to fight back and change things. Not by out-blaming the blamers but by caring for our neighbours, assuming personal responsibility for our own actions and how they affect the wider community. Instead of panic buying and resenting the intrusion of this virus into our own lives, here's a chance to do something we haven't seen much of for a very long time - to stop complaining and start caring for others, instead of obsessing about ourselves. There are a hell of a lot of older and less able people who are going to have an enormous challenge just getting by over the next few months. Almost every one of us can help them in some way and we need to start doing so. Whether it's by minimising their risk of infection by taking ourselves out of circulation as much as possible or by actively supporting them to stay safe and reducing their loneliness. It isn't political and it isn't defined by anything other than humanity and common decency. There are help groups springing up all over the country - join them or start your own but let's change for the better.
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    I genuinely don't believe they can relegate Hearts any more than crown Celtic winners on the matches still to be played. This is unprecedented circumstance and is unlikely ever to be repeated and there should be no winners or losers. I should have added as fans we did not pay for our season tickets to have to accept being shafted by the authorities. I would hope the club would be making their and our feelings known. We should not be rolling over and handing them a title without winning it.
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    The Chairman Souness idea is just daft. Not because he's past it or because he's not a Rangers man ... but because he's not an experienced board chairman. Nor is there any sense in this idea that the chairman needs to have financial pull. He doesn't. That's a mentality that became entrenched under the Murray dictatorship when one man ran the club and personally took all major decisions. That's not the role of a chairman in any normal corporate structure. In many cases the chairman doesn't even have any executive role in the company. His role as chairman is to ensure the board fulfils its legal, fiscal and corporate obligations and to ensure board meetings are conducted Ian effective manner. There's no benefit as I see it for the chairman to have Rangers connections. Good if he does but someone who has experience running successful companies or financial institutions would be acceptable. The person who needs to have financial pull is usually the finance director but it can be anyone on the board and is often a non-executive director appointed by the board for that specific reason. That's not to say there isn't a place for Graeme Souness on the Rangers board. In my mind he would make a good appointment as a non exec director, not because he used to be our manager but because of his media and international football connections. All of the above depends of course on Rangers having adopted a normalised form of governance and has ditched any residual structures from the Murray years.
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    This virus is changing every day so government's advice will change every day I personally think the government's done a decent job .
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    I don't see it possible to extend the league. Teams will have players whose contracts are up at the end of the season. Come the end of May, or before, they are offski. Clubs may not have the resources to renew short term contracts and players may not be willing either. Opening the transfer window before 9 June isn't correct either as clubs can then buy themselves out of trouble. The whole thing is a mess and it just needs to be declared null and void.
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    Some excerpts from an interesting article “The Battle Ahead” by Dr Max Pemberton in The Spectator, 28 March, 2020: “Trusts in the NHS declared a ‘major incident’ on the evening of the announcement, and emergency plans swung into action within hours. By the time I came into work the next morning, managers, who had been up all night, had already started to implement profound changes to the way in which the hospital and services were run, and this continued over the following days. It was replicated in every hospital across the country. We’re braced, now, for whatever might hit us.” “Decisions that used to take months or even years because of endless pointless form-filling and meetings are now made in less time than it takes to boil a kettle.” “Red tape is now nonexistent. It’s nothing short of extraordinary.” “An NHS infamous for its bureaucracy is now behaving like a Silicon Valley startup: if you can show that it will help patients and get the service ready, then it’s green-lit. Just get on with it. Many of us have noted that this is how it should have been in the health service all along — but somewhere along the line the apparatchiks took over and stifled innovation. Not any longer. It’s been fascinating to watch staff rise to the occasion, natural leaders taking charge in place of those we can now see were just paper-pushers. It’s also become apparent how so many of the managerial jobs are unnecessary or redundant now that the chips are really down. Perhaps this will create a culture shift in the health service that makes it more focused on outcomes and patients’ care and less interested in the labyrinthine and suffocating administration.” “A friend who works in intensive care called me a few days ago: ‘We’ve created an entirely new intensive care unit, from scratch, on a ward.’ This kind of thing would normally take months — if not years — of planning. They did it in 48 hours.” Shows what can be done
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    Would it stop the spitting on our scarves, the wiping of the noses on our corner flags, the hanging effigies, the use of the H word, the refusal to even say our name? No! There has been no respect shown to our club and that attitude will continue, no matter what we do. Rather than show respect and gratitude, Celtic and Lawwell would laugh at us for being weak, and continue to try and destroy us. There's no way we should hand Celtic the title.
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    Producers produce ....... Early last week, I was reading the Herald online. The standard of Journalism on the old blat has been in steady decline for a couple of decades. Often, there is more informed opinion to be found in the Readers Comments section underneath most articles. On a piece about the financial mayhem awaiting most Scottish clubs during these estranged times, the writer suggested clubs could do worse than pay attention to Rangers conduct through, 'the Journey'. Immediately, I thought click bait for the haters; of which the Herald has many. There was mild surprise on my part after clicking on the readers comments. The first comment was a paragraph of absolute hate that began, "I was a Producer at BBC Scotland for many years ...............". Recalling his time at Hamilton Gardens/PQ, the contributor vented his memories of 2012 and the mess left behind by Rangers and their use of EBTs. I thought he would mention Rangers not receiving their monies for finishing runners-up after the ten point deduction and demand that those monies should be paid out this season, a lesson learned? No, Peter Broughan was too busy articulating his hate to do comparisons. Peter Broughan was top of the tree in Beeb Scotland, he produced 'Only a Game', 'Your Cheating Heart', 'Tutti Frutti' ......................................, etc. He also teamed up with fellow Yahoo, Michael Caton-Jones to produce the Hollywood financed film, 'Rob Roy' starring Liam Neeson. I was glad no Rangers supporter, nor supporter of another club took Peter to task for his Sevco, EBT, and new club rant. He is the epitome of an approaching his seventieth year Yahoo, in the wilderness facing uncertainty, and holding on to his one true thing for grim life - his overwhelming hatred of Rangers. He doesn't want to move over to allow younger Yahoos an opportunity to vent hatred, his right to spit venom must always be practised. Yesterday at PQ, our national broadcaster placed the megaphone in the hands of Pat Boner, Kris Commons, John Hartson, Tom English, Michael Stewart, .............. etc. Today, it's been John Hartson and Gordon Strachan. The undercurrent is Sellik must be awarded the title. Beeb Scotland do not speak to Rangers supporters, thus it becomes a bit awkward for them when Rangers supporters contributions to a debate are required for the purposes of balance. No problem, PQ has numerous Presenters who have numerous friends who support Rangers. These notional Rangers supporters are leaned upon, often. This weekend is about encouragement to Rangers supporters, we had, "there are even Rangers supporters who are willing to cede the title to Celtic to move the game on". John Hartson was magnanimous, "if Rangers admit Celtic as Champions, they would receive a lot of credit". The bitterness and vitriol all lies with Rangers and their supporters, opines Kris. It's convenient to have these notional Bears, it's like DrStu' back in the day claiming Rangers would complete their journey playing in front of an average of 8,000 fans. His rational was most Gers supporters were/are glory hunters and would not put up with the reality of a mediocre Rangers. Further, he knew three Rangers supporters who were long term season ticket holders and they were not returning because they believed Rangers to be a different, new club. Other highlights were Michael Stewart and Fraser Wishart(now head of the Players Union) having a ding dong. Fraser objected to Michael's line of questioning. It must be getting harder for Producers at the Beeb to find folk to come on, just because Stewart has not had an argument with them? Tom English battered Hearts and Ann Budge. No longer worthy of praise, no longer a model club, and Tom regrets this. Tom did not articulate his real resentment, and he is speaking for the majority of PQ colleagues here; the real resentment in no longer being able to use, 'Hearts are a model club' is that it was weaponised to continually wield the big stick at Rangers and listening Rangers supporters. Don't worry, another stick will be found soonest. There was consensus on this season being finished, even if it means season 2020/2021 does not occur because of the time required to clear up the coronavirus situation. The Dandies grouping are still concerned about the Scottish Cup being completed, £3million among four clubs is much needed future finance. Self interest is catching, although no one knows notional Rangers supporters promoting blue tinged self interest? If they did, of course they would be labeled self serving selfish bastards. Today's BBC Scotland football web page has one result from lat February - Inverness CT 2 Rangers U21 1 and has an invitation to view text commentary of the 2016 Scottish Cup final. There's no mention of the aftermath. Further, there's a trumpeting of Hartson's demand for Rangers to be afforded, "huge respect" if they cede the title. I wonder, if ra Sellik were awarded the Championship, would Rangers receive their runners-up prize money? Would the 2012 monies be paid also? I am sure the PQ Producers can find enough notional Rangers supporters to comment upon such a notion? It will occur when one contributor finds the courage to say Rangers could win their game in hand and defeat ra Sellik home and away, leaving them 4 points behind with five to play. It's just a notion.
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    In 1939, a small local difficulty emerged in Europe; some went so far as to call it "The Emergency". The Scottish League was abandoned. Five (5) rounds of games had been completed, and Rangers was, of course, top. The League competition officially re-emerged in the 1946-47 season. The football authorities, with govt consent, set up Regional Leagues, comprising two leagues of 16 teams. Rangers won the Western Division, Falkirk the Eastern. There was a play off which Rangers won. It is at least arguable that the precedent is set for abandonment of this season's competition, no Championship may be awarded, nor winner declared. 1939–40 in Scottish football Division One champions Abandoned Division Two champions Abandoned Emergency league competition champions Rangers Scottish War Emergency Cup winners Rangers Junior Cup winners Maryhill
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    There's no doubt in my mind that devolution has delivered. There are now so many aspects of life in Scotland that wouldn't have been possible without an Assembly in Edinburgh. Twenty years since this transformation of governance has seen us acquire higher taxation than the rest of the UK, restricted entry to university for Scottish students, plummeting educational attainment in our schools, world leading drug deaths and the highest national deficit in Europe. We now build hospitals that we can't use or that kills its patients, we build ships that can't be finished, and bridges that have to close if it's cold. We teach our youngest children about sexual deviancy and our political leadership is dragged through our courts on accusations of rape and multiple sexual bullying. We ignore a paedophile ring operating for decades in a major football club and our government ministers engage in child grooming and sexual harassment. Our society is riven with bigotry and anglophobia, our flag is hijacked as a symbol of political polarisation and our national anthem boasts of oppression and victimhood. In almost every sense, devolution has had a negative effect on Scottish life. Isn't it time this costly and failing fantasy was washed away?
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    Cancel the Europa League and award the trophy to the team that has played most games in this season's competition - it's only fair......
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    The longer this has such a huge impact on Europe, the more I'm thinking pretty serious repercussions are in order. Life has ground to a halt and children will be adults before things get back to normal. Hopefully, globalism takes a serious hit and the UK government try to bring some manufacturing back to blighty.
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    I don't think there's any doubt that increasingly shelter upbringing due to over-parenting is denying children that most precious of characteristics ... resilience. Without a foundation of resilience it's inevitable that many fall over at the first hint of adversity. This manifests itself in the children but is a direct result of fear and low confidence in parenting, which in turn is a direct result of the sensationalism and appalling behaviour of the mainstream media over the last 50 years. One feeds on the other and accelerates in each generation, until now we are handing over the national reins to the most dysfunctional generation ever.
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    Brilliant. Hemingway would have taken 900 pages to do that. Blokes and dogs do fine then cats and women bugger it up.
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    Because the conversation/debate centred around quotes you used from the Chief Editor of the journal (which completely contradicted something he said a few weeks earlier). The prestige of the journal is a side matter.
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    Seems to me everything is going as planned, COVID-19 apart of course!. King stepped up and took the club back off the SPIVS, him & the 3 bears not only have done an excellent job I am in no doubt they saved Rangers and I think we all thank them for that for sure.
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    Totally agree I posted above before I read news and seen that King has officially stepped down so let's hope the successor carries on his good work and wish King thanks and best wishes.
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    I’d do worse than that. I’d give them the sprouts.
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    I have listened to the PM and as of tomorrow will be staying home. I do a school crossing patrol and having been told to attend, because of key workers kids/vulnerable kids, I safely crossed 3 dog walkers and approx 1/2 dozen adults. Having not quite reached 70(just over two months) I do not come under the vulnerable people age and know of some fellow wardens who have been told to stay off, Having had pneumonia last year and a diabetes2 illness I thank the PM for giving me reason to stop.
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    Seeing as this is a political thread in conjunction with COVID-19 I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been incredibly impressed with Rishi Sunak. Future Prime Minister in the making for sure. He’s doing a fine, fine job, regardless of the political party he represents.
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    The Bigot Test Is this an easy mistake to make? The cardinal sin of assumption Making her maiden speech this week, Sarah Dines, the Tory MP for Derbyshire Dales, said that one of the most important things politicians must learn was not to make assumptions. She mentioned one of her predecessors, Matthew Parris who, in the 1980s, tried to abolish imprisonment for prostitution. To make his case, he invited some ladies of negotiable affection to speak to a select committee and went to collect them from Central Lobby. "Are you the prostitutes from Birmingham?" Parris jauntily asked a likely crew. There was "an awful silence" before they coldly explained that they were, in fact, a Catholic women's group. Though he had identified their accents correctly.
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    Anyone who states that someone isn't suitable for a non-religious job because of their religious beliefs is a bigot in my book.
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    I didn't realise Rangers had contracted the DUP to act for us. As far as I can see he wears a Rangers shirt, not a DUP tie, and has renounced his political position. I never fails to amaze me how willing we are to allow the media to dictate the tone of what we think about this or anything else. Let's not be like the media goons who try to exploit us.
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    I don't think that there are any other former D.U.P. councilors working at Ibrox. As such we can be sure that his appointment will already have increased diversity.
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    Self Interest Dominates. It's plus ca change on the national broadcaster today. Forget Sporting Integrity, the usual suspects are going with self interest. Big Dick wants the season completed whenever that may be, all games in all competitions must be played. Amazingly, Derek McInnes said the same thing last night. Tam Cowan wants it suspended, thus Motherwell qualify for Europe. DrStu' wants it declared null and void, unless St Johnstone are allowed to play their game in hand(against us), gain three points and finish above Hibs. Apparently, worth another £150,000 on league placing. I could go on, but the epitome of self interest arose when DrStu' noted his Twitter feed was showing the German government had okayed a fund for paying Freelancers reporting on Sports and Arts. Big Dick was adamant Nicola Sturgeon must follow suit. DrStu' and Tam C chorused approval. Their standard of life comes before the state of Scottish football, ALWAYS.
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    Absolutely ridiculous. They are attempting to blackmail clubs into agreeing with the proposal by withholding funds for clubs. The association has an obligation to HELP clubs... yet here they are instead of simply saying "to help you out we will distribute the prize winnings early, based on current standings". Not sure too many would complain about that because, as has been said, the prize winnings are so skewed to the top 3 or 4 clubs that beyond that it will make little difference. They should then have had this proposal to finish the season "as it stands" as a separate resolution, not have the financial distribution to be dependent upon approving this proposal. Scottish football is run by the Keystone Cops. Amateur hour which is only surprising in the fact it is unsurprising.
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    I've always considered a lanyard to be a form of punishment rather than a unique selling point.
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    I would but much as I hope for the PM’s speedy and full recovery I’m not clapping for him or anyone else. Too much pointless flipper flapping nowadays.
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    Anyone who buys this rag today is a sick fuck!
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    Aye but maybe he’s lying and making it all up
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    I’m sorry but why the fuck are footballers treated any differently to any other man or woman , their contracts are exactly the same in principle , these people earn more in a week than some guys earn yearly , yet we some how feel sympathy for them or give them a bye . In situations such as the one we are going through they should be leading from the front , if things go badly across Europe , many will simply have their contracts ripped up as lucrative Tv deals are cancelled and clubs go to the wall. This is situation is not going to end anytime soon .Even when the infection rate slows , public gatherings will be slowly introduced and monitored, the idea that 50, 000 people can make their way to a single destination and interact with god know how many people is just ridiculous . UEFA have shown themselves up to be way behind the 8 ball on this one .
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    It has been suggested that the younger generation are more susceptible to genuine methal health issues because they have been less well prepared mentally in youth, i.e. they've been spoilt rotten. I think there is probably merit in that argument. Giving kids whatever they want and not making them work for anything has long term consequences. It's no coincidence that the generation who had a tougher upbringing are generally mentally tougher.
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    Lol. You post a "damning article" from Richard Horton wherein he says that the whole of NHS England management should resign after the crisis is over. That article is in complete contradiction to his own tweets just a couple of weeks prior. Should he also resign his position for doing a 180 degree turnaround within a couple of weeks. The same Richard Horton who lambasts NHS England management a couple of weeks prior said we shouldn't panic, it wasn't that big of a deal. So he, himself, should probably resign for getting it so wildly wrong himself in his "esteemed medical journal". Youre scoring a massive own goal here and, worse, youre actually oblivious to it and oblivious to the point being made.
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    Former Top Referee Blows Dog Whistle. These days, the bankrupt Wullie Miller earns a crust from constant outpourings on BBC Radio Scotland. Big Dick loves to lay out his achievements as Aberdeen's most successful Skipper, and regularly promotes Wullie's time on Aberdeen's Board as Director of Football, brings that special insight. Miller's managerial career is glossed over and his time as the country's best referee is only occasionally joked upon. The plethora of Dandies on the various shows worship at the altar of Wullie, and when Miller blows the dog whistle, everyone comes to heel. There's never any mention of Wullie's fish frying abilities. Twenty years past he took on a Harry Ramsdens franchise based at Aberdeen's south beach, and it tanked. Twice bankrupted, Wullie is the epitome of a bail out merchant. He is fortunate that a sympathetic crew of broadcasters allow him free reign. It's easy. he talks with authority because he is protected. Words such as morality, integrity, principle, probity, ...... etc trip off his tongue without fear of betrayal. These days, Aberdeen's chief investor is Dave Cormack, recently returned from the States to peruse the club's books. In the last 25 years, Aberdeen have had a historical debt of £19 million written off by a sympathetic bank. They have survived two legitimate relegations, beneficiaries of creative administrators. Further, they have persevered with a ground moving proposal that has allowed them to oversee a stadium that would NOT receive a safety certificate anywhere else in Scotland. Pittodrie is a toilet. Cormack's book learning has proved depressive, an unsuccessful manager exacerbates the situation. Cormack realises Aberdeen are a heartbeat away from misery, he uses the current bleak medical situation to moan about his club living beyond it's means. A cost of £5 million to survive the season's end, insurance running out next month, and the fantasy of moving stadium to be run out, AGAIN? Aberdeen's solution is to end the season as is, Sellik champions and Hearts relegated, and play out the Scottish Cup because there's £3 million prize money among four clubs. It's a hard sell, particularly if you went hard recently on all that bullsh1t about sporting integrity. The PR is fired up, Wullie is wheeled before the Aberdeen Evening Express, then gets to reinforce the current fantasy on the national broadcaster, because he can. Wullie says : 1. Ultimately, integrity has to be binned, hard pragmatism takes over. No one will be happy, tough times demand tough decisions. 2. Sellik are champions, Hearts have had a poor season and should be relegated. All clubs must ultimately accept these decisions. 3. The season cannot be declared null and void. 4. Three cup games are easy, play them next season allowing the four clubs access to much needed finance. 5. The legal route is Not the way to go. There you have it, Wullie the Voice of Reason. The voices of no reason on Saturday were once again, Tom English and Michael Stewart. Discussing Dave King's stepping down and Douglas Park taking over as interim Chairman is an invitation at PQ for sustained fcukwittery. Michael does not disappoint, he began with the accepted Beeb Scotland mantra, "forget about Europe". Yep, that's the rational, forget about 31 games in under two seasons, it upsets the arithmetic. Michael begins with, "Rangers are spending more than we earn", reminds us that, "Mike Ashley had the club nearly breaking even", and Dougie Park has been left with a huge ask. Further, Michael will be "astonished" if Rangers can find any fresh investment and is, "surprised" King has abandoned the club as this point. Tom concluded with the word, "uncertainty". I await Jum Spence shouting, 'contrition'?
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    I think the first action will be to stop any involvement of Huawei in our 5G core network. And whether consumers will stop buying cheap plastic shit from China remains to be seen.
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    Long but extremely well written article first published 4 days ago in 'The Atlantic' magazine. Some disturbing predictions including potentially 2.2 million Americans killed by covid 19 by the end of the Summer depending on how this crisis is handled. And given who is handling it i'm pessimistic. So far all we have seen from Trump is the standard lies, bluster, and bullshit till something else takes the focus which is usually fairly quickly. That's not going to be the case in this catastrophe so as I said, i'm pessimistic. I have never seen a thing but lies, bluster, and bullshit his entire tenure so don't envisage anything more in depth coming now. Babbling about imaginary walls, Mexicans, and making 'America great again' are of zero use. And that's all he has. That's pretty much all that got him elected. The article has a vast scope contemplating more than just the death toll of the virus. Things most of us or maybe even none of us think of when contemplating the virus. An example. "Incidents of domestic violence and child abuse are likely to spike as people are forced to stay in unsafe homes. Children, whose bodies are mostly spared by the virus, may endure mental trauma that stays with them into adulthood." The article is littered with links/sub links to more information including corroboratory information most of which I didn't include in my copy/paste job. Editor’s Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection HERE. How the Pandemic Will End The U.S. may end up with the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the industrialized world. This is how it’s going to play out. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/03/how-will-coronavirus-end/608719/
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    Shadim Hussain: "NHS officials told me Muslim households are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus. As the crisis develops, it’s likely that trauma will spread through communities whose shared culture is built around precisely the things the government has advised against. To those inside Muslim communities like me, this is shocking but not surprising. This needs to be recognised more broadly before it is too late. If Muslims feel let down, excluded or forgotten by the government response, there will be repercussions that last longer than the outbreak.". Does anyone else read that as, "Treat us as special and if you don't, we'll be angry about it.".
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    At last, several years after his brother, Bruce was relieved as Editor of the Blat, Gordon is resigned. As Rangers supporters, there are dozens of his columns that were offensive. Not his worse nut his line from a decade or so past summed him up, "Rangers, a club you would never tire of taking a brick to the face of". Gordon, cuddle that brick, I hope it brings you comfort?
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    My father used to tell me I'd never achieve anything. Now look at me....saving the world.
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    Snatched from FF, written by Beer Belly Loyal: https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/april-2005-m-oneill-was-spot-on.114375/
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    Hateley's at Elland Road in the first minute of same game.... the whole of Britain's media has said we had no chance of putting them out due to them being English Champions... after us winning 2-1 at Ibrox a couple of weeks prior (the Main Stand was literally bouncing that night)…. up steps Hateley in the first minute to hit a stunning volley into the top corner.... Cue "The Goalie" breaking Cantona's heart time after time after time.... and then that McCoist diving header..... What a night !
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    So you want to exclude members of the OO from your all inclusive policy? Bit of a contradiction there. It could be argued that the songs are from a loyalist culture. What's next? Should all loyalist/unionist/Protestants be banned from being employed by our club? As for the songs. We've heard them sung at away Euro games when Graham wasn't employed so it's really good nothing to do with him. I thought we'd got past worrying about people's religious beliefs as to whether they should be employed by us but obviously not.
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    PR has a reactive and proactive element to it. For the proactive side I feel a large part of it should be about rebuilding the influence a club the size and importance of Rangers should have. That needs to start with the SFA and the SPFL and UEFA. We should also look to have very strong relationships with the main sponsors, potential sponsors and broadcast/media partners for the various leagues and competitions we play in, ultimately they hold a lot of clout so should be a main focus for us. Follow the money, always follow the money. Secondly we should be looking to at least punch our weight politically and in greater civic society. That will require forming relationships with individuals and organisations within those realms. We’ve not been good at that for a while now, we need a very different strategy to what has gone before to see any improvements in this. In my experience politicians hate surprises and like to be be seen to have influence and be in the know. Facilitate that as much as we can, build relationships on a personal level and on a corporate level, no matter how unpopular that might be with some supporters. Thirdly the media. Whether we like it or not they influence and shape opinion. Anyone who thinks there are no Rangers supporters in the Scottish media is very wrong. There are also a number of people who are not Rangers supporters but are professional enough to do their jobs well. Without the media it is harder to build influence with sponsors for example. So somewhere along the way compromise needs to be found. Reactive PR generally requires excellent relationships with the media. For a football club negative PR tends to come from player or supporter behaviour. Having the ability to manage or control to some extent how that’s reported is essential. I think it's all very well keeping Rangers bloggers and podders onside, and they do have influence with the support, however whether we like it or not mainstream media hold far more sway with sponsors and governing bodies, we need them, for now at least. That’s my 20 minute PR strategy. Edit - to achieve that you need people who know the landscape and know the personalities in it. Ideally they've done some, or all of it before somewhere else. These people exist.
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    Good to see stock markets and sterling bounce a little today, presumably reacting to the widespread introduction of govt support for business and consumers. Bad to see publicly-funded BBC couching every report in inferred criticism of the govt in general and continuing it's subtle but obvious feud with BoJo. I hate these fuckers and their refusal to drop the blame game and offer support for a govt facing unprecedented challenges. Too many commentators still haven't understood the need for responsible reporting at times of great emergency. Some mistakes will surely be made but making a 3-course meal of them in public offers no help to anyone in these times.
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    Very disappointed to see a bottle thrown on to the pitch. Utter madness.
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