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    I’ve maintained all along this was a yahoo plot inside & outside HMRC. The aim was to keep Rangers in a financial straitjacket for years, unsellable & with the bank in control But there were 2 events they hadn’t planned for:-1) whyte 2)winning the BTC For me, Whyte’s plan was to force an administration & try get HMRC(& others) to settle everything owed via a CVA. And Rangers emerge debt free. It was high risk, unlikely to work & didn’t Firstly he had to force an administration. He wasn’t going to get it via the BTC or wee tax case. So he withheld tax/NI to force HMRC to the table.And it worked. But the yahoo plot had made its first error. It allowed Whyte to go for almost 6 months without paying tax/NI.(other clubs only got 1or 2 months). They had to build up sufficient debt to block a CVA because the BTC had been appealed & there was no guarantee they’d win it & indeed HMRC lost the FTTT & UTTT. Winning the BTC will now involve BDO asking all sorts of questions about penalties & whether or not they can be applied. And no doubt also asking about the length of time Whyte never paid tax. As we saw last week with bizarre panicky tweets one or two seem very edgy indeed within HMRC. 2020 should be interesting....
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    Recent games and discussions got me thinking https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2019/11/19/rangers-colts-in-irish-league/
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    I doubt St Etienne would be able to afford Morelos. It seems that they have never spent over £10m on a transfer before.
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    We have experienced half a century of Labour Party largess in Glasgow, the trough was in full flow. Seeing all those snouts competing for feeding space was a phenomenon. Buggin's turn had to be adhered too, forget merit; standing idly bye as the public purse was plundered was most important, knowing your turn was coming. Nepotism was best illustrated by former Glasgow Lord Provost, Susan Baird(late 80s/early 90s), her husband was a Painter and Decorator when she was appointed. By the time she left office, he had his own company, providing painting and decorations for GDC's Direct Works Department, employing several dozen painters. When the SNP took over the administration of Glasgow, the feeling was the sharp practises of the former regime would disappear. Apparently not, still to be expected as most of those Labour Party types joined the SNP five years past. Thirty, forty, fifty years as Socialists and suddenly, they became Nationalists. Shameless as Alex Mosson should be a phrase of common currency. Access to the trough is far more important than political principle. You would think the new SNP administration would immediately dismantle the trough? No, they have kept it running and well done to Aitken's husband, finding himself the first beneficiary of the flow. A big Hibby too, more sunshine on Leith.
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    Scoring in both games against Porto and now for Columbia show continued progression. A hat-trick in the League Cup Final would put the icing on the cake. You tend to think that seriously interested clubs will be looking to beat off other suitors and I'd be surprised if bids didn't come for him in January. As for numbers, this season has taken him into new territory, a more rarefied atmosphere.
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    The very last thing we need on the day when we might win our first major silverware in years is some moron detracting from it by setting off dangerous and illegal pyrotechnics. Anyone who sees some moron involved in such activities should alert the cops. These low IQ dimwits have to be eradicated from our support. If it isn't stopped it's only a matter of time before someone is blinded or worse and I don't want it be Rangers fans involved when that happens.
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    All she does in that article is try and push the blame on to others which is Rule 1 in the SNP playbook. She has shown zero contrition for keeping the little girls parents in the dark for no other reason than her own and the SNP's political benefit had a Tory been behaving in this manor you'd be screaming from the rooftops.
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    I know this wasnt you @ian1964 and you were just passing info on, but having spoken to an officer in attendance on Saturday, the only reason the police had to go in was because some wee neds in the UB decided to try to SET FIRE to a Wrexham flag that they had stolen from our Welsh guests in a pub pre-game. They were quite happy to let things go until that point, when for supporter and stadium safety they had to go in. What in the world would make our supporters want to burn a flag INSIDE our ground, with plastic seating all around? I sincerely hope those responsible are identified and given life bans. I'm sure I speak or the vast majority of Rangers fans when I say we do not want people like this in our ground or supporting our club.
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    He played 71 minutes of a 4-2 win.
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    It's been oft repeated that Rangers usually find a way to lose it in this kind of scenario and history shows this to have some validity. However, the way we are playing the game in Europe seems to be different and gives me a degree of confidence that isn't normal in this situation, I'm almost optimistic but would very much like to see the job done in Rotterdam and not depend on the last game.
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    Yesterday I had the honour and pleasure of attending the event to unveil a new stone on the plot of Rangers great Neilly Gibson at Larkhall Cemetery. Thank so much to all those who attended. The grave had lain unmarked since 1947. Gone but never Forgotten. Neilly Gibson: NEILLY GIBSON joined Rangers when he was still a teenager from junior side Royal Albert and went on to enjoy more than a decade of service with the club. A man who would become a 14-times capped Scotland international, he would go on to win six major honours with the Rangers including four league championships. Defender Gibson was an ever-present in the 1898/99 league campaign when Gers won every one of their 18 matches to win the title by 10 points. Indeed, he scored three times in the two biggest wins that campaign, notching a double in an 8-0 rout of Clyde and scoring from the penalty spot in a 10-0 thrashing of Hibernian. That championship win was the first of four consecutively and in the first three campaigns Gibson missed only three games overall. Playing 377 times overall for Rangers – including in 184 competitive fixtures with 14 goals – he later spent five years in Partick Thistle’s squad. Gibson had three sons – Neil, Willie and James – with all three going on to follow in their father’s footsteps as they played the beautiful game. In James’ case, he emulated his dad by playing for Scotland and also scored once against Wales in 1929, some 32 years after his parent had struck against Northern Ireland. Neilly Gibson (1894-1905) Appearances: 184. Goals: 14. Honours: Four league titles, Two Scottish Cups. 14 caps (Scotland).
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    My report on today's game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2019/11/16/colts-make-semi-finals/
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    Are you totally blind to everything that isn't positive to the SNP and their independence crusade?
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    She is and the SNP MSP's voted her salary increase, whether she claims it all or not is irrelevant. She should be more concerned about the cover up of the death of a 10 year old child by her Health Minister than launching a pathetic appeal to her fellow cultists, no?
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    News just in.......Not to be outdone, Labour are going to plant a tree for everybody in the country. They have promised that on every branch they will pin a £20 note and give it to us for free. They will get this money back by making Richard Branson and Roman Abramovich pay 600% tax and nicking a few quid from Google.
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    Apparently he's got a YouTube channel and visits clubs in their rivals strips. Good on him!
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    He's fantastic. He's worth two players to us on the pitch. I hope we keep him as long as possible.
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    According to the Rangers sub on Reddit we played Leicester behind closed doors today winning 3-0. Goals from Tav, Stewart and Docherty. I guess a few of the fringe players would've gotten a run out.
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    When your Justice Secretary is an open bigot, whose priority is defending the interests of a bigoted political party .... what chance is there of ever seeing actual justice for victims in Scotland.
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    Surprised its taken so long to sack him five and a half years 360 million spent on players and still an empty trophy cabinet don't know why they went for Mourinho he's just caused problems at his past couple of clubs , they should have went for Rodgers give Leicester a few million and they would have got him .
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    Went to see it today, good but not brilliant. A bit light kind on the violence for Scorcese. Out of De Niro, Pacino and Pesci the latter edges it with a more subdued performance than usual.
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    An interesting idea, thanks. I've no idea how feasible this is but it's an interesting discussion. I could see a pan-Irish/Scottish league happening actually, both the Irish leagues want to increase revenues and interest. There's not a massive amount in it for Scottish sides though, but combined TV deals might be attractive to broadcasters. Getting the 'swifts' into the Irish League might be a precursor to that.
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    1. To Jeremy: Diane Abbott - seriously, how could you? 2. To Boris: Jennifer Arcuri - marks out of ten?
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    Identical to Separate Entity FC's usual MO.
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    One game at a time is what it's all about. Hamilton on Sunday is arguably more important than the final two EL matches. Feyenoord will be tough and I'd be satisfied with a point there.
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    The suggestion, from Tannochside Bear, post 63, is that Rangers' fans set a Wrexham flag on fire in the stand, and that the Polis had to intervene. That kind of behaviour is, at the least, foolhardy, and blameworthy.
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    Any serious prospect of Corbyn becoming PM would see the biggest capital movement out of the UK since time began and the first casualty would be interest rates.
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    It’s a disgrace in itself. It’s a double disgrace that the SNP thinks there’s virtue in it. Morally bankrupt doesn’t begin to describe the squalid world of Scottish nationalism
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    It would either result in my blood pressure being life-threateningly high or I'd have a mental breakdown due to nerves.
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    It appears if I agree to feature in an SNP propaganda leaflet I'll be able to skip the queue !!! Beyond contempt.
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    If we reach the latter stages of Europe, would they agree to some of our games being postponed? It would help the coefficient and help Scotland's standing. I think we all know the answer, so what's good for the goose.....
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    I don’t give a stuff what the ”national” team does, total disinterest, and they should keep their noses out of club affairs. If this goes ahead, I really hope it backfires on them badly.
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    The BTC rubbish was in full swing long before SDM sold us to Whyte. Why is it that BDO are seemingly successful here and OldCo failed or never tried? To argue this is because HMRC now agrees that they will possibly not get the full amount anyway is one way of explaining it. But after spending millions to go to the virtually very last possible court they now also accept less money? Did anyone ever attempt a Freedom of Information inquest about how much money HMRC had to pay here? Thing is, the Times would most likely have not burned their fingers with this without some fire behind the smoke. But where their info comes from and how valid it is remains to be seen.
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    I wonder if Barjonas can make the step up? He looks tidy, and Gerrard seems to be a fan. If we were to lose Kamara, I can see Barjonas taking his role. (Let me pre-empt the Polster fanboy(s): he too could come in, but I think a youth product would be a better option. ) I like the look of Mayo too. I thought he was quite good in the pre-season games.
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    Because it will be contrary to the well defined rules of sporting integrity?
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    Ok I'll indulge you but you're constant feigning of ignorance whenever the Sturgeon's and the SNP's failings are exposed don't do you any favours, you're far from stupid. The Health Minister is informed about the facts of a little girls death in dubious circumstances given that she'd beaten cancer only to be killed because of the failings of others. Is the Health Ministers first concern the parents of the deceased girl ? Is it f*&k in fact the parents would still be in the dark (or should I say in deeper darkness) had a concerned whistleblower not approached the Labour MSP Anas Sarwar. No Freeman chose to sit on the news and effect a cover up, to me that is the actions of someone who is utterly morally bankrupt and totally unfit for office. I supposed it's the type of behaviour that shouldn't really shock us taxpayers given that she's the type of character that once billed the taxpayer for working 376 days in one financial year as the Quango Queen.
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    It appears it did to all but one.
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    I used to call my ex (who is no longer with us) a bint quite regular when at the wind up🤣 It always had the desired effect😂 (usually by way of an object in my direction........)
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    I’ve got a streak of that in me myself, tbh.
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    Let me be as clear as I possibly can. I'm not an accountant, I don't have any of the exact figures in front of me nor the links to articles/details of those figures either, I am merely basing my assumptions on what I have memory of and my own knowledge of certain tax vehicles. We know that there were 72 EBT's that held a total estimated to be £48mil. We believe that HMRC levied a bill of £24mil that MIH/RFC disputed and as a result HMRC then imposed fines and penalties to the sum of £94mil. The reasons and legality of these penalties were and indeed still are under dispute. We've also been told that Rangers, by all and sundry, were a test case and were being used to set a precedent. First of all working backwards Rangers were NOT a test case as there had been a prior case also involving Arsenal, whom also crop up again after the fact, which would be considered THE precedent. MIH/RFC Murray were correct to dispute the £24mil bill as in situations where Trusts are established there are rules to govern this. Of course this has been updated since these events and also now include possible income tax rules. The rules at the time which haven't changed and from experience; Trust containing dividend < £1k are taxed at 7.5% on the first £1k and thereafter taxed at 28%. Trust containing dividend > £1k are taxed at 38.1% on the first £1k and thereafter taxed at 45%. At no point in any of the subsequent calculations does the tax due ever reach 50% or above. Therefore the 50% figure as you can see is incorrect in ALL cases of dividend in trust even after the change. If we can accept that these Employment Benefit Trust vehicles were, at the time of operation, not subject to income tax then it follows that up until April 2011 they could be recovered/transferred at their previous tax rates although there was a degree of uncertainty, with regards to that, at that time. This degree of uncertainty is what I believe Murray was partly disputing remember that what I am saying is valid with regards to the date where the HMRC claim is established circa 2009-11. The uncertainly aspect, as I remember, was whether or not these new rules would be retrospectively applied. Now Murray could never be accused of altruism but he is right to dispute the HMRC claim a) to allow trustees and employees to make arrangements for transfer, and b) at the time EBTs weren't subject to income tax, not until the SC ruling 2017, and even under these new rules income tax/company tax is only due when funds are 'earmarked' i.e set for withdrawal/transfer*. Now I stick to my previous assertion that Murray had some idea that income tax rules might be retrospectively applied and that he was attempting to clear the debit, at the lower rate, circumventing these probable new tax rules quickly before legislation had been put in place. He NEVER refused to pay HMRC, in fact he offered £9mil plus £10mil over a number of years which IMO is much closer to the correct liability than HMRC's £24mil claim, therefore their step of applying fines and penalties was NOT only inaccurate but was also UNPRECEDENTED! The argument, we [rangers supporters] have always maintained skulduggery, playing out before our very eyes is, not that the HMRC assertion that income tax was due re: the SC case, but that the outlandish figure of £94mil was a gross misrepresentation of the debit Oldco owed on the part of HMRC and that claim effectively hamstrung Oldco as toxic is not only correct but it is also an absolutely unprecedented tragedy of an overarching government body that requires nothing less than a full public enquiry. * I'm not sure if transferring 'earmarked' funds is subject to income tax/company tax as I haven't looked at them since the rules were amended.
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    It's frustrating when our ex-players underestimate the value of our players! 😉
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