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    I have no interest in my fellow Rangers fans views on anything other than Rangers, I wouldn't expect them to have the same political and cultural opinions that I do, in the same way I wouldn't expect them to agree with my ideas of team selection, tactics, signings etc. We are a broad church, I really couldn't give a flying fuck whether you're Female, Black, Gay, Greek Orthodox, whatever, all are welcome in my eyes. There are other sporting institutions where the fans are expected to have certain narrow views, lets not be that club.
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    On Thursday Rangers get the chance to right a huge wrong when Prógres Niederkorn come to Ibrox. I don't need to tell anyone that they surprisingly put us out of the Europa league at the first Qualifying round two years ago. Prógres had never won a game in Europe and scored just one goal. Even although Rangers only managed a 1-0 win at Ibrox it was unthinkable that a team who had never won in Europe and had only ever scored one goal could put the mighty Glasgow Rangers out of Europe. Niederkorn soaked up Rangers early pressure and gradually started to insert themselves more and going into the second half looked more and more dangerous. Disaster struck for the Gers as Olivier Thill crossed for Francoise to finish at the near post. Shortly after that a Sebastian Thill free kick, crossed in at pace, managed to avoid everybody and the ball ended in the back of the net. Rangers had incarcerated what is judged as their worst ever European result. Pedro Caixinha the Rangers manager stood by a hedge telling Rangers supporters that things would improve but after our worst ever 1-5 home defeat against Celtic and losing to Aberdeen for the first time in 26 years his days were numbered and after more poor results he lasted a total 229 days in the job before he was sacked. He goes down in history as the Rangers manager to last the shortest ever time. This was the Rangers team that day. 1 Foderingham 9 Miller 2 Tavernier 4 Cardoso 8 Jack 18 Rossiter (Substituted for Herrera at 77') 5 Wallace 24 Bates 19 Kranjcar 20 Morelos (Substituted for Dálcio at 45') 21 Candeias (Substituted for Windass at 58') Substitutes 7 Dálcio 11 Windass 15 Herrera 23 Holt 25 Alnwick 33 Waghorn 40 McCrorie Looking at that team only Foderingham, Tavernier, Jack and Morelos are still at the club. Replacing Morelos with Dálcio at half time in retrospect is an "Oh my god" moment. Rangers are a completely different beast under Stevie Gerrard so dare I say we really should be strong favourites to win this tie at ease. Therein may lie the danger that even under Stevie G our biggest problem has been with teams soaking up pressure and hitting us with a sucker punch. While under Caixinha with Kranjcar in the team Rangers never ever looked fit and that is completely different to the team at the moment. Rangers look like a super fit high pressing dream machine. Surely with this team lightening cannot strike twice in the same place? Looking at the Prógres team that played against Cork they still have five players who were involved the last time round. The standout name is Sebastian Thill who scored their second goal that knocked the Gers out. Their goalkeeper Sebastian Flauss was injured in the first half the last time we played them but unfortunately we hardly made their substitute keeper make a save. I hate using the word revenge as it sounds as if you have to win at all costs for past performances. I think we should have that mindset in every game whether we lost to a team in the past or not. I am pretty sure Stevie G will have that mindset as well. European money has become a major player on how much you can improve your team and Dave King has stated in the past that we need to get through to the European play-off rounds on a regular basis to keep improving the team to get to the level we need to be at. We really can't let teams who can't even play in their own stadium get in our way. While I have already booked a hotel in Luxembourg for the return game I will be happy to go there with the tie already decided by an emphatic win at Ibrox. Picking a Rangers team is a nightmare at the moment as we have two players for every position. I think McGregor is making a lot of mistakes at the moment so I will go with: Foderingham Tavernier Goldson Katic Barisic Davis Jack Stewart Jones Arfield Morelos To be honest I am not a Goldson fan and would prefer Edmundson and Katic but I think you can set Goldson's name in stone to play. Come on the Gers, get intae them!
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    Meanwhile the waiting list for a wheelchair space remains over a decade long and once again this close season not one new single wheelchair space has been created. Four years ago when charges were introduced we were informed that any monies raised would be ring fenced for increased facilities, we're still waiting to see one penny spent in that area.
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    Neil has a piece in today's Herald, 'Five things we learned as Celtic breeze through Estonian test'. Number two of things learned is, 'Celtic shouldn't have to play Euro-qualifiers'. He utilises four paragraphs to explain ra Sellik are just too good for the standard of opposition. I don't think ra Sellik being special will cut it with UEFA? Of course, Neil should provide some pertinent evidence to support his emotive plea. It's akin to his take on Rangers and diversity, "okay, we know a few left footers slipped through the net". This is stated to assuage his obvious reluctance in describing Rangers signing of MoJo as, "the first high profile RC". As stated before, Rangers signed as many RCs in their first fifty years as other Scots clubs(outside those clubs deliberately founded to play RCs ie ra Sellik, Hibs, Dundee Hibs, ..... etc). I believe during Bill Struth's tenure, four RCs did slip through the nets? Clearly, it was Struth from 1919 that imposes a non RC signing policy. Why? I penned an article nearly two decades past that attempted to explain the then reasoning, NOT to excuse the policy. Struth and Wilton were both Commissioned Officers in the Royal Army Medical Corps. They worked throughout WW1 and in Struth's case, for nearly a decade after the Armistice. Dealing with multiple soldiers' and their horrific mutilating wounds(physical and cerebral). After WW1, those soldiers in particular felt keen betrayal reference the events in Dublin during 1916. It was in their terms, a stab in the back. I believe Struth solicited soldiers he was helping to restore. Further, I believe it was an unacceptable and inexcusable action? Now, Neil Cameron could do some research but he is lazy. He prefers to sit extremely comfortably with his preferred prejudice. However, the facts are out there, Neil has had to move his position from Rangers NEVER signed a catholic until MoJo, to he is the first high profile RC. The current position will not hold for much longer either.
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    For what it's worth, I actually enjoyed his article. I don't agree with all of it, but it was entertaining and in my opinion largely correct.
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    When DK released a statement in 2017 , stating the boycott was over and that fans were free to buy strips as a new improved deal had been struck with SD , he was being disingenuous, we paid £3 million to avoid SD taking personal action against DK and PM , also it ended the 7 year deal , and we reposed a new deal , allowing SD to match any deal in perpetuity , if they matched the terms they got to win the deal , if not the entire deal finished . Ok so far so good , it looks straight forward , what actually happened next , was Rangers entered deals with Hummel and Elite and never even informed SD never mind allowing them to look at the terms of these deals , SD took us to court and won , we ignored these court orders and carried on , we were taken to court again and lost again , and again and yet again . Our company secretary has had his professional reputation shredded , for the 4th time , and our reputation for sticking to the terms of our deals is in the bin . We owe money to SD for last year , this year and as of next year SD gets the contract back , the £1 million c is quoted by the judge as not being necessarily suitable to cover SD losses , however as of yet this part hasn’t been fully disclosed . The only glimmer of hope is that the appeal we have in miraculously wins the day , however given that 3 or 4 senior judges have handed us our arses on a plate I would find this highly unlikely .
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    This ongoing issue is a tricky one to comment accurately on when we don't know the detail of the contracts. I have sympathy for the Rangers board as they're dealing with the biggest of all snakes in Mike Ashley whilst trying to rid us of a 'deal' that benefited SD a lot more than it did our club. Years long litigation was always going to happen and it's frustrating for fans when we read about setbacks like the one of the other day. With that in mind, it's vital the club ensure our lawyers are prepared properly and offering the correct advice. However, even then, you're reliant on finding a sympathetic judge and it seems the common sense argument is no longer in vogue It's now time for Rangers to regroup and consider their strategy and legal advice. Should person A or B fall on their sword in that sense? Perhaps but that just means more time and money set aside for their replacement(s) to get up to speed on a legal argument that is already several years long. And it still wouldn't guarantee success. In fact, success might not be possible, just finding the lowest possible cost to ensure the retail money we make going forward is ours, not someone else's. Let's not forget the terms of the retail contract and the fact we're still lowed money from it. Let's not forget who the real enemy is. “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” - George Bernard Shaw. Unfortunately, we don't have a choice.
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    Some of our play is excellent. Progres look shattered already so I hope we can take advantage in the second half. Aribo is unbelievably talented and I still can't believe we've got this guy. Edmundson looks an incredible signing. Is he possibly the best passer in our team? Davis is the puppet master and is a pleasure to watch.
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    Agreed. A wage thief, who even now is probably trousering a handsome pay off wedge. I actually thought that the Club had moved on from the Treasure Island School of Financial Management.
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    In case anyone thinks it, let me assure you Neil Cameron is no fool. He hates Rangers but he's no fool. He's survived too long while colleagues have dropped like flies to ever be underestimated. This particular article is quite clever. On the surface of it he's flattering us by saying that Rangers fans have changed and are less bigoted and more inclusive. However, what he's really doing is saying to Rangers fans "if you want people to stop thinking of you as Neanderthals then you need to be less loyalist/unionist and more pro-independence". His aim here is clearly to give confidence to the few Rangers fans who have or are tempted to stray from our core loyalist/unionist/conservative tradition, thereby quietly attacking what he hates most about us. There's always more than one way to skin a cat and Cameron will no doubt pull the wool over the eyes of a few gullible bears with this nonsense.
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    I sympathise with your point of view because the criticism of Candeias was way over the top through the season, especially when all his goal-creating stats were above Kent across the board who wasn't criticised. However in my opinion we lost the league in games where we were found out for lacking creativity/end product when it really mattered. Losses to Livingston, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock and draws to Aberdeen, Kilmarnock, Dundee, Hibs (twice) and St Johnstone. Those games were worth 21 points. We scored 7 goals in those 9 games. Those games don't include the final game of the season loss to Kilmarnock, the 3-3 draw to Motherwell and both losses to Celtic. You could add a few cup games to it though. Just my opinion but I felt we were pretty much fine in defence and midfield last season but the players tasked with creating goals just weren't good enough to turn more of those draws into wins and even losses into draws/wins. Celtic had the same very tough games against packed defences but found a winner time and time again. My takeaway was that we needed to find players better than both Kent and Candeias for our starting 11 this season and that we needed adequate cover for when Arfield is unavailable who is one of our most important players.
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    Thank you, and I decided just to bite the bullet and read it. It does look like the judge saw right through Blair's attempt to pull a fast one over a previous judgement, but I'm so glad I've read this. There's actually nothing in this that is out of the norm of one of these types of disputes. I can also see why SD are likely to win these, and probably keep winning them. The issue then is why would Rangers continue to go into these sessions knowing that we are likely to lose? To me the answer is simple, and it's the same reason almost all of these instances occur. Even while we go through these with compensation payouts, it's probably financially better (and I suspect gives greater satisfaction) rather than to give SD what they want. Also, each time you go through such a case, there's a good chance we will win relatively small victories which then eat away at the interpretation of the current contract. I hope we keep going with this. One thing to note however is that there are a couple of areas where SD's lawyers have played a blinder and it just shows the advantage they have in the money they are paying for their side. We can't ever compete with that so it will be death by a thousand cuts until eventually the value of this contract to SD is diluted to the point where we will propose another but final payout to SD. SD's lawyers have all the experience so they will just be trying to secure the best possible outcome when that inevitable time comes. It could be as soon as 18 months at this rate. I'm going to look at the previous contract too now because I was astonished at us paying £3m to renegotiate. I am intrigued to see why it was so bad that we were willing to pay such a fee. In comparison with our income that seems hugely disproportionate and that makes me curious. I should add that as far as I can tell, the judge stepped out of line when he suggested that this had cost 'SD millions'. There was nothing presented that would give him enough evidence to suggest that so I'm really surprised he said that. Also, there is one particular clause that Rangers are relying upon to limit the compensation to £1m, and despite the official statement from the club this judge has ruled that this limit may not necessarily be applied. I do agree that SD may be hard pushed to prove losses more than this, but in my opinion that statement form Rangers is misleading on that one point. They could have acknowledged what the judgement said but then assert their view that losses are unlikely to breach that amount, but instead they chose to word it in a way that contradicts what the court papers say. That's the one point that will make me now check the source facts from now on, rather than rely on the club's interpretation of what happened, and I'm disappointed that this is the case. Thanks to @rbr for encouraging me to read what I could have a few days ago.
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    What I’ve never understood is how you give SD the chance to match the terms of a third party offer without breaching contractual confidence with the third party. Who would make an offer to Rangers, knowing it will be disclosed to a competitor like SD?
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    I don't think you'll be far out with that team but I'd expect more of a 4-3-2-1 again tomorrow night. McGregor will start as I agree he does need to work on his sharpness a little and I'd hope Goldson starts as well as he remains our best defender. I'd fancy Katic will start alongside him despite his mistake the other day and it will be up to Edmundson and Erlander to displace what I'd consider our first choice pairing for the moment - though that may well change, especially if the manager fancies going with a three at some point. Tav and Barisic are our two best full backs (on paper at least) and they have important roles in this formation as it's them who provide the width with the attacking players deployed more centrally than in the alternative 4-2-3-1 the manager also likes. The Croatian seems to have responded well to criticism so far this summer and I'm keen to see him grab his second chance with both hands. The deeper midfield three will be Jack, Aribo and Davis as those three have also impressed most in pre-season so far with Kamara a little bit off the boil. Jack and Davis will allow us to control the game in midfield with Aribo able to get into forward areas. Further forward that will allow Jones, Arfield and Morelos to start the game with with the first two players playing inside forward roles and Arfield in particular tasked with giving quick support to Alfredo. It's positive that we have several other players capable of coming into the team (or indeed starting). Guys like Polster, Halliday, Edmundson, Fod, Kamara, Docherty, Ojo, Stewart and Defoe have also done fine when called upon so I've no issues if any of them play tomorrow night from the start or later in the game.
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    I feel sick at the sight of that photo! Were there no republican marches or gatherings for him to enjoy? The other part of me wonders why Yousaf was pictured at Ibrox, around about the same time as Cameron writes an article encouraging bears to vote a certain way? (Before I get hammered for the politics thing-it has relevance to the picture). However, the main point of the diversity thing is a media tuck box. We have known for years how diverse our support was.
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    I have not given a penny to any club that conspired against us and never will.
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    Can't we just take a pre-emptive strike and confirm that we will take zero seats at away grounds this season? I know this will upset those that follow us away from home, but surely everyone would agree that this is in the best interests of our club, and as it is surely going to damage our competition, it's also gives us a competitive advantage. I wouldn't give any other club one single penny. I don't forgive any of them, and I certainly won't forget what they conspired to do to us.
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    I committed to look at the details around the previous deal, and if ever there was a need for a @Rousseau gif, it's now (feel free to insert as appropriate). Bloody hell, it's actually unbelievable and I'll be honest that I thought I had found a fake version at first. I recognise the current board's desire to make quick progress commercially, and therefore why they paid a fee to renegotiate, however I suspect that they were tempted to go down the criminal actions route. If that was me, I'd have been confident of a strong case against those that approved of that deal. I have never experienced any organisation with the audacity to even propose those terms, never mind someone then stupid/corrupt enough to accept them. I've not looked into the governance during this period, but how could this possibly have been reviewed and approved? Any director would be breaching their fiduciary duties by accepting this. There is absolutely zero chance of defending this as being in any way of interest to our football club. I don't know how much time it would have taken to reach a conclusion through criminal proceedings, but perhaps that was the main reason for choosing to cut losses and renegotiate instead. I'm furious that people have escaped appropriate punishment for this, but I do understand our board's rationale. I suppose that's just one we have to accept and move on from. If I then put myself in the position of SD, and if was holding on to a legally binding contract like that original one, I wouldn't have agreed to dilute it to the current contract for just £3m. I'd have felt confident in getting way more than that, so I suppose in one way it shows good negotiating tactics/skill from our club. However that just makes me further suspicious and probably reinforces my belief that SD knew that the board could have tackled the original contract in a more damaging route for those involved. I suspect there were lots of verbal threats/suggestions which we will obviously have to avoid speculating on. Ultimately, we were screwed in that original contract. We then paid a reasonable sum to renegotiate to a point where we feel we can dilute it down further. It's going to take time though, and we should all expect to be in this fight for at least 18 months more. I am so glad I took the time to read the source materials. I knew it was bad previously but didn't appreciate how bad. I am so grateful to those who have come in and rescued the club we all love, but this is a serious lesson to us all not to just blindly trust those in power at Rangers again. I can't forget what I've just read regarding those contractual terms and it concerns me that this was allowed to happen right under our noses. It must never happen again.
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    I like going to the football with like-minded individuals. I want to be able to sit with people that share my views on how the SNP are targeting our club, for example and that the rise of Nationalism is severely damaging our our country. That doesn't make me a bigot.
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    I prefer to see it both ways. Just because his stats are good, doesn't mean the opposite is wrong. Now and again his final ball and overall contribution were poor: in other words, he could have created and scored more. However, he was still a very useful player defensively and in attack. We all watch games and have our generic opinions on players: I very much doubt stats will change some folk's mind or let us know that Candeias' crossing was hit and miss. We can see that for ourselves. However, stats do let us know that despite his faults, his contribution was still more than useful.
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    Correct. Like I said yesterday, in many ways, I very much doubt Rangers felt they could win most of these court cases but, in the longer term, then they may be seen as acceptable (though costly) losses.
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    I know we've said this a lot but it is amazing how differently people see certain players. For me it's the other way around. Goldson for me is rock solid and our best defender. Katic can be excellent for 85 minutes in a game, but he can get caught out of position (although he does have the pace to get away with it most of the time) and does lack concentration too often for my liking. With Katic, I've noticed he can be excellent if we are constantly under threat because he's switched on. It's when we aren't under much pressure that his brain switches off. It happened 3 or 4 times in crucial games last season and that's why he was dropped. I like him though and he can develop that side of his game. I hope he does because offensively he's a real threat, much more so than Goldson is (despite his recent goal poaching).
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    Sadly my personal experience over the decades just backs that up. I've been the Chairman of the Rangers Disabled Supporters Club for more years than I care to remember, sat as the disabled representative on the Rangers Fans Board, been on the Disability Matter Group since its inception. This scheme was apparently 18 months in the making and yet the first I heard about it was when I saw it on twitter.
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    He might not be what we need but he’s a long way from being the last thing we need. The last things we need are Scotland leaving the Union and a 1970s Socialist Worker seller becoming PM. When you think about it, Boris isn’t even close to being the last thing we need.
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    Let's not spoil valid constructive criticism by posting playground insults of club staff.
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    Yes, its an absolutely hollow gesture from the club which annoys me. Get the feckin wheelchair spaces sorted, get access for disabled fans sorted, dont make a song and dance about it, just get it feckin done. While all our supporters are taken for granted at times, the disabled Rangers supporters are treated with utter contempt and as a club we should be ashamed of how little we have done in this area. But never mind, we have clearly spent a large sum of money on this campaign which will do very little to nothing to improve access/facilities for match-going fans on matchdays, so all must be good then!
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    As I’ve said before the position Candeias played no longer exists, part of the reason for moving him on I’m sure. In the 4-3-2-1 the 2 don’t play wide they play narrow, the formation is nicknamed the “Christmas Tree” for a reason. Of course Arfield is more natural at this than the likes of Jones, Ojo and Hastie who tend to drift wide from a central starting position, but as far as the right wing is confirmed Tavernier has it largely to himself and will take responsibility for crosses from the right. In my opinion this formation doesn’t actually suit Jones, Ojo and Hastie but we signed two of them before we switched formation. Murphy, Stewart and Docherty are options who are more comfortable playing centrally.
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    He's 31, with one year left on his contract. If he was keen to leave and SG wasn't too bothered then £250k isn't that bad, all things considered.
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    What a goal. And what's even better is that I predicted he'd be the first goal scorer.
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    The problem isn't individual stories, Gaffer. It's the continual, one-sided assault on all things Rangers.
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    People giving Gerrard stick over Laffertys signing , at the time he was banging in goals and looking great , the majority of our fans wanted him , how was SG to know he was the same head banger who only this time was sending pics of his dick to women on the internet .
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    Why is Humza wearing a black tie? Reference this new initiative, I note BBC Scotland failed to cover the launch. Couldn't they at least sent an effigy, by the time Humza left the Stadium, he would have ensured the evidence was lost?
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    That's so 20th century of you, coop. We need to welcome our Celtc supporting, Rangers hating fellow compatriots to Ibrox, with open arms and big, cheesy grins. Love conquers all, man.
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    Good. The fewer Rangers fans funding ABERDEEN the better.
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    Still a lot of speculation around Kent with some pundits even beginning to suggest that Liverpool might come in for Morelos in a player plus cash deal. The player (Kent) and cash coming our way. Generally I would have dismissed that as nonsense considering I would deem Liverpool don't really need more striking options. But apparently according to recent reports that's not necessarily true. The likes of Mané have been playing all Summer with no rest and for that reason will be several weeks behind the rest of the team when the season begins. Given that we all know how close run it was last year and that a single loss or even a draw early in the season can be the difference at the end when your main contender is the consistent Man City maybe it's not so far out there. I don't want Morelos to go but if we have to lose him which we obviously do at some point then this might be as good a deal as we could hope for. If it were to be true of course.
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    I was always told have your front shoulder should be pointing down the wicket some of the England batsmen were like hunchbacks
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    It is Bullshit. Their only share could ever be on the profit and that will possibly be millions but not high in the millions. Well affordable to the club. The biggest crunch is we couldn't get Ashley off our backs.
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    I agree. It normally will work if both sides are thinking rationally and commercially, but it's clear that this is much more than just about money. I didn't realise that we actually paid £3m to create a new contract. That's astonishing. Without knowing the rest of the detail, it just shows how bad the previous deal was. If we knew that SD had the right to match any offer, it seems stupid to me not to have given them that chance. We could then have continued to boycott the main store but allow the club to make money via the popups, etc. The board members involved in this aren't stupid so they must have thought this through, but in the absence of any details (which we shouldn't really see anyway), it does look like we've shot ourselves in the foot. I hope this doesn't drag on though because I've been enjoying the football and this shouldn't detract from that.
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    If we do look to bring someone in there. We are already overloaded with players in the position. Arfield, Ojo, Jones, Hastie, Stewart, Murphy. Could even add Docherty and Middleton to that list. You’re talking 6 players players for two positions. If Murphy gets fit he could be a big player. You feel like a broken record saying that with the players we’ve had in the last couple of years at this club but surely he can do it. In terms of the question of another signing in general, it is surely dependent on outgoings. Shifting Dorrans and Grezda would free up a huge amount of wage money.
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    It’s BORIS DAY! I can’t find words to express how much I’m looking looking forward to the hurt and woke hysteria of the coming weeks. Go Boris, I might not agree with you on everything but the sheer entertainment of seeing remainers and leftists combust with rage is a priceless privilege. Buffoons united.
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    We do need to clear out players , but i'm not convinced Candeias should've been one of those players. Not great business imo, good luck to him though.
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    It's a tick-box publicly exercise really, isn't it. All clubs do it, which makes it generic and rather hollow - particularly when fs's post is taken into consideration.
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    Episode 50 with @Govan Rear Bear, @plgsarmy and @pete now available via the usual platforms: https://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/news-category/current-affairs/1039-gersnet-podcast-050-st-joseph-s-blackburn-and-summer-progres-made-so-far
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    Any time the SNP lowers its deflector shields, even a brief glance behind the anti-English bigotry shows them to be utterly out of their depth. When your Finance Secretary is a university drop out and your Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity thinks the Hokey Kokey is an anti-Catholic ritual, you know there's big trouble ahead.
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