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    I've got some sympathy for Clyde on this. Firstly I think we have to accept that child abuse is a very difficult subject to talk about on a sport's programme. Super Scoreboard has a wide audience age wise, that creates problems in subject matter, it's on in the early evening when children could be listening. Personally I'd turn over a programme that was discussing child abuse if my 11 year old was listening. It's not an appropriate subject and it is most certainly not an appropriate programme to be discussing it. Secondly no one on that programme is even remotely qualified to discuss the subject matter. I mean the presenters and guests struggle to say anything vaguely informative on football, what possible insight could they bring to this subject? And a phone-in on it is a horrifying thought. I understand why some people feel there's double standards being displayed. After all no one on Super Scoreboard is an insolvency or tax expert yet they were happy to discuss and comment on that for months on end. However, I think there's a huge difference between spouting ill-informed gibberish about EBTs and spouting it about a paedophile ring. For me the latter is a subject that should only be covered by the 'news' shows. Whilst it concerns a 'sports' club it's not a suitable story for sport journalists to cover. It's news story, it's a big news story, potentially a huge one. A paedophile ring operating inside one of the biggest and most successful sporting institutes in this country, apparently for decades, requires a level of investigation and analysis no sport's programme is capable of providing. I agree with those that have called for a public enquiry, that's not point scoring either. I knew boys who played for Celtic Boys Club, their families were so proud of them. Even as a Rangers supporter you recognised the kudos that came with being able to say you were good enough to play for them. Evil, evil men preyed on young boys, deceived their families, lied and abused their positions and ultimately destroyed the lives of who knows how many people. That shouldn't be allowed to simply be forgotten.
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    Earlier this year I was in Manchester and saw a car being broken into in broad daylight. There must have been 40-50 other people watching this happen and yet they did nothing. As the thieves struggled to combat the car's defences I ran over and confronted them. There were 3 of them which appeared to give them the confidence to mouth some abuse back at me. Just then, another two people joined me and only then did these criminals run off. I thought about all the others who stood back and watched, possibly just thankful that it wasn't their car. In the past 3 years we've witnessed a collapse in the democratic system. I don't want to get into a political debate but the point is that once again a huge portion of the public will just sit back and watch a referendum result be overturned by politicians because they didn't like the result anyway. And now this clear corruption at the heart of our game. I'm sure many Celtic fans will just love how we (and other clubs too) have been negatively affected by this system. They will sit back and treat it as entertainment because it causes them no harm. However, supporters and officials from all clubs should be considering the bigger picture. How has this been allowed to happen? The rules of football (yes .... RULES) are being changed by one woman who is more interested in pursuing an agenda rather than protecting the integrity of our game. The rules regarding the role of the referee are not being applied and yet very few other clubs are in outrage about this. Are we to wait until their cars are stolen or vandalised before they react? Are we to wait until their votes mean nothing before they show their support for law and justice? All clubs' officials and supporters should be demanding that this situation is addressed immediately. Everyone should be insisting that this should not ever be allowed to happen again. It's in my opinion clearly corrupt (but I'll settle for "not fit for purpose") and it's an embarrassment to our nation's premier league that we continue to tolerate it.
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    http://fourladshadadream.blog/2019/05/16/sfa-farce-continues-and-its-not-whataboutery-to-defend-our-position/ Answer back to the media attack on our club today
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    Now posted a review of Youths from CAS age groups to Under 20's. https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2019/06/07/youths-season-review/
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    I don't think you can doubt the credentials of the data, I can't see why the guy publishing it would make something like that up, it could cost him his job for a start. The echo chamber nature of modern digital media, and it's particularly pronounced when it comes to football and politics, can lead to tunnel vision, the lack of exposure to people with different views can lead to you believing they simply don't exist. For me this data simply underlines the one universal truth about our support; that it's a very broad church. Personally I've not been to a Scotland match for a couple of decades, having been to almost every home match for the two decades prior to that. I've absolutely no time at all for middle-aged men dressed as extras from Rob Roy and my heart sinks when you see them marching around with feathers in their hats and a look on their face that suggests they think their more Scottish than anyone else. Knobs. But then, in all honesty, I cringe at some of our songs and some of our fans too, it doesn't stop me supporting Rangers. I hate flag waving (all flags, whatever their colour or design) and all shows of nationalism (all nationalism, whatever its flavour) make me uncomfortable. Yet I still find myself turning on the radio or the TV and following the Scotland match. In the end I still want 'us' to win, or at least fuckin compete. I also think that international football is perhaps the only 'pure' football left at the elite level. It's much harder (although not impossible) to buy success at that level, smaller nations can and do compete, and at some level it clearly stops being directly about money for the players and becomes about winning for winning's sake again. Yip, I know doing well at international level has a direct affect on a players earning ability and profile, but it still feels less mercenary than club football. For me then this simply proves that despite the best efforts of our haters, and some of our own, you simply can't pigeon-hole the Rangers support. We're broad, we come from all over, we've no proscribed views on any subject except wanting Rangers to win. Plus, on some level, the sheer pain and frustration watching Scotland brings does make watching Rangers all the more enjoyable, even in recent years.
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    If we had a vote for young fan of the year I would put up my grandson I got him his first season ticket when the baw went up on the roof back in 14 th February 2012 when he was six and he hasn't missed a game at ibrox since. a young true blue .
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    Anyone questioning the Club's actions needs to reflect long and hard on their values and priorities. If anything, Rangers has been too slow to come to the boil and call out this overt cheating by the football authorities. That they are finally doing so should be applauded by every Rangers supporter. In the cesspit of Scottish football there is no salvation in silence.
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    Joe Aribo looking extremely positive 👍 Not done or signed but news today really positive as above Should be treated as rumour etc but I’m confident Never done till it’s done so we will see
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    Sensitivities. I am in France at the moment, thus listening to the Beeb is confined to the world service. On Sunday last, ra Sellik played their final league fixture of the season against Hearts. There's a trophy to b e presented at the culmination of the game, before kick-off, Hearts provided a guard of honour. Hearts have three strips, a home, an away, and a third. They wore their third kit, an all darkish blue affair. Neither of the other two would have clashed, but they could have provided severe embarrassment to a most sensitive Sellik and their support. Both have the sponsorship across the chest, 'Save the Children'. In a week where the MSM in Scotland finally grew a set and challenged Sellik on their separate entity line, it was felt Hearts providing a guard of honour with Save the Children featuring prominently would be taking the pysh. A senioor Scots club had to wear a third non-sponsorship strip to assuage Sellik. Apparently, this was the talk of Sunday night's Sportswriters bash. It was wondered aloud why so many Hearts supporters inside PQ decided to ignore the happening? Particularly, those on the satirical side of things. A proud sponsor ie 'Save the Children' relegated to save Peter et al, from an awkward and inconvenient situation. I left the UK, just after the last old firm game(I know the term annoys some at PQ). On the Saturday, Shereen Nanjiani presented her ninety minute show and for the first time in four/five weeks, Angela Haggerty was a guest. It was the week of English sides Euro comebacks and the topic was raised. We learned from Angela has no English team, all her love is confined to ra Sellik, and the greatest comeback of all time occurred in Lisbon'67. Angela's disappearance from the show coincided with the IRA's murder of Lyra McKee, a young Journalist from Belfast. Angela's last utterance on the Beeb before popping up on Shereen's; was to demand full prosecution of 'Soldier F', but explained no prosecution of IRA members could take place because as of the Good Friday Agreement, "they are a defunct organisation". Now, we can see why Angela has been missing, awkward! Just like when her co-founder of 'Call it Out' Jeanette Findlay's place of work, Glasgow University received letter bombs from the IRA a couple of months past, Angela is conveniently withdrawn hors de combat. A lot of the nationalist contributors to PQ have a huge problem with Lyra McKee's murder, in fact they refuse to refer to her passing as murder. DrStu' informed us that her classification of death is, 'by crossfire'. I though you needed two sides shooting for such an occurrence? Shona Craven of the National on the Beeb was at pains to describe the poor girl's passing, "we need a new classification". Dr Eamonn O'Neill was adamant, "Lyra was not targeted". Just like old firm becoming an unacceptable term at PQ, 'IRA murder' is also beyond the pale. I will leave it up to Father Edward Magill who conducted Lyra's service at St Anne's in Belfast, "why did it take the murder of a 29 year old girl ......."? If we accept the language of our opponents, then we have already lost the debate.
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    Moonlighter, I don’t think enough can be said to commend the brilliant work you and others do to bring alive the long history of our club for each new generation. Sincere thanks.
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    Keith Jackson is another who has become Lawwell's bitch!
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    let’s deflect from the big story in Scottish football at the moment eh? Looks like Liewell’s minions still dutifully carrying out their tasks And another’s no-mark,pseudo-journo calling us a ‘new club’ I see.
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    Eh sorry Tom, deflecting won’t work this time. Your sewer of a club are up to their disgraceful neck in the stench of child abuse and cover up, and this is only the start. Focus on what’s really important rather than naughty songs.
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    On the 27th May 1856 the Rangers legend that was Tom Vallance was born. To quote his Rangers team-mates from the 1870’s ‘’ The whole of Rangers loved him like a brother’’ Over the years of our research one name kept popping up time and again and that’s the name of Tom Vallance who had on reflection sadly been overlooked. Tom was born at a small farmhouse known as Succoth near Renton in the parish of Cardross in 1856.When young he moved with his family to the Old Toll House at Shandon on the Gareloch.Tom came to Glasgow in the early 1870’s following the path taken by his friends from the Gareloch ,the brothers McNeil and Campbell . Tom Vallance had an astonishing 60 year association with the Club, and his is an incredible CV. He was a master oarsman, a champion athlete (he set a Scottish long jump record of over 21 feet), he studied at the Glasgow School of Art, had paintings accepted by the Royal Scottish Academy and was Rangers Club Captain and President for many years. We have recorded details of Tom Vallance being present at the ceremony held on 1st January 1929 which saw the opening of the Main Stand at Ibrox and also at a dinner which was held in the St.Enoch’s Hotel after a Rangers match in 1933 when we faced Sporting Club of Vienna. He was also a guest of the Club at the New Years Day fixture against Celtic.So, the lad who was present at Fleshers Haugh in 1872 is still attending Ibrox some 60 years later where the Club that he’d helped form and nurture were now playing in front of crowds in excess of 100,000. Tom was a successful business man. He had The Club restaurant at 22 Paisley Road West which today is the Viceroy Bar,The Metropolitan which stood on Hutchison Street in the Merchant City area of Glasgow and the Lansdowne which was at 183 Hope Street. Tom was having the Rangers results wired to his restaurants for the benefit of his patrons as early as 1890. When Rangers moved to First Ibrox in 1887 it was said that it was common for Club President Vallance to be working the turnstiles on matchday. At the opening of the Main Stand in 1929 Tom Vallance recalled the facilities being so cramped at the Rangers ground at Kinning Park that the players would have to wash in basins of cold water in the open air. It was the teenage Tom Vallance who helped lay the very foundations upon which our Club was built, hard-work, discipline, honesty, integrity and fair play .Mr. Struth said during that famous speech “No matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome. That has been the philosophy of the Rangers since the days of the Gallant Pioneers” Tom was paid the ultimate accolade by the Club in May 1898 when he was made a life member. As a lasting tribute to the incredible contribution he made to our Club we had Tom put on to canvas by way of a painting by artist Helen Runciman .Tom Vallance has now taken his rightful place at the top of the Marble Staircase alongside his friends and fellow Founders. Tom died on 16th February 1935 aged 78 at 189 Pitt Street Glasgow. He is buried in Hillfoot Cemetery in Bearsden and his funeral was attended by Mr. Struth, Chairman James Bowie and his old team-mate James McIntyre who both took a cord.Incredibly ,players from the Vale of Leven team whom Tom had faced 60 years earlier in 1877 were also in attendance. He was a great Ranger who loved his Club. Today we celebrate the life of Tom Vallance.
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    I’m going along to this so will feed back if anyone is interested.
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    Rangers will be able to call on reprieved Jon Flanagan in their Scottish Premiership finale at Kilmarnock on Sunday. The former Liverpool defender was cited by the Scottish Football Association after a post-match video consultation suggested he had elbowed Celtic's Scott Brown during Sunday's Old Firm game. But it was confirmed on Friday afternoon that Rangers had won their appeal over the retrospective red card. Celtic might be on track for another treble but Gers have struck upon a winning formula since their Old Firm defeat at Parkhead, with last weekend's derby triumph their sixth in a row. "I've just been told we've never had a clean sweep of wins after the split so that is a good incentive for us," Gers assistant boss McAllister, speaking in place of boss Steven Gerrard, said. "We're on a good run so it will be nice to finish on a high and have that buoyancy for next season." Kilmarnock are looking to cap a fine season by sealing third spot but manager Steve Clarke will have to watch the final game of the season from the stands after being handed a two-match touchline ban following recent comments about referee Steven McLean. But his Killie future remains in doubt amid links to the Scotland job and assistant Alex Dyer has admitted Clarke would find the national job hard to turn down. Team News While Flanagan is available, Nikola Katic and Scott Arfield will miss the Rugby Park clash after both were given extra time off ahead of summer commitments with Croatia's U21s and Canada respectively. But Graham Dorrans could end his seven-month knee injury nightmare against Steve Clarke's side. "Graham has featured well in training recently," said McAllister. "He's had a couple of games behind closed doors and done very well so Graham will come into consideration for the weekend definitely." https://www.skysports.com/football/kilmarnock-vs-rangers/preview/406788
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    I don't really get why you would not want to support your national team to be honest. I support Scotland, not the SFA or the Tartain Army. I won't let these people take my support for my national team away. Do I agree how Scotland is run these days then the answer is no but we can't change things by running away we can only change things by being bigger and louder than the rest. If people want to support Engerland or Ireland then fine but unless you have a connection then they are the ones with the identity crisis. My support is in front of the telly of course.
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    The source is a good one, given his job and data available to him.
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    Instead of swanning about hospitality lounges, you need to work on that garden furniture.
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    I note ra Sellik View is advertising the club's latest piece of merchandise, 'a Treble Treble Watch'. It's official, a Jeweler commissioned to design a bespoke piece. I wonder if he could be persuaded to consult his creative muse and design an accompanying, 'Paedophile Ring', after all, it's an official link?
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    I'd lose no sleep if Scotland never picked a Rangers player again.
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    This was a useful meeting in terms of letting fans ask questions and comment on all aspects of the Club. The number was small enough to enable everyone to have their say. This was the last in a day of meetings that Greg had with supporters groups, mainly RSCs. The main topic of conversations with them was regarding away tickets and their allocation. It’s always difficult when demand far exceeds supply. There were some comments on whether we should be giving some of these clubs money and some concerns about the pricing of away games. There were also concerns raised re the Compliance Officer and her apparent Celtic bias. The lack of transparency of the process was also mentioned. The Club also shares these concerns. Greg was unable to comment on Rangers Retail due to the ongoing court case. Greg was asked about Project 2022. An internal group has been formed to help with ideas and potential fundraising. An individual is helping the Club to forge relationships with external groups that could be involved with major infrastructure projects in the future. Greg was asked if there would be a further share issue this year. It was pointed out that a motion was passed at the AGM to enable this to happen. A discussion ensued about whether Club 1872 should have a seat on the Board as the second highest shareholder. The feelings amongst the group were mixed. A survey has taken place re stadium improvements. Some of this will be funded by the Rangers Pools. someone suggested having solar panels on the roof. There was doubt about being able the do anything to the Main Stand but Greg said he would ask the question. The Elinor contract still has 3-4 years to run. The Club still makes money from it but there are thoughts that we can do better. The new Commercial Director has an excellent CV and will control all commercial activity, including PR. The Club is looking to erect a 4G mast to enable fans to use their phones during matches. The meeting lasted about one and a quarter hours. Greg did say that things wouldn’t dramatically change as a result of the meetings but it would give management and directors a flavour of fans views. As a final note, Greg is a great guy and listens to the Gersnet podcast👍
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    Confirmed- Rangers fan all his life Also chalk this down to another one we broke a long time ago on Gersnet 👍
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    ‘’Thus ended their first match played at the latter end of May 1872 some two months after the inauguration of the club’’. The words of Rangers player William Dunlop from his article The Rangers FC which he wrote so eloquently for the SFA Annual in 1881 using the pen name ‘True Blue’. Rangers Football Club played it’s first ever match 147 years ago this week. Our Club was formed on a spare bit of ground at Fleshers Haugh by a few kids who’d come to Glasgow seeking employment and a better way of life. Their Club ,which they formed for no other reason than the love of football and the pursuit of sporting excellence, would go on to become the world’s most successful. That first ever match was against Callander and ended 0-0, Willie continued, “Their first game was a terrible spectacle with the ball suffering an incredible amount of abuse” William McBeath was given man of the match and then spent a week in bed recovering due to his exertions’’ Founder William McBeath was from Callander and we believe it would have been Willie who approached ex-pats from the town who had settled in Glasgow and that’s probably where the opposition came from for our first match. Willie’s Rangers team-mate Sam Ricketts wrote in 1884 about the boys playing those first few games in their civvies and journalist John Allan wrote about them having to change behind a bush as there were no facilities. William Dunlop described how genial Peter McNeil would travel on a Saturday morning to a desirable part of the Glasgow Green, set up the noted standards and stand guard until the classic hour came when he would be joined by his friends. We felt this was a very dramatic and moving image and commissioned a painting to be done depicting this scene.We presented the painting by artist Helen Runciman to the Club in 2009 and it now hangs on the marble staircase at Ibrox. The Rangers would remain at Fleshers Haugh for three years . They then began their journey around Glasgow to Burnbank and Kinning Park before finally settling in the Ibrox area in 1887. The Rangers FC by William Dunlop. https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/the-rangers-f-c-by-true-blue
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    Of course the turn out wasn't going to be great. What's the incentive to march for something you've already got? The turn out at the referendum was the important one. Any subsequent marches against the result of that are just by undemocratic weans who can't accept that they lost.
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    Wouldn’t believe everything you read in the papers
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    Totally disagree compo. The main stand and it’s facade is a wonderful historical illustration of our past. It’s what sets us apart from all the other clubs in Scotland. The history of our club is embedded within this reminder of those who have gone before us.
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    Friendlies and EQ games have now been more or less scheduled, so what are we looking forward to: EL - Qualifier Draws Tuesday June 18 - QR1 Main Path draw Wednesday June 19 - QR2 Main Path draw JULY 2019 Sun 7 - Rangers FC v Oxford United FC Thur 11 - Europa League QR1, 1st leg Sun 14 - Rangers FC v Olympique Marseille Thur 18 - Europa League QR1, 2nd leg Sun 21 - Rangers FC v Blackburn Rovers FC Thur 25 - Europa League QR2, 1st leg Sun 28 - Rangers FC v Derby County FC Confirmation of exact times will sure be made public here: https://rangers.co.uk/matches/
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    The main overall objective for most I think was to turn the clubs fortunes around and create a base from which we have a chance to get our title back asp. This was done in very difficult circumstances and there were and still are various battles to overcome. I think there has been a great effort by an amazingly loyal support attending football matches. Club 1872 and it's members, despite predictable teething problems have also stepped up and contributed greatly. Kudos to the board and Dave King for making the move in 2015 and directing many of those ongoing battles. This particular story is a step of what was a structured debt strategy talked about by DK back in 2015. We needed DK, DP, GL, GT and others. They needed the support.
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    Did a song at a football match ever actually hurt a single person....EVER? Because the paedo ring at Separate Entity FC ruined quite a few lives and resulted in at least one suicide. And has Tom English ever paid to get into a Scottish football match?
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    Funny seeing our Nat trolls continually criticising Westminster and then criticising the first person to attempt to change Westminster. Oh wait, they're English and Nat's only exist to hate England.
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    And still, not a peep from the SNP government. Normally you can’t keep these nationalist blowhards off the airwaves but things are obviously different when it comes to their football club.
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    A more pertinent question would be why on Earth did we bring him back?
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    New strip looks okay, going by the leaks...
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    I only listened to the podcast of the Monday evening Sportsound programme but Stewart was on and the Scottish Cup Final fall-out was part of it but not in much detail regrads the game itself. Edouards dive didn't happen because they didn't mention it. Even when it was happening, it didn't happen. 1001 camera angles could have been employed but if you don't mention it........ Stewart did find time to focus his critical eye on nemesis, Craig Levein. After a shrewd tactical approach in the Final, Stewart still managed to call him out as Cathroesque. Bingo card didn't quite come up due to the surprising omission of an ongoing simmering indignation at Morelos getting a red card rescinded in August. --------------- I cast my mind back to the League Cup Final and a Celtic penalty that was incorrectly awarded. It was missed but that isn't the point. Weeks later when Stewart was on Sportsound discussing poor refereeing decisions, Rangers were named when pointing toward injustices. However, when it came to that injust Celtic decision, Mr.BioMechanic could only bring himself to talk of the League Cup Final, no mention of who was involved. * Point being, if you don't mention it, for many,..it didn't happen. Repeat and repeat and over time it helps to brainwash and marginalise. You take a glance at a site like the 'Scottish Football Monitor' and it's a similar pattern. A more accurate name would be the 'Rangers Monitor'. A place where only one dimensional thought is tolerated and that pretends to be a high-falluting think-tank for the good of our game. I once tried to give it some balance, but I was accused of, charged and banned for the old whataboutery. ------------------------- * Looked back (this thread Feb 5th / p.141) Background is Andrew Dallas and awarding 4 penalties to Rangers v St.Mirren.
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    I'm offering to drive him to the airport before anyone changes their minds. I didn't like him the first time, and definitely didn't want him to come back.
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    Apparently being sorted by Allan McGregor as we speak
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    If I played forRangers I think I’d be holidaying well away from Neanderthal man.
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    As long as no one sang a nasty song, it's okay.
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    Also on all the usual Gersnet links, Derek Johnstone, Chris Jack, Willy Irwin join me to discuss DJs career, fabulous youth update from Willy and a round up of all the latest Rangers gossip Let us know if you enjoyed it!
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    The Daily Record has had a commercial arrangement with Sellik FC for several years. The tabloid prints both ra Sellik View and ra Sellik match day programme. Thus : Peter picks up the phone and tells Keef to do the necessary.
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    When Rangers tried to appeal Morelos's red card against Aberdeen, they were told that only full speed video could be used and their slowed down video which showed Morelos was innocent was deemed inadmissible. Now it seems that an incident can only be found guilty if it's shown in slow motion. Yet again, the rules are changing. And that's ignoring the fact that one angle is sufficient to assess that Simunovic is guilty.
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    The incident was seen by the ref and a decision made. In what other country in Europe would they take that incident, hardly the worst, and reassess it? No wonder it's pushed the club over the edge.
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    As an extra point about the game on Sunday, the match day program was a fantastic read. Full interviews over several pages with SG, Robertson, Mulholland as a sort of review of the season, and lots of other smashing bits and pieces. I bought the electronic season ticket last July, so I get an electronic version of the program to download through my Rangers program app usually the day before the game, so can read it while on the way to the game or like this week, while watching soccer Saturday and seeing my coupon get beat as usual! IIRC it was £50 for the season or thereabouts and I would thoroughly recommend it, especially for those bears who can’t get along to Ibrox for whatever reason. You can buy game by game as well but the ST was great value. I will certainly be renewing that ST come the new season.
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    I was talking about sport.
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    A decent enough player, but (and I've been saying this all season, not just since he came back into the side) I see no point in developing someone else's player ahead of our own. Katic and Goldson were brilliant in the euro run, and the big yin has slotted back in again during the run in. All the best, Joe.
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    Having read the Record's front page and the following double page spread inside I think the writer involved must have missed Peter's call because the article is damning, probably the most damning piece as yet published on this scandal in Scotland so far.
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    Is this a joke? It's not like this fucking clown hasn't been aware of this growing scandal for months and Celtic's stinking involvement in it. Why has it taken 4 convictions of scumbags linked to his favourite club for him to think about contacting Liewell to "ask what Celtic FC intend to do". Think of all the other times he and others in his government were asked to by the victims could have done it. By letter or by conversation in among the comfy green seats in the main stand at the Piggery on a home game. But nothing. Given the scale of the damage we can only wonder the nature of that conversation and what favours Peter might now be calling in in terms of damage limitation for his "separate entity". James Dornan makes me sick. He is an utter embarrassment to an already disgraced political class and the sooner his constituents boot him out the better. I hope voters will be reminded of this man's connivance in ignoring and covering up child abuse when the time comes.
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