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  2. Holy crap, calamity of errors there. Kamara can't afford to have a sloppy game today.
  3. I don't usually get this much time to think about games. It's killing me
  4. Noticed a huge bunch of bears stuck in between Frankfurt fans in the top corner. Anyhoo...Go Rangers!!!
  5. Nah I'm in the Republic. Didn't realise the BT stuff was region locked until just now!
  6. easy enough to watch on BT unless you are in the republic
  7. I'm watching it on Irish TV, they keep calling Aribo, Arooboo 🤬 Moreles is another.
  8. Can’t we just keep it positive for once?
  9. That Frankfurt preview has left me feeling rather sick...
  10. Where are the fans? Thought they would be in the stadium by now. Hearing rumblings of ticket issues
  11. Today
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