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  2. Scott is to be a Bear. His preference will be Marmalade toasted sandwiches; rough cut, Seville bitter orange of course.
  3. Such preferential treatment will cause a rowie in the dressing room.
  4. Are you willing to die for YES2. tough it's not your decision.
  5. When Scott Wright arrives at Ibrox, immediately he must be supplied with an Expresso machine and a Toaster.
  6. February looked pretty cramped with fixtures, we are due to play Antwerp just three days earlier. Just 2 league fixtures in March, though European games and cup re-arrangements / next-round fixtures may add to that, as will the game postponed above.
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  8. There are two 'Manager of the Year' awards. The first, and most prestigious, is the PFA Scotland Manager Of The Year award. This is voted on by professional players and coaches and is seen as the ultimate recognition by your peers. As I understand it you can't vote for a team mate or your own manager. The second award is the Scottish Football Writers 'Manager of the Year'. This is voted on by the sports hacks and scribes who follow the Scottish game. There is no doubt personality and overall popularity play a part in these awards, not just ability. I've heard it said
  9. Ricksen was Superb that year. Leaving that aside it was the Players player of the year. We were expected to believe that with thousands of votes a draw resulted. Hartson should have been no where near it.
  10. The best thing any recipient could do is to decline it and say why.
  11. Damn, thats another football-less weekend coming up. Given that it's only Livingston & St Johnstone, no crowd (spares the blushes of a 10K crowd at Hampden I suppose) and even less of a tv audience, can they not just flip a coin to see who wins or if they really want to play it, fit it in on a free midweek?
  12. I believe more and more people are seeing it for the worthless bauble it is. It has been of absolutely no value in my eyes since 2005, when it was jointly awarded to John Hartson & Fernando Ricksen. Hartson was about the 3rd or 4th best player in the tims team that year, and Ricksen probably 5th or so best player for us. I'm pretty sure neither player won their own club's award that year.
  13. Gunslinger is correct. The reason it has been raised is because once again, the first source to highlight the possibility is PQ. We have registered it for posterity, if Gerrard is not the recipient, we know it's another trolling point thought up in the Gang Hut and articulated by Michael Stewart. The last piece on BBC Scotland's weekly trolling shows how far they are willing to take it. Cosgrove's convenient false memory on the '98 League Cup final is alarming because it was not corrected on a football show. I don't know if McBreen was playing that day, I know he didn't
  14. In whose gift is this "Manager of the Year" award? Press/pundits? Managers? Players?
  15. Fit ALL players with microphones,recorders etc.😏 or get Chris McLoughlin back in as he KNOWS how to find these things out
  16. I think we know these things are always conducted for reasons other than football. It is what it is, best ignored completely until the day we can actually do something about it.
  17. I just wish Rangers players hadn't played the snowflake and leapt on the "upset" bandwagon so readily. It's all a bit cringeworthy.
  18. if Gerrard doesn't get it it will be for reasons other than football.
  19. Does anyone actually think the MOTY counts for anything or that Gerrard and Rangers give a monkey's who gets it? Everyone knows how Scottish football operates, there are no surprises.
  20. he says he called him a fanny. The suggestion was he said Faggot or fairy depending what source you believe. either of those should certainly see you banned for a lengthy period. As i say it seems witnesses are less sure of what went on and certainly do not want to testify against him so the right decision has been made here.
  21. Surely Bookies wouldn’t open a book on Benitez just to tempt gullible folk to give them money, would they? Must be a genuine option.
  22. Full midweek card. All the more chances to get it wrong Palace 1-2 Hammers Newcastle 0-2 Leeds So’ton 1-2 Arsenal West Brom 0-3 City Burnley 1-1 Aston Villa Chelsea 2-1 Wolves BHA 2-0 Fulham Everton 0-2 Leicester United 4-0 Blades Hotspur 2-1 L’pool
  23. The Pfizer one the brothers hoping for the Laphroag one
  24. I'll be inconsolable if Gerrard doesn't get Manager of the Year.
  25. If Gerrard delivers our first title in a decade then he will win manager of the year. You get the impression that Martindale loses a few games and will stick the napper on someone.
  26. I hope it was a good going Scottish vaccine and not the posh, upper class, Boris Johnston, Oxford one.
  27. The Tims are trying to prevent Gerrard getting it.
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