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  2. Probably not but you would think there was a loophole around that some way. I suppose there are higher wage groups than me thinking about that.
  3. Correct it's because of the goal post design of the roof supports, if the upper sections of the corners were filled in it would have meant a high proportion of restricted view seats. I think it may well be now possible to alter the roof structures to avoid pillars but whether it is financially feasible is a different matter. A point to bear in mind is that an average of 7000 season ticket holders are absent for each game and the club will try and promote secondary ticketing to help assuage demand from non season ticket holders. As for the screens they can be moved to the roofs of the Broomloan and Copland relatively easily.
  4. Just looking for evidence of this damning evidence so many people speak of
  5. Bill

    Jo Brand

    Sorry to hear you’ve been in a coma for the last year. Now that you’re back with us, a quick scan of any decent news outlet should provide what you’re looking for. Tip - take those blinkers off.
  6. Today
  7. That clip is from last year , players don’t report till t9morriw

    New Ibrox

    The gaps between Copland/Broomloan and Main Stand is something that detracts from the stadium imo.
  9. Arfield Jack and Kamara are my starting 3 at the moment so who is he going to replace?
  10. Ian1964 posted the full story in the General Football forum. No doubt the SNP would be fully disclosing the report if Rangers fans were the main perpetrators. Which suggests that other lot are just as guilty, if not more so.
  11. Worral has returned to Forest so that vid is not up to date surely
  12. I may be way off here but was it not deemed utterly impractical and cost heavy to fill in the upper corners? That's why only the lower section was completed. I think it had something to do with way the three stands are constructed?
  13. Are there examples of Corbyn's "anti-Semitism"? It's stated on here (and news outlets) as a fact but I've yet to see any evidence
  14. Think? For starter Jones will play for the jumper which is more that ohalloran did.
  15. THE SPFL and Scottish Government have been urged to release a secret document which uncovers the level of sectarianism in Scottish football. The Herald reports that ministers are withholding nearly two years of data on “unacceptable conduct” in footie grounds – supplied to them by Hampden blazers. SNP administrators say the information was provided by the SPFL confidentially and publishing it would undermine the football governing body’s trust in the Government. But anti-bigotry campaigners insist the dossier- gathered from the start of the 2017-18 season - should be released into the public domain. Nil By Mouth has lodged an appeal with the Scottish Information Commissioner to make the records available after being refused access by the Government under the freedom of information legislation. And the charity’s head Dave Scott has called for transparency as he blasted the SPFL’s hush-hush stance. He told the Herald: "Scottish football thinks it is a law unto itself and despite the investment of millions of pounds of public money into the game over recent years the SPFL seems to feel it doesn't have to be publicly accountable. “Duncan Morrow's report called for football to be transparent in its dealings on this issue and it's clear that the SPFL will go to any lengths to ensure this isn't the case. "Government and Parliament can't allow the SPFL to call the shots and if the commissioner finds in our favour we will be contacting Holyrood's Health and Sport Committee asking it to undertake an investigation into the report's findings allowing a cross-party group of MSPs to fully question the SPFL in public session." He added: "For too long the SPFL has operated its own system of 'selfregulation' where no-one is ever held to account and the issue of bigotry is swept under the carpet. “As a direct result the problem of sectarianism within the game festers with a third of all Scottish Premier League managers speaking out in recent months about repeated instances of sectarian abuse toward them, at games. "The SPFL cannot be allowed to dodge, deflect and deny its way out of its responsibilities for the problem and we are confident the commissioner will rule publication to be firmly in the public interest." Scottish football has been plagued by sectarian issues this season, with fans, players, managers and officials all being targeted from the stands. In February, Kilmarnock boss Steve Clarke hit out after chants of “sad ****** b******” were directed towards him at Ibrox. Just two months later Aberdeen gaffer Derek McInnes was abused with “sad Orange b******” chants during a Scottish Cup semi-final against Celtic. Labour MSP James Kelly said: "The SPFL and the Scottish Government should be up front and open when it comes to the levels of unacceptable conduct being recorded in football stadiums. "Without this transparency not only are we unable to view a clear picture of the scale of the problem, but we have little idea of what individual incidents are being classed as such." Scots Tory MSP Donald Cameron added: "There's no point in having freedom of information laws if data like this is kept secret. It's yet another example of the SNP trying to do government behind closed doors. "What's also concerning is that such secrecy and obstruction just serves to heighten suspicion about what's being kept under wraps. "In fact, Scottish football fans are among the best behaved in the world, and the authorities should therefore have nothing to fear from releasing this information." A Scottish Government official agreed that the information should be released but said their hands were tied. The spokesperson said: “Our strong preference was, and remains, that the SPFL should make the data publicly available. “However, the information has been provided to us on the condition that it was in confidence. "That followed discussions between the Scottish Government, Scottish FA, SPFL, Police Scotland and other stakeholders, where the football authorities agreed to collate data on unacceptable conduct in Scottish football for the first time from the start of the 2017-18 season - but on the condition that it remained confidential." The SPFL was asked whether they would agree to publish the figures and a spokesperson said: "We absolutely condemn all forms of unacceptable conduct at SPFL matches. “Our focus is on supporting the extensive work that our clubs and the police do to identify and punish the small minority of individuals who engage in this type of dangerous behaviour." https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4373389/spfl-snp-government-secrecy-row-over-footie-sectarianism-dossier/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1560703145
  16. Bill

    New Ibrox

    It's not just about a bigger stadium but our ability to evolve as stadium facilities change. I guess with enough money you could do anything but it must be less efficient to try to work around an existing structure built decades ago.
  17. Bill

    Jo Brand

    I'm strongly antisemantic and proud of it.
  18. Same as against Australia ... Pakistan have two good openers ... then nothing
  19. I do think the doubts around this signing have some validity (him being primarily a counter-attacking player), but I think that's mainly down to the way Killie played and therefore used him. However, I do think Jones has more about him than O'Halloran.
  20. Pakistan made a steady start, perhaps setting something up, but... it's gone. 154-5 (32), chasing 337.
  21. Some training video published today by RTV ... dunno whether it really is up to date though, as Kent, Worrall and Coulibaly are all there, but no Jones. Katic should be away with Croatia's u21s ...
  22. Mickey mouse lawyers Mickey mouse advice.
  23. Yeah, seems like the current board cocked up.
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