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  2. Because they are Rangers players and all the “should be’s” in the world won’t change reality.
  3. I did but some are slower than others. 👨🏻‍🎓😂
  4. A repeat of the '56 final. I hope you're on a winning run, compo. However, I would probably put my house on Separate Entity FC winning comfortably.
  5. I've stuck ten pounds on Hearts to win three goals to one at odds of 100/1
  6. Back many moons ago we had him watched and came to the conclusion he was to small .
  7. ... just noted that Danny Ings, on loan from Liverpool at Southampton, has a contract at Liverpool till summer 2020. I would doubt that Watford would have us pay the full weekly wages, but what do I know.
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  9. 😁 Rangers have surely been handed a big boost in their pursuit of Watford striker Andre Gray after it was reported that chairman Dave King is ready to greenlight a marquee signing in the summer. According to reliable news website Football Insider, King is ready to free up some funds so that manager Steven Gerrard can make a “top-quality and expensive addition” to his squad. It is understood that Gerrard would also be able to offer out “Premier League-style” wages to a potential major signing. Gray, 27, is someone who has been linked with a summer move to Rangers with the Evening Times reporting in April that the Gers are plotting a swoop to sign the centre-forward on loan as they aim to find someone new to spearhead their bid to win the 2019/20 Scottish Premiership title. The former Luton and Burnley striker is no doubt someone who would flourish in Scotland’s top-flight after scoring nine goals in 34 appearances across all competitions for FA Cup runners-up Watford this season. Gray found the back of the net against the likes of Manchester United, Everton, Leicester and Wolves, so there is no doubt that he could fire on all cylinders against teams such as Hamilton, St Johnstone, Hearts, Kilmarnock and – maybe – Celtic. One issue at the time of that Evening Times report was that it was hard to see Rangers being able to afford Gray’s wages. Statistics website Spotrac reports that the Premier League striker earns £70,000-a-week on a deal he signed when he joined Watford for £18million two years ago. Rangers would definitely struggle to come anywhere near to matching those wages, but Football Insider’s report about King now means that covering at least a fraction of his salary could be something that is on the cards in the summer. It is unlikely that the Light Blues would have to pay 100 per cent of Gray’s wages, but at least a good chunk of them would no doubt make it easier to strike a loan deal with Watford and sign the Englishman as a potential replacement for Alfredo Morelos. Rangers could actually go and beat Celtic to domestic honours if they sign a Premier League-level striker like Gray and being able to afford him is surely half of the battle being won. https://thisisfutbol.com/2019/05/blogs/rangers-should-have-every-chance-to-sign-andre-gray/
  10. They are not normal young people though , and as i'm sure they'll have been made well aware of , they are also still representing the club regardless of where they are . The 9 iar team got up to much worse , but back then not everybody carried a video camera.
  11. Eriksen, Alderweireld, and Vertoghen are exactly perfect examples of my point. They had actually totally nothing to do with the Ajax youth system until Young Ajax(2nd team) but in the Cies method of judging youth academy's they count them in. That is good buying and not having a great youth academy.
  12. Agreed. If they want to go to San Antonio then they should go there and enjoy themselves. One thing I would say though is, be aware that there will be arseholes aplenty there who hate the sight of them and for that reason they should've been a bit more judicious about the amount of alcohol that was being consumed so they could protect themselves. Lesson learned I would think.
  13. The story goes that Rinus Michels would go into the dressing room and give his tactical talk. After he left the dressing room Cruijff and Willem van Hanegem would get up and say forget that shit, this is the way we will play.
  14. The Tories and the SNP are both a bit of a shambles just now, so it speaks volumes about Corbyn's Labour Party that they're not capitalising on this and early predictions suggest they've done very poorly at the European elections. They correctly call out the Euro-split in the Tories but should now be realising the exact same split is a huge problem they have to face. The Labour split is more between party members and the Labour voting public though. The Brexit Party will wallop them in the Labour heartlands and they only have themselves to blame.
  15. Confirmed- Rangers fan all his life Also chalk this down to another one we broke a long time ago on Gersnet 👍
  16. Attlee, Wilson, Brown - Corbyn doesn’t have a fraction of the ability of any one of these. Callaghan - Corbyn doesn’t have his practicality. Blair - well, Corbyn’s not Blair, so that’s something to be said for him. McConnell? Better leader for Labour than Corbyn. And Long-Bailey. (That’s a name for an Australian opening batsman. “Long-Bailey, 173 not out.”)
  17. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4285338/greg-stewart-rangers-transfer-news-contract/ ID 10 has said that Stewart is actually "one of us".
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