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  2. It's the most ridiculous argument I've ever heard.
  3. We've drawn 2 games this season (with one being a scoreless draw and the other in a friendly...) and won the rest - so how can they have been costly mistakes ?
  4. You’ve twice asked this question. You must suspect some evil purpose. What do you think it is?
  5. yes and we are liable for 8.6% of it. Whats 8.6% of 7.4billion? do you actually imagine we are paying the whole thing? oops
  6. And yet strangely enough you seem to be doing the same thing to Goldson you are accusing others of doing to Katic… #irony
  7. I am a great Alfie fan but he does miss a lot of chances when one on one with the keeper. He does not seem to have a trick that puts keepers on the wrong foot. When a keeper gets that close to you and at the angle Alfie had last night it is very hard to beat the keeper with just a shot unless you are lucky and get the ball through his legs. Alfie should try and train on some body movements to deceive and try taking the ball round the keeper sometimes. Just a thought after he missed that chance yesterday.
  8. Sorry, but it will be too late to change anything then.
  9. Once we have Independence we elect our government of whatever colour. It does not mean SNP in perpetuity.
  10. The SNP has always adopted a lazy approach to independence. They've no appetite for presenting the facts and appear totally unwilling to offer a coherent economic plan for life post-independence. That being the case, we have a situation where the SNP cannot explain themselves properly without holing themselves below the waterline. No one should be so dogmatic as to dismiss independence as a general proposition but there's good independence, bad independence and the independence of deceit implicit in the SNP's leap in the dark. Every nationalist with an ounce of integrity and who genuinely cares about Scotland should be hounding this SNP regime out the door.
  11. No offence but you figures are nonsense e.g. HS2 has cos £7.4B already. Estimate was £32.7B now £55.6 and rising, some say to £90B.
  12. I think anyone talking up independence will certainly not get Unionism and therefore it would not make sense to you.
  13. I talk up Independence. The figures quoted are Government statistics Edinburgh and Westminster, they make no sense in why they want to keep us.
  14. paranoia is no basis for independence.
  15. Crossrail is in there as a positive not negative. It incurred Barnet consequential and no cost to Scotland. trident is 180 mil a year. uk debt is our debt as Michael Stewart points out and we would get a share of that on independence. Hs2 has cost a sum total of 700 million so far over the years. As for defense embassies and consulates. That is only likely to cost more. Your half truths may be ok for the internet and indoctrinated but the SNP will have to explain these properly.
  16. 😂😂😂 Jack was doing it in the second half of last season. You just weren't quite ready to change your mind 😂😂😂
  17. The one of my main points. Why do Tories south of the border fight so hard to keep us? The would be £B’s better off without us, if the GERS figures are correct. They want us for a reason.
  18. Totally agree. Any right minded Rangers supporter would take this view. I still can't get my head around that there are some Rangers fans who talk up the SNP on here.
  19. Aribo was excellent, but the sharpness shown by Defoe for his first goal was worthy of MOTM on its own. As the ball comes to him, he laready has it in his mind what he is going to do, with his first touch he pushes it past the defender, one more touch to steady as he moves into the box, and a lethal finish. Top drawer.
  20. absolutely. If Scotland is 53% of the deficit and wales deficit is bigger than outs you get over 100% of the deficit before you even get to NI
  21. I've gone for McGregor, with Jack a close second. Honourable mention for Flanagan. I'm not a fan and he usually has a big error in his game but last night I thought he did great, especially when covering across the line and getting in a superb tackle to prevent a close range shot (probable goal) when Katic & Goldson were not in an ideal position, and that just after he got booked as well. He had to time it perfectly and he did. Ryan Jack has improved immeasurably over the summer. The Ryan Jack of last season wouldnt get into this team with the options we have got, so he had to up his game or lose his place, and i'm delighted he has done the former. Kudos to the coaches who have no doubt worked with him. Perhaps puts to bed the myth that we dont improve players we buy.
  22. McGregor for me, important saves that ensured we didn't lose last night.
  23. A few thoughts on catching up on this thread: - Richard Murphy... I've read a few things he has done over the years but really have no idea about his background... but the fact that HMRC have it in for him isn't a reason to distrust him necessarily. Nor is the fact he is prepared to call out vested interests in terms of those avoiding tax, legal or otherwise. Some of his language and communication style leave a bit to be desired it has to be said, but the main thrust of his criticism of GERS isn't wrong in my view. The fact he has given evidence to to parliament and to the EU suggests his opinions have some validity, or at least should not be dismissed out of hand. - GERS... budgets are a numerical way of demonstrating the structure and direction of an organisation. GERS does this for Scotland based on its current structure. As many have said already, it doesn't necessarily equate to the political imperatives and the economic reality of an independent nation. - SNP - Bill's main thrust of his OP is that a credible alternative to GERS being needed to support any drive for independence is spot on. Sturgeon's tactics seem to be add odds with the wider Yes movement's desire to push ahead and make a positive case for indyref2. Unless a credible evidence based vision for the future is produced, which acknowledges risks and uncertainties, indyref2 will have the same outcome regardless of the impact of Brexit
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