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    After a nervy final 24 hours of the transfer window, with Chinese bids received and rejected for our top scorer, we survey the state of the squad and look forward to welcoming Hibs to Ibrox this weekend. Lennon's side will undoubtedly be combative. Look no further than the last game between the sides at Ibrox in August and the refereeing performance of John Beaton. At times it felt like a wrestling match Beaton was overseeing; and like all wrestling matches - he seemed to be steering towards a pre-determined outcome. Jesting aside, like many, I struggle with the idea that referees are actually biased. But that doesn't meant that they don't jump through some ridiculous mental hoops when it comes to how they referee us. Are we judged to a different standard? It often seems that way. But more likely, the standard of our officiating reflects the standard of the Scottish game overall. One of the the key protagonists for Hibs back in August was Anthony Stokes who, curiously, left Hibs yesterday by mutual consent. it seems even the bold Neil Lennon will only put up with his clear attitude and behavioural issues for so long, and that tells you something! Lennon has however brought in Florian Kemberi on loan from Grasshoppers Zurich to replace Stokes. He also brought in Cammy Bell from Kilmarnock, who replaces the departing Scott Bain who was on loan from Dundee and has now joined Celtic; as well as another couple of loanees - Jamie Maclaren and Faycal Rherras. Simon Murray who scored Hibs' first goal back in August has joined Dundee on loan, with Liam Fontaine going to Ross County. How much of an impact those player changes will make for Hibs remains to be seen. But as ever at a clubs like ours, it comes down to our own attitude and application first and foremost. We will need to win the battle first, before we can settle to play the game on our own terms. Murty has instilled a bit of grit to the team and its clear we find the big games easier to play in. With the new additions to our own squad, coupled with a productive training camp in the US for the Florida Cup, we've started the new year with confidence. Hibs will no no doubt put us under pressure at various times. The last game between the sides in December saw them go a goal up in the first few minutes and they were clearly the better side until we scored two goals late in the first half through Windass and then memorably Morelos, with his cheeky near post finish after a glorious bit of skill to eliminate his marker. We saw the game out but Hibs were wasteful at times and the game could have gone either way. Fans favourite Morelos remains with us for the time being. Murty's post match words on Sky following last night's scrappy win against Fraserburgh seemed to suggest that perhaps there wasn't much substance behind the bids from China. Given their transfer window still has another month to go, speculation will no doubt continue. I would however start Morelos and resist the obvious GIRUY temptation to start with Cummings on Saturday. I think its important we put an arm round the lad and make sure he knows he is loved and can progress his career with us. If he continues to improve he will get the move he wants so its not in our interests to stand in his way long term, unless we want to have a Dembele-like situation developing. Much of the rest of the team picks itself in my view, based on the game versus Ross County. Cummings for me is a stick-on to come off the bench and get a goal. I for one can't wait to see his celebration and the look on the spoon burner's faces. Match Prediction: Rangers 3 - Hibs 1 Morelos FGS
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    Yeah, when I think back to what an utter shambles the club seemed to be, both on and off the pitch, when McInnes knocked us back, I wouldn't have believed we could have strengthened the side the way we have. Like most of us I really want Murty to do well and one thing this transfer window has done is bring a renewed sense of optimism to the support. There's a belief now we are going in the right direction. Every single signing makes sense, there's a core to the squad now of people who understand the league, the opposition and the what the club means to the support, that can only be a good thing. I think we're still missing a bit of craft, particularly in midfield, but overall I'm delighted with the progress we've made in the last couple of months.
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    This apology is related to a tweet from same journalist earlier today where he informed his followers that his 'source close to the Chinese club' had denied a bid had been made as well as some claptrap about foreign player limits (despite Renhe signing an Argentinian player yesterday evening). In the day where BBC Scotland posted video footage of the Rangers stonewall penalty last night in which all three of their match commentators decided it was harsh this is quite something. Interestingly their match reporter last night (Martin Dowden who also helps produce much of their sporting output) suggest Holt tripped over the ball. Good to see Rangers challenge this nonsense and once again the Scottish football media are seen for the liars they are.
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    A queue of applicants form outside the SFA offices.
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    Democracy is abiding by referendum results. Something nationalists have a problem with.
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    Barrheadboy does this every time. Asks for facts and then when he gets them, ignores them and moves onto other subjects he mistakenly thinks he's right about. It's pointless trying to debate sensibly with him. Mind you, we should ignore a referendum result and just focus on a poll carried out last week amongst 2-300 Scots. That the sort of parallel universe he inhabits.
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    Pertinent you mention the wheel and "no positive case for the Union" in the one statement - because you certainly take this discussion round in circles every time it raises its head. You ignore every single point made by anyone that may even be remotely pro-Union and eulogise over independence as if it is some magic bullet - yet it is completely unproven. You havent really given any substantive evidence that independence would be of benefit to the Scottish populace - there is absolutely ZERO guarantee, for example, that an independent Scotland wouldnt mean even worse pensions than people get now in the UK. Just because the UK has shitty pensions doesnt mean that number would be better than with an independent Scotland. Indeed, there was an article the other day about how 1 million Scots would be paying more tax than the rest of the UK under SNP proposals. Better off ???
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    The Nordic countries also generally have a much higher rate of tax during employment years.
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    In case he bumps into Alex Salmond?
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    Thompson from DUTD? Petrie? some Rangers hater will get it.
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    Regan is no loss to Scottish Football, a celtic quisling no longer of use as Liewells puppet, so therefore surplus to requirements.
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    You’re right. We should scrap the Scottish parliament and then we will be more democratic than the EU.
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    Sir, The BBC apologising to Rangers is like a dog walking upon its hind legs, it is not done well, but it is surprising to see it done at all. (With my apologies to the Sage of Lichfield.)
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    I couldnt disagree more in Niko's situation. It is clear to a blind man that his body simply can't react as quickly as his brain. IMHO you actually need to see it live. I have always been a Niko supporter but when I was at the Motherwell game a couple of days after Christmas it was painfully, and sadly, obvious that Niko's body has given up on him. His brain is as sharp as ever and some of his touches were sublime that night - one deft touch and he had beaten a Motherwell player with ease.... but even though the ball was only a yard or two away from him he couldnt get the next touch because he was so slow to make the next move. No amount of match practice will improve Niko's body and lack of mobility - the years and the injuries have taken their toll unfortunately. It is a crying shame because, at his peak, he would be the creative force we need. The ONLY way we could utilise him, IMO, would be in front of the defence in a 4-2-3-1 - but the other person in the "2" would need to be his legs. I am not convinced we need that now though given we have Goss who is more than able at spotting vertical passes. It is sad because Niko is an all-round good guy and someone that you just will to succeed and have the utmost respect for.
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    A youth player attempting to get into the Rangers first team (and staying there) is a very different prospect from getting into the Hearts or Hamilton first XI to name but two other clubs. Of course any Rangers manager would want to promote the best young players but only the very best are capable of making that step and it's worth noting that players develop at different stages as well.
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    Do you ever wonder why certain 'feminists' and 'radicals', or even 'radical feminists', like La Bocca Haggerty never attack the hierarchical, patriarchal, celibate, gerontocracy of the RC Church, which holds huge swathes of the globe, and the populations domiciled therein, under its sway, and which, even to this day, excludes women from its every working. Now there's a fucking target, 'Captain'.
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    I don't have any worries about Morelos other than he may struggle now and again without having had a proper rest of note since last April.
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    I think he's just pointing out that a striker 4 years older than Morelos with a pretty average scoring record in the championship has gone for £10m, £2m more than was offered for Morelos. 12 goals in 44 last season, 8 in 27 this season. For once Sutton is right, Scottish clubs are letting players go too cheaply.
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    Just a wee comparison to money being spent on a striker
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    The irony of feminists claiming to represent the rights of women, yet telling them what they can and can not do.....
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    I would tell Moreloss keep scoring plenty of goals and we will have to sell you when the 40 million pound offers come flowing in
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    Seems like cause for optimism. I'm not sure how I'll cope with that but will try. 😀
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    Yeah it’s the lowest taxed for dossers like him.
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    He’s done his usual - came on, posted a load of rubbish, passed it off as fact, then when questioned, done a runner. Barrheadbhoy by name, Barrheadbhoy by nature.
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    I thought he was an absolute donkey and so completely out of his depth at Rangers he was going to be the ginger Scott Nisbet. I was being harsh on Nisbet there. I may have been a trifle hasty in that judgement. He definitely looked like a proper defender recently. That might be because we now have a manager who has some understanding of defending of course. On balance he's earned his spot and if he can keep it in the next few weeks then aye, he's earned a new contract offer.
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    The majority of Scottish voters voted to keep the Union. Deal with it.
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    I'd wager she is pro-Palestine. They all are, aren't they.
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    Another patsy will be placed
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    Now that would be interesting.
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    Rangers actually pulling BBC Scotland up, good on them about time.
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    The problem we have compared to those other teams is that our fans demand and expect constant success. As such, whilst you want to have as many young players as possible, their natural inconsistencies or proneness to injury or general inexperience, means it's difficult for a club like Rangers to base their side wholly on youth. Yes, whether by luck or judgement, the very best young players will make it but the vast majority will not. That's not to say they won't make eventually or that our decision-making is perfect in giving (or not giving) them a chance, just that other factors are at play and they don't usually align enough to improve our development record. Ultimately though playing for Rangers remains a huge draw and young players shouldn't be afraid to take what may seem like a step back to make a step forward in the longer term. It might not work out first time but continue to work hard then you might get the chance to come back.
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    I don't think the club will be blocking anything.....I think they will be telling him that if he continues his current form, or improves it, the quality of team pursuing him will improve and he will get a better move in the summer.
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    It's understandable you want the best for your son - it might not happen at Rangers but these other players are showing you and yer lad that it can elsewhere. And, then RFC may well take notice again...!
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    One would imagine that the boy's agent would have a solicitor on a retainer.
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    Yeah - I'm not saying we must do it. However it would be a bit of a sweetener for him and his agent as we look set to block what could be life changing amounts of money for him and his family. I expect this type of business will be done behind closed doors though.
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    PS: I'll publish it tomorrow am.
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    I still think he will go , we are making all the right noises about not having to sell him , in fact if it was me I wouldn't sell him , however at the end of the dat , el buffalo is 21 , has no emotional ties to us is very possibly supporting his entire family and the money being offered will be massive compared to what he's on with us , so I expect him gone for around the £10 million mark .
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    Great to see Rangers spending money on prospects. As I said on the other thread, this is the age you can get the best value player. Especially with Scottish players who don't need persuaded to sign for Rangers. I'd like to see fringe players cleared out in the summer and more U20s on the bench next season. Lower wage bill and gives them a clear pathway to the first team. I think it's pretty discouraging for them at the moment with the likes of Hodson and Dodoo ahead of them.
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    "Martin is a good Sellik man". Annie McGuire's pronunciation on long term BBC Scotland Producer, Martin Dowden. The good Sellik man has began broadcasting and penning pieces for the website, on Saturday he was supporting Lennon for the national job, today it's Caldwell. Tomorrow, it will be Jackie McNamara, only if he pays his own rail fare.
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    Always good to see Man U getting cuffed
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    Well we know it has to be a celtc fan so hes in with a shout.
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    Bang on the money! 100% nail on the head.
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    I am similar in my approach to you Gonzo. Scotland has become a man hating feminist stronghold. It’s a very unpleasant atmosphere they have created.
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    Report on tonight's 16's game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2018/01/30/16s-win-in-high-scoring-game/
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    The ugly will always resent the beautiful. The weak will always envy the strong. The failures will always hate the successful. Thicko's have always tried to ridicule their intellectual betters. It has always been like that, it's just that some of the strong and smart have abandoned moral principles and are making money out of pandering to losers.
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    The amount of cops in offices drinking tea and answering phones is huge. Meanwhile, frontline police officers, the most important police officers, are the ones being shafted. The amount of cops on operational front line duties is bordering is a joke and the senior management wonder why morale is so low. An email or 2 off the divisional commander won't change that and it's cringeworthy to think that they think it will. Cops are shat upon and the hierarchy don't really care. My sub division is huge. It goes from Law, Carluke all the way down to Elavnfoot which borders the Scottish borders and there are 6 cops (3 double crewed cars) answering the calls.
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    It's a clusterf*&k of epic proportions and the SNP are 100% to blame for it.
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