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    I met Jake Hastie's parents today and I'm sure they will be OK for me to say a few things they told me. Firstly they told me Jake had signed before it was on the news (also told me keep quiet until it was out in the news but that didn't last long), they also told me a few stories about when they met with Gerrard and Allen etc last week. They were assured by them that Jake will be in the first team squad and won't be loaned out or put back to the academy team as they had their own reservations about getting game time and how it would affect Jake's progress and seen no point in signing if he wasn't going to be in the first team squad. But they also told me Gerrard told them it's now up to Jake to prove himself in training that deserves a chance but they all rate him very highly, more so than Middleton. Aberdeen guaranteed him first team football but changed their deal at the last minute but he didn't fancy it anyway. The tims again went about trying to get the deal done on the cheap and they were not impressed at all and was never really a goer. He also had offers from England and abroad but like before they want to stay in Scotland for now anyway. He's been told he'll be lucky to get any more game time at Motherwell and was snubbed at the awards last night by virtually everyone there. I'm so pleased for the young man and his family and hope he takes his chance and does very well for us....
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    Before Sunday's final Old Firm game of the season there was the usual manufactured controversy by the usual trolls in the media. Last week it was Chris Sutton's turn to take the lead by suggesting Rangers should give Celtic a guard of honour ahead of the match to show respect for their title win. Of course, given the rivalry between the clubs, this was never going to happen but it didn't stop several other journalists and pundits latching onto the 'debate' inferring Rangers lacked the class or humility to applaud the Celtic players onto the pitch. Even Alan Stubbs and Neil Lennon had their say with neither having the brains to remember they or their clubs didn't offer Rangers the same guard when they played Hibs and Celtic after winning leagues in previous seasons. As always, when it comes to Scottish football, the hypocrisy and mischief-making stood out more than any genuine point being offered. No matter, this Celtic team do deserve praise. To be on the brink of an unprecedented 'treble treble' is worthy of such and, despite the context that goes with their eight titles in a row, to win nine trophies across three years is good going and it would be churlish not to recognise that. In fact, I'd go so far that if you're not prepared to do so, then it would just make Celtic's job easier in terms of extending their dominance. Indeed, whilst Steven Gerrard clearly wasn't in favour of any bizarre guard of honour, as a professional himself, he will be well aware of how difficult the job is to challenge our greatest rivals going forward. The current financial gulf alone makes his job a difficult one: not impossible but we are hamstrung fiscally and I do note the irony from when the boot was on the other foot twenty odd years ago. Yet, that fairly recent history also shows nothing is a certainty in this country's national sport (take note Hearts). Despite an unsuccessful season per se, Rangers have shown they meter out a challenge to Celtic in the coming years. Yes, Celtic won the league fairly comfortably in the end but in the four matches against them, we at last not only competed with them but came out the four games looking the better side. In the first match at Celtic Park, the hosts by and large dominated and ran out deserved winners but in the three games since, including the second game at Celtic Park at the end of March where we went down to ten men, we not only played the more composed football but we created the most chances whilst bettering them both tactically and physically. Sure, they still won that March contest but, make no mistake, our efforts from that day were reflected in our own win at Ibrox on Sunday. And, in turn, that result will have a bearing the next time we play them too. Most importantly, it should give our own players the belief to approach next season with more confidence, addressing our problems with consistency and our ability to keep winning games when it truly matters. Of course nothing is certain despite our splendid performance from the weekend but we are in a good place. For much of this season we were too dependent on Alfredo Morelos and too one-dimensional in our play as a result. This made us predictable and occasionally easy to defend against: issues that have lingered from the managerial reigns of Warburton and Caixinha/Murty. Fortunately, this season has been different with Steven Gerrard and his coaching team quickly able to find an alternative system to improve results. The form of certain players has helped: not least the likes of Defoe, Davis and Katic but from being over-reliant on one or two individuals, we've played much better as a team since we lost Morelos to suspension. In that sense, it's no coincidence, our overall play has been better for longer periods of games and we've both conceded less and scored more than in other periods of the campaign. With that in mind our current form is well worthy of examination. Since that unlucky defeat to Celtic at the end of March, we've won six games in a row. Not exactly noteworthy on its own but these matches have all been against the best the SPFL has to offer. We've beaten Hearts twice, Celtic, Motherwell, Aberdeen and Hibs: the latter two, teams we've struggled against earlier in the season. We've also scored 14 goals and conceded only once. Of course the season is nearing an end and some sides might well be ready for their holidays but, for me, that means our form deserves more praise, not less. After all, when we finish our season this Sunday at Rugby Park it will be our 60th game of the last 10 and half months. Yet the drive and hunger from the manager and his squad seems to be just as fresh as it was when we beat Shkupi last 12th July. We're also well on our way when it comes to improving the squad for next season. Bosman signings like Jordan Jones, Jake Hastie and Greg Stewart might not take us to Champions League glory but Glen Kamara has already shown since he signed from relegated Dundee that cost need not dictate quality. If you were watching Liverpool's incredible comeback against Barca last midweek and their impressive domestic form throughout the season then Andy Robertson's less than glamorous background shows Scottish-based players can play at the highest levels: a belief that both Gerrard and Gary McAllister can offer any new signing. And there will be more - perhaps a few that will whet the appetite in the same way that Jermain Defoe and Steven Davis have shown their quality once up to speed. Conversely we will lose several players as well with a long list set to leave. The vast majority of Foderingham, Alnwick, Hodson, Wallace, Worrall, McAuley, Coulibaly, Holt, Grezda, Dodoo, Herrera and Lafferty won't be here next season which is a large exodus. More importantly, key players such as Morelos, Tavernier and Kent are uncertain to be here - though at least the Colombian and our skipper will realise serious cash should they move on, which could help us afford to retain Kent. The reliable contributions of players like Goldson, Jack and Arfield will also be of interest to other clubs so new deals may be offered to keep their services. Meanwhile, even obvious talent such as Dorrans, Docherty and Rossiter have struggled to prove themselves at the club so their futures may well be undecided too. As such, whilst the squad turnover may not be as severe as we seen in Gerrard's first summer at the club, change will be obvious and next year's squad very different. Given we'll be starting the hard work again this time next month, we'll need improvement to avoid the downturn of form we seen last winter due to our European exertions. Ensuring the squad has the correct level of depth and quality therein is a big responsibility for Andy Scoulding and Mark Allen. After all, if we are to be successful next season then we'll need to play more than the 60 games we did this term. All things considered Rangers fans asked for evidence of progress from Steven Gerrard and, as much as there have been some great disappointments this season, I think he's definitely provided improvement by and large. To qualify for the Europa League group stages was a laudable achievement and to arguably win the head-to-head versus Celtic over the course of those four games demonstrates improvement; mentally as much as tactically. Unfortunately, no cup finals and no league trophy shows work still needs to be done and a couple of wins over Celtic isn't enough to satisfy the support as long as they're the ones still celebrating trebles come mid-May. In that sense, Sunday's result may have been meaningless but there's no doubt in my mind any momentum Celtic had after our travails of the last 7-8 years has been halted. Perhaps not reversed (and they have plenty of financial fuel to apply) but enough of a marker to suggest a changing of the guard could be upon us.
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    I suspect Sunday afternoon/evening last, might be viewed as a series of defining moments in PQ's attempt to provide definition on Strict Liability? The live broadcast of BBC Radio Scotland's coverage of the Scottish Cup semi-final between Aberdeen and ra Sellik put together with an early evening Sportscene highlights the shimmering mess they have got themselves into. PQ demand answers to questions they don't even dare to ask themselves, because those questions are too uncomfortable. A Dandy Dons/Yahoo fixture is what they live for, it's perfect harmony. You have Big Dick presenting, Liam McLeod commentating, Tom English, Pat Bonner, and Wullie Miller adding colour. The vox-pops are provided by Tyrone Smith; it's all safe, contained to only supporters of both clubs, no awkward or inconvenient comments guaranteed. Mutual masturbation is actively encouraged. It has been established, Rangers under Gerrard have not improved, the oligopoly of the last several seasons remains preserved. We have a monthly period where pyrotechnics have been lobbed on to playing areas at Paisley by Yahoos, the same supporters aim sectarian chanting at both Steven Gerrard and Jimmy Bell. Motherwell fans throw a lighter, a pie, and a few coins at Rangers skipper, James Tavernier, Jambos and Hibees add to the pyro party, and add a touch of creativity by shying a coconut. A Hibby is jailed for 100 days for attempting to attack James Tavernier. All this in the immediate wake of Aberdeen supporters subjecting Gerrard to sectarian chanting and offering a few ditties about the Ibrox Disaster. Just before that, Rangers supporters sectarianly abused Killie boss, Steve Clarke; days before this, Sellik supporters did the same to Killie striker, Kris Boyd and pelted him with coins. I hope you can pick the needle out of the above haystack? Beeb Scotland went BIG with 'Strict Liability' on one issue in that morass. We had demands from Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English for strict liability now. We had pleas from presenters on both radio and TV, after the obligatory phone-in/studio discussion had concluded that the Scottish Government must step in and deal with the issue. The national broadcaster is the biggest megaphone in the land and the volume was turned up to eleven. Steve Clarke had defined the issue, "it was something from the dark ages". As far as the rest of, the overwhelming mass of the haystack; PQ treated that as a whiter shade of pale. Calls for strict liability diminished, then disappeared. In fact the current standing from the politically motivated Michael Stewart stands thus, "we need to get a collective approach to try and tackle this and stamp it out". His lame and limp offering from Sunday night's Sportscene. Michael's political muse, Scottish Justice Minister, Humza Yousaf began the week threatening Scottish football clubs. He demanded the clubs tell him of their plans to deal with this vague and unquantified issue? Last weekend, BBC Scotland's Chief Sports Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin added to the debate by visiting Holland. The Dutch had implemented strict liability and Chris was anxious to present the benefits to both game and society. A several minute film, a few reinforcing chats with shows' hosts, and a piece on the Beeb website told us .............. nothing. A day after broadcast, Tuesday's Champions League quarter-final between Ajax and Juventus saw 146 arrests. An exercise in Double Dutch from Chris, who would have thought? PQ have told us pesky license fee paying Rangers supporters, "we are Editorially fair". I have watched this last month how they exercise editorial fairness. Each incident is reported, thus they can make the statement. It is reported on Ceefax or inserted into their website as seventh item, eg McInnes claiming his red card at Hampden was a direct result of gesturing after being subject to sectarian abuse from the self proclaimed GFITW. This appeared on both Ceefax and the website and disappeared after four hours. There are no discussions, phone-ins, studio guests, ........... etc. The megaphone is severely muted. So, where does this leave us? Will the usual suspects at PQ answer these awkward questions? 1. Can we agree, Steve Clarke's outrage at being sectarianly targeted by Rangers supporters would have carried far more substantial weight, if he had condemned those Celtic supporters doing the very same to his club's captain, Kris Boyd, just three days previously? 2. Similarly, Derek McInnes and his being sent to the stand. Again, would his claims carry more purchase if he had commented/condemned Aberdeen fans for singing the very same song at Steven Gerrard? Further, his gesture to the Celtic support is the very same gesture utilised by Scott Brown to the Rangers supporters at Celtic Park. Brown has not been punished, why was McInnes sanctioned? 3. Long term PQ employee, Derek Ferguson utilised the available megaphone to claim Rangers keeper, Alan McGregor had deliberately set out to do his son, Aberdeen midfielder, Lewis Ferguson. McGregor was cited by the Compliance Officer and suspended for two matches. Does Derek intend to pick up the megaphone again and claim his son set out to do Rogic? 4. Will Chris McLaughlin interview Humza Yousaf? It could be conducted in the comfy green leather seats in the north stand after a Sellik game, just saying. 5. Do Michael Stewart, DrStu', and Tom English expect strict liability to be extended to clubs, other than Rangers? 6, What's the point of Jonathon Sutherland? It's as well we remind ourselves of PQ's claim of being editorial fair, because I suspect it is the hook they hang themselves upon. We should record the evidence because if Humza Yousaf gets involved, that evidence will be lost, or deliberately disappeared.
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    I've got some sympathy for Clyde on this. Firstly I think we have to accept that child abuse is a very difficult subject to talk about on a sport's programme. Super Scoreboard has a wide audience age wise, that creates problems in subject matter, it's on in the early evening when children could be listening. Personally I'd turn over a programme that was discussing child abuse if my 11 year old was listening. It's not an appropriate subject and it is most certainly not an appropriate programme to be discussing it. Secondly no one on that programme is even remotely qualified to discuss the subject matter. I mean the presenters and guests struggle to say anything vaguely informative on football, what possible insight could they bring to this subject? And a phone-in on it is a horrifying thought. I understand why some people feel there's double standards being displayed. After all no one on Super Scoreboard is an insolvency or tax expert yet they were happy to discuss and comment on that for months on end. However, I think there's a huge difference between spouting ill-informed gibberish about EBTs and spouting it about a paedophile ring. For me the latter is a subject that should only be covered by the 'news' shows. Whilst it concerns a 'sports' club it's not a suitable story for sport journalists to cover. It's news story, it's a big news story, potentially a huge one. A paedophile ring operating inside one of the biggest and most successful sporting institutes in this country, apparently for decades, requires a level of investigation and analysis no sport's programme is capable of providing. I agree with those that have called for a public enquiry, that's not point scoring either. I knew boys who played for Celtic Boys Club, their families were so proud of them. Even as a Rangers supporter you recognised the kudos that came with being able to say you were good enough to play for them. Evil, evil men preyed on young boys, deceived their families, lied and abused their positions and ultimately destroyed the lives of who knows how many people. That shouldn't be allowed to simply be forgotten.
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    Earlier this year I was in Manchester and saw a car being broken into in broad daylight. There must have been 40-50 other people watching this happen and yet they did nothing. As the thieves struggled to combat the car's defences I ran over and confronted them. There were 3 of them which appeared to give them the confidence to mouth some abuse back at me. Just then, another two people joined me and only then did these criminals run off. I thought about all the others who stood back and watched, possibly just thankful that it wasn't their car. In the past 3 years we've witnessed a collapse in the democratic system. I don't want to get into a political debate but the point is that once again a huge portion of the public will just sit back and watch a referendum result be overturned by politicians because they didn't like the result anyway. And now this clear corruption at the heart of our game. I'm sure many Celtic fans will just love how we (and other clubs too) have been negatively affected by this system. They will sit back and treat it as entertainment because it causes them no harm. However, supporters and officials from all clubs should be considering the bigger picture. How has this been allowed to happen? The rules of football (yes .... RULES) are being changed by one woman who is more interested in pursuing an agenda rather than protecting the integrity of our game. The rules regarding the role of the referee are not being applied and yet very few other clubs are in outrage about this. Are we to wait until their cars are stolen or vandalised before they react? Are we to wait until their votes mean nothing before they show their support for law and justice? All clubs' officials and supporters should be demanding that this situation is addressed immediately. Everyone should be insisting that this should not ever be allowed to happen again. It's in my opinion clearly corrupt (but I'll settle for "not fit for purpose") and it's an embarrassment to our nation's premier league that we continue to tolerate it.
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    http://fourladshadadream.blog/2019/05/16/sfa-farce-continues-and-its-not-whataboutery-to-defend-our-position/ Answer back to the media attack on our club today
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    The Moral Compass. The nation's Jiminey Cricket, Michael Stewart waded into Alex McLeish's sacking last night on BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound. He was speaking on behalf of his constituency, the Tartan Army. Of course, Michael's hoped for constituency was Edinburgh West, he lost the prospective parliamentary candidate race for the SNP, to Michelle Thomson. Since we are getting all moral compass, let's hope Michael did not purchase a property from Michelle? Anyways, on behalf of the Tartan Army, Michael stated a main objection to McLeish was, "he is a recipient of an EBT". The only other two I have heard utilising this reasoning on the same means, are DrStu' and Jum Spence. We have to admire the moral fortitude of the PQ Triumvirate, having to share both studios and broadcast air time with both Billy Dodds and Stephen Thompson. Both are recipients of EBTs. Particularly, Michael sharing that Sportscene studio twice a week with Thommo; we should pray for Michael. Let's hope Thommo's immorality never runs interference with all that exposure Michael is receiving? Talking of DrStu', he failed to trap for yesterday's BBC Radio Scotland's Media Review. His appearance was not necessary, the other regular contributor, Dr Eamonn O'Neill quoted DrStu' twice during the elongated discussion on the Kezia Dugdale/Rev' Stuart Campbell defamation case. DrStu's oft' repeated objection to McLeish's appointment, was his refusal to, "give up his big house in Fulham". DrStu' was consistent, in that he objected to Gordon Strachan refusing to give up his big house in Hampshire. He demanded the national coach lives in Scotland. Both good Doctors were anxious to broadcast their view that the Rev' Stuart Campbell did NOT loose the defamation case, or that Wings Over Scotland was not the loser. Dr Eamonn quoted DrStu', "you must remember, there is Wings Over Scotland and there is the Reverend Stuart Campbell, Stuart can be a bit spikey". We can only assume DrStu' has failed to factor in the Grid Magnetic Angle whilst setting his moral compass, the Rev' Stuart has a big house in Bath. Obviously, residents of Somerset are exempt, you need to live here to manage Scotland, but you can pontificate constantly on every aspect of the nation's administration from the Georgian town these last thirty years. Staying on the moral course and paraphrasing Dr Eamonn, 'there's Trainspotting and there's Irvine Welsh'. DrStu' loves dearest Irvine, continually lionises his literary works. I agree, Trainspotting is a literary triumph. We must state right from the off, Irvine has at least two big houses, one in Chicago and the other in Dublin. Like the Rev', he has been away from Scottish shores for over a quarter of a century. Irvine touched base this week, a fellow Hibee was shot dead outside his home in Chester Street, Edinburgh. Bradley Welsh appears to be a much rehabilitated character, from football casual to boxing gym proprietor to actor? Although, today's press are claiming inability to look after £130,000 of drugs was the reasoning for the shooting. Irvine Welsh issued a heartfelt tribute, indeed he claimed his heart was broken at the news. This is not an attempt to intrude upon private grief, it is an on going query on Irvine Welsh's punk rock band of 1976, 'Stairway 13'? Will DrStu' reveal Irvine's inspiration/stimulation for the name? I would ask Irvine again, but he is unreliable in his claims eg he claims to be sixty years of age, but police records have evidence of another birth certificate stating a 1951 date of birth. I hope Stairway 13 did not play Markinch, that really would be heartbreaking. Finally, Angela Haggerty claimed on BBC Radio Scotland's Shereen Nanjiani show recently, "the IRA are a defunct organisation". I wonder if Angela would care to tell that to the family of fellow Journalist, Lyra McKee? She was shot dead last night in the Creggan area of Londonderry by the IRA. Go on Angela, set your moral compass and, 'Call it Out'.
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    It was a sparse gathering in the PQ Gang Hut yesterday. Of course, Big Dick trapped, Al Lamont watched Sky's live coverage on the box and commentated as live. Both John Rankin and Cammy Bell fought to add comment over the canned crowd noise. Post match was similar to last Sunday, eight minutes and end of football coverage. Big Dick was in raptures over McGregor's latest transgression, he read out a list of all Rangers' red cards this season. He ended with, "that has been coming all season, he deserves it". The next breath had him asking both Rankin and Bell to agree with his conclusion, "Rangers deserved their victory, didn't they"? A couple of sentences and Big Dick handed over to Take the Floor. Oh, and no post match interview with Paul Heckingbottom. Before the match, before Big Dick lead the Pantomime players in the latest BBC Scotland 'as live' production; there was a conversation on that evening's Manager/Player/Young Player of the Year awards. John Rankin has a huge future ahead of him at PQ. He thought a Rangers player would win one of the categories. Big Dick was intrigued and dismissed Morelos because of disciplinary reasons. Big Dick remembered rehearsals and asked, "what makes you say that John"? Rankin, obviously relieved not to be questioned on Queen of the South's fall into Championship play-off survival, or the fact that his manager, Gary Naismith had been sacked; spouted a line of pysh that had the Gang Hut cheering, "every dressing room I've ever been in, has a number of Rangers supporters". John's prophecy was correct, Ryan Kent won Young Player of the Year and it was all those Rangers supporters in dressing rooms that delivered the accolade. It wouldn't, couldn't possibly be the lad's talent? This morning's Scottish Sun provided the following information, which proves that dressing rooms full of Rangers supporters are an ill-disciplined lot. In the last forty-two seasons, the Player of the Year award has been picked up by a Sellik player on 23 occasions. Rangers players have won the award on 10 occasions, less than a quarter. The Young Player of the Year has gone to Sellik players on 12 occasions, then it's Dundee United on six, Hearts and Rangers on five respectively. Our success in YPotY is a tad over 10%. While we are on this roll with the constant stream of pysh emanating from John Rankin's mouth. I would like to add, in two seasons where Rangers managers won the Treble, Jock Wallace in '77/78 season and Alex McLeish in '02/03; the Manager of the Year awards went to Billy McNeill(Aberdeen) and Martin O'Neill(Sellik). Rangers supporters in every dressing room, what are they like?
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    Anyone questioning the Club's actions needs to reflect long and hard on their values and priorities. If anything, Rangers has been too slow to come to the boil and call out this overt cheating by the football authorities. That they are finally doing so should be applauded by every Rangers supporter. In the cesspit of Scottish football there is no salvation in silence.
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    Comparisons? Remember the day Steven Gerrard was revealed as the next Rangers Manager? BBC Scotland's Chief Sports Correspondent, Chris McLaughlin remembers it well, he stood on the grassy knoll at the edge of the Hinshelwood waste ground, as the national media passed him by. The club had withdrawn his press privileges three years previously, after he broadcast a match report of a 2-6 Rangers victory at Easter Road in the Petrofac Cup, leading with, "Police have arrested four supporters from the away section and charged them with alleged sectarian chanting". Chris did social media then, and he justified his leading and including this fact in a match report, by stating he always spoke to the Match Commander before broadcasting. There is a direct comparison because a few weeks later, Christopher's favourite football team was playing at Pittodrie. Those watching endured the usual IRA karaoke, and waited on Chris to provide his match report on national radio. It contained no mention of sectarian chanting and no arrests. Bears engaged with Chris on social media, reminding him of his claim he always spoke to the Match Commander. Chris assured all he had spoken to the appropriate police officer, and their were no arrests for sectarian chanting. Imagine our surprise when the Aberdeen Press and Journal revealed the next morning, that six supporters from the away section had been arrested for alleged sectarian chanting? Back to the grassy knoll, Chris determined to get an angle on Gerrard's signing that other media sources had not pursued. He found someone who played at Rangers and shared the pitch with Gerrard as a teammate. He passed the interview on to Phil Goodlad and the Shetlander addressed Charlie Adam. It was pre-recorded and hail-hailed by the usual PQ Gang Hut suspects as a must listen. Charlie concluded Gerrard had made decent signings and had enough man management skills to secure second, comfortably. The occupants of the Gang Hut did NOT agree with that particular conclusion. Big Dick, Wullie Miller, Tom English, and Allan Preston were having none of it. A comfortable cooing ensued as Tom English pronounced, "the Scottish game has changed since Charlie left, he is out of touch, his conclusion is arrogant". Wullie Miller delivered the coup de gras, "Rangers have always been arrogant". The season progressed and the first half was a blur of games. Our league and league cup fixtures were regularly interspersed with a 14 game Europa Cup run. PQ's focus was our defeat to Aberdeen in the semi-final of the league cup, Umar Sadiq produced much hilarity and we were reminded he was a Gerrard signing. The league cup final had Liam McLeod purring that normal service had been resumed as Scotland's best two teams in the last several seasons, were once again contesting the trophy. The end of March saw the last rites being administered to Strict Liability, as Dolly sectarianly abused Gerrard at Ibrox. Songs about the Ibrox Disaster and the engraving in two foot high letters, 'HaHa 66' on the Rangers team coach in an Aberdeen Hotel car park; ran contrary to Wullie Miller's Sunday newspaper empathetic claim, like Steve Clarke he was happy to leave Glasgow as a teenager, "there is no bile in Aberdeen". Now, the Gang Hut will NOT discuss bilious Aberdeen, but they realised an interference must be run on strong claims for strict liability. The beginning of April saw a return to that question, 'has Gerrard improved Rangers'? The spectrum of answers from the Gang Hut was narrow, some reckoned on a marginal improvement, others offered Gerrard's Rangers were not challenging for the title and would be fortunate to finish ahead of both the Dons and Killie. Fairs fair, and I must mention Billy Dodds EBT and Stephen Thompson EBT. Both mentioned our 14 game Europa Cup run compared to last season's two game calamity against Progres. Obviously, it was a three line whip across PQ, because even the very new, 'View from the Terrace' on BBC Scotland's second channel discussed it and Craig Fowler supported the preferred conclusion. Last Sunday, Big Dick, Liam McLeod, Wullie Miller, and Neil McCann gather inside the Gang Hut to watch Sky's coverage of the Rangers v Aberdeen league fixture. There has been six sports desks leading up to the game. They are unremitting in their presentation on every hour, "Celtic can secure their eighth consecutive league title today if Rangers sill any points in today's match. Aberdeen have already defeated Rangers on each of their three visits to Glasgow". I presume the PQ take is that Rangers supporters do not have aspirations? All season, it is never what we could win, always what we can lose. Reporting on the game was more of the same, Both penalties were dubious, Tav's offside/on side not discussed, and Big Dick wanted Defoe cited. Sportscene's Michael Stewart found the penalties laughable and Katic should be embarrassed. They showed Tav' on side but did not discuss it. You won't be surprised to hear, the Sportsound question had changed, 'has Neil improved Celtic'? Big Dick read out the comparing stats, and the panel concluded Neil had bettered Brendan. Just for the record, it appears Charlie Adam's view was legitimate; but Big Dick did not consult the league tables to provide the necessary comparison. This Saturday, the cloth eared Chris McLaughlin will be at Pittodrie and will reveal in a bilious manner, what kit Derek prefers when playing away! Charlie Adam can get tae fcuk.
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    Hastie deal back on it seems, looks like a u turn their end or that’s certainly latest rumour! Wonder why I don’t say much anymore Stewart deal still looking extremely likely, if not done it’s heading towards that Souttar interest is real but asking price & Hearts make it unlikely
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    If we had a vote for young fan of the year I would put up my grandson I got him his first season ticket when the baw went up on the roof back in 14 th February 2012 when he was six and he hasn't missed a game at ibrox since. a young true blue .
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    Sensitivities. I am in France at the moment, thus listening to the Beeb is confined to the world service. On Sunday last, ra Sellik played their final league fixture of the season against Hearts. There's a trophy to b e presented at the culmination of the game, before kick-off, Hearts provided a guard of honour. Hearts have three strips, a home, an away, and a third. They wore their third kit, an all darkish blue affair. Neither of the other two would have clashed, but they could have provided severe embarrassment to a most sensitive Sellik and their support. Both have the sponsorship across the chest, 'Save the Children'. In a week where the MSM in Scotland finally grew a set and challenged Sellik on their separate entity line, it was felt Hearts providing a guard of honour with Save the Children featuring prominently would be taking the pysh. A senioor Scots club had to wear a third non-sponsorship strip to assuage Sellik. Apparently, this was the talk of Sunday night's Sportswriters bash. It was wondered aloud why so many Hearts supporters inside PQ decided to ignore the happening? Particularly, those on the satirical side of things. A proud sponsor ie 'Save the Children' relegated to save Peter et al, from an awkward and inconvenient situation. I left the UK, just after the last old firm game(I know the term annoys some at PQ). On the Saturday, Shereen Nanjiani presented her ninety minute show and for the first time in four/five weeks, Angela Haggerty was a guest. It was the week of English sides Euro comebacks and the topic was raised. We learned from Angela has no English team, all her love is confined to ra Sellik, and the greatest comeback of all time occurred in Lisbon'67. Angela's disappearance from the show coincided with the IRA's murder of Lyra McKee, a young Journalist from Belfast. Angela's last utterance on the Beeb before popping up on Shereen's; was to demand full prosecution of 'Soldier F', but explained no prosecution of IRA members could take place because as of the Good Friday Agreement, "they are a defunct organisation". Now, we can see why Angela has been missing, awkward! Just like when her co-founder of 'Call it Out' Jeanette Findlay's place of work, Glasgow University received letter bombs from the IRA a couple of months past, Angela is conveniently withdrawn hors de combat. A lot of the nationalist contributors to PQ have a huge problem with Lyra McKee's murder, in fact they refuse to refer to her passing as murder. DrStu' informed us that her classification of death is, 'by crossfire'. I though you needed two sides shooting for such an occurrence? Shona Craven of the National on the Beeb was at pains to describe the poor girl's passing, "we need a new classification". Dr Eamonn O'Neill was adamant, "Lyra was not targeted". Just like old firm becoming an unacceptable term at PQ, 'IRA murder' is also beyond the pale. I will leave it up to Father Edward Magill who conducted Lyra's service at St Anne's in Belfast, "why did it take the murder of a 29 year old girl ......."? If we accept the language of our opponents, then we have already lost the debate.
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    Moonlighter, I don’t think enough can be said to commend the brilliant work you and others do to bring alive the long history of our club for each new generation. Sincere thanks.
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    Keith Jackson is another who has become Lawwell's bitch!
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    A High Noon Turkey Shoot. Tension rippled through the PQ Gang Hut on Sunday morning. The Narrative must be protected, Auntie demands strict adherence, threatens transgression with strict liability. Reassurance is right next door, Mikey has our backs. Two dozen camera angles is big artillery, any forward movement by the H-u-ns and an air burst of off the ball incidents will saturate their expectations. This week we will let the hope kill them. The narrative is a mantra, 'Rangers have NOT been improved by Steven Gerrard'. The tension begins to defuse, Gang Hut members find solace in the narrative. On Sunday, the Gang Hut was populated by Big Dick, toting numerous lines of communication with Mikey. Tom English, Billy Dodds, Jim Duffy, and Neil McCann sat watching Sky Sports, whilst Rob McLean commentated from the same means. It took three minutes for the narrative to feel the pressure, Tav' scored and Rob McLean articulated the alarm. Half-time was 1-0 Rangers and thus the topic for discussion for the next twelve minutes was, Jim McIntyre being the recipient of the tin-tac by Dundee. Scott Brown was running down the Ibrox tunnel, when Big Dick brought the chat back to the game they were covering. Mikey had screamed, 'shot out'. Big Dick spent the remaining three minutes of the break demanding Defoe be cautioned for simulation. He pointed out he had struck out at the Hibs Keeper last week and here he is having a kick out at Simunovic, whilst throwing himself to the ground. Big Dick was in full venom spitting flow, reminding the listeners of serial offenders, Morelos and McGregor. We can only assume Mikey didn't spot Simunovic's elbow on Defoe, or maybe he did, but it was contrary to the narrative. The second-half progressed and the Gang Hut was galvanised by Flannagan's elbow. No equivocation, straight red; however Kevin Clancy was right not to award a penalty, because the ball was not in play. Then, the walls came tumbling down. Rob sounded as if he was being fisted by an Anatolian wrestler, as Kamara ripped the Broony, and passed to Defoe who sublimely dummied, Arfield finished with aplomb. Spluttering, gasping for air, Rob succumbed to each thrust and the inevitably of the narrative being rammed home without lubrication. Full time saw the narrative being restored, it was patch repaired, renamed SS Titanic and presented as a safe vessel for Arctic navigation. Mikey was still shouting Flannagan and elbow from the sidelines; later on Sportscene, we would be presented with ten separate angles on the incident. It was the sonorous timbre of Tom that stilled the panic. The narrative had morphed into Brendan bailed, Lenny had been tasked to win the triple treble. He read out a list of eleven Sellik players who will leave the club next week, and a further list of six players with one or two years left on their contract. Dermot Desmond was cast as Virgil Tracy, rocketing across the silver blue to rescue Sellik. Jim Duffy agreed, Sellik will spend, Rangers cannot match Dermot's reach. Soothing calm is almost restored, when Jim throws in, "ah don't think Neil will get the job, if has the job, he would know by now". The narrative is sinking and Virgil is more intent on stringing along Lady Penelope. Tom grasped the nettle, "Steven Gerrard has signed some turkeys". Neil McCann filleted Tom, he let him know he was not falling out with him; but calling professional players turkeys was disrespectful. He offered, Rangers have improved considerably under Gerrard, he asked for Billy Dodds to confirm, "Billy and I know as coaches, the enormous amount of unseen work needed to effect such change"? Billy decided to keep his EBT sheathed, Neil battered Tom around the head with his. Tom acknowledged improvement, but it has come too late. Big Dick added, "there's been improvement, but it has been hard to see"! No post match interview with Lennon, thus the only manager telephoned post match by PQ during the entire Ibrox season, is Derek McInnes after Aberdeen's 0-2 quarter-final replay victory. PQ spend more time servicing the narrative than they do servicing license fee paying Rangers supporters.
  19. 8 points
    Typical clickbait from failed manager and former bankrupt Sutton. Nobody at Rangers should give a fuck for what he thinks.
  20. 8 points
    My report on tonight's game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2019/04/25/youth-cup-joy-for-under-18s/
  21. 7 points
    Rangers will be able to call on reprieved Jon Flanagan in their Scottish Premiership finale at Kilmarnock on Sunday. The former Liverpool defender was cited by the Scottish Football Association after a post-match video consultation suggested he had elbowed Celtic's Scott Brown during Sunday's Old Firm game. But it was confirmed on Friday afternoon that Rangers had won their appeal over the retrospective red card. Celtic might be on track for another treble but Gers have struck upon a winning formula since their Old Firm defeat at Parkhead, with last weekend's derby triumph their sixth in a row. "I've just been told we've never had a clean sweep of wins after the split so that is a good incentive for us," Gers assistant boss McAllister, speaking in place of boss Steven Gerrard, said. "We're on a good run so it will be nice to finish on a high and have that buoyancy for next season." Kilmarnock are looking to cap a fine season by sealing third spot but manager Steve Clarke will have to watch the final game of the season from the stands after being handed a two-match touchline ban following recent comments about referee Steven McLean. But his Killie future remains in doubt amid links to the Scotland job and assistant Alex Dyer has admitted Clarke would find the national job hard to turn down. Team News While Flanagan is available, Nikola Katic and Scott Arfield will miss the Rugby Park clash after both were given extra time off ahead of summer commitments with Croatia's U21s and Canada respectively. But Graham Dorrans could end his seven-month knee injury nightmare against Steve Clarke's side. "Graham has featured well in training recently," said McAllister. "He's had a couple of games behind closed doors and done very well so Graham will come into consideration for the weekend definitely." https://www.skysports.com/football/kilmarnock-vs-rangers/preview/406788
  22. 7 points
    As it’s leaked now, something I mentioned on our pod on Sunday was names I couldn’t reveal One is Andre Gray of Watford, interest is real & discussions have taken place about a loan Interest in Axel Tuanzebe (someone else first mentioned on here by me few weeks ago) is also real 100% - interest in him is a permanent deal Our targets this summer are absolutely mouthwatering & forget the squad signings now, they aren’t the bigger picture
  23. 7 points
  24. 7 points
    Jake Hastie signed a 3 year deal this week, option of a 4th Deal is complete as far as I know it 👀
  25. 6 points
    ‘’Thus ended their first match played at the latter end of May 1872 some two months after the inauguration of the club’’. The words of Rangers player William Dunlop from his article The Rangers FC which he wrote so eloquently for the SFA Annual in 1881 using the pen name ‘True Blue’. Rangers Football Club played it’s first ever match 147 years ago this week. Our Club was formed on a spare bit of ground at Fleshers Haugh by a few kids who’d come to Glasgow seeking employment and a better way of life. Their Club ,which they formed for no other reason than the love of football and the pursuit of sporting excellence, would go on to become the world’s most successful. That first ever match was against Callander and ended 0-0, Willie continued, “Their first game was a terrible spectacle with the ball suffering an incredible amount of abuse” William McBeath was given man of the match and then spent a week in bed recovering due to his exertions’’ Founder William McBeath was from Callander and we believe it would have been Willie who approached ex-pats from the town who had settled in Glasgow and that’s probably where the opposition came from for our first match. Willie’s Rangers team-mate Sam Ricketts wrote in 1884 about the boys playing those first few games in their civvies and journalist John Allan wrote about them having to change behind a bush as there were no facilities. William Dunlop described how genial Peter McNeil would travel on a Saturday morning to a desirable part of the Glasgow Green, set up the noted standards and stand guard until the classic hour came when he would be joined by his friends. We felt this was a very dramatic and moving image and commissioned a painting to be done depicting this scene.We presented the painting by artist Helen Runciman to the Club in 2009 and it now hangs on the marble staircase at Ibrox. The Rangers would remain at Fleshers Haugh for three years . They then began their journey around Glasgow to Burnbank and Kinning Park before finally settling in the Ibrox area in 1887. The Rangers FC by William Dunlop. https://www.thefounderstrail.co.uk/the-rangers-f-c-by-true-blue
  26. 6 points
    Of course the turn out wasn't going to be great. What's the incentive to march for something you've already got? The turn out at the referendum was the important one. Any subsequent marches against the result of that are just by undemocratic weans who can't accept that they lost.
  27. 6 points
    Wouldn’t believe everything you read in the papers
  28. 6 points
    As an extra point about the game on Sunday, the match day program was a fantastic read. Full interviews over several pages with SG, Robertson, Mulholland as a sort of review of the season, and lots of other smashing bits and pieces. I bought the electronic season ticket last July, so I get an electronic version of the program to download through my Rangers program app usually the day before the game, so can read it while on the way to the game or like this week, while watching soccer Saturday and seeing my coupon get beat as usual! IIRC it was £50 for the season or thereabouts and I would thoroughly recommend it, especially for those bears who can’t get along to Ibrox for whatever reason. You can buy game by game as well but the ST was great value. I will certainly be renewing that ST come the new season.
  29. 6 points
    CLUB STATEMENT We would like to remind all fans that our safety manager is going to be watching your every move today. Anyone found to be running on the pitch at full time celebrating our 17th position finish will be forced to buy a season ticket for the 2019/20 season
  30. 6 points
    On Saturday, the Cosgrove and Cowan show was interesting. They had Archie MacPherson on to essentially speak about Billy McNeill and Hibs Chief Executive, Leeann Dempster as guests. I was impressed with Ms Dempster, she was clear and concise in her appraisal of the Scottish game. She handled everything well, attendances, ticketing, Edinburgh derbies, attracting children to games, policing, stewarding, ..................................... etc. There was an honesty in her replies, even admitting the thrower of the Buckie bottle at Celtic's Scott Sinclair will in all probability, not be identified and brought to justice. It was obvious that Tam Cowan knew her well from her time in the CE role at Motherwell. He was anxious to draw the teeth on accusations that she was once a season ticket holder at Ibrox. Again, no hesitation in replying, "not for a few years, more like twenty years". She explained she was using her brother's season ticket at first, then got her own for two decades, before other other opportunities in life took greater priority. Leeann Dempster came across as a football person. Thus, BBC Radio Scotland are to be thanked for extending an invitation to such a guest and any question can be posed on behalf of the listeners. Step forward DrStu', his first question is, "given your time attending Ibrox, did you indulge in any dodgy songs"? Dempster did not answer directly, she used the opportunity to explain both her's and her club's opposition to strict liability. It's been mentioned several times on this thread, DrStu' is up to his knees, wading through the depths of sectarianism. He labels Rangers supporters as, "h-u-ns and typical orange wa-nkers", he is accosted by the British Transport Police at Queen Street station for bellowing, "can you spot a handsome h-u-n", and tells deliberate lies about Rangers supporters supposedly ransacking Barcelona cathedral in 1972, in his Daily Record column. DrStu' in his sixty-seventh year is LAZY. He needs the exposure the show provides, it allows him to keep his finger in any number of income streams. It's just he cannot be bothered representing all the license fee paying listeners, even when there's a very occasional interesting guest in front of him.
  31. 6 points
    Rangers victory on Sunday was another welcomed three points as the club aim to finish the season strongly. It was a solid performance and in spells we looked very good, we knocked the ball about very well and looked slick in possession. https://fourladshadadream.blog/2019/05/01/dolly-swept-aside-as-summer-transfer-rumours-step-up-a-notch-again/
  32. 6 points
    This is going to be good 😄
  33. 6 points
    Okay, I live in Glasgow, I also work in Glasgow and my children attend our local school. I feel I'm qualified to comment on this. As someone who still has an involvement in our local Church Of Scotland I can say I don't in any way feel I'm discriminated against by the local council. Firstly let's be very careful about conflating the rerouting of an ABOD march with discrimination against Protestants. Someone spat on a priest in the street, let that sink in. Spitting on someone you don't know and who in this case had clearly hadn't done anything to deserve it is abhorrent. Surely no one disagrees with that? That person was following a 'walk' when he did it. For all the various loyal orders can say they have no control over who 'follows' them on the street they have to take some responsibility for the people they attract. This isn't a new problem for them either. I understand there's a distinction between the OO, the bands they hire and the people who walk alongside them. But for the vast majority of people they see them as one, all connected and only there in the first place because of the 'walk'. So, the 'banning' of this particular march is no surprise and frankly the wise thing to do. I can understand entirely why the council and police made the decision. That's no conspiracy. I lived in Northern Ireland in the 1990s and I watched the Orange Order make exactly the same mistakes then as I'm watching them make now. It's astonishing how resistant to learning they seem to be. In Glasgow today the majority of people have no connection to loyal orders. Most people won't care if they don't see another Orange march in their life. That's the harsh reality. As someone still involved in organised, mainstream Presbyterianism, I can tell you that Glasgow City Council are the least of our concerns. I'm now late for the Easter service.
  34. 5 points
    Confirmed- Rangers fan all his life Also chalk this down to another one we broke a long time ago on Gersnet 👍
  35. 5 points
    Apparently being sorted by Allan McGregor as we speak
  36. 5 points
    The Daily Record has had a commercial arrangement with Sellik FC for several years. The tabloid prints both ra Sellik View and ra Sellik match day programme. Thus : Peter picks up the phone and tells Keef to do the necessary.
  37. 5 points
  38. 5 points
    When Rangers tried to appeal Morelos's red card against Aberdeen, they were told that only full speed video could be used and their slowed down video which showed Morelos was innocent was deemed inadmissible. Now it seems that an incident can only be found guilty if it's shown in slow motion. Yet again, the rules are changing. And that's ignoring the fact that one angle is sufficient to assess that Simunovic is guilty.
  39. 5 points
    The incident was seen by the ref and a decision made. In what other country in Europe would they take that incident, hardly the worst, and reassess it? No wonder it's pushed the club over the edge.
  40. 5 points
    Other than it being endlessly replayed and analysed on the BBC and Sky while the elbow on Defoe and all the others involving Scott Borwn barely get a mention. The media are utterly conniving in this unbalanced playing field. If they did their fucking job and highlighted all the other incidents just as much as the hammer Rangers then it would be fairer. The fact is is they sweep all the other incidents under the carpet and just focus on us. We'll get no justice under these journo's, with BBC Scotland as currently construed, and certainly not with a CO hand picked by our bitter rivals. It's a joke!
  41. 5 points
  42. 5 points
    Thanks for posting this, I wasn’t gonna bother as everytime I post @pete & @Frankie make me send them more nudes
  43. 5 points
    I understand what you're saying here, but anti-independence is a single issue that will be important to some people and not to others. I look around all politically parties and they each stand for something that I find distasteful to say the least. No one can claim to own the moral high ground when the parties you vote for are advocating action that negatively affects other people. You can name any party at the moment and I'll give you examples of things that I find extremely damaging to our society. Let's see who then sits back and who does something about it. The FACT is that there isn't single party I'm aware of that can inhabit the moral high ground so many people on here, including you, then have to decide to either not vote (as is my decision), or vote for the least worst option. For SNP voters on here, I'd certainly expect them to be aware of the attitude that some of its members have towards the club. However, who am I (or who are you) to decide if that consideration is more important than other issues they may hold dear? For Labour voters, I'd expect them to consider the fact that Corbyn is regarded as having sympathies towards certain terrorist groups and is actively trying to disregard the BrExit democratic process, but again if they decide to vote in that direction they will have weighed up the options and on balance decided that it's the least worst option. The same applies to all other parties I can think of, and please don't get me started on the Greens. I bet that almost all SNP voters on here will be frustrated, annoyed, or even furious at the treatment of our club by members of the party they vote for. I certainly haven't seen anyone defend what they've done, but maybe I've missed that. This is our football team's forum so understandably people like you and me will point out the corruption and bias towards our team, and there are certainly plenty of examples coming from various SNP politicians. If it was a political discussion forum there isn't a single person on here who could defend their party against the bias and corruption in other more (in my opinion) important issues. Thankfully Rangers attracts supporters from all backgrounds and that's a strength we have. Just as @Billhas the right to make the interests of our club his most important consideration when voting, others have the right to make other issues (i.e. Non football related) their most important. I cannot understand why anyone would have a problem in respecting that. This thread is now brilliantly demonstrating the point I was trying to make earlier. By us fighting internally we are losing focus on who the real enemy is. The Biased Bhouys Corporation and certain political figures (most notably within GCC at the moment) are where our attention should be, and not on trying to condemn our own fans.
  44. 5 points
    But it's compatible to be a Rangers supporter and support other parties who have links with terrorists, or parties who support illegal wars, or parties who ignore the people after democratic events???? For most people, their views on certain issues are more important than the team they support. I'd vote for any party that I felt would be better for me, my family, friends, and country. If they're good for my team too, it would be a bonus. Yes, I can't stand certain politicians' attitudes towards the club we support, but what I dislike even more is attempts to divide our support by suggesting nonsense like this. You've made your opinions known before, so let me make mine again ..... YOU do more damage to our support than these politicians do. Thankfully, the majority of our support (and vast majority) are smart enough to know that the team you support and the issues important to their own families and friends can be managed completely independently of one another. Rangers is very important to me but by no means even close to what's most important. I'm sure others feel the same way. I just wish there was someone I could vote for. I doubt that'll happen any time soon.
  45. 5 points
    Aberdeen were bloody awful , at no point was their any desire to get out and try and play football , McInnes would be perfect for Scotland
  46. 5 points
    So are some of the posters. 😀
  47. 5 points
    Five years ago Sandy Jardine passed away. A great player and a man who never stopped doing his best for Rangers Football Club.
  48. 5 points
    There's been other marches and demos in the city where people have been assaulted and the Council don't seem to care. If there were some level of consistency then that would go somewhat to reducing the conspiracy theories. I wonder if I stand with a UJ and Rangers top on in the middle of George Square during the next pro-independence rally and I get assaulted, will the council ban all future pro-independence rallies? I think that we all know the answer to that.
  49. 5 points
    In association with Gersnet’s very own weekly pod we have started a 4lads version with myself as host Available on all Gersnet usual channels & a huge thanks to @Frankie & @Big Jaws for their invaluable help Joining me this month is Chris Jack & Andy Little. We discuss Andy's career at Rangers, all the season stuff and all the summer speculation! It’s worth it alone to hear Chris and Andy’s input, I was extremely nervous! 😂 I hope you all enjoy and I hope it brings more people to this fantastic website and regular weekly podcasts - you guys have welcomed me in and been fantastic- Thank you all 👏 Hope you enjoy our podcast ! 🔴⚪️🔵
  50. 5 points
    Have spoke to enough to seem convinced on Hastie, Stewart is a 3 year deal he apparently signed yesterday! Huge transfer stories on the first ever 4lads pod tonight
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