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    McGregor Tavernier - Goldson - Worrall - Barasic Jack - Kamara Candeias - Arfield - Kent Morelos
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    You are noted for your tactical insight, Rousseau, but fielding twenty one players is a masterstroke.
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    Following on from @JohnMc suggestion in the fave 11 thread, I couldnt resist this one to fill the empty weekend discussion. The following is my most frustrating X1, not the worst players to have played regularly for us, but the ones I just didnt take to and didnt rate as highly as some of my fellow Bears, or was really disappointed in. I dont meant to do any of these honourable servants a disservice, its just a bit of fun and a discussion point. I have also made a deliberate point of avoiding current players (hard as that was!) Alexander Ricksen McPherson Jig Stensaas Templeton Black Barton Huistra Miller Boyd(2nd stint) Again, I have probably forgotten (mind blocked out more likely) some players I really didnt get, and look forward to reading my fellow Gersnetters lists over the next few days.
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    A true liverpool legend
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    Christiansen Ross Webster Konterman Ball O'Halloran Black Lafferty Negri Cousin Ferguson (Dunc)
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    Tommy Smith ex Liverpool captain has died age 74.
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    The frustrating 11 is different from the 'I just didn't like them 11'. Frustration suggests players you thought should have done more, didn't give us what we thought they could or would. So here goes... Oleg Kuznetsov - bloody hammer throwers... Basil Boli - Boli genuinely looked like one of the best defenders in the world at Marseille, he looked like he'd won a competition to appear on the pitch when at Rangers. Bruno Alves - What a CV, what a disappointment. Joey Barton - could also make it into the disliked 11, but he had ability, he just didn't seem to have it anymore. Niko Kranjcar - we were building a midfield around him, we built a medical centre around him instead Vladimir Weiss - possibly the most frustrating player we've had in recent years. Fast, great at taking a man on, total inability to know when to pass, shoot or cross. 99% of his runs led to nothing. Charlie Miller - literally one of the best players in the world when he was 16, ended up a Dundee Utd player, what an utter waste of talent. Duncan Ferguson - Should have been a Rangers legend, had a side built around him, led the line for club and country, terrified defences across Europe. Went to prison instead. Derek Ferguson - all the talent, all the ability but a dodgy shoulder and some poor lifestyle choices. Kyle Lafferty - still the most frustrating player. It's there, he shows it in glimpses, then it vanishes for months on end. Seb Rozenthal - Our first South American forward when South Americans were still exotic and exciting. Was probably hugely popular with the nurses in Ross Hall...
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    This requires a bit of thought!
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    I normally ignore rumours from the papers/websites but in this case I hope this to be true.
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    Thats a 7-5-7 formation @Rousseau! That team would score a lot of goals and get a lot of clean sheets! Good shout with Reyna, a lovely player often underrated.
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    I love these threads, but I also hate them. I've got the following, but I'm still annoyed that I'm missing many out! (5-2-3 - because I need to have a formation.) Klos / Wattereus Hutton / Ricksen - Amoruso - Weir - Papac - Numan / Van Bronckhorst Ferguson / Gattuso - Albertz / Tugay / Reyna De Boer / Lovenkrands - Mols / Wallace / Arveladze - Laudrup / McCann
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    G/k Jerry dawson 1929_1945 R/b Gary steven 1988_1994 L/b tiger shaw 1938_1963 R/h Graham souness 1986/1991 C/h willie woodburn 1938_1954 L/h Jim baxter 1960_1965 R/w Brian laudrup 1994_1998 I/r Ian McMillan 1958_1964 C/f Sam English 1931_1933 I/l Ralph brand 1954_1965 O/l Alan Morton 1920/1933 .
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    I think that you should read John Stuart Mill.
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    You've got one in your list already.
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    These threads are fun, but they're always skewed by age. Some of the guys most of us never saw play must have been spectacular. Alex Smith played 406 times for Rangers, retiring in 1915, Sandy Archibald and Dave Meiklejohn both played well over 500 games at a time when medical treatment was considerably poorer than it is for professionals today. Guys like Alan Morton, who features in what I think is the most iconic photograph of any Rangers player, amassed 31 caps for Scotland in a period when we only played 3 matches a season. What a player he must have been. During the 1960s we had a side that made two European finals, we could genuinely say we had world class players. Baxter most people know about, but players like Willie Henderson, Ralph Brand and Bobby Shearer are largely overlooked these days. Even players who don't only appear in black and white, like Jardine, Derek Johnstone, the always underrated Willie Johnston, a man who scored 2 goals in a European final and was genuinely a player who would get you up off your seat when he got the ball, and Tommy McLean another player who we forget as a player only remember the crabit, negative manager now. Plus how can any Rangers select not feature John Greig? 755 appearances, captain of club and country, treble winner, European winner, a player who stayed with us for his entire career when players of his ability were in huge demand in England. Anyway, I realise it's about favourite players, not the best ones. Allan McGregor, that save in Germany, countless others too Hugh Burns, I loved Shug, at a time when we didn't have a lot to love... John McLelland, came to visit my BB when I was about 12 simply because someone asked him too, we all got our picture taken with him and Gregor Stevens and he donated a Northern Ireland strip he wore at the World Cup to raise funds. A proper Rangers captain. Gregor Stevens, see above. Ian Durant, pre injury simply the most exciting player I'd ever seen Rangers produce. That goal against Celtic from Copper's run and flick, the big hair when he first broke into the side, the performances in successive Skol Cup Finals, possibly my favourite ever Rangers player. Graeme Roberts, that game, the conducting, the sheer mentalness of it all. Souness, my formative years watching Rangers weren't littered with success, Souness arrived and suddenly stuff my Dad and older guys said made sense. What a player he was too. Laudrup, quite simply the finest footballer I've had the pleasure of watching in the flesh. Gattuso, I loved his industry, his work rate, his perpetual anger and aggression, he was the most Scottish Italian ever. McCoist, this shouldn't need explained. Derek Parlane, he left the club when I was 10, DJ was a much bigger name, but Parlane looked cooler, hair longer than Rangers players were normally allowed, even as child you knew he was a cool. Scored a ton of goals too which meant his name reverberated around my primary school playground. I doubt I ever saw him play in the flesh, yet somehow he epitomised my formative years getting into football. We'll do our most disliked 11 in another thread I hope...
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    Stop Press: Diego Costa has received an eight (8) game ban for grabbing the referee by the arm, and insulting the official's mother. Apparently, four (4) games for each offence. Maybe he insulted the Whistler's Mother, because nobody knew who his father was.
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    McCoist's judgement of players, and hence of their values, is, at best questionable, as the experience of his signings bitterly tells us. Actually, McCoist lost me when he declared that "The Club must be punished", and followed that claptrap with continuing pronouncements in simlar vein, that (he surely knew) those who wished the Club naught but the worst wanted to hear.
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    Much like what we think about Alfredo`s value, their "evaluation" will have no influence on what our club thinks he is worth and what other clubs deem enough to get him off our books. They may do Lawwell`s bidding, but for the most part it is just buffoonery for a gullible auidience. Unless I am mistaken, SG was said (by insiders) to value Alfredo at 20m, which is pretty close to my evaluation, pending on the buyer. He`s score 20odd goalls this season, has a long contract, and a good sell-on value at 22. Any half-wit checking his stats and cards will see that while he was ill disciplined at times, he sure was on the receiving end of some diabolical refereeing too. BTW, instead of anal-yzing our transfers to the bone, they could also check out why Scum FC was able to sweep the title boards after collecting a team for 30m, while the rest of the Premiership was living on a diet of loanees and freebies since 2012, with Aberdeen being the only club to actually pay for a transfer when they got McLean for 300k a wee while back.
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    Unless he can start to better control the discipline his value will drop. For him personally, I think he needs to get out of Scotland where his card is marked by the media and officials.
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    Goram, Caldow, Gough, McKinnon, Cox, Greig, Laudrup, Gascoigne, Baxter, Miller, Brand. I prove my modern managerial credentials by playing Caldow out of position to accommodate Cox also out of position because Baxter can’t be left out. This must be my tenth shot at this all of them different. (You should see my reserves btw)
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    “Anyone think their team would manage to get the ball off my team?“ I haven’t finalised my selection but if Harold Davis is in it, then aye, no bother.
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    Motherwell's quick action has shown the direction that clubs need to be going. Quick and decisive action is more than enough.
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