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    Too many fans thinking we'll romp this game tomorrow. Hearts will be right up for it and play their usual physical game. If our players can stand up to the physical challenge then we should be ok. This will be a tough, tough game, won by the odd goal.
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    Are you absolutely sure that's not an SNP election poster?
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    I’ll send Mrs7 to the attic to see if she can find my old boy scout’s tin mug. Sling that from my belt hook and they can tax as much as they like.
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    This one actually worries me more than any other so far this season. They haven't had a home win in 7 months but I feel they're better than that and have to turn the corner sometime. And as everyone knows games are raised when Rangers come visiting. Hopefully just anxiety about staying top of the league now we have made it there.
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    Well done to C1872 on this. A much better use of their resources.
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    Replying to @Club1872rfc We’ve been told further information on any action taken by the BBC will be communicated to us shortly. We have not received any public or private apology from @TEnglishSport despite the BBC acknowledging his comments “went beyond a reasonable expression of professional judgment”. Club 1872 @Club1872rfc · 42m We will shortly be updating our members on this and other ongoing correspondence and complaints regarding BBC Scotland and their coverage of Rangers and Rangers supporters.
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    Reference Franco, his remains have recently been disinterred from the Valley of Heroes, and presented to his daughter(in her 90s) for private reburial. Franco's legacy is the Gardia Civil, they remain a hopelessly overarmed para-military force. Why would a Police force need light mortars, medium machine guns, and armoured cars? In saying this, the French, Italians, Portuguese, ........... etc; all have national forces designed to subjugate the general population. Nationalists love a national police force.
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    It does not matter. They may associate themselves as Catalan but Spain will never allow independence as their leaders start their lengthy prison sentences for sedition. And don't think for a minute that Spain will support Scottish independence or its inclusion within the EU....it simply won't happen.
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    Agree - Worry about ourselves - doesn't matter what they do
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    Was that before or after we hammered Hamilton? or Hibs? or the sheep?
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    Martin Hendry SFA Review into Football Child Abuse Chairman: Roles at LGBT Youth, which he founded with James Rennie paedophile, and RC Church compromise any SFA Report. Martin Henry’s Child Protection Bonafides Martin Henry is SFA Review Chairman tasked to be leading the SFA Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Football. https://footballtaxhavens.wordpress.com/2019/10/19/martin-hendry-sfa-review-into-football-child-abuse-chairman-roles-at-lgbt-youth-which-he-founded-with-james-rennie-paedophile-and-rc-church-compromise-any-sfa-report/
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    Dear Member, Following our notification yesterday that BBC Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) had upheld a complaint regarding Tom English’s tweet about our statement on crushing at Kilmarnock, BBC Scotland gave a quote to the Sun newspaper yesterday claiming that they had already partially upheld this complaint. This is the second time that BBC Scotland has issued a misleading statement to the public regarding complaints correspondence with Club 1872 in the past 6 months. The previous instance in August was addressed in our statement here. The following are direct quotes from the correspondence we received from BBC Scotland regarding this part of our complaint prior to the escalation to ECU. In response to our initial complaint in August, BBC Scotland said, “BBC Sport Scotland senior staff have discussed this with Tom, and we acknowledge your concern at the tone and language of this tweet and that it wasn’t appropriate.” In response to our follow up complaint to BBC Scotland their response in September was “Again, we acknowledge the first-hand accounts of crushing outside Rugby Park, and your concern at the tone and language of Tom English’s tweet and that it wasn’t appropriate.” At no point in correspondence did BBC Scotland state that they had upheld or partially upheld our complaint. Acknowledging Club 1872’s concern at Mr English’s behaviour is not the same as upholding the complaint and expressing their own concern at his behaviour. In fact, BBC Scotland performed their usual mental gymnastics to deny that Michael Stewart, Tom English and others on Sportsound had deliberately presented a myth to the public that supporters were not endangered at this game. If BBC Scotland are now claiming to the press that they have upheld our complaint regarding the tweet from Tom English, which led to a torrent of personal and sectarian abuse directed at our volunteer board members, then why is the tweet still on his timeline and why has there been no apology issued by Mr English and BBC Scotland? Is it the BBC Scotland position that, despite claiming to have upheld the complaint, there is no requirement for an apology and retraction? Is it the BBC Scotland position that even when they agree that their standards have been breached they do not need to remedy the situation? As usual, their position is to fight tooth and nail to avoid the further embarrassment of yet another apology for the ingrained hostility within Pacific Quay towards Rangers and Rangers supporters. Club 1872 will therefore direct these questions to the ECU in the hope that some action will finally be taken. Mr English should apologise to Club 1872 and Rangers supporters publicly and BBC Scotland should apologise for once again attempting to mislead the public regarding their position on one of our complaints. Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company Club 1872
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    Yet more grandstanding bullshit from the hopeless SNP.
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    Their fans expect them to 'have a go' which is frankly absurd given the gulf in class. It always amuses me that the fans of these teams think all they have to do to have a chance is this have a go babble. Go ahead, try it and see what happens. Levein knows what would happen and that's exactly why they will set up like everybody else does against us then try to disrupt any football as much as possible. An early goal to upset their entire strategy would be ideal. Their fans wont be helping them either. If they do park the bus as I expect them to while trying to nick something on the break or from a set piece their crowd will be booing them.
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    I watched Motherwell beat Hearts at Tynecastle earlier on this season and Hearts were awful but they'll be absolutely up for this tomorrow. Levein will have them fired up.
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    Man Utd? More chance of Ross County beating Celtic than Man Utd beating Liverpool.
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    Report on tonight's Under 18's game against Hibs https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2019/10/18/under-18s-win-at-hibs/
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    Can you complain about a referendum even when you clearly lose? Also, with both the previous administration that was centre left and now a socialist government, neither will submit to a portion of the country announcing unilateral independence in an illegal referendum. Polls before this referendum actually show a majority want to stay in Spain....ring any bells? Also can you tell me exactly where the remnants of the Franco years exist please? I have been to Spain many times for business and holidays, so not sure in what context you are talking about.
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    The whole issue of abuse in Scottish football over the last 50 years should be subject to a full public enquiry, forcing all on record, including the figures & authorities involved. Such historic investigations are tricky but justice - no matter the club - should be our priority. I do have sympathy with Rangers in this case and also wonder about the sensationalist nature of the reporting but if there is any uncertainty at all, then we should welcome any enquiry and, indeed, be at the forefront of it.
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    90% of Catalans “did not” vote for independence. Those that would have voted no did not acknowledge it and only Yes voters attended polling stations. I’m guessing you knew this already. This was an illegal quasi referendum, that was nothing more than a coup or political mutiny by republican, Catalan pirates. My initially post wasn’t serious btw, it does seem like I have gained a passion for the dramatic though........?
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