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  1. Apologies for the issues today bears. Our hosting platform had some issues, which do seem to be finally resolved, however we may have lost some posts from early today before we had the issues. This was outwith my control on this occasion. Thanks for understanding
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  2. Keep up the good work, BF.
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  3. I see a great favourite of many of the journalists who often feature in this thread made the news this weekend and lost his job today. Roy Greenslade, one time Daily Mirror editor, Sun journalist, Guardian columnist and, until today, Professor of Journalism at City University of London was himself the subject of an article yesterday. The Sunday Times reported about Essex boy Greenslade's unwavering support for the Provisional IRA and INLA at the weekend. This of course came as news to absolutely no one who has even the slightest interest in these things. He wrote a column for the Sinn Fein's weekly newspaper under an alias for years while working for some of Fleet Street's biggest papers. Greenslade's love for homicidal maniacs and sectarian murder gangs was an open secret, which makes you wonder just what this weekend's 'revelations' were all about? There were two excellent pieces in the online Spectator today in response to Greenslade's attempts at greenwashing history. Maria Cahill, a one time Irish republican - https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/why-did-roy-greenslade-demonise-me-when-i-accused-an-ira-member-of-rape- and Fermanagh born Ian Acheson, an advisor on prisons and reform - https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/what-roy-greenslade-doesn-t-understand-about-the-troubles Greenslade was very vocal when professional Dundonian, Jim Spence, was called nasty names in the street a few years back. Such intimidation can't go without comment after all. Shooting 15 year olds through the knees in the Ardoyne can be ignored though, well they probably had it coming, eh Roy. Anyway, here's hoping we never have to hear his name again.
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  4. Cosy Corner. Tonight's Sportsound on BBC Radio Scotland is the very epitome of what we(Rangers supporters) have come to expect. Craig Levein, Jock Brown, Darryl Broadfoot, and John Collins joined the Host for a discussion on ra Sellik's future direction. This was the entire shooting match, new Manager, Director of Football, new Chief Executive, new players, ........ etc. The past was discussed too, well as far back as, "Fergus". Obviously, with both Collins and Brown on the show, thirty years of ra Sellik is up for discussion. The whole cast talked of Fergus, Wim, Ronnie, Peter, Dermot, Neil, Brendan, and Dominic. Seriously, not one mention of a surname. It was cosy corner, all glowing and warm. When they mentioned Manchester City's Football Partnership Manager, "Fergal"; I had to Google him to find out he has a surname, Harkin. Anyways, the fantasy levels were being truly tested, the National Coach's at both Belgium and Scotland were joined by the manager of Salzburg and Eddie Howe. Interestingly, they all had surnames; well, until the point one of them is appointed. I felt Jock Brown's advice about hiring Private Detectives to suss out any signing was sailing close to the wind, but then revealed he instigated the practise at the Chamber of Secrets when he was Director of Football. Best of all, was John Collins contribution to the duties of such a Director. He reminded the listenership he was, "Ronnie's Assistant" and in querying if a Director of Football's remit should include the Club Youth Academy, he said, "Celtic's Academy is the Ajax of Scotland". I didn't know Ajax had furloughed their Academy for eight months too?
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