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  1. Not a lot different to suggesting Boris Johnson was faking having COVID 🙄
  2. Noooooo.... no way were you drinking last night Gribz
  3. You can understand Hibs voting in favor of the resolution to stick it to Hearts.... however, they are then hurting themselves by losing two full houses at Easter Road (assuming both finish in same half post split) when they rarely get that against any other non-OF team. longer term it will hurt Hibs financially. Scottish football hating itself to death as per the norm 🙄
  4. Hearts and Thistle have already said they wont vote in favour of the proposal. Stranraer Chairman has also said it is unfair, so they will likely vote against it too. Hearts have already confirmed they will support Rangers Members Resolution to distribute prize winnings "as is" and to treat the league finish proposal separately. I agree though.... you have to think that any team sitting in 2nd, 3rd and 4th - and possibly even below if they are close to making play offs, will look to oppose it. However..... and I m going to highlight this for effect... in less than 10 years "sporting integrity" has been superseded by "financial expediency" - and it makes you sick to the stomach. I listened to a bit of SSB this evening and they flat out said "null and void" was never even considered. Now... as a Rangers fan null and void would be great however, as a realist, that would be unfair on Celtic given their lead. Null and void is unfair... but so too is simply handing a league over to ANYONE - I would like to think (though probably wouldn't) that I would say the same if we were leading the way. I am not sure what the answer is - contrarian as this view might actually be... I probably wouldn't be averse to Celtic being given some kind of leading handicap for next season - in other words they start ahead of us on some weighted ranking - but they don't get to claim this season's title - what they DO get is an advantage for next season which reflects their current advantage at the top of the table. And I am fully aware that there are a plethora of reasons that wouldn't happen either - but it would be fairer than either null and void or handing them a title when there are too many points still to play for.
  5. I literally haven't a clue what you're on about right now bud. I'm laughing, because I have been there myself
  6. Come back on when you're sober Gribz mate.
  7. Absolutely ridiculous. They are attempting to blackmail clubs into agreeing with the proposal by withholding funds for clubs. The association has an obligation to HELP clubs... yet here they are instead of simply saying "to help you out we will distribute the prize winnings early, based on current standings". Not sure too many would complain about that because, as has been said, the prize winnings are so skewed to the top 3 or 4 clubs that beyond that it will make little difference. They should then have had this proposal to finish the season "as it stands" as a separate resolution, not have the financial distribution to be dependent upon approving this proposal. Scottish football is run by the Keystone Cops. Amateur hour which is only surprising in the fact it is unsurprising.
  8. Football now not going to start again until at least June 10th and that is just training. No way this season gets finished.
  9. Da fuck you on about ? Once you sober up you might want to actually read the thread and see why the term "tin foil hat" was used. I'm almost guaranteeing you are taking it to mean that I am suggesting that conspiracy theories aren't real. Once you take a look and see that it was in reference to ASIL suggesting Boris Johnson was lying about having contracted COVID-19. Given the man is in ICU, which is easily proven, the term tin foil hat was absolutely warranted in this instance. What is my personal view ? That Boris Johnson has COVID ? No.... it is what has been officially informed to the public. It isn't as if it would be difficult to confirm if he has COVID is it now. Do you even know what you are actually debating here ? Your enthusiasm to jump to any conspiracy theory isn't serving you well here Gribz. Rather than It meaning ASIL has "the brain capacity and ability to make up your own decision" it ACTUALLY proves that some conspiracy theories (the one in this instance being that Boris Johnson faked COVID so as to tell the population "see, it isn't that bad") are a pile of shite. If that was Boris's intent then he didn't do a very good job becuse he wouldn't have put himself in ICU because that clearly debunks the "it isn't that bad" theory. If anyone is disappointed.... it is me in you - you know fine well there are some conspiracies that I believe in. But here you are, jumping into a discussion full of the beer, not knowing what you are even discussing. It's all good though, I'm not disappointed in you because you clearly have had a skinful - we've all been there
  10. craig


    been on the sauce bud ?
  11. They would find a way, you can be assured about that
  12. craig


    Unfortunately you will need to use the property value of July 2019 as they won't be able to backdate a value - and it will have increased over time since then.
  13. craig


    You sure it is a solicitor she is using ?? From https://www.harpermacleod.co.uk/hm-insights/2016/july/how-to-safeguard-your-business-interests-on-divorce/ I needed to scrub my hands being on heir website - notice the constant referral to "relevant date", which is your separation date. Emphasis below added by myself. Matrimonial property includes all property belonging to the parties or either of them (in sole or joint names) at the relevant date. The relevant date is usually the date of separation, or the date a divorce action has been served. There are exceptions such as gifts from a third party, inheritances and usually property acquired before marriage unless it was intended to be used as a family home or used as household furniture. Examples of matrimonial property include; a family home, land or crofts, business interests, pensions, investments, savings, vehicles, loans and credit card debts. A point to note is that pensions can be of significant value and should not be overlooked. To calculate the ‘net’ value of matrimonial property, the first step is to determine the total value of all matrimonial assets and debts at the relevant date. Once the values are known, the total debt value is subtracted from the total asset value. The remaining balance is known as the ‘net’ value of matrimonial property.
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