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  1. Those same two sides are also in the same league..... so not sure even what you are suggesting here. They beat us but it wasnt as if in either instance they were better than us.
  2. LOL. Unbeaten in the league domestically, took penalties to beat us in the SC, last minute goal in our only defeat domestically..... and his "433 has been rumbled" - away compo, lol
  3. LOL. Barisic, Goldson, Tavernier, Davis, Kamara - 2nd string Hagi, Roofe - 2nd string ? The only true second string players we used from the start were McLaughlin, Simpson, Itten and maybe, Wright.
  4. Doge is shite. It is not much more than a Memecoin. He literally shot it up by 200% the other day just by making one singular tweet about it. It has no use case. Nothing supporting it. Not conclusive evidence, but interesting nonetheless : "A recent cryptocurrency enthusiast revealed a Dogecoin wallet that holds around 37 Billion Dogecoins, with a worth of around USD 2.6 Billion. This wallet was seen recently purchasing EXACTLY 28.061971 Dogecoins repeatedly. Does this number seem familiar? Not to you maybe, but for Elon Musk, as this coincides EXACTLY to his date
  5. Perez clearly has the right idea..... invite a dozen clubs into a super league, have the other 11 pull out because of thebacklash.... take the £1.1 billion and pay off the debts of Madrid - lol
  6. Absolutely. Aston Villa released a statement saying that they are considering punishment for the 6, and rightly so. I would ban them for a year too - I would give them such a draconian punishment that it hurts the owners significantly to the extent they would have second thoughts next time, and there WILL be a next time, they consider something like this.
  7. Haha. Salford generated far more money than the competition too - they just did so by way of investment instead of ticket sales to fans. Nothing wrong with that, not against the rules. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it is unfair. When Souness came to Rangers, which was when 9IAR actually started, Rangers invested - yes, invested, far more money than every other club in the league - in EXACTLY the same way that Salford did - it was outside investment that took us from also-rans to title winners - and I remember only too well that at the inception of that overhaul Rangers games
  8. All 6 EPL teams have now withdrawn from the Super League - lasted a while. On the plus side.... apparently there are clauses that anyone withdrawing needs to pay £100 million to extract themselves from said Super League
  9. I have personally been looking at cryptocurrency in the last few weeks and have allocated a portion of my investable assets into them. Will speak about that shortly. You are completely correct in that crypto, bitcoin in particular, has drastically outperformed gold of late. Gold will never go old as a wealth storage asset, but the question is whether or not it will remain THE asset of safe haven. Proponents of gold are still talking about gold being the standard bearer and that crypto is merely a fad. The crypto guys would contend that the proponents of gold are disparaging cry
  10. Barcelona are now over 1.3 billion Euros Bill. And the rest are likely significantly higher too.
  11. So Salford didnt put 11 players on the pitch every week the same as every other club in the league ? lol. Absolute nonsense to suggest they didnt earn promotion in a fair manner. What rules did they break ? What did they do that wasnt available to all the other teams ? Every single other team had the capability to go out there and get rich investors - just so happened that Salford was local to the class of 92 and they decided to put their cash into it. Was nothing unfair about it or, if it was unfair, then you can look at ALL the major leagues in Europe and make the exact same
  12. It may be an American proposal, but that wasnt what was being suggested - what was being suggested was "mainly American owners" which it clearly isnt. Clubs like Madrid may be in for a very rough ride then because with it literally dismantling within a couple of days of being announced the fans may very well still turn their backs on those clubs for even engaging in the proposal in the first place. The fans don't drive the income but a club like Madrid also relies on its global fanbase for its commercial TV rights in La Liga.
  13. Then maybe his club should have been operating within its means for all those years he wanted all the Galacticos. Run it like a proper business
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