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  1. That is quite the panel of mentalists
  2. BTW, you West Ham fans have, for the most part, been legends. Looking to help out Rangers fans as much you can, and at face value. Fantastic effort lads
  3. F11 here - going by seating plan they are great seats - should be at how much I had to pay on secondary for them.....
  4. Gersnet meet up boys ? Pardon the language.... but no fucking way am I missing this !!! I fly in on Friday from Bermuda, arriving Saturday - and back out on Friday 20th. Costing a small fortune as I bought flights, accommodation and tickets for the wee man and the ex (I couldnt have him go to Seville by himself as a 17 year old) - and he then pestered his mother because he was desperate for me to be there too - so had to - this is a TWICE in a lifetime opportunity - and, in fairness, even getting this far once in our lifetime is punching above our weight. I still havent come down off the natural high as I am sure you all are the same ! Gersnet meetup then ??
  5. Yeah, my boss took me for lunch as it is my birthday... and it is Cinco de Mayo.... That shit usually doesnt touch my stomach before just exit projectile.
  6. Then I will need to get tickets somehow... IF we make it... which won't be cheap. Ugghhhhhh
  7. I just booked flights and hotel for my teenage son and my ex-mrs. If we dont make it I just hope I sober up in time to cancel it tomorrow before the 24 hour cancellation window....
  8. I didnt feel this much nervous excitement even in 2008. I believe we CAN do it, but wouldnt say I am confident. I would actually be confident if Alfredo was fit as he would give their back line a torrid time of it. First 15 minutes ala Braga will do just fine - 3 goals in the first 15 I will happily take.... Absolutely bricking it ! Which is strange as we really have no right being this deep in European competition. It is absolute testament to Ross Wilson, Gerrard, Beale, Gio, Makaay, Jimmy Bell and all the backroom staff and playing squad that we are where we are. What an amazing achievement already. Now, Rangers..... MAKE US DREAM !!
  9. With everyone fit, barring Morelos, your team basically picks itself IMO. The only question, for me, would be whether we go with Jack or Davis - and Jack still probably makes sense, but Davis has that experience to dictate the tempo of the game.
  10. Thats an excellent read Cammy - what a fine young man he seems to be. Just hope hes gutted come 10pm this evening
  11. Whether McColl lied or not, he is the head of a private entity. And not really accountable to the public. Like it or not. However, Sturgeon is absolutely accountable to the public. Her lying and misleading parliament comes with breaches of Minesterial Codes of Conduct. The fact you try to conflate the two is typical of ScotNat supporters who will do anything to deflect from the deficiencies of "Chief Mammy".
  12. Would be better than 2008. Back then we could purchase players without relying heavily on Bosmans. This group of players, and the team that recruited them, deserve great credit for getting even this far
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