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  1. I have never, ever felt this heartbroken about anyone outside of my immediate family - the only other person where this hit even close to as much was Princess Diana, but Walter's far surpasses that. Literally find myself at work trying to get things done and all of a sudden I have a tear rolling down my face. Multiple times today already and it is only 1pm for me.
  2. Devastated this morning, horrible news to wake up to Rest easy, legend
  3. Kent for me. Thought everything positive started through him.
  4. Aye, I don’t understand that. Thought everything positive we did was through Kent. Indeed, Kent was my MOTM.
  5. Aye, thanks to GS I eventually got there, lol
  6. That line got me too. Wonder how long Aitken and the SNP in general will use Covid as the convenient excuse for their failings. Complete and utter nonsense.
  7. What am I missing ? The video of the players was proven to be fake, so why would they condemn the players ?
  8. So quick to support you mean, presumably ?
  9. Can only now lose players if we loan players out (think this can still be done within same association) or if we terminate contracts. I think. I think all other European windows are closed EDIT : Found this on transfermarket https://www.transfermarkt.com/statistik/transferfenster - none of our players would end up going to any of these leagues I wouldn't think.
  10. The authenticity of the audio on said video is still not verified. We have been here before.... recently.
  11. I still think those same players will be marketable assets in next season's window, so long as Kamara and Goldson sign extensions.
  12. And a 55th league Championship
  13. Can't include that in your "rip off" numbers - that is very much a personal choice. The others are too, but something like ST is a tough personal choice to avoid, unlike share issues.
  14. Indeed. If we assume that the singing was authentic then the technical term is xenophobia. Being Irish isn't a race ergo telling folks of Irish descent isn't racism. Xenophobia, yes. But the authenticity is still debatable.
  15. Was travel for me. I wasn't going to bother but when I realized it was likely to prevent me from travelling I got the vaccine.
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