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  1. Could have waited till, hopefully, there has been success on the field of play. Didn’t need to be done now. I suspect it was done because of a) we are playing well b) the positivity surrounding the club just now and c) the negativity across the city.
  2. No, clearly it is YOU that hasn’t read anything that I have said. I’ll say it again though. I am NOT speaking AT YOU. You need to take it less personally. just because I reply to you doesn’t mean I am specifically talking to you. Can you not see that ? im not saying you’ve said anything. I’m relying to your post but making general observations about the topic. how you continually see this as me speaking to you is beyond me. ive not once said “you said” or “I disagree with what you say”. I’m taking your points and then talking abo
  3. We will need to agree to disagree because I am not talking "at you" when posting here - you are taking it as me speaking to what you believe in when it is me talking about the subject at hand. I think you need to take it less personally. The point isn't being made at you, it is being made at the process, or lack thereof. I would suggest you read the post again and you will hopefully find that none of it is pointing at you - it is pointing at Dave King and C1872. The "negativity" as you see it is absolutely warranted and, I would contend, isn't negativity but is actual
  4. The timing of this seems somewhat strange to me too. Whilst Dave King will always be regarded as an integral part of the recovery of the Club, I am somewhat surprised at both his Chairmanship resignation and, moreso, the announcement of the selling of his shares. I would have thought that he would have wanted one, or both, to still be ongoing when we take the largest, though not final, step of the journey.
  5. Thanks Stevie, and thanks for taking my post in the manner in which it was intended. I disagree about the combativeness to your original post. I don't think that anyone on here is being combative. I think Bluedell and rbr ask very legitimate questions. And they are being asked in a non-combative way. The problem with such an emotive subject is that the "sides" become entrenched. And there should be ways around that - but the launching of it without any real meat to it just seems all very haphazard to me. Both King and C1872 should have, prior to ANY announcement, have pre-emp
  6. This doesn't guarantee that. Not even close. I think it was foolish for it to be sold that way.
  7. It is different because we knew that Ashley was no friend of Rangers. From a purely financial perspective it is the same. But it was the qualitative factors, not quantitative factors, which meant purchasing Ashley's shares made sense. It helped get rid of him
  8. Stevie - with all due respect, Bluedell has a greater grasp on the financial matters than the vast majority of Rangers fans. I have great respect for you, but when people start talking finances without having expertise in the field and without prior knowledge they become very, very dangerous conduits. For example, if King's family had said he needed to get something back, why even convert into shares ? The club could have had a new share issue, C1872 could have raised the money in that way and then the club used those funds to repay his loan - no need for share conversion. I thi
  9. Completely agree BD - exactly the point I was making above. Too many are jumping in on the "Never Again" and taking it for granted - only happens should C1872 (and members) continue to fund as and when needed - will that continue ? There has been a malaise with C1872 for years now - how and what are they going to do to get 20,000 members ?? There is also a need for greater transparency for my liking
  10. I think this is a line which very much needs to be used cautiously. This is only the case in the event that C1872 can maintain their shareholding - what if the club needs to raise a further 20 million and C1872 can't maintain their shareholding ? They will then have a diluted shareholding and the more diluted they become the greater the possibility that someone they don't wish as a shareholder gets of becoming one. It isn't quite the "Never Again" that both C1872 and Dave King make it appear to be. There are certainly circumstances in which it might not be the case, no matter ho
  11. I hope they get a draw in Milan, that being the case. A loss, even a close one, and he may be gone ,I don't want that. Don't want them winning as that gives them additional cash - the smaller cash inflow from a draw would be suitable for this Bear
  12. Mindhunter has effectively been cancelled. The Director confirmed as much. Netflix themselves have said it is on "indefinite hold" and "It might be back in 5 years". Very unfortunate as it was a very good show IMO. I have the book at home still to read. Need to get into it over the festive season.
  13. True, but previously there was also a 3 week winter break. This time around they play us on the 2nd, then Hibs on the 11th. 9 days between. And the quickest, direct flight between Scotland and Dubai is apparently 7 hours 20 minutes. That will take a but out of them just on the travel alone. Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part, but with just 9 days between games and half a day spent in the air, I don't see how this actually helps them this season.
  14. SPFL's official stance on this is that they have, for 22 years, deferred to the wishes of the home team when these situations arise. Seems to me that the SPFL have simply opened the doors for every other club to play around with their fixture list however it suits. The inmates are running the asylum.
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