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  1. I agree that directly, it is nothing to do with us - but, as has been seen many time with Trump, indirectly that foreign President can have a deep, lasting impact on not only their own country but the global situation. Not disagreeing per se, but we do have to at least pay attention to these foreign leaders, particularly in a global economy we find ourselves in.
  2. Some have been training with the first team this week
  3. Lockdown has expanded the derriere girth has it BD ?
  4. Only 50,000 available for pre-order mate - and they apparently arrive August 1st.
  5. 3 ordered - £200, ouch. But I think the new kit looks really smart - weirdly, I really like that red stripe down the back of the spine
  6. I don't think we are mate - I think that there is much more thought that goes into what we spend and where. I know we spent a lot of money (for us) on keeping Leon King but that lad has tons of talent and could either be a stalwart of our team for many years or recognise a very sizeable sales price - but there is much more thought goes into what the money should be spent on at the Academy.
  7. They don't get paid that much below the first team level. And, in fact, I know that a couple of years ago when they restructured and brought in video analysts, sports science guys, the GPS belts, two coaches to each team - they actually REDUCED the cost at the Academy level because they vastly reduced the wasted profligacy of the club at that level.
  8. Except, it would seem, Rangers. Who were, and are, made out to be pariahs for doing so.....
  9. Mate, On Sky they give you the option of canned crowd noise or the silence from the stadium itself. The canned crowd noise is horrendous because of the delay. And on the silence from the stadium the commentators are frequently apologising for colorful language. I personally prefer the silence - wouldn't mind it in OF games next season instead of Andy Walker - he is the reason they invented the mute button
  10. If the SPFL loses and the season is declared null and void then football is absolutely doomed in Scotland anyway - because the 3 clubs who didn't gain promotion would then also be in court, and the liabilities to sponsors and TV companies would also be in play, again. The SPFL, particularly Doncaster, Lawwell and the cabal, could and should have held off on calling the season - would be very interesting to see how much it would have cost to finish the season (PPE, testing etc) rather than call it (sponsor liabilities, court cases etc). One thing that hasn't really been mentioned is that every SPFL Board member that voted to call the season seems to have failed in their fiduciary duty to the SPFL itself, as well as the Member clubs. Heads should roll, but we know they wont...
  11. In other words "We can't legally provide them to you but it is easy to find them anyway"
  12. How the fuck can Doncaster still be in office ? It’s a rhetorical question 🙄
  13. You would have uttered NOT ONE WORD of the above had Labour, and Corbyn in particular, won. its complete hypocrisy ASIL.
  14. It spread to the Labour Party 😂
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