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  1. You've misunderstood Bill. That "his remarks" comment was aimed at the quote Gonzo gave about Pamplona when Traynor was at the Record as a journalist, not as Level 5 consultant for Rangers
  2. Given you yourself were set upon and hospitalized by Celtic fans for nothing more than being a Rangers supporter I would have expected you would have at least a modicum of empathy for someone being attacked for nothing more than having an association with our club. Very poor comment
  3. But giving Polster license to get forward whilst in a back 3 makes the defensive line very unbalanced. You effectively have the right sided CB getting forward leaving the central CB and left sided CB having to shuffle over to cover - that could create no end of problems with players not knowing what is expected of them when out of possession. We get more attack-minded formation, shape and balance from having 4 at the back and allowing the full backs to offer support in higher areas of the pitch.
  4. Polster in that team doesn't work IMO. I don't thinkhe is positionally sound enough to play in a back 3. Against Hearts he got caught very, very narrow a number of times. If playing a back 3 then, for me, it would be Goldson, Katic and Edmundson. But I wouldn't go a back 3 anyway because, strange though it sounds, we would be less attack-minded with a back 3. Our current formation is more attacking because, in possession, we effectively play with 2 at the back (Goldson and Katic) whilst the full backs off width on the overlap. With a back 3 the wide midfielders are going to have to do the tracking back which, as Rousseau says, negates their attacking threat.
  5. Were you calling for his head 4 weeks ago ? How fickle you are
  6. The thread shouldn't be closed as he is entitled to his opinion the same as you or I. That still doesn't mean I wont be ridiculing a ridiculous suggestion.
  7. Posted with the pati Posted with the patience and understanding of a pre-pubescent pre-teenager
  8. The officiating is absolutely fucking brutal in Scotland. if it’s a free kick against Morelos where he scores then it’s a penalty a couple minutes before for the push on him. Absolutely fucking horrible officiating. I’m not convinced it’s incompetence either.
  9. Is O Donnell not offside as he left the field of play and came back on ? Handball from McKenzie from the cross
  10. Riquelme comfortably the best player on the pitch. Can't believe one of the BT Sports commentators says "a pass to his fellow mophead" when one AM player passed to Riquelme. So disrespectful.
  11. Is it shite ? I don’t know. But surely someone would fact check that stuff before posting it ?
  12. Dear oh dear 🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. So you’re accepting that the SNP are loaded with pedophiles, sexual deviants, thieves and adulterers given it is in the same post ?
  14. 1. It was last weekend Celtic best Hamilton, not midweek. 2. They scored from a free kick, not a penalty. Craigan and Rae spike down our game because we weren’t playing very well. First half we had tons of possession but could easily have went into the break down 3-2 (Hagi should have scored but they also should have had a penalty and from the boy that was clean through). Talking our game down makes sense sometimes. It doesn’t show anti-Rangers bias, it’s called honesty. We weren’t good enough given the standards we showed pre-Xmas. Personally I would prefer commentators to be honest rather than show bias towards a club. And I think Craigan and Rae were just being honest. I prefer that to the bias Sutton shows, even when talking us down if it’s needed.
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