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  1. The increase in their average home attendance in the last couple of seasons can be almost entirely attributed to Rangers return to the top league - something they are now restricting. Statistics can be used to prove anything but the Killie average attendances over the last 10 years had been no better than static - indeed, the numbers have dwindled since 1993/94 season which, presumably, was when they returned to the top flight. Their average home attendances can be found here : http://www.fitbastats.com/kilmarnock/club_records_league_attendance.php If they take us from 8k to 4K tickets then their numbers this season would be down 8k which, up to this point, would be a reduction of about 500 (8,000 dicvided by 16 home games) meaning their average attendance would be about 6,000 which is no better than season 2010/11. As someone from Ayrshire who lived in Killie, and whose best friend was the Killie SLO for a number of years but now rarely bothers to attend I can say that their crowds are, and have been, shite since at least the early 80’s when I moved there. Bowie can be as ambitious as he wants and, as you rightly say, it is his financial risk to take..... but I have significant doubts that this risk is one that will pay off with rewards.
  2. I enjoyed Patriot - my type of humour
  3. That climb up the stairs is brutal
  4. Yep, wife is in CD4 and it was £587 this season
  5. johnnyk from Gersnet (I think it is johnny anyway) previously stated that he is/was neighbors with Hastie and his parents and said that the family are diehard Tims but not the type who are the lunatic fringe but more stable (didn’t know there were any of those...). He also said, I think, that Celtic tried to get Hastie on the cheap and thought the family would jump at the chance just because they’re Celtic fans. The family decided on Motherwell as he had a better chance of breaking through.
  6. Yeah that’s already started as Barca have tied up de Jong and rumours are de Ligt is next.
  7. Renewed for wife and kid earlier today. We need an additional tier on Govan for all these waitlist folks
  8. I binged the 1st 4 seasons, terrific show
  9. Aye, crack on Stevie - it will be pleasant light reading in a quiet summer for football
  10. I wouldn’t disagree mate. Was just giving a reason how the semantics could be used to argue he wasn’t being called a legend
  11. Cant speak for the latter part but the former does say "some" which could be taken as being that not all in attendance are considered as one of the best ever to have played for the club.
  12. What’s a US lawyer going to do better than a UK lawyer ? It isn’t the lawyer that determines damages, it is the judge. US lawyers would be useless unless they know the UK legal system. Damages in the UK would be a fraction of what they have been, or would be, in the US. US damages are bonkers in their quantum.
  13. We did the tour with Tiny. Her family have worked for the club in some form or fashion for 100 years I believe
  14. To be fair it SHOULD blow the Emirates away. Emirates opened in 2006 so there has been 13 years of technological advancement as well as 13 years of EPL money to assist them. The London Stadium is an awful stadium for football - way too far away from the football due to the track. Was speaking to a West Ham ST holder the other night and he hates it.
  15. No it wasn’t. Davis deal was 6 months and he’s out of contract at southampton at end of season. It was Defoe’s deal that was 18 months.
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