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  1. Can we ALL stay away from the personal insults please ? ”alexscottisliar” is personal and shouldn’t be used. Thanks
  2. Were the fit and proper rules even in place when Whyte or Romanov took over the respective clubs ?
  3. Waterreus isn’t playing. He picked up an injury so has been replaced with Neil Alexander.
  4. Because you were looking to order the full package to allow you to watch ALL games on RTV. There are different packages even for overseas subscribers.
  5. Is RTV showing this live or "as live" ??
  6. My post made no reference to Arcuri, so was looking for clarification. Someone using a pole - which could be for fitness reasons - results in you opining she is a prostitute. Says far more about you than it does about her. If the public funds are proven to have been mis-used then of course it is an offence. Has it been proven yet or are you, as per usual with those you dislike, merely jumping to conclusions ?
  7. And you will continue to show your ignorance. You should be careful when making libelous statements such as this. Indeed, it is language unbecoming of this forum. Are you accusing Arcuri of beng a prostitute or my ex ?
  8. No it isn’t proof of dodgy morals and all you are doing is showing is your ignorance. for your information, many women (and indeed men) these days use poles (fitness poles) for fitness. It isn’t a stripper pole which you clearly are surmising with your “dodgy morals” comment. It’s a fitness pole and becoming ever more popular as a fitness technique. my ex attends pole fitness classes in a fitness studio and has a pole in our house. Does that mean she has dodgy morals or does it mean she has found an intensive way to get fit - much to the chagrin of old traditionalists like yourself ? sometimes it would benefit you to not jump to conclusions based on your own prejudices but rather educate yourself beforehand.
  9. No. “He should be in jail” is a statement of fact. You also passed off judgement that he was in fact guilty when that is not, presently, the case. ahhhhh..... so now he “seems to have misused....” whereas earlier it was “he should be in jail for the Arcuri affair”. you love to backtrack on your own comments when they’re shown to not be based in fact. There really is little point debating with you given the number of times you attempt to move the goalposts.
  10. So a pole in her flat is proof ? Deary me
  11. The same proof you provided when saying Bojo should be in jail for the Arcuri affair ? You know, the one where no proof has, as yet, been provided. Your hypocrisy is startling.
  12. Yeah, amazing how people selectively demand to see proof or have something proven before calling someone out.... but for others they will willingly accept nothing more than accusations.
  13. No it wouldn't. The current difference is 2. Had we won that game we would have 3 points more, making it 5. However, they would also have had 3 points less, making it 8. Had we won that game we would be on 24 points and they would be on 16. That is 8 of a difference, not the 5 you suggest.
  14. It's actually 16 games before we play Celtic - they are the 17th game, unless the Premiership game against St Johnstone (which is postponed due to the League Cup) is rescheduled prior to the Celtic game, in which case it will be 17
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