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  1. The club have accepted the one game ban
  2. Morelos won his appeal, yellow rescinded
  3. Not just that but he has swivel hips. The way he shapes to go one way and a swift swivel of his hips and he is out the back door with barely a touch on the ball. Was probably first really noticeable when he made Scott Brown pay to get back into Ibrox last season when Arfield scored the goal to make it 2-0 when Defoe dummied it.... but this season he has done it on many an occasion - indeed, one such incident eventually led to the goal the other night. He must be an absolute nightmare for opposing midfielders to play against - many midfielders shape to go one way and they invariab
  4. Aye, but the feeling we get from OUR results don't necessarily mirror what we should feel about THEIR results. That's the point. But that is what you are trying to suggest. Either way, it's a moot point now
  5. I reckon that's a great value bet. Where were those odds BD ?
  6. I honestly wouldn't be surprised that if we beat St Mirren they will deliberately drop points in their game the following day just so they can avoid that.
  7. Yes, but that is us looking at THEIR results. Their fans would say the same. However, when considering just ourselves, I much prefer a 5-0 tanking with us playing some fantastic stuff than a scrappy, late 1-0 win with no football on display. You are comparing two different situations.
  8. 2 points..... if one of those points is against Celtic in either of our two games against them
  9. McGregor Patterson Goldson Helander Barisic Kamara Davis Arfield Aribp Kent Morelos
  10. Or when to use the word "was" and "were"
  11. He never said Celtic, not as far as I recall. Was simply "bye bye Rangers"
  12. craig

    Anas Sarwar

    I know how you feel ASIL. I do still have my house and a small investment property in Scotland though, so feel it can be justified when you have "skin in the game". That said, just because you don't live in Scotland doesn't mean you don't care about it and its future. Everyone is entitled to an opinion
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