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  1. No, it doesnt suggest Balogun is first choice - and SG highlighted that in a presser - Helander had played for Sweden in an international that same midweek which was why Balogun was preferred - SG was even at pains to say ,and I quote.... "this doesnt mean Fil has been dropped"
  2. It isnt the 1950's. Do that and a player is looking at a massive ban. Pointless.
  3. That's not true though, not yet anyway. We still are top albeit the advantage is with them if they win their game in hand. But as Bill says, nothing is handed out in September. Outside of OF games, this season Hibs away will be the hardest game we have all year as Jack Ross has them well drilled. I would be far from surprised if Hibs take points off Celtic too. I would also rather our defence gets a wake up call this early in the season. A defence that hasnt conceded in 8 games is always going to be prone to complacency. Now they have conceded they hopefully will get back to
  4. Dependent on whether Lennon gets to spend proceeds and what he does with them
  5. Mate, can we please stop with such terms ? Calling anyone, let alone our own players, retarded is just not necessary.
  6. I can see why they have it. In close quarters if there’s a penalty incident having each team wear different colour shorts makes it (slightly) easier to tell who may have committed an offense.
  7. Glad to see Edmundson getting game time - the big fella deserves it as his pre-season form was very good. Arfield also deserves to get the nod for his weekend performance. Stewart I've always felt is a decent player and deserves a little more game time. And hopefully Itten can get off the mark goal-wise - I suspect the opponent is some of the reason he has been selected - hoping to get him off the mark against weaker (on paper) opposition. Also makes sense to give McGregor game time too so that both he and McLaughlin are fit, fresh and ready. What this sho
  8. I didn’t watch the one that was posted in the forum. Was one I saw elsewhere on social media.
  9. Watched his youtube vignette and whilst I am always very dubious of those (thanks Sebo....) this boy looks like a player
  10. Wasnt of significance from what I read from Stevie - just basically that the clubs were denying it and that he isnt ITK on this one.
  11. Is that Piers Morgan's show ? If so, I am surprised anyone would go on it - it is nothing more than a Piers Morgan ego fest. He spends the entire time being an absolute bellend, shouting down the guests and not allowing them to speak at all. It is vacuous. The same Piers Morgan who lauded Boris Johnson being PM now chastises him every chance he gets. Piers Morgan trying to set the nation's moral compass given his more than chequered past is beyond hypocrisy
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