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  1. And yet strangely enough you seem to be doing the same thing to Goldson you are accusing others of doing to Katic… #irony
  2. Makes far more sense to me that we go with Davis, Jack and Aribo.
  3. He never ignored it. He skirted round it with a response that suited himself - he handled it very well indeed, but he didn't ignore the question.
  4. I stand corrected - just checked and uk uses "s" rather than "c" for auditing practicing certificates.
  5. No. No.... he didn't actually equate "estimates" with "no data" did he ? That is as far as I have got in that blog and, if that is true, then I need go no further. If he has seriously suggested that then I doubt even his accounting credentials - it is moonhowling territory. Bearger, IF the above is true then you've not used a particularly credible source as a rebuttal to the GERS numbers.
  6. Would it not be better to retort to the accusations on what this guy actually knows, given HMRC have seemingly dismissed him as some sort of idiot ?
  7. He's actually correct in his spelling of it in this instance... accountants speak - or maybe it is just because I am so used to the Americanized spelling
  8. I'll try later if I can find the time. Havent slept well in a while so this may help
  9. You on the evening red eye ? Where you staying ? I get into my hotel about 4pm - staying at TI this time round.
  10. That Chartered Accountant offered absolutely ZERO by way of alternate figures to the official figures provided by the SNP-ran Scottish government. His "insight" isn't very insightful.
  11. Its hardly bile - its not even close to being bile. That said, it wasn't necessary in this thread.
  12. Shame I will miss you mate - I an there September 12th to 16th
  13. craig

    Glasgow Cup

    Not even close to this beauty of a trophy....
  14. Probably just me but I think we will be fine at LB. Barisic is still a quality player but needs a run of games and some confidence. Flanagan can be a bit of a bombscare but defensively is usually sound - and Halliday is fine too. I just don't see us losing that many goals this season for some reason. If it is a loan deal for Kent that is fine IMHO. Liverpool don't take loan fees so only cost is his salary.
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