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  1. Any truth to Aribo being in Glasgow for talks ?
  2. Saw Aribo in the play off final and he was a handful all game. wouldnt be disappointed with him ! Turnbull is a no go - Motherwell want “fat in excess of our record transfer fee of £1.8 million”. Won’t happen.
  3. Reading and comprehension clearly not strong traits of yours.
  4. You may want to read back and see that dB said Gazza and Laudrup were "unproven at Rangers", whatever that means. YOU then changed that from being unproven to being risky. The whole initial discussion was about Polster being unproven, not about him being a risk
  5. Seriously ? Both Laudrup and Gazza could be considered risks. But considered unproven ? Absolutely no chance. IMO of course.
  6. Explain to me how Matt Polster could possibly be "proven to SG" ? Maybe if you hadn't used Laudrup and Gascoigne YOU would have a point. It's tiring you defending players and their worthiness based on the fact that "SG signed him" - you are almost making it out that SG is infallible in the transfer market - and that also is clearly untrue.
  7. Kamara, Tavernier and Morelos. All going for a combined 30 mill (possibly). Who would take it ? Tough one for me - we need funds but, at the same time, those 3 could very well be the spine of our team to win the league next season. of the 3 the one I’d be most willing to let go would be Morelos. I think he would be easier to replace than the other 2. Tav offers so much going forward and would be very difficult to replace. Kamara is such a cultured player I could see him as a mainstay. He’s also young so there’s plenty of room for improvement which also means increased value.
  8. Eh ? “Craig likes debate for debates sake” ??? Take your time, go back and read and you’ll find it was YOU who questioned my remark that’s Polster is unproven. That’s YOU making debate for debates sake. At least try to get it right. Its ok to admit you’re wrong sometimes dB.
  9. Ok then, I’ll bite. where has Polster proven himself to SG ? Aside from uS college football ? SG signed Ejaria too, that turned out well. just because they are SG signings doesn’t mean he can’t get them wrong. Polster is unproven - and no amount of “but SG signed him” proves otherwise.
  10. Doesn’t matter if Pep signed him. He’s still unproven. not sure why you’re questioning it when it’s clearly true.
  11. Flanagan may be a RB and may defend better than Tav - but we will lose a lot of our attacking threat if we lose Tav - completely different players. Polster - completely unproven
  12. I fell for that earlier too Ian... It is a spoof account
  13. Tav for 10 mill would be good business, but he would be very tough to replace
  14. Interestingly Ojo mentioned on his Twitter about the growth he had made whilst being on loan the last season or two and said “next season”.... this tweet was “liked” by Michael Beale
  15. Somebody from the club must have made a faux pas.... I read it on their Twitter yesterday and seems it has been taken down..... EDIT : I see it was a fake account - sorry folks.... wasn't paying attention as I have a lot of "stuff" going on right now.
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