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  1. Basically, yes. Both the top two have died a death recently too. The rest tank when Bitcoin tanks and surge when Bitcoin does. There are some other good chains like Solana and Elrond. Solana has speed problems though Elrond is solid but new. Plenty other chains out there but they all basically follow bitcoin
  2. Cardano is literally a pile of shit. How it is still a top 10 crypto I will never know. It is an awful alternative to Ethereum. Ethereum has had smart contracts for years and has migrated to a second, enhanced version of their smart contracts..... whilst Cardano still can't get their first version to work.
  3. Yeah, Bitci is its own chain. Cardano is pointless as they still can't get their smart contracts to work properly. And XRP is embroiled in a massive lawsuit with the SEC about it being securities, so can't sell anything to US citizens.
  4. Hope you are right - if that happens I will be handing in my notice, converting my US$ pension to GBP and returning home
  5. Doubt we pay that much for Sands, that is almost 5 million quid. Plus.... why would we trigger that clause when we still have him till next summer on loan ?
  6. FWC-2022-Match-Schedule.pdf (fifa.com) World Cup 2022: Fixtures, schedule and kick-off times for Qatar | Football News | Sky Sports First link in a nicer format - second one shows UK Kick off times.
  7. It suits both sides for Russia to be seen as a military super power. The US military industrial complex is still very much at play - there is a reason that the term "war is money" is still so prevalent these days. I am no Trump fan (and don't want to derail this topic either) but I surely am not the only one who sees that when Trump came to power it was "scary having that egomaniac with the nuke button at hand" whilst Trump's actual actions were for the first President in decades to actually NOT engage in war ? The military complex didn't want Trump because, whilst Trump threatened war (but never actually went to war and was looking to scale back their military operations), he was perceived as someone who wouldnt think twice about "pressing the button". Anyway, I am getting close to veering off tangent - main point being that the true powers WANT there to be the fear of one superpower against another, because "war is money".
  8. The old ones huh.....
  9. And it is coming..... not forgetting this war will impact commodity supply, which undoubtedly will see an increase in commodity prices, which will see increased food prices, which will see inflation.... again, you get the picture. Ukrainian wheat production, for example, is expected to drop by more than 40% from the 2021 harvest (celiacs wont care, everyone else will) - this will then impact everything else in the "food chain". And given the vast quantities of everyday commodities that Ukraine and Russia supply - I don't think we have seen the worst of it yet, not by a long stretch.
  10. I think this depends on context in all honesty. Militarily I believe they did. The US have continued to have a (un)healthy fear of the US in Eastern Europe, hence why they have always had their military build up. That said, I think many of us always had suspicions that Russia, militarily, hasn't been as strong as how they have portrayed themselves. I think your second sentence is spot on. I think your third sentence gets to the root cause as to why sanctions against Russia haven't, nor will they, work. They don't just have food and fuel security but the West has a NEED for that food and fuel supply - when the West NEEDS it and it is now a necessity and not a luxury, those sanctions won't work. Much of which can be seen by some of the weird and wonderful requests from some of the nations forming part of the sanctions - Germany, for example, happy to sanction "but not fuel", Belgium (I think), happy to sanction "but not diamonds", Italy happy to sanction "but not luxury goods".... see the pattern emerging ? Every nation that needs something from Russia want sanctions but not for the goods they need, which renders sanctions pointless 🙄
  11. Hopefully not in my, or my offspring's, lifetime. Screw it, I will extend to my unborn grand and great grandkids lifetimes too !
  12. Haha, gotcha - was the former Agreed - they have barely ever had the desired effect
  13. Had Stokes not gotten his no ball reprieve we would be talking about how poor his effort was, and not even because of his solitary run at the time - but because he kept walking (should say running) down the ball and getting lucky. All it would have taken was one miss and a quick wicketkeeper to stump him. He missed his first couple of efforts by some way and you just got the impression he was almost trying to play T50
  14. Yeah, I should have been clearer. I think we are past the point of compromise being sold as a victory for both sides - I meant in the first few weeks of the war. At this point any compromise will be seen as Russian victory given what you say.
  15. He is at the point where he really can't. Russia's "superpower" status weakens the longer they are in this war - to back down and apologise is military capitulation - Putin would never have done that. Which is why I think the hoped for solution would have been some kind of compromise where both sides can claim some kind of victory.
  16. Are you being facetious or am I missing something ? Genuinely, I am not sure The US first sanctioned Cuba in 1958 and Castro effectively held power there until 2016 when he died. I wouldn't call that "quite quickly". What am I missing ?
  17. He didnt play just as an 8 at Sheffield Utd, though he predominantly did, I agree. Personally I think he CAN play the 8 well, but he took time to settle with us and by the time he got a run of games he was being used as a 6, and he excelled there. I think he makes a more effective 8 than Ryan Jack for example, because he can do the things Jack does defensively, but he offers more of a goal threat too. With those two, the beauty is they both can play both, which allows them a level of fluidity which makes it hard to defend against, when done right. - I am not going there any longer ....
  18. They only really add value if they are getting game time - they don't take up a squad place as a homegrown player so they don't actually help in that regard I don't think. If they are getting gametime (serious gametime) then a Defoe could have been in the squad at the expense of another eg, King is preferred in Europe ahead of Helander.... could drop Helander from squad and have Defoe in squad - otherwise those players dont help. At least that is my understanding.... As a PS..... Just imagine how helpful it MIGHT have been to have Jermain Defoe in our European squad come the end of the Europa campaign...... the ifs and buts....
  19. He could, that would certainly work as it is purely between employee and employer - but if they demand 8.5 million for him would he really want to buy out his own contract - and at what cost would it be ? And, truth be told, would Rangers really want to get caught up in a transaction like that which would more than likely see increased press and scrutiny - eg, player buys out contract for, say 2 million..... Rangers pay player 2 million signing on fee..... I'd have thought the UK government would be all over that from a sanctions perspective in a heartbeat. Would we have anything to answer to ? Who the hell knows given the sanctions regime presently - I do know that we deal with sanctions stuff regularly in our company (oil and gas insurance) and we have increased our Enterprise risk for sanctions compliance because of some non-Russian entities having joint ventures with Russian companies - sanctions run very deep - and not sure Rangers would want to get embroiled in finding a "workaround"
  20. You are making a very bold assumption that footballing contracts of employment will follow others. At the end of the day it is a very simple question of "who owns his contract" - answer, some Russian mob. No idea of their financial standing but they have absolutely zero obligation to let him leave on the cheap. And no amount of sanctions can force that issue. Now.... what Rangers CAN do is lowball an offer - given he is out of contract next summer and given the sanctions situation, Sochi will know that by holding onto him they run the risk of losing him for free (there is an option on his contract for a further year but I don't know who has the right to extend, player or club). A furlough, by the way, does not legally separate anyone from their contract - furlough effectively puts a pause on their contract. With all due respect, American sports work in an entirely different manner to football. Haha, the Americans are trying to take over the game in Europe anyway - and managed to fuck that up with the Super League nonsense - which was predominantly and American idea between the US owners of Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, plus the financiers being JP Morgan (think it was JP Morgan).
  21. Both fair points. I don't think Gerrard was playing him in his best position - remembering that he has played a few different positions prior to coming to us. Once Gio put him back in the team after the Parkhead debacle he has absolutely excelled. Probably not much point in labouring whether he was a top performer or not - more importantly, he is most certainly now one of, if not the, first name on the team sheet - and long may that continue - particularly as he only just turned 28 in February - we have him at his peak years IMO - and now that he has had that season in Scotland under his belt I have a very real feeling he is going to light up this league - and Europe too.
  22. IMHO You are basing much of that on his fleeting sub appearances after he was "dropped" after the 2-2 draw with Aberdeen. Prior to that he was, as has been said, getting MOTM awards because, well, he was MOTM. It isnt easy to come in for 15-25 minutes each week and make an impact. For me, I was completely convinced by him in his very first game against Real Madrid. The way he dummied the ball and went past a player of Marcelo's quality as if he wasn't there was good enough for me.
  23. Quite an incredible achievement. Auchinleck Talbot winning the Junior Cup for the 14th time in their history, with their nearest challengers sitting on 5. Hopefully they will find a way for this old trophy to maintain relevance, beautiful trophy which one can see struggle to continue with the pyramid system being foisted upon clubs going forward. Been competed for since 1886 - would be a travesty to see it lost to modernisation of the game. Fourteen times for Talbot, unbelievable achievement. I was at 5 of the first 6 Cup finals (1st win was in 1949 before my time, but was there in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991 and 1992). Left UK in 2000, Talbot lost the 2002 final to Linlithgow, then went on to win it 8 times in the next 15 competitions between 2005 and last weekend (and beaten twice in the final in that period too). What a club.
  24. He turned 18 in January - hardly sink or swim time.
  25. That only works if his current club release him. And given they seem to be wanting 8.5 million there is literally no chance of that happening.
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