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  1. You would have been quicker saying who you actually DO get along with !!
  2. Just saw that Gav... felt like a right tool !
  3. Great ball in from poborsky too though
  4. An accountant Chris - which means I should be falling asleep all the time such is the excitement of my job (note sarcasm....)
  5. Fell asleep at work whilst waiting for the 2nd half to start. And am in the bad books at home - looks like footy is the only company I will have this weekend !
  6. Where's the "sandals" option Colshy - and I don't mean Jesus creepers but beach sandals
  7. Wish I hadn't read this thread as I am replying with a raging hangover..... Calscot is right but when you are in the company of the demon drink all logic escapes the brain mass. I played footy last night for 90 mins... went to the pub and had a few pints... went to a club and can't remember how I got home - not proud of that fact and the Mrs isn't happy (my 21 month old probably doesn't care but not exactly a good example to set......). I am about to head off to the pub to see if I can either stomach a diet coke whilst watching Germany win 3-0 or, failing that, will have a pint to try and balance myself out. Craig "struggling today and no work being done" Loyal
  8. craig

    New top

    So was I close enough to get you to prove it to me Lynds ?
  9. craig

    Next season

    Thanks Frankie - much appreciated.
  10. Nice one Gribz, glad you got the move to the lads in blue. Did Stephen ever contact you ? He is pretty busy but hopefully he got his finger out his arse long enough to welcome you aboard.
  11. Is a very nice aftershave gersfem Though the smell seems to have changed recently and isn't as nice as it used to be - there is also a perfume which the wife tells me is nice
  12. craig


    The difference between us and Barca though mac is that Barca don't have a sponsor whereas we have a sponsor who SHOULD be pissed off at tops being manufactured without their names on it. Just think of all the money Barca have let slip through their bank accounts by not having a sponsor for over 100 years (admittedly sponsorship is a relatively new phenomenon).
  13. I wear Old Spice.... just kidding. Issey Miyake for me. Also Hilfiger, Obsession and JP Gaultier
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