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  1. I would imagine they don't in fairness they are reporting it from another outlet.
  2. Agreed, just depends on whether Gerrard sees Kamara or Kent as cheap upgrades on those squad players.
  3. Mate, Malmo were down to 10 men for 45 minutes and we were at 1-1 on aggregate. That game should have been closed out comfortably. The next opponents Malmo pumped to get into the CL. They threw away 30 million when you factor in the guarantees, possible points bonuses, ticket sales and merchandising. The numbers don't really lie. What is the other way to pay investment back if not monetary ? Regardless, that's a red herring. The "investors" may indeed be Rangers men but they have already put many millions in, our latest results showed a 24 million loss and there is a need to find a further 8 million to see out the season. Gerrard and his team, management and players, threw away any "right" they had to want to strengthen the team when they capitulated at home to Malmo. If Gerrard was pissed about that he should also consider that the Board went with his wishes not to sell Goldson and they also held onto every major player at the club, despite the financial implications. It is incredibly churlish to think Gerrard walked because he didn't get financial backing when he and his team could have done more to justify the spend.
  4. Literally told me he couldn't believe how much of a reaction that tweet got. My words to him were "are you shitting me ? The whole fanbase is on tenterhooks and you posted that thinking it wouldn't get a reaction"
  5. Haha. Nah, he isn't involved, not from what he told me earlier. Obviously he could be and had to backtrack but doesn't seem likely. One day though, no doubt about it in my mind.
  6. He and his team, management and players, should have done what was more than achievable and qualified for the CL. Can't blame the board for not being able to back them financially when they threw away 30 million
  7. Injuries. Aside from doing his ligaments with us he also played 17 games for Middlesbrough with a broken leg
  8. Sky now reporting that Gerrard wants Patterson - no surprise there. However, the surprise is that apparently they are having to go up against Atletico, Bayern Munich and PSG for him. The young man has clearly impressed many people, and rightly so.
  9. I must be under 16. I think Ted Lasso is a great show
  10. I guess he could sign them as squad players, using a fraction of his budget to get better squad players than he currently has - if he is signing starters and getting massive funds then he won't come to Rangers, other than maybe Kamara who, IMHO, is capable of being a starter in many of the EPL's teams.
  11. Agreed - Gio seems to be a very popular choice amongst the vast majority. Ticks many boxes for me : Top class player who won many things in his career, also played in a world cup final. In actual fact, in terms of being a draw for players he should be more of a draw than Gerrard as he won more as a player than Gerrard did, 5 trophies in Scotland, won the EPL at Arsenal, won 2 La Liga's, won the CL - his reputation should attract players for sure Been a manager in his own right. Came in at Feyenoord and they were mediocre at the time. Won the Cup in his first season and then won them the league the following year. Has played at Rangers, knows the expectations, knows the standards, knows what is required One of the biggest boxes he ticks for me though is that his playing philosophy is similar to Gerrard's which, lets be honest, if the players at his disposal play as we know they are capable of, will blow this league away again. Something hasn't been clicking this season - and the question still remains as to whether it is the players or is it the management team ? If it is the management team, then a new manager with a similar philosophy should get a significant bounce - if we get that from Gio who wouldn't need to tinker too much with the playing style, then we win the league, no doubt about it for me. If we bring in another manager with a different philosophy - does he have the personnel to implement that philosophy ?
  12. Personally I have no interest in Koeman, I think he is a dinosaur. Gio would be my preference. With KT as his assistant. Would be interesting to know if KT would go as his assistant, I actually think he would because he would see it as an opportunity when Gio eventually leaves. But KT also loves being his own man so that dynamic would be interesting. KT has Kelty playing similarly to the way Rangers play (from what KT tells me) - and that is because he is trying to play the "Rangers way" so that he can prove to the powers that be at Ibrox that he would be the right man for that job. I haven't been to any Kelty games yet but my kid and the ex have been to a number of games and my kid likes the way they play - he says Barjo is the best player they have by a mile.
  13. I doubt it will have that significant an impact on their business model mate - all these major integrated oil companies are in the process of "going green" because they recognize the ESG issues as well as the activism. They have been in that process for years now. The only real change, I would imagine, is timing. But all these companies have been implementing renewables for some time (Eni have massive solar panel fields in Africa for example) - the issue isn't renewables or going green, it is the inability of the electricity grid to handle the load, but they don't want to talk about that. I am sure you are right in that there is an element of GIRFUY to the Dutch authorities - Shell's excuse is that by being singularly domiciled in London it makes access to the financial markets easier as their primary listing is LSE - but I am not really buying that.
  14. I hope not. I would rather Gio than Koeman. As much a basket case of a club Barcelona are, Koeman somehow made them even worse.
  15. Nothing to it mate, the KT part anyway. He is surprised at how it got such a reaction.
  16. craig


    That doesn't discredit it at all though. There is documented research which shows that, as a population, we have exhausted all our food sources for a calendar year by the end of March. There can be absolutely no doubt that this planet is vastly over populated. But it is a topic nobody wants to touch as it seems so inhumane. The reality is that we actually NEED things such as Covid - because as the population exponentially increases, and make no mistake it is exponential when you consider that at the start of the 20th century we had about 1 billion population and a mere 100 years later we had over 7 billion, so too do the resource needs exponentially increase. Anyone who refuses to recognize we have a population crisis is being willfully ignorant of a very, very real issue our planet faces. Indeed, all this climate change hooha could, and would, have been avoided if we hadn't increased the global population by 700% in the space of a century because a lower population means lower energy needs which means lower energy production which means lower gas emission production. It ALL starts with the quantum of the global population.
  17. Interestingly, and I hadn't read this until this morning, Unilever have also announced they will be relocating to the UK.
  18. I fail to see how the Dutch courts ordering them to reduce emissions is more significant. What difference does moving to the UK make to that ruling ? None. They will still be either forced into doing so or face significant fines, which would happen regardless of whether they are HQ'd in London or Holland. Regardless of their jurisdiction they will ultimately face the same consequences. More likely is the fact that by moving from a Dutch to UK residency they can remove the 15% dividend tax charged to Dutch domiciled companies. Regarding ESG, Shell are literally no different to any other major integrated oil company - they all have made commitments to drastically reduce their carbon emissions in the medium term. Shell have actually brought forward their commitment from 2030 to 2025. Eni (the Italian major) have committed to becoming net carbon neutral by 2025 - these numbers, by the way, mean very little. They sound good on the outside but the reality is that all these companies will do, if they have to, is buy carbon credits to get to net neutral. Elon Musk battered Bitcoin for being energy draining and environmentally unfriendly.... what Elon wasn't telling everyone was that he HAD to distance himself from Bitcoin because he needs the US federal energy credits because Fiat, who Tesla sold energy credits to in order for Fiat to become net carbo neutral, have decided to enter the EV market and thus won't need Elon's/Tesla's energy credits - so Tesla are now more heavily dependent on the fed energy credits. Rating agencies are taking much more pro-active interest in companies from an ESG perspective, but these entities have such solid ratings, and the rating agencies also have to be wary of initiating a global market collapse by downgrading these companies - they also have to realise that this is a "long game" scenario - you simply cannot expect these massive oil companies to become "green" in a handful of years - aside from anything else, quite simply, the energy grid and power storage capabilities aren't ready, not even close. Its all literally like shifting deckchairs on the Titanic.
  19. How can they inform the fans and yet keep the media in the dark ?
  20. I personally know of one. He has zero desire to manage in the EPL - the ONLY job that matters to him is the Rangers job. Would be delighted if Gio comes in and brought him with him as assistant, though it won't happen unfortunately.
  21. Can't possibly see how Terry would be on the shortlist but Lampard wasn't. Not that I want Lampard but he has at least been a manager in his own right.
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