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  1. First of all I am not Irish. I am British as is xKyle. But this forum stinks and thanks to people like you I will not be on again. So do not writeNo Surrend. British Fan. Got that! British.
  2. Its clear you are biased against people having a loyalty view point. He also gets paid by N.I. He could have come and told the manager and team doctor to assess him and maybe use him as sub. Since when does a player dictate his own medical decisions. Loyalty seems beyond your remit and your unsympathetic view to to wards GAWA.
  3. Come on. He should have been checked by his team doctor if that was the case and protocol observed. If he wanted to play and not be upstaged by a younger guy why leave Hearts. I could say a few things regarding his behaviours up to now but not in public. But what he sews he will reap. He walked away from Ibrox before with out worrying. And to call at mid nite is a slap in the face for our Wee Country,manager and mostly the fans who do not deserve it.
  4. He has this problem for quite a while. How can I scapegoat him as there is only him and no others. There is protocol yes which you and him dimiss. This player has been supported through thick and thin by his NI manager and the fans,which you ignore. We deserve better and I am a fan of The Ulstermen and the Gers.
  5. Just saw this. But to phone your international manager at 12 midnight is ridiculous when your supposed to meet up with the team next morning! Yet he still made himself available and played for Rangers. The correct procedure is for Gerrard to notify Michael ONeill and allow the international team doctor to do a medical. Would you call your employer at midnight to tell him you are not working on Monday morning? Ludicrous. Lets see how he does for Gers. Also bearing in mind Hearts stuck by him through his gambling addiction and he walked away. Remember he walked away also from Ibrox when the going got tough. N.I. have a small panel and need all our players. I am so proud of the Ulster men.
  6. Two days before an important game for our wee country he pulls out with no explanation. No call from Steven Gerard or team medics if it is injury related. He has missed team busses,team meetings and generally fooled around and been forgiven and helped time and again. How can the truth be barbed comments? No one should treat their team and manager like he has done over the years culminating in this betrayal.
  7. I am disgusted at Kyles last minute pull out from Northern Ireland. He has been supported through all his foolish behaviour. Gambling,drinking,wild behaviour Northern Ireland stuck by him. And now he shows his ungratitude by a last minute drop out letting us all down who supported him through thick and thin. And who need him.
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