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  1. But he seemed to be playing even deeper than that last night. He seemed to have been told that he was to play as a sitting midfielder in front of the back 4 and not go forward, for much of it. The midfield was totally disjointed.
  2. It had changed a bit over recent weeks with Lundstrom tending to be forward thinking with his passes and runs, but that was nullified last night with him being asked to play so deep.
  3. I know what you mean. However he wouldn't offer us any less than Roofe has in the last couple of games, and his presence may have led to the Aberdeen defence lying deeper and not to compress everything so much. It would have led to a different, hopefully more beneficial tactical game.
  4. Bassey was by far our best player in the first half. He didn't do as much in the second but was still good enough to be our best player overall.
  5. Wrong team, wrong tactics. We can't play with a forward line with no pace. We've been lucky to get away with it in the previous few games. On current form Patterson is playing better than Tav. Playing Lundstrom behind Kamara clearly wasn't working and it took them more then a half to suss it out. Subs should hehe been on a lot sooner etc etc. Poor night for Gerrard.
  6. The roads were bad enough last week but will be a lot worse tonight. Leave home early, bears.
  7. Frankie, I think that's partly why we feel it so much. We can all relate to him or he's affected our lives at a personal level. I never met him but I went to around 90% of the games during his first spell, and have the most wonderful memories. It's impossible to communicate how good it was back then to the younger generation.
  8. To their credit, they are one of the few organisations that have come out and stated that they consider H*n to be sectarian.
  9. Or are they deliberately overlooking the bigoted one by just concentrating on the "recent" ones?
  10. Interesting to see Nil By Mouth downplaying bigoted tweets by just describing them as derogatory, and saying that donating to charity would basically brush it under the table.
  11. The pluses were that Aribo had a great game and Lundstrom had a storming first half and is showing that may he be forcing himself to becoming an automatic starter. I thought McGregor looked nervous, particularly in the first half and stayed back a few times when he should have been coming out for the ball. I've seen Tav getting a lot of praise but I thought he just had an average game. He got done a couple of times in the second half and his crossing wasn't great, but his athleticism in the second half was certainly an asset. I felt the front 3 suffered through a lack of pace. Kent is sorely missed, and there's an argument that Sakala should have started. Brondby were a poor side, and I think Hearts would beat them, but any win in the group stages is a good one. I didn't see anyone checking covid passports going into the ground but I understand checks were being done in other areas of the ground.
  12. Lundstrum had an immense first half but faded a bit in the second, but it has to be Aribo
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