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  1. The £6 million in 1988 went to Marlborough and not Rangers. King didn't "loan" us money, he invested it in us. Murray invested in Rangers twice through his company in the same way as many other wealthy people did, including King and Lewis. Murray did bring over £160m into the club. I didn't say it was all his own cash, but he did the deals to get it in.
  2. King owns a fair percentage and controls even more. Guys like King and Park won't invest without control. 3 guys currently own over 50% between them do hardly a community model. As for us still bring where we are, I guess it depends on your starting point, but we really wouldn't. We wouldn't have won the league at their midden in 99, helicopter Sunday or Manchester in 08, all of which was achieved with large debt which funded the team. From memory, Murray brought in something like £160m into the club. That doesn't come in under a community ownership model.
  3. It's difficult to argue against that. I think that the current board seem to have it right though. They've spent money on doing up Ibrox, introducing a fanzone etc, and if they believe that they can make other improvements without it affecting anything on the field then I'm all for it.
  4. If we're owned by the community, where would be now? There wouldn't have been the funding that King at al have provided. There's no way we'd be top of the league. I'm all in favour of fans having a say, but fans having the power to replace directors etc wouldn't work going on the amount of crazy opinions that you see on-line. A great number of people are easily swayed, depending on the forum they're on as well.
  5. Where do you draw the line? We could cut the match day experience down to a minimum but we shouldn't. Should we do away with the fanzone too? It should be part of an overall package. Improving the catering shouldn't cost us (much). The vans outside give far better catering at a cheaper price, so it shouldn't be difficult for the club to improve. I'd welcome a far better Wi-Fi and it'd get me in the stadium earlier and giving the club money if the catering was better.
  6. Gerrard will either go 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1, and in both formations Arfield will get the shout before Stewart.
  7. Or due to other failures, like not shifting some players out of the door and one or 2 purchases?
  8. I'd expect the front 3 to be Arfield, Morelos and Kent, and I'd be happy with that. Whilst Stewart helps open up packed defences, I don't think that will be the case at Parkhead and the extra pressing that Arfield brings will probably see him start before Stewart.
  9. He's 30 league games away from becoming one!
  10. Ojo gives us pace upfront which Stewart and Arfield don't have. We would be a lot easier to play against in Europe if we didn't play him and it would allow their full backs to press further up the park. Ojo may not be brilliant, but the same comments were being made about Kent early last season. He needs confidence and the backing of the fans.
  11. "Happy Birthday Defoe" That's Mr Defoe to you. 😉
  12. She's got my vote.
  13. You would think that Sturgeon should be praising Rangers fans for eliminating the sectarian songs, rather than making cheap political points.
  14. Good to see Kamara back on form again. Hopefully he can start to put a run of good games together.
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