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  1. Just in from the game. Delighted at the performance. Thought everyone had a great game, which is promising. A big step up from the games against Arsenal and Brighton.
  2. Nobody seems to know, although his wife posted a picture of her at an airport, so here's hoping that's him on his way...
  3. I think he's a better player than Simpson, but he let the club down and he'd be 5th choice at best so better for the big man that he restarts his career elsewhere.
  4. Based on both last week and this week's team selections, Defoe looks to be starting in front of Itten. I hope that's not the case as Itten offers far more against better teams.
  5. Apparently there's been an increase but the new levels haven't been announced.
  6. I don't mind the strip itself. It's quite nice. However all the sponsorship gold is a bit overpowering, and it would look better overall to have the more traditional white. I know we won the league but do we really need to have everything in gold?
  7. Given the ludicrous anti-Rangers decision making, those who voted for the SNP should not be allocated any tickets until we're back at 100%.
  8. You'll love it. It was great being back for the Arsenal game and I can't wait for this weekend. It's such a fantastic feeling being back.
  9. I've just received an email from the club saying I've got a ticket for Saturday. I'm in the Govan Front, rather than the Main Stand.
  10. He claims that he has to charge it due to SA authorities. That may or may not be true but certainly there was no interest charged on his other loans and 8% is a great return for him.
  11. He has certainly done a lot for us and deserves a lot of credit. However he's now looking to recoup all that cash that he invested by selling his shares to C1872, meaning he wouldn't be out of pocket. He's certainly got the right to dispose of the shares as he sees fit but when the deal was being promoted by both him and C1872, they made false claims that there would not be any more share issues, and that shares would not be available at 20p. C1872 turned down opportunities to buy shares from the club, obviously wanting to save the cash so that they could buy the shares from King. Money did go to King when the club was crying out for cash. There is allegedly a shadow director of C1872 who makes or influences the decisions of C1872 and who was employed by King at Rangers at an allegedly high salary but was let go when King resigned. There have been unanswered suggestions that there may be some sort of connection. C1872 are continuing to promote the purchase of shares from King much more buying from the club, and they give the impression that they are more interested in King's shares. It was noticeable that King came to the defence of the C1872 board in the press recently, as he obviously sees it as his way of getting back some or all of the cash he put into the club. There's also the issue of King charging interest on the £5m loan that he made to the club at 8%. It seems to me that the recent share issue by the club is largely to fund repayment of the loan and hundreds of thousands of pounds of interest due to King, but that's not strictly related to the C1872 issue.
  12. Use a different browser? Use stealth mode?
  13. Can you not access it even if you're not a member? Edit: yeah, I can read the thread even if I'm not logged in.
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