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  1. That's definitely the correct four players. My order FWIW 1. Goldson 2. Tav 3. McGregor 4. Davis although I could easily swap 1 and 2 and swap 3 and 4.
  2. Given we've already got Joseph Oluwaseyi Temitope Ayodele-Aribo, Adedapo Awokoya-Mebude and Calvin Bassey Ughelumba, we should be deal with Nathan no problem.
  3. I just noticed that BH just tweeted that McLaughlin has moved out of his house. May not mean anything other than he's moving house but who knows.
  4. I suspect Hagi and Kamara may be the ones to leave. Gerrard hasn't been starting Hagi in big games recently and he may think that it's time to leave. Kamara may be one where the buying club values him at a similar level to us. That could be the issue with Alfie. I'm not sure anyone buying him will value him at what we would be looking for. His lack of outright pace may put some clubs off.
  5. Suddenly thinking a player didn't have a great game means he is a scapegoat. 🙄 I guess some think we should only praise players. Oh, and it WAS Simpson who got turned inside out and needed Davis to make the tackle.
  6. Simpson lost Ajer at a couple of corners, one of which caused their goal. He ended up getting taken off marking him. He got turned inside out by Edouard late in the first half and had to be saved by a great tackle by Davis. He failed to stop the cross which led to the Turnbull chance. He even got turned inside out by Kenny late in the game and looked decidedly dodgy every time he was one on one with an opponent. He looked comfortable with the ball at his feet and had a good interception in the first half but defensively I thought he was relat
  7. I reckon it'll be to a fraction of what it is today. Religious attendance is a fraction of what it was 40 years ago, for example, and society is a lot more multi-cultural, and kids are being brought up in that environment. Inter-racial relationships are relatively common. My kids' school had a head boy who was gay, which would have been unthinkable when I was at school. Just compare the outcry on the Kamara incident to the jokes being made on radio stations on the Mark Walters racism just over 30 years ago. What we now need is people to judge others for who they are and
  8. You're obviously correct and it's sometimes used in that way, but to equate it to being anti-Irish, I'm presuming that the political definition is in use. I'm also not trying to argue that it's sole use is political. I've heard it often enough in a sectarian way over the years.
  9. I've seen quite a bit of that, and to try and equate the two is just sick and trivialises the racism that the likes of Kamara and others regularly receive. It is points scoring and those who use it should have a good look at themselves and realise that their bitterness is downplaying the racism that some black people have to regularly suffer. I've also seen the claims of anti-Irish racism and couldn't get my head around how Rangers fans were racist against the Irish. The "Why don't you go home" chant could be levelled against us, but it's not been sung for many years as far as I
  10. Apparently using Belgium or Holland works well.
  11. And I can understand that. When you go to the away games, you want to go to them all and it's like an addiction. I agree that's not going to happen. If it was, it would have been in the 90s when Sky had the power, but they don't have that any more and the English clubs themselves aren't going to agree to it.
  12. I'd agree with your first sentence. People have expressed their valid reasons for being against the move but we should be not against it because we may not be successful. It's all about the challenge and surely Rangers as an institution shouldn't be scared of a move which results in success being more difficult. "inevitably we shall have our years of failure, and when they arrive, we must reveal tolerance and sanity. No matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome. That has been the philosophy of the Rangers
  13. Maybe the £100m+ increase in TV revenue would help?
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