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  1. Probably a 4-2-3-1 formation, particularly given we've signed Hagi. Failing that, 4-3-3, which seems to me to work better than the 4-3-2-1 that was used a lot last season.
  2. Bluedell

    Crocked XI

    Alan McLaren. Plenty of centre backs.
  3. I'm sure his intentions aren't honourable or fair, but sometimes his questions can coincide with those that Rangers fans should be asking as well, as was the case here. We're asking the questions to ensure that the club is being run properly and with a genuine interest on what's happening within the club, whereas he's asking to shit stir.
  4. Welcome to the site. To be fair, I think it's a fair question. The answer could be be that we're getting new investment. It's been said that the proposed new investment from the Far East is still on the table, but perhaps in the short-term, it's coming from Park/King. The other alternative is that it's the proceeds from the Morelos sale. I think that they see this as being a profitable venture and he'll be punted for a 7 figure profit within 2 years.
  5. Do we really need an answer as to what we could do with it now? We may have another use for it in 10-30 years, but once we've sold it and it's been built on then the chance is gone forever. We missed the chance with the Hinshelwood estate and look at it now. Horrible flats deliberately hiding the stadium and making the area look more undesirable, and we're making the same mistake again. Flats are going to be built on it. More residents means more people to object when we ask for things like the fanzone. It may be only used every second Saturday but it sill offers parking for the disabled. Presumably any replacement parking is going to mean more of a trek for them. Perhaps fine for us able-bodied but my mate struggles to walk from the Albion and he'd be unable to go if he has to walk further. The lack of communication from the club is dreadful as well. I'm presuming that they are deliberately holding off saying anything until the season ticket sales are complete as they don't have to worry about those who are unable to walk not renewing (assuming that they're going to supply a replacement area for car parking, but who knows?
  6. The club should be getting to increase its footprint around the stadium and not selling off prime land. Thid is land that is now lost to the club, possibly forever. Dreadful decision by the board. 😡
  7. I work in the travel industry.
  8. And that's when the redundancies start.
  9. The difference this year is that the new kits will be available in plenty of time before the season starts.
  10. There's been a suggestion that it could be up to £30 million over 5 years.
  11. Yes, or perhaps T@ig, although I don't know that I would use "racist" as that opens up another argument and allows hem to take it off-topic. Probably sectarian is more correct.
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