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  1. You didn't ask for evidence of these claims. You were given what you asked.
  2. The fanzone. The work done around Parkhead for the fabled one pound. The under valuing of Westthorn land The redevelopment of the area around Celtic Park, while trying to hide Ibrox behind hideous social housing The development of transport links around Parkhead while refusing a train link to Ibrox
  3. You've a record of asking for lists and then ignoring them when you're given them. You're already dismissing answers. I'm shocked that as a Rangers fan you even need to ask.
  4. According to the thread on FF: CD1 £492 CD2 £708 CD3 £503 - £708 CD4 £597 - £708 CD5 £503 - £708 CD6 CD7 £372 - £492
  5. I was starting to question my anti-Brexit stance but George Galloway's support for Brexit has reassured me that I was correct.
  6. I searched for it earlier on my Pod app, but I've just realised it's come through in Gersnet subscription. Good stuff.
  7. I don't get the bad feeling against Man City. Yes, they have had funding from the Middle East but we've received funding from South Africa, Bahamas, England etc.
  8. I was in a bar round the corner from that 30 minutes earlier.
  9. There's more people in Glasgow than Belfast and Londonderry combined....
  10. I don't see why we would have discussed Celtic's allocation with them, so don't see why Killie would discuss with us. It's up to them to decide what they give us, as long as it's not less than the specified minimum.
  11. Another fabulous performance by Ajax. Well deserved win.
  12. That's the bottom line, plus it wasn't signed up to by any of Ashley's placemen. It was done under King. The agreement that was entered into obviously had loopholes that are being exploited by Ashley. However it may be difficult to criticise the Rangers board too much if it was a take it or leave it to the wording.
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