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  1. I don't believe he is offering it at a discount. The last 2 share trades were at 18p. The recent share issues are at 20p. Given the lack of a market for his shares, I'd have expected C1872 to try and negotiate some sort of discount.
  2. That costs a hell of a lot of money and may end up swallowing most of the third party take up in costs. They're doing it the cost effective way. It doesn't mean that they wouldn't be amenable to a large investment from C1872.
  3. I should also say that there's a big difference between guaranteeing the funds for the purpose of the going concern note in the accounts and actually paying it over. It's possible that Park and Bennett have no intention of putting in the £14m for next season and it will be funded completely through the sale of players. and it would only be in the worst case scenario that we were unable to sell players where they would need to use the proposed funding.
  4. We don't know what's been asked, but I presume that the board have a fair idea of C1872's cash reserves, and ultimately it should be C1872 who offer. It's them who decide what the cash can be used for. If C1872 have offered to put an investment into the club and ben refused then the members should be made aware.
  5. 1. He wasn't willing to invest further cash? 2. I doubt that there's anyone other than C1872 looking to buy his shares. I can't see the other shareholders willing to fork out for them. It therefore suggests that he's a forced seller and C1872 should have looked to negotiate the price down. 3. I'll pass on that one.
  6. I'm not sure why people think that a investment directly into the club isn't an option. The club needs cash and I can't see why the directors wouldn't accept a reasonably sized investment. Yes, the club needs funds to remain operational. They need £8m for this season and £14.4m for next season.
  7. So you're sustainability question is looking at it from a C1872 viewpoint? I'm only looking at it from the club's perspective. I believe that if the cash is invested in the club then it will make it easier for the club to continue without running into significant financial difficulties. The cash from the existing shareholders will dry up at some point and players will have to be sold...potentially costing us the league or European progression, which has its own financial implications. Getting an extra £13m will allow us to go that bit longer without taking drastic steps
  8. The club will run out of money sooner or later if the club gets £13m from the fans? I'm obviously missing the point you're trying to make. Do you mind explaining it?
  9. It would be around 21%. If they buy the shares from King then it's 25% but the club still needs the £14m and if that comes from Park/Bennett and they convert it into shares than C1872's % falls from the 25% back to 21%. C1872 end up with the same % in the second scenario but none of their cash has gone to the club.
  10. More sustainable than not putting anything in.
  11. The priority should be the success and the financial stability of the club. if gaining control is a higher priority then some do not have their priorities right.
  12. Fair enough., However the rest of it should be kept in mind when reviewing the overall strategy of C1872.
  13. Some may have seen some threads on FF over the past 12 hours and wondered what is going on. Some of it was information that I knew confidentially and couldn't reveal and there's been a bit of new information and here's my take on it. Chris Graham is heavily involved with C1872 and it's been suggested to me that nothing happens without his approval, although he is unelected. He seems to be acting as a shadow director. He was employed by Rangers (apparently at a salary of £75K) although this has never been publicised. I think he was being paid for doing a lot of the C1872 admi
  14. It's a very sensible question that hasn't been addressed. I presume that whatever money is raised will go to King for as many shares as they can afford.
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