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  1. Bluedell

    7 Labour MP's quit

    It'll be interesting to see if this new alternative gets anyone from Scotland joining. It's good that those on the left have an alternative to electing a terrorist supporter.
  2. What happens for the next generation when 2 people both with double barrelled have kids?
  3. Bluedell

    DK offer fails

    King lost the battle in that he ended up having to make the offer, but yes, dB, that should be the end of it.
  4. Bluedell

    Gersnet Live Podcast this Sunday!

    Look forward to it!
  5. Was worried during the penalties but they held their nerve. Well done, boys!
  6. I think it was around 47p, but I stand to be corrected.
  7. Bluedell

    Brexit - the big vote

    That was a major problem on both sides. The level of debate was puerile and the average man on the street couldn't believe what was being said from either side. It's still not much better.
  8. Bluedell

    Brexit - the big vote

    Yes, if we're going to be worse off by leaving.
  9. Bluedell

    Brexit - the big vote

    I guess I had hoped that all those who voted to leave were seeing something I wasn't but it seems I'm wrong.
  10. Bluedell

    Brexit - the big vote

    My issue is that the "EU's clutches" doesn't mean anything to me. I'm getting hit in the pocket and can see Brexit could end up causing issues for my business and stop people coming to the UK. That kind of thing is real to me and I don't see what the benefits are at the moment or short term. I have got no wish to live on baked beans. I don't have an emotional investment in this either way, but to vote to be worse off seems crazy.
  11. Bluedell

    Brexit - the big vote

    Loads of stuff is already costing more following the pound's weakness post Brexit vote.
  12. St Mirren themselves say that they were throwing things and spitting at him. "While the unconscious supporter was being removed there were numerous people standing above the vomitory who decided to spit and throw coins at him."
  13. Totally disagree. The language used when describing Morelos is xenophobic at best, particularly when looking at a young 22 year old who doesn't speak any English. Barton never got treated anywhere as bad as Morelos, and Barton is a guy who was sentenced to six months' imprisonment for assault, who had stubbed a cigar on a team mate's eye and had a 4 month suspended sentence for assault. It's night and day.
  14. Do the BBC treat Morelos differently from Scott Brown because: A. They're racist B. They are Celtic fans and incapable of impartiality C. Both
  15. Bluedell

    Warburton on us winning 55

    I didn't think we had a chance of winning the league that season either.

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