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  1. It appears that Patterson should be OK. According to Valley Bluenose on FF:
  2. A fantastic article by Rick Roberts. Well worth a read. https://uppingtheoutput.home.blog/2021/03/02/somebody-elses-problem-comment-on-the-sfa-independent-review/
  3. I've just remembered Blueflag's post. It's possibly due to the system issues.
  4. Keep up the good work, BF.
  5. I think his issue was that it was the first question. If it had been asked as the fourth, he probably wouldn't have had an issue. Davie was just unlucky.
  6. I reckon he couldn't see anything on and therefore was very clever. Our players were late in arriving.
  7. I thought that this was going to be a post about "The Famous" clothing range, whose stuff looks really good, and appears to manage to stay on the right side of the club's copyright war. For anyone interested (and apologies for changing the direction of Scott7's thread). https://www.thefamousheadwear.co.uk/
  8. There's also a video (behind the paywall) with Bassey, Zungu and Patterson apologising. https://www.rangers.co.uk/tv#/categories/Interviews?videoId=0_ihzo6jbc It's awkward viewing but presumably the club see this as the final stage of the punishment with a view to everyone moving on.
  9. Here's the thread on it when it first came to light. I've not heard that the club denied that they had been contacted, but it's obviously highly possible.
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