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  1. Lincoln Red Imps 0 Rangers 3 FGS Itten Edited 14.40.
  2. Don't think so. I think that she went once as part of a project before she started with us and made the "paradise" comment, probably as a neutral. I believe she's a NUFC fan.
  3. When we got close, it was very noticeable that the refereeing standards changed and we got a whole lot more decisions made against us. I'm not convinced we'll be allowed to win the title. Even look at the League Cup final. An offside goal that mysteriously didn't get picked up.
  4. I strongly disagree. Look at the way that refs are scared to send off Celtic players due to the way that their manager, the club and their support would react. They know that they can make dodgy decision against us and the comments that come from us will cause a small ripple and then be forgotten. We're allowing refs to carry on the uneven way that they ref games and we're at a disadvantage because of it.
  5. So he's saying no other player would get sent off for it, other than Morelos, even though it's a red card offence?
  6. I'm not sure what he meant. Did he mean that Alfie would have got a red card because it was a red card offence, or did he mean that Alfie would have got a red card because he gets sent off for non-red card offences but no other player would get sent off for it?
  7. The comments were mild. He should have been a lot more hard-hitting. "I don't want to make any headlines and say the kid should have got this, or should have got that. I don't want to be that type of manager. But what I would say is I'd be very interested to see what the decision would have been from the officials if the shoe was on the other foot and it was Alfredo who's made that tackle." He even admits that he doesn't want to be that type of manager. He just says he's be interested in what the decision would have been the other way around. At no point do
  8. The time to react was over a year ago. We'll just do what we normally do and meekly accept it. The manager doesn't want to rock the boat too much due to the risk of damaging "Brand Gerrard" and the directors don't seem to be too keen on doing anything either.
  9. Yes, but it's not all Celtic fans that are being accused. If someone accused the UB of something, would you feel that you were being accused? You're widening the discussion to include all Celtic fans, many of whom revel in the victimhood to which you refer. However the point was made on the GB, who don't feel like that (not very 'Ultra') so I don't think that the argument of victimhood stacks up.
  10. You really don't understand the mentality of the GB.
  11. I'm aware of at least one other similar incident, so it wouldn't be their first.
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