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  1. Yeah, seems like the current board cocked up.
  2. Presumably the new company wouldn't have the rights to sell anything.
  3. Bluedell

    New Ibrox

    Looks dreadful, like all stadia without roofs.
  4. I guess all it proves is that a vast majority of Scotland fans are not Rangers fans (and most will probably be Rangers haters), despite the headlines.
  5. He doesn't say what % are Rangers fans. Could be under 10%. I also wouldn't be surprised if a majority who are Rangers fans don't go to Rangers games.
  6. So are all these Rangers fans who go to Scotland games the ones who boo the Rangers players?
  7. Bluedell


    And the MSP for the area continues to swan overseas and fails to deal with the issues in her constituency,
  8. I don't have any confidence that a Labour government would be any more active on the subject.
  9. I'm certainly hoping he gets nowhere near the leadership of the Tories. I don't see any need for tax cuts for those over £50,000, but I also don't see any need for increases that those of us up here have to endure, just because of governmental incompetence,
  10. I was at that game and went to the away leg as well. Crap trip, crap performance.
  11. No mandate for another referendum there!
  12. You criticise Rangers fans frequently, whereas ALWAYS taking the side of the SNP. People being Rangers fans means nothing to you at any time.
  13. I guess it's not surprising that out of all the people you could pick to criticise getting an honour, you pick a Rangers fan.
  14. A hell of a lot more than all other SNP politicians combined. Called out Ashley, took part in supporter representation, called for an investigation into HMRC, etc.
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