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  1. Are they likely to hold you to the 3 months? I guess they are from your comments, but that's not always the case and sometimes the 3 months benefits the employee more than the employer. If you aren't bothered about getting the protection of 3 months' notice for yourself, then it's not unreasonable to ask for higher remuneration. They are asking for a greater commitment from you so you should get something in return.
  2. What I took that to mean was that the board had guaranteed the money in a worst case scenario, but it didn't mean that if we sold that they wouldn't use that cash first rather than dipping into their own pockets when they didn't have to. We also may have loans to directors to repay as well.
  3. What she says in the clip is that she didn't see anyone die from covid, and not that "none of the millions of covid patients died from covid." A huge difference.
  4. He wasn't great against Dundee Utd and got subbed at half time, did he not? He did go through a purple patch for a while, but his form seemed to me to be a bit inconsistent recently, although I agree he had a great game here. His problem is that he is up against Kamara in the 4-1-2-3 that Gio seems to favour. If Gio changes to a 4-2-3-1 as he did against Aberdeen then yes, he's certainly got a shout. Interesting point about the Aberdeen game. I didn't think Sands did that badly but in retrospect, yes, I'd agree that Lundstrum would have been a better option.
  5. And the current board will through put any potential applications that they don't like. They've made it a closed shop, so no point in any of us trying to apply.
  6. We look a different team without Aribo, and that's concerning. There's little creativity when he doesn't play. We didn't seem to fit into the 4-2-3-1 formation that we were playing. As for the game, the incident before our goal should have been a penalty, the actual penalty shouldn't have been and neither of Kent's yellows were bookings. Dreadful night for Clancy.
  7. She hasn't disowned him, and I get the feeling that if she had taken no action, you'd be criticising for that as well.
  8. Which is a view that you're entitled to hold and you're not being disrespectful, which was the main point of my argument. Hyperbole or not, Compo was being extremely disrespectful in a way that I felt was unbecoming....
  9. I remember that we signed a French (?) winger who was very slow and ended up being a waste of space. My fear was that we were going down the same route but it sounds as if he's not too bad.
  10. I've read that Skov Olsen doesn't have that much speed. Does anyone know if that's true?
  11. So you're defending his views that a 95 year old woman should be put against the wall and shot? Have times changed that much?
  12. What's not? Having a go at the Queen? This is a Rangers website, and Rangers have a strong connection to the Queen, including the loving cup ceremony and having her picture on the dressing room wall. I don't think it's uncalled for to highlight the fact when someone says that they want her, a 95 year old woman, stood against a wall and shot. People can have their views on the Royal family but that kind of crap would go down well on a Celtic forum, as I said already.
  13. A view very prevalent with the green and grey across the city.
  14. Bluedell


    I've got over 3,700 albums on my iTunes and only 3 from 1972. Not a great year for my music tastes.
  15. I've just checked my covid passport and it's been updated with the booster I got last week. I'm getting a QR code on the Scottish screen in he same way as I did before. I've also checked my son's, who hasn't had the booster, and he's also getting a QR code, so the only way to tell if someone has a booster is to go into the international travel part of the passport. Are they going to do the checks by looking at the international section, as looking at the QR code which they did previously doesn't prove you've got your booster?
  16. I'm sure that they will as they are sick of the current restrictions, but they're also feeling that Djokovic is flaunting his non-vaccinated status with his tweet when they've been sticking to the the guidelines, in the same way as many here are feeling about Boris and his garden parties, and he'll likely get a lot of abuse as Compo said.
  17. But the application had to be in by 10 Dec, as I understand it. Yeah, it looks as if there's some dodgy stuff going on and the authorities have cocked up.
  18. He allegedly tested positive in December but if he was relying on testing positive (which he did on 16 Dec) as his exemption to get into Australia and the exemptions had to be registered on 10 Dec, then how did he manage that? If he tested positive on 16 Dec, then why did he appear unmasked at multiple indoor events on 16, 17 and 18 Dec, some with kids attending? The whole thing stinks.
  19. I can't see us spending £7m on one player, given the ongoing losses at the club and the fact that the funding appears to have largely dried up and we're now mainly relying on loans that need to be repaid.
  20. Lundstrom has suffered from the change in formation under Gio. He can't play as an attacking midfielder. That's just not his game. I'd look on him as being cover for Kamara as the sitting midfielder, and he could do a reasonable job, but now that Sands has joined it seems as if he's fallen down the packing order, unless the club are looking at selling Kamara.
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