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  1. 42 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

    My old man doesn't have a smart phone, so I had a look into options for him and don't think a printed ticket will work (although not 100% sure).


    Bit of a pain.  

    Found this online from an England supporters website:


    All of the tickets in your order will be delivered to the lead booker via a mobile phone app. The lead booker must download the app and then register to use it. The personal details submitted when he registers will include his email address and this is the flag or identifier which tells the UEFA computer which tickets to download to him.


    The lead booker will need access to a compatible smart phone : an iPhone or Android phone, but it doesn't necessarily have to be his phone. It could be the phone of another member of his party.


    The lead booker then transfers the other people's tickets to their smart phones using a 'transfer' option in the app. This step is optional. It is perfectly OK to leave their tickets on his phone if they do not have a smart phone. It just means that, at the turnstile, the phone will have to be passed between members of the group.


    Note that the UEFA computer keeps an audit trail of transfers. So, potentially, UEFA will know if anyone tries to transfer a ticket to someone who was not a guest named on the original application.


    As far as I know, you cannot have the same ticket resident on more than one phone to cover the risk that your battery might go flat.


    A screenshot of the ticket will not work at the turnstile. The tickets are delivered to the phone of the lead booker without a QR code. This code is added by stewards outside the stadium using a hand held device which connects to your phone through the app using bluetooth connectivity. The ticket has to be displayed within the app in order for the QR code to be added, which is why a screenshot is no good.


    If no one in your party has a compatible phone then you should contact UEFA. You will need to persuade them to allow you to collect paper tickets from the stadium on match day. The experience of members at the Nations League, where this system was used, was that UEFA will take some convincing !

  2. His vlogs are aimed at a much younger audience than me and he's not as polished as many older vloggers but credit to him for providing a service to younger bears. 


    I do find it amusing that he misses many of our goals and seemed to miss the sending offs in the Braga game IIRC, and found it bizarre that he went to the Hearts Hibs semi in a Hearts strip but good luck to the wee guy.....as long as he's not sitting next to me.

  3. 5 hours ago, craig said:

    Gersnet meet up boys ?


    Pardon the language.... but no fucking way am I missing this !!!  I fly in on Friday from Bermuda, arriving Saturday - and back out on Friday 20th.


    Costing a small fortune as I bought flights, accommodation and tickets for the wee man and the ex (I couldnt have him go to Seville by himself as a 17 year old) - and he then pestered his mother because he was desperate for me to be there too - so had to - this is a TWICE in a lifetime opportunity - and, in fairness, even getting this far once in our lifetime is punching above our weight.


    I still havent come down off the natural high as I am sure you all are the same !


    Gersnet meetup then ??


    I'm flying in on the Tuesday and out on the Thursday, but yeah, a meet-up sounds good.

  4. 47 minutes ago, the gunslinger said:

    Scottish cup final back a week then the weekend league game on the Tuesday before it. 

    I don't see how moving the Scottish cup final helps us in the Europa League final. Also we have the option of resting our full team in the league game before it as it's not going to impact the league positions of either club involved.

  5. 1 hour ago, Rousseau said:

    I'm still unconvinced by GvB long-term - although, I'm not at the compo 'dutch dud' level. 


    However, I have been impressed with GvB's tactical flexibility. SG was definitely poor at that - he could set up good plans, with Beale's help, but they would usually stick with them regardless. It worked and it didn't. 

    Gio needs to adapt his tactics to the Scottish game. It took Gerrard a while to be able to get there and it's taking Gio that too. 


    Hopefully he'll see what works and what doesn't but he's shown enough in Europe to suggest that he's a good coach.

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