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  1. If there was any further proof needed that Morelos is a total bottler that's it there. Has no problem bullying the lesser teams but when he is needed he always works his ticket out of a game. That's the season over. Cheers Alfie.
  2. So the Catholic Church is a cult but Free Masonry isn't.... Aye OK then.
  3. Oh OK all mighty one, I'll take. My irrelevant questions elsewhere. Arrogant prat
  4. I don't think Rangers are a club who be relying on loanees as heavily as we are this season.
  5. If money was no concern, how much do you think it would cost to build a title winning side, roughly?
  6. The constant rotation is a sign that he hasnt outgrown his under 18 skin.
  7. Pathetic. The manager needs to have a serious look at himself just as much as the usual suspects do. We'll get destroyed in the next old firm game. Far too many bed wetters have worn the Rangers Jersey over the past decade. Two games where the opposition have been a man down for the majority and the team start playing like they've never met each other. Tripe.
  8. In the few times our players have the idea to take it to the byline they toe poke it out
  9. Only thing that's been achieved today is making the Dundee goalies shift an easy one.
  10. Clock is ticking away at the same rate of my patience.
  11. I love how their #8 is shutting down Halliday like he's pirlo.
  12. Kent off Middleton on. Let's see how this half goes
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